24: Live Another Day Super Bowl Teasers

Update: Watch the 24: Live Another Day Super Bowl commercial now!

FOX has started to air the first teasers for 24: Live Another Day. There’s going to be several brief teasers aired during the Super Bowl pregame leading up to the “show-stopping” big promo later tonight. We’ll be posting all of the teasers here and will make a separate post for the big TV spot.

Teaser #1: Glass

Teaser #2: Flame

Teaser #3: Tower

Teaser #4: Pistol

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Oh damn! I thought the teasers were going to be airing throughout the actual game…this blows. I’m not home right now to watch.

Trevor… they WILL be airing during the game

Don’t worry about missing anything, all of these teasers will all be posted online immediately after airing (and sometimes before).

Wait, so these teasers are airing during the game as well as the pre-game?

And oh I’m not worried about missing them, I just love the excitement of seeing them on my big TV. :D

I’ve been watching and the “Glass” teaser aired during the pre-game (was put online immediately after) but the “Flame” teaser has yet to air on TV despite it being posted online already.

So not really sure about the rollout schedule on these just yet.

I really love these, by the way. I love that we don’t even need to see the “24” logo… Everybody knows what that iconic sound means. The teasers are very well done. Great shots. Awesome. I love stuff like this.

That exactly what I thought. It was an Excelent idea.

Awwww I thought it would show some of the actual show like with kiefer and the rest of the cast

That’s coming up later tonight, John.

The videos being posted right now are just brief teasers designed to get people curious and talking about 24.

Great will those be up today.

Yes John, read the article and it says it will air tonight during the Super Bowl.

Good looking forward to seeing that thanks.

just saw a commercial of jack’s hand and his gun. the time is 5:10

Hell yeah, I’ve seen those mighty hands before! haha

Have you realized that as the teasers are shown on TV, there are more tic-toc sounds from 24’s clock?

Teaser #1: Just one “tic”.
Teaser #2: Two “tic”.
Teaser #3: “Tic toc, Tic…”
Teaser #4: “Tic toc, tic, toc.”

I see a pattern here…

That last teaser was awesome!!
Does someone know when exactly the promo is going to air?

I assume during the game when millions are watching.

Yeah, I’m not in the US and I’m not gonna watch the game. I thought there was like a specific hour that they are going to air the promo.
I guess I just have to refresh this site during the game until the promo shows up.
Anyways, can’t wait to watch it!!

I wonder, people watching these promos, do they have any idea what’s happening, do they think FOX is yanking their chain or are they connecting the dots/understanding all these ads are one and the same and that they are all leading to one long ad?

They are from the same, fox have already said that all the little snipits wil acumulate to a 45sec promo which they will show in full later on.

I know that, I’m thinking about the people at home who don’t know 24 is coming back.

Stupid question probably – when is half time? How long is an American football match?

American football games generally last about three hours or so. Tonights game is scheduled for 6:30pm-10:00pm but it could go into overtime and take longer. Halftime is right in the middle.

The 24 promo will most likely air in the back half of the game as that’s when most viewers are watching.

Cool, thanks S.

I’ll be up early tomorrow morning to check it out! I’ll judge the popularity by how many comments this post gets :) I’m sure you’ll be keeping an eye on Google Analytics!

Also – sorry to be annoying… whenever the ’24’ ad does air, can someone check Twitter and see if it trends? I probably won’t be awake :P

Street Chaos…

Yea, Jack is back.

Jack Bauer is back dammitt! :)