24: Live Another Day Episode 12 (Finale) Promo

Here’s the promo for the 24: Live Another Day event series finale airing Monday July 14th. This will be the first episode of the show to not take place in real time – there will be one or more time jumps that cover the remaining 24 hours of the day.

UK Promo

Update – Latin American Promo

Thanks RCM88

Here’s the official press release from FOX:

In the highly anticipated season finale, the clock ticks toward the final seconds of Jack Bauer’s most heroic day. As the world teeters on a terror plot of mass proportions, Jack and the team reunite one last time to avert an imminent international crisis. With little time left and the fate of the free world on the line, Jack is faced with an unthinkable and grave decision. Lives will be lost and the American administration will grapple with the day’s most devastating news as the clock stops in the all-new “Day 9: 10:00 PM – 11:00 AM” Event Series Finale episode of 24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY airing Monday, July 14 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

The promo promises a “stunning twist” and shows that someone dies – there’s a casket with an American flag draped over it. Who do you think it is?

Who dies in the 24LAD Finale?


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What the hell happening to heller and who was that person

Oh boy…. I don’t even want to know who is in the casket.

i think the person in the casket is Jacks Serbian bodyguard.

Jack’s Serbian bodyguard is not an American; hence the American flag wouldn’t be draped over his casket.

He’s not even American citizen…. he did say that! :D

Audrey can’t die! She just can’t. It would be so repetitive and it would break my heart.

Not exactly heart-broken, but facepalm would be my reaction if Audrey dies.

I agree , it’s just like they brought her back just to die , that Chang son of the bitch should be tortured then be killed ,,, :(

It may well be Heller in that casket….the man has escaped so many deaths on 24. I believe Jack telling Chloe it is time for her to go home takes place during the daytime, after the time jump. Or it could be Audrey in the casket….Jack lives another day. Oh and I dont think we are going to see Kim at all. And definitely not Tony!

I am thinking it is probably not Audrey in the casket because the flag-draped caskets are typically used for soldiers, although there is no law restricting them for that. Audrey served the DOD for years on the civilian side but was never in the uniform military, so she probably wouldn’t get a flag-draped casket. Maybe that’s just me hoping it’s not her.

Audrey may not be military, but she is a high ranking official within the federal gov. I’ll reference the ceremony when the bodies of the fallen returned to U.S. soil after the consulate attack.

its Mark president’s Heller C.O.S

Seeing how the story on 24 has progressed i highly doubt it will be jack who dies. I am guessing with jack it will end the same way it did in the series with jack disappearing again without a trace. As for the president having them make keller sick and him being put in a dangerous situations over and over makes me think he is in the casket. As for the flag on the casket it could be alot of the players on the canvas i don’t think audrey would qualify not to mention i don’t see them ending there story that way. Audrey/jack story hasn’t really been a front runner there so if i had to guess killing keller would free audrey up and i could see audrey leaving with jack because clearly she still is in love with him and i don’t think they did that for nothing

Really hope that next week will be the “series” finale of 24. Jack Bauer will survive even if he’s going to make it and possibly reunite with his daughter Kim (if she re-appears). Don’t know if Fox is going to do more 24 but let’s hope they’re not planning a spin-off featuring Kate Morgan aka Yvonne Strahovski.

What’s wrong with Yvonne Strahovski (Kate Morgan)? I like her. She’s bad ass.

As much as i love 24 i highly doubt this is a series finale unless kate is continuing the show (not sure how well that will go) when the series ended they ended with the thought of a movie in mind but since that didn’t happen they brought it back to in some way give it the ending they wanted to. KS has said that doing 24 is physically too demanding for him now and from everything he has said this was more about giving jack bauer a proper send off then rebooting the series

VP/ New President Kim Bauer!!!! lol

please don’t make this the last episode of 24…….

I also don’t want this to be the last episode. It would not be right for the final episode to not be in real time.

Thank you!
I completely agree, I want the final season of this show to be 24 in real time!

Didn’t the producers confirm that Jack didn’t die, back in May? Although, I guess they could have been lying.

Although, I do wonder if they would have such a public, military funeral (with the flag on the coffin) for someone who was an enemy of the state until very recently…

Also – good news about 24 at comic con. I wonder if we should be reading into that, or if it just wishful thinking.

I thinking it has to be indication of a season 10 or 24 movie

July 7, 2014 at 10:35 pm
Maybe Heller has a fatal heart attack after hearing of Audrey being kidnapped by Cheng.

Maybe not a fatal heart attack, but collapses because he’s heard that Audrey’s dead.

At around the 15 second mark, it shows Kate Morgan running into the scene where Audrey is being held at sniper point… maybe it is her coffin?

Hmmm, I wonder if Kate takes a bullet for Audrey there.

I’ll probably change my mind 50 times in the coming week, but right now Kate is my coffin pick. The promo makes you think maybe it’ll be Heller because he collapses, maybe it’ll be Audrey because of the sniper, maybe even Chloe because Jack says it’s time for her to “go home”. So Kate would be more of a shock.

At the start of the day she was about to head home to the US in disgrace, so it’d be a nice bookend if she ends the day heading home instead being honoured with a flag draped coffin.

Maybe the shot of Jack looking angst ridden is because Kate’s no longer replying to him so he figures she’s probably dead, (doing a task he asked her to no less), and he has no way of knowing right then if Audrey’s dead too.

The way they’ve set Kate up working with Jack, they had to know that the fandom would start wondering if she might stick around for a future version of the show, so they’d know that people wouldn’t be expecting her to die, so they’d know that if they killed her it’d be a shock.

I seriously doubt the coffin is for Kate. She don’t have a high enough ranking to get a flag draped coffin sent to USA with air force one (I presume) in less than 12 hours after her death. If so, it could just as well be Jordan.. I think it must be Heller or Audrey, or even both as there could be another coffin.

However, there is a possibility that Kate dies, but I somehow doubt that too. It would have very little impact on the story. And she only have a very brief and proffesional connection with Jack, so her death would, regrettably, have very little impact on him too, especially on the hardened 24LAD Jack. The fact that Jack, as late as this episode addressed Kate as “Agent Morgan” in the car when he asked for the camera, kind of underline this.
Of course Kate’s death would have a shock effect for the viewers, but 24 usually kill prominent characters to move the story forward or kill characters that are in close personal relation to Jack. And again, killing Kate would not make much difference at this point. But she might get a injury preventing her from helping Jack in the latest mission. Also, a dramatic injury will give quite the shock effect till we know whether she survive or not. For instance, using parts of the time jump to have her waking up at the hospital the day after would make perfect sense.

I think the flag over a casket could be anyone. It depends on how it is displayed……

Interesting that they are going to have a 24 Panel at Comic-Con with Keifer and Jon Cassar..Maybe they had a change of heart and will do another season

has to be annoucement of season 10……..it would be awful way to tell the fans it ending for good this time

or the only other reason I could think of would be to announce that seasons 1-6 will be released on Blu-Ray with a complete Blu-Ray set including Live Another Day

Negative…it’s a 24 retrospective. Shows usually have this when they come to an end. This also explains why jon cassar asked us fans via twitter about the most iconic moments in 24 history.

I know enough that it’s not Heller in the casket. I actually believe it’s Audrey in the casket. Heller is so grief stricken that he falls to the floor. It’s def not Jack or Chloe becuase they are talking after the time jump.

I agree, and wasn’t there a photo out there awhile back with Heller and the UK PM in a hangar? Heller survives, Audrey does not. :( Another sad ending for Jack.

Would Audrey get a flag-draped casket though? I know they are usually used for military personnel, though there is no law restricting it.

I think Heller might fall to the floor when he finds out Audrey is being held hostage. I feel like if she were going to die they wouldn’t make it that obvious in the promo. Maybe I’m just in denial…

She’s the de facto First Lady of the U.S. She’d for sure get a flag-draped casket. I think that casket might be Heller, though.

judging from the past predictions “such as 200th episode heller is toast” to “audrey is chinese spy” , we can assume if mary says “its heller” then i believe he is safe. HAHA

and you’ve predicted um what exactly? that jack and audrey are going to ride off into the sunset? haha

Heller is toast at some point today. And *somebody* has another agenda here, whether it’s Audrey or not, because otherwise this plot literally makes zero sense.

If we’re keeping score? I also said Heller’s pills are important, conflict with the Chinese would be a major part of the day (said this after the premiere), Steve Navarro was the mole, Jordan was really dead, and Adam Morgan was set up.

i never predicted jack and audrey going to ride off into sunset hahah . i said i was hoping. that’s my wish. but not by prediction.

heller pills and adam morgan set up all were minor predictions and not hard to see. exept the jordans’s dead and chinese , i have predicted others too. but what you have predicted about chinese was that they would be involved in dirty work but it’s the russians and i dont think you predicted full scale war against chinese.

Kate will die. Knowing that her husband died, I believe Kate will sacrifice herself in order for herself to be with him. Also, she wasn’t in the poll above, which you always have to expect the unexpected in 24.

It’s Audrey that dies. It just makes so much sense that she dies. Her part in this series has been less than average, and Kim Raver teased Audrey will have a huge role towards the end.

Jack is dying. Jack or Heller. And possibly Boudrou but I doubt it.

Here’s my list of definietly NOT dying:
Alisair Davies
Eric Ritter

Those characters are 100% safe. You’ll know I’m right when the episode ends. I’m good like that lol.

List of characters possibly dying:
Jack(50% likely)

I really think this could be Jack’s final outting. Just a feeling.

Definitely dying;
Cheng(better fucking die, that little bitch can’t cheat die any more seasons. Don’t want him to go to prison again. Nope. I want Crow villain AVENGED)

Doesn’t the preview show Jack talking to Chloe in the daylight, thus after the time jump? I’m assuming the jump is back to the US, for someone’s funeral..

I am a number one fan of 24. Watched all seasons and I love Jack but I think that Jack is in that coffin. I don’t think there will be any more series of 24 and if they do without Jack, I won’t be watching.

I’ll disagree with you. It’s def not Heller and mostly likely not Jack. It seems more than likely that it is Audrey.

i think it’s kate mate. look at the promo closely. kate come running toward the sniper and shooting him. audrey ran away and the sniper pointer is turned from audrey to kate

What about Mark? Everyone seems to forget about him

I actually have Mark as my coffin pick. I refuse to believe it’s Heller or Audrey because a.) the promo makes it look obvious, b.) I would be heartbroken and mad if it was Audrey, and c.) it would be a fitting moral quandary that 24 is known for toying with – the traitorous, treasonous Chief of Staff ends up getting a proper state funeral and burial for doing something heroic, while his treason is never exposed because there just wasn’t enough time and the news would be too devastating, particularly to Audrey. A lot of people on this show do awful things and get away with it.

President Heller
July 7, 2014 at 10:49 pm

In a letter sent by Fox to residents in London around the time of the finale being filmed, they described that 4 actors would have a conversation in a park, with one of them being shot by a “sniper”. Wouldn’t it make sense that Audrey gets shot, especially when in the promo, at about 15-16 seconds Kate is seen in the sniper’s scope, supposedly to step in before the sniper can shoot Audrey again and kill her?

That scene description lines up with the final scene of tonight’s episode I believe (24 always films episodes in pairs, so episodes 11 & 12 were shot at the same time). The four people having a conversation were Audrey, Audrey’s contact, and the two Secret Service agents.

However, the letter only mentions 1 person getting shot. Her contact was definitely shot, but it looks like her Secret Service bodyguards were taken out by something else (maybe something heavier)? If they were shot, that doesn’t quite match up.

Unless the promo wants us to lean towards
Kate taking a bullet for Audrey?

I’m pretty sure the female source Audrey met was tazed. Audrey probably dies. :(

I just looked up the filming notice letter again and it mentioned three people being shot. Here’s the quote with spoiler tags on the “iffy” part.

”Their work is set to run from 8pm to 5am and will involve four characters having a conversation in the park and three of them being shot by a sniper.
The filming will see two actors holding and firing hand guns, for which they will use silent blanks so as not to disturb neighbours.

That lines up almost perfectly with the last scene of tonight’s episode with the only somewhat iffy part is at the end. The two actors
”holding and firing hand guns” would presumably be the two Secret Service agents that were protecting Audrey. They didn’t have enough time to react or fire off any shots but that could be explained as the scene simply being changed a bit from the original script.

You guys could be right though.

I believe
Kate is one of the people firing handguns, which matches the preview of Kate running in there to possibly save Audrey. Jon Cassar also tweeted a photo of Yvonne Strahovski filming at Battersea Park on night #2 of filming there.

Belcheck is back next week! He’s seen walking/running behind Jack.

Do NOT Kill Belecheck!!!

Yea…I like Belcheck very much.

Another theory of mine is that nobody will die. Maybe FOX wants us to think someone will die, HOWEVER…Adam Morgan’s name has been cleared so there is a possibility of a proper funeral for him. Then everyone goes there separate ways.

Negative. Adam Morgan died a little while back. We can assume that the funeral already took place.

Call me crazy but I fell that the final stunning twist is that Jack had something to do with Heller’s death at the end and he might have switched his medication, maybe Chloe figures this out and when Jack is telling her that it’s time for her to go home, he means he’s going to kill her. It sounds nuts but what the heck, might as well have fun speculating what that scene could mean, since Jack looks pissed off.

My guess at the ending is this. Audrey hinted this episode to do what it takes to kill Cheng. What if Cheng gets a hold of Audrey and jack can’t take the shot. Instead Belecheck fires killing both Audrey and Cheng. The president collapsing is hearing the news of Audreys death.

Another theory…Kate takes a bullet meant for Audrey. Kate is in the casket. Hmmm…

Intetesting, but I doubt it.

I think it’s far more likely going to be one of the returning characters in the casket. Either Heller or Audrey.

I think it’s very likely Kate. If you watch the promo frame-by-frame you see Audrey diving out of the cross-hairs and Kate jumping into them with gun blazing. From that distance a suicide move. The look on Heller’s face tells me he just had a massive heart attack. Given his age and the stress of WWIII, very understandable. Did he tell underlings of Boudreau’s subterfuge? We see one flag-draped casket. There may be several or many.

I don’t want Kate to die but she seems the only person on the scene with a pistol versus a high-powered sniper rifle. She can survive the situation but I don’t expect it.

I too am thinking that it is Audrey in the flag drapped coffin. After Heller hears the news, he falls to the floor grief stricken. It make perfect sense. If she does die, it is in the defense of the Unites States, worthy of such a ceremony. My final point why I think it’s Audrey, usually when two guys are involved with a girl, the girl usually dies. I’ll reference Xmen 2 when Jean Grey dies leaving Logan and Scott to mourn.

President Heller
July 8, 2014 at 8:21 am
I agree that Heller may collapse after hearing about Audrey’s death, but in Episode 11, they lingered on the fact that Heller dropped his (Alzheimer’s??) medication of the floor, maybe suggesting that he wasn’t able to take it due to all the stress of World War lll, and him subsequently dying because of it. I’m not a medical whiz, so this is just my theory.

Heller has been eating pills all day… then he had that drink… it’s either misdirection, or Heller dies… Heller dies. I think. Maybe. Also the Brazillian promo, shows Jack and Chloe holding hands for a minute, as if to say, I love you, but I hope I never see you again… then it looked like Jack had a smirk on his face… who knows lol

Theres a shot 3 seconds in of a sniper but its in daylight, I think Jack gets taken out as he’s about to go back to LA.

That’s not in daylight – that’s the sniper who has his sights trained on Audrey.

Seems very bright! Also, Kate shooting at Audreys sniper happens at night.

The sniper scene is in the daytime, it is not at night, I re-watched episode 11 and it’s just not that bright. Kate will die, she is flanking so Audrey can escape, but Audrey might bite the bullet too. I think if Jack dies, it would be a good finale. It would bring the show to a complete close.

If you pause right after that at :04, you can see Audrey’s face lit up in white light. It could be they just added in these scenes without editing the light out?

And why would a daytime assassin be equipped in gear that looks more suitable for camouflaging at night.

Chang is trying to get to a container ship so he can escape… the deck of a container ship is well lit at night… Perhaps an exchange before the ship leaves port… Boudreau makes his case for Jack being a political liability… Maybe Jack thinks he’s right…

I think that’s the sniper that is aiming at Audrey is it not?

Cheung is finished……..he will be killed by someone

July 8, 2014 at 1:44 am
It’s actually spelled Cheng.

i dont think its anybody important, think its a bodyguard that was killed by changs people. think kate saves audrey we see someone jumping into sceen and jack looks like he is looking past chole and at chang.

It is someone important. It’s Audrey.

Fazil's Beard
July 8, 2014 at 1:50 am
I’m not saying it’s definitely not Audrey, but how can you be so sure?

It sounds to me like the writers want to end LAD in such a way that the series could be over if they want it to be, but it doesn’t have to be over if they decide in a week or a month or a year that they want to do another season. If that’s the case, do you think they want to go out and find another new love interest for Jack? Or bring back Kate Warner who hasn’t been seen since the season 3 premiere? Or bring back another of Jack’s surviving former love interests who isn’t as popular as Kate Warner (think Marilyn Bauer)?

I mean no disrespect to Kim Raver, but I don’t like Audrey much; she’s comically naive and she usually doesn’t do anything, she’s just Jack’s lover. She’s like 24 Barbie. But I get a strong sense that the writers decided this time that she and Jack are meant to be together. Of course, maybe they’re just setting us up for the plot twist where they kill her off.

Heller’s old, and we see him collapse, and heart attacks are one of the leading causes of death for old people. We know Heller’s not coming back for another season anyway because Alzheimer’s, and there’s no doubt when his time comes his coffin will be draped with a flag. How is it not at least plausible that it’s Heller in the casket?

Heller’s just my best guess, but I could also make a case for the plausibility of it being Bauer, Morgan, Ritter, Reed, or Audrey. Maybe some other characters, too.

How are you so convinced that it has to be Audrey?

Reed’s already dead.

I think they are smuggling Jack to the states in the coffin.

July 8, 2014 at 1:45 am
It’s not Chang, it’s Cheng.

Wow there’s already a sneak peek clip for next week..Couldn’t resist and watched it.

Small spoiler:
Jack tells Chloe his mission is to capture Cheng alive.

Oh wow, so Audrey is still being held by the sniper after Jack meets up with Chloe.

They need Cheng alive to stop the war.

What is it?!

what if Cloe is actually Turnt!?! who else knows Jack well enough to pull it off… I know it’s been done too much already, what with Nina, and Tony, and even, Henderson, Graem Bauer and Philip Bauer… Maybe the message at the end of it all is trust no one, EVER!!!

Even as I watch the clip over and over, we know that there must be a mole, there must, and you see the President fall, and the President’s Assistant doesn’t look shocked. If you freeze-frame it, you’ll notice he kind of smirks. Audrey and Kate will die during the sniper scene, Jack will be notified mid-firefight intercepting the device and Heller will be assassinated by his assistant. They will time-jump to the airfield where Jack will be taken out by a sniper, and the show will close on a cliffhanger.

Didn’t see a smirk. Just saw him trying to catch Heller with his hands and if he was the mole, he would’ve just stood still and watched Heller drop.

He doesn’t catch him, he let’s him go.

We also know there has to be a mole, who leaked the location to Cheng? Who was in the room when she went? That dude!

Hmm still hard to really tell if he just missed grabbing the arm. Just really hope there isn’t a last minute mole being used once more.

He is talking to him, holding his arm, and Heller falls as he falls he let’s him go. Let’s also remember he helped him re-bottle his pills, and there has to be a mole otherwise Audrey’s location would have been kept secret within the Secret Service. Any avid 24 fan knows, there is one larger mole.

I agree with Johnny that there is a mole, but it’s not Mark’s assistant. The mole is the secret service guy that exchanged looks w/ Jack while he was waiting outside Heller’s office. That agent is the mole.

No need for there to be a mole in White House retinue. Cheng could have bugged the Chinese Embassy or had her followed. So at least one other logical explanation. Also…

The new Comms guy at CIA has certainly been tipped as a mole, for a long time. He was the one who contacted Adrian about Jordan’s file snooping. So he may well have been one who alerted Cheng about Audrey’s meeting. Is he after asylum? Will Erik figure him out before he wreaks more havoc? Will Jack tie up all the loose ends and return to US as a free man?

Was gonna say that it was probably information gained on the Chinese end, but Pingston beat me to it. Would be completely believable if Cheng has moles within the Chinese government to keep him up to date, they heard about the meeting being set up, and let him know immediately.

well, Cheng has the override. it controls defence systems, if surviellence falls under that umbrella then Cheng has a huge advantage, or the CIA comm guy is crooked as all get out

Fazil's Beard
July 8, 2014 at 12:54 pm
You mean Gavin Leonard? He never contacted Adrian, at least not on-screen. My first impression of him was that he was a mole because he looked like a smart-aleck when he told Reed that Navarro wanted him to send some files to Erik in his first episode, but he hasn’t done anything incriminating since then.

Fazil's Beard
July 8, 2014 at 12:55 pm
My above comment was intended to reply to Pingston.

I think everyone dies except Chloe… Then she can pout for all eternity..

I think it could be a fake funeral for Jack so he can live in peace and off the radar.

I hope anyway.

You could have something there, could be Heller returning the favor to Jack after Jack helping fake Hellers death, takes the Russians out of the picture and lets Jack go visit Kim and his grandkids, till the US needs him again…I hope.

I agree. I think it’s a fake coffin to sneak Jack back to the US.

I think whoever is in the coffin…….has to be someone important…….unlikely that will be Jack

Jack is not going to die if he did 24 would be over and that doesn’t explain how he is telling Chloe to go home in the daytime. I think it either heller or Audrey because in the promo it shows jack crying and the only people jack would cry for would be Audrey or heller, and the coffin with the flag makes this tricky. We’ll just have to wait and see.

He’d cry for Chloe; Kate and Belcheck, probably not. But he’d definitely cry for Chloe.

there ya go!

Since Renee was the last love interest and she died in the similar way and that triggered Jack’s revenge, it would be highly repetitive if they kill Audrey with a sniper and have Jack go berserk again. Seriously this entire love interest killing is the biggest criticism I have for 24 and for the love of god I hope they do not repeat that this time.

That being said and since I still have a healthy amount of faith in this show, and they even spared Chloe (pretty much) tonight, I am going to say Audrey would survive and it’s Heller who dies. If they really kill off Audrey this time at least it’s in the end of the season so I won’t miss out much. I actually stopped watching 24 for a while after they killed Renee last time.

I agree. And the promo is trying to be so obvious about Audrey dying that it makes me think she doesn’t.

But who could be in the casket then? Heller? Mark? Jack?

I think it would be ironic as all hell, not repetitive. Like… Jack goes on this revenge mission for Renee that screws up his entire life and he pays for it by Audrey dying, since Jack could never be assed enough to do anything about who was behind Cheng and BXJ for her lol.

That said, I don’t think Audrey dies in that sniper scene with Kate. I think Kate saves her, Kate is fine, and then later when Audrey finds out that a) her husband is a traitor, b) Jack didn’t kill Cheng yet because he’s trying to prevent WW3 and/or c) her father is dead, Audrey kills herself.

I am with you – I don’t think the sniper kills Audrey because like you said, it would be highly repetitive. Plus, the fact that she’s the one who seems to be in the most danger at the end of the penultimate episode makes me think she is not going to be the one to die because she’s now the one most people expect to die.

I don’t know about her killing herself, but I suppose it is possible. G-d, I really hope not.

Kiki Vanderway
July 8, 2014 at 10:19 pm
Audrey would never murder…herself.

This just in. So sorry Tony fans…


They were fucking with you all along.

July 8, 2014 at 1:57 am
XAM, the F word is obviously your favorite word because you write that word in your posts here way more than anyone else does here.

He didn’t say anything about Tony getting *out* of prison… ;)

Maybe Tony’s lawyer is also, “an operator”, and helped him pull some strings to get revenge on Jack for sending him to prison instead of putting him out of his misery.

One last idea…speaking of foreshadow. Remember at the beginning of the season when Brownback said he owed jack his life what if belecheck dies heroically saving audrey. Remember he said he wasn’t American to Heller in the car. What if he dies saving the first daughter. It could be him underneath the flag.

But he would definitely not get an American flag, even if he was defending the US.

“I am not American, and this is not America.” Hee!

Belcheck is rad and all but he’s not going to get a flag-draped coffin being paraded by a bunch of U.S. Air Force soldiers..

how about Jordon Reed? He could be the one in the coffin…….I know it make no sense but it possible

That’s a really good point. It could be him, and they are using the coffin image to make us think someone else dies.

July 8, 2014 at 2:01 am
There’s no way that it’s Jordan Reed in that casket. There’s just no possible way. Whoever is in that casket dies during Episode #12.

Why? Why can’t it be someone from earlier. This soldiers who were killed in the first drone strike are barely cool, it’s only been a few hours after all

The soldiers who were killed in the premiere make complete sense and would be similar to the memorial service held for David Palmer nearly 24 hours after his assassination. This entire season was about the drone attacks, and Heller giving them a eulogy at the end would fit in perfectly with this season.

It’s possible that the coffin might be reserved for the soliders who died during the first drone attack. I didn’t think about that. Thanks for the hunch. :P

Palmer was assasinated, and obviously. Heller is a sick old man, maybe he’s getting a hero’s send off. hhhhmmmmmm

For me Audrey is who dies, otherwise there is no reason for Belcheck to be in the chapter. I think he is there to help Jack in his revenge.

Not necessarily; Belcheck is there to help Jack capture Cheng. They have to do it with a small team because if it were some big CIA operation Cheng would notice and kill Audrey.

Look at 00:24. Looks like Cheng will be sooooo damned :)

Kate not die. the sniper dies. and cheng and heller

Harriet DiGiacomo
July 8, 2014 at 12:51 am
Been thinking about this and my choice is Audrey causing the President to collapse and givingJack and Kate a chance to be a team …work wise and a relationship …

Jack isn’t dying, the producers said they wern’t killing him lol.

The producers also said that it was “pretty cut and dry” that Heller died in the explosion at Wembly. And that is not the first time they have lied.

Yeah but there’s lying about Heller to save a twist and then there’s lying about killing off *Jack*. Heller isn’t the brand. Even if they want to have a new character take the reins a bit, they’d be stupid as all hell to kill off Jack’s character.

I bet its Mark and Audrey will seriously get injured. Jack will think Audrey is dead, which explains his reaction. Mark sacrifices himself for Audrey. I don’t think Heller dies. There was a picture of him, Davies, and his assistant at the airfield. I’m assuming he makes it.

Or maybe former President Allison Taylor (or Noah Daniels) dies somehow. They could be in the casket lol

can’t see it being Kate.. she’s a new character that not many have really got attached to quite yet, not sure her death is really important, plus there’s talk of many some kind of spin off with her as the lead. It’s definitely not Jack unless they are definitely 100% killing 24 off forever.. so that leaves Chloe or Audrey IMO.

Only one episode left and we still don’t know much about Belcheck. I hope we get some info on him in the finale.

Think outside the box as well people. surprised no one assumed that it could be Jack Bauer. However just with his death faked. Empty casket… So to the Chinese and Russians Bauer lives no more… But Jack…. JACK NEVER DIES

So…I looked on IMDB to see if next week’s episode was a 2-hour one (which it should be) and they tell you, 100% for sure, who dies.
Heller and Chloe

IMDB is unrealiable and can be faked by anyone


I don’t trust IMDb it has Aidrian Cross down for 12 episodes

Is it Jack… Will this be the true end of 24….. Please say it isn’t so.

Big Gucci Sosa
July 8, 2014 at 2:16 am
guwop guwop guwop guwop guwop

You can see in the trailer that Kate Morgan distracts the sniper whilst Audrey runs away.. So it’s probably Kate that dies. Sadly =[

Audrey’s location was likely not leaked. More likely is some sort of trade or deal with Cheng that puts her in harms way. The coffin is a big head fake. It’s not going to be a main character. It’s probably one of the soldiers being brought back that was killed in the drone trial run in the early episode. But it got ya thinking huh?

Negative….it was stated by Cassar that there will be a silent clock this season. Since we have not had one yet, it must be in the finale. It’s def not a fake out!

But silent clocks have been used at times other than to commemorate a character’s death. Three examples that come to mind are the season 2 finale when Palmer collapses (but doesn’t die, as we learn in season 3), the end of season 6 when Jack walked away from Audrey, and the scene in season 7 when Jack buries Renee alive. So there might just be a silent clock to commemorate the end of the series, not necessarily because someone dies.

July 8, 2014 at 2:45 am
The promo for the season finale certainly does make it seem like it’s Audrey in that casket, but it could be a trick. I guarantee that it isn’t Jack Bauer, Kate Morgan, Chloe O’Brian, Belcheck, Jordan Reed or Mark Boudreau in that casket. It will either be President James Heller or his daughter Audrey in that casket. I know that in the Episode #12 promo, it shows Heller collapsing immediately after the flag draped casket had already been shown. The promo wants us to think that Heller fainted immediately upon hearing about Audrey’s death, but the promo might be trying to trick us. I don’t know exactly which person will be in that casket, but it will be Heller or Audrey (I can guarantee you that).

July 8, 2014 at 3:00 am
For those that remember my major rant on here a few weeks ago slamming the decision to keep President James Heller alive following that devastating drone strike at Wembley Stadium, it won’t surprise you that I want it to be Heller that dies in the season finale. Heller has Alzheimer’s Disease and he said himself that in one year from now, he won’t remember anyone. It would be totally stupid if it turns out to be Audrey who dies in Episode #12. I want Jack and Audrey to become a couple again. Audrey is Jack’s real true love and she belongs with him, in my opinion. Audrey obviously won’t stay with the traitor Mark Boudreau.

July 8, 2014 at 3:15 am
The last line in my previous post should have gone like this, “Audrey obviously wouldn’t stay with Mark Boudreau if she survives the season finale”.

Totally agree with you. Heller and Audrey are the only ones that would get a casket like that, especially that quickly after the death. However, that definitely doesn’t rule out that someone else also dies. It could be anyone or no one.

Ahhh, how could I forget! The two american soldiers killed by the drone attack in episode one! I bet the casket(s) are for them, and that’s why we only see what’s in front of a casket, but the video cut the moment it reach the rear part, not to reveal another casket behind.


That is a very strong possibility and would make complete sense. Heller could be giving a memorial service for the fallen soldiers towards the end of the finale.

I think that’s a good possibility. Either that or it’s Jack in the coffin, or maybe the president. I don’t think it’s Audrey because the person who is in the most danger at the end of the penultimate episode usually isn’t the one who dies.

I think that Jack dies. Heller announces to the world that Jack Bauer died preventing a war between the US and China but then we see that Jack is really alive. His announced death was fake so that the Russians think Jack is dead. Jack goes home to reunite with Kim and her family.

July 8, 2014 at 3:38 am
One last thing, having President James Heller die on screen in the season finale would make this ninth season of 24 truly shocking. No sitting U.S. President has ever died on screen during an episode of 24. Heller is obviously still the U.S. President. When David Palmer was killed in Season 5, it had been 2 years and 8 months since his term as President had officially ended. Wayne Palmer died off screen sometime after Season 6 of 24 had ended. It’s unknown if John Keeler or Charles Logan are still alive (but it’s reasonable to think that they could never regain consciousness again due to their extreme and horrific injuries). Logan and Keeler must have permanently been in comas for the rest of their time left on the earth. But, it’s most likely that Keeler and Logan are both dead by now.

It seems too obvious to me that showing the President keeling over and a flag-draped coffin in the promo, that it would actually be Heller. Clearly the writers want everyone to draw that conclusion. But you do have a point about it would be a first for 24 and would be a shocking ending.

You are def right about that! The promo was cut that way in the hopes that we would think it’s Heller, then when the true death is revealed, we will all be shocked. So we can cross off Heller along with Jack and Chole.

Pretty sure the writers mentioned before that they aren’t allowed to kill a sitting president on screen.

Heller resigned and the VP has been foreshadowed for hours now.

I think it’s Mark Boudreau in the coffin. After he’s exposed as a traitor, he gets killed “in the line of duty” and rather than tell the world he was a traitor, being as how he was so close to the President, he’d go out with some dignity. Remember what happened to Walt Cummins in Season 5? The President’s Chief of Staff would surely be given a flag-draped send off?

He is my #2 guess. My #1 is Audrey. It could be Mark because he needs to redeem himself to Heller and The United States. There is no better way of redemption than dying to protect US interest. But we did see a very somber Jack and Chole. I dont think they would be that way for Mark.

Jack might be that upset if he is somehow responsible yet again for the death of Audrey’s husband.

Uh, Mark just spent the last hour redeeming himself…

Kiki Vanderway
July 8, 2014 at 9:33 pm
No Mark got caught and chose to delay his imprisonment rather than be arrested at that moment for.treason. As the weasel he is he is probably hoping that if he proves useful he will get a lighter sentence. There is nothing redeeming about him. He lied to Hellers face when whining about how he was trying to protect the president. He still hasn’t come clean.

Oh, Kiki, how much you’ve misunderstood Mark. Really, you have.

Kiki Vanderway
July 8, 2014 at 11:23 pm
Please believe me, I’d love to think Audrey and Heller put their trust in a good guy but there is no justification for his repeated bad acts –he chose to keep digging a deeper hole and only when the jig was up was he willing to confess and even then it was a self righteous rationalization of half truths…

Clearly the dude rubs me the wrong way Audrey deserved better

Except it kind of ties in with, y’know, the theme that ties all of 24 together.

“It always starts off with a small step, and before you know it you’re running as fast as you can in the wrong direction just to justify why you started in the first place”.

Kiki Vanderway
July 10, 2014 at 12:00 pm
Sure but also remember:

As I see the depth of his corruption unfold, I have no doubt that he is a source of danger. So….I hope you understand, he has absolutely nothing to lose.

He will be held accountable for his part in everything that happened today. He will not be able to hide behind the Presidency – he will face justice! And make no mistake about this, this is personal.

It definitely could be Mark in the casket. It’s unclear where he is in that promo for episode 12. Maybe he goes with Kate to rescue Audrey and winds up being shot by the sniper.

That is a very possible fate for Mark! Quite symbolic too, he trying to save his wife making up for the bad things he did.

I still thinks the casket is for the soldier(s)

It maybe Heller because, I felt it strange when he dropped his container of pills. It was as though he lost his balance. Audrey escapes death.

Don’t kill Jack, we need season 10!!!!!!

Relax Jack is not going to die. But I also believe they will not do another 12 eps season for maybe 2 more yrs

wouldnt it be fun, if Jacks involvement moving forward was answering a few phone calls, whilst playing with a light bright with his grand kids!!
or Barbie even lol

It’s Audrey. It HAS to be her. We saw on set photos of Heller and the PM outside in the daylight by a plane. Fox also has that thing about killing sitting presidents although technically Heller resigned a few hours ago.

If it’s not Audrey then it’s Mark. He dies trying to save Bauer to make up for setting Bauer up. It’s not Jack because he’s still looked at as a terrorist. Chloe exposed the secrets of the US government. The icing on the cake to speak is Jack’s expression at 0:18 . H had that exact same look when Renee died. The fact that he has a gun in his hand means he’s in the field breaking down. Heller is in the embassy under heavy guard. I knew something bad would happen to Audrey the second she stepped out. The sniper has her in his sights and Cheng has probably instructed him to kill her if he doesn’t check in for a while.

I guess the swerve to make us believe it’s Heller was Heller dropping his pills in Ep 11. I am surprised that Chloe survived. I thought she was a goner for sure.

Sekweyama ben Kenneth
July 8, 2014 at 5:48 am
Audrey rains dies in last hour&thnk deserves state funeral being fast dota&served in different capacities as an individual

I don’t understand why president heller is top of the poll of being the one in casket, as it’s going to be a twist in the promo.

We wouldn’t see the casket then president heller collapsing, I believe it will be mark or jack.

Reasons for mark: he will die and to protect his legacy and his wife and Hellers presidency he dies a hero.

Reasons for jack: they say he died on the job and dies a hero who got ammunitity from America but he faked his death again, and only people to know are heller, Kate, Audrey and Mark and when they need him again he will come back!!!!

Many ppl dont think it through. Why would they mention “lives will be lost”, and then show Heller falling to the floor? Obviously it’s not Heller. Most likely it is Audrey

ajay we got your point . dont need to repeat 10000 time. vit’s very annoying when some one try to force their opinion on others

I think it could definitely be Mark, especially if he accompanies Kate on the rescue mission to save Audrey. One of the press notices had this little blurb about night #2 of filming at Battersea Park.
“The filming will see two actors holding and firing hand guns, for which they will use silent blanks so as not to disturb neighbours.” We Know Kate is one of the two characters firing a handgun, but who is the second? Could it possibly be Mark, who winds up being shot by the sniper?


“It’s time for you to go home” Jack to Chloe.

Jack doesn’t go back to the US using his Presidential pardon?

Remember we were told the series will end but it won’t be with a bow. We were also told that this season is being told through the eyes of Kate so she survives. If you take a look at the casket can the military guards walking with it, you only see that with high ranking officials. Now some lowly CIA agent nor a guy that has been on the run for years. If it was Heller, do you think the producers would actually show him collapsing in the promo video? Nope!

It’s either Mark or Audrey and given Jack’s emotion in the vid, it’s Audrey. I don’t think Jack would be all emotional if Mark died. He had a gun pointed at his head in ep 11. There was the whole thing about bad things happening to Audrey when Jack Bauer is around Mark brought up in ep 1.

The attack on the boat or whatever with Cheng on it takes place at night. We saw that in the 2nd clip. The casket is being carried in the daylight. Both Jack and Chloe are seen talking to each other in the daylight. No shots of Audrey or Mark in the daylight. The picture of Heller has already been mentioned. The conversation with Chloe seems to take place after the threat was eliminated hence why Jack is telling her it’s time to go home. I’m more interested in what happens to Jack now. He’s free and clear of all crimes (not sure about Russia) but he’s telling Chloe to go home. It seems like he isn’t going back to the US.

The other question is we know Chang and members of the Russian political staff were working together to start a war. We can’t possibly get closure on this. Then you got China who’s pissed off…does China turn their attention to Russia?

Either this going to be the most story driven episode of 24 ever or we’re going to get cliffhangers out the wazoo with no resolution. This is only a 40 minute episode but it’s so many loose ends that need time to resolve.

Actually, I do think they’d show Heller collapsing int he promo if he was the one in the casket. They showed Kate being tortured, Audrey in the sniper scope, Ian being thrown out a window. Ian’s entire death was shown *in the commercial*. And Heller’s been effectively dying all day.

oh yes…the dialog between Heller and Bauer at the end of S6. Heller told Jack that Audrey would pay the price for being around Jack. Jack realized this too and decided to leave her. Since then she got better and married. Jack came out of hiding to “protect” Audrey. Which Heller didn’t want to happen back in S6.

one last thing…i don’t think Belcheck makes it. Again, we don’t see him outside the search for Cheng. He might even take a bullet for Jack since he mentioned Jack saved his life to Chloe. Jack doesn’t die. I’m 1000000% sure unless something stupid happens like a car he’s in blows up. The thing with Chloe happens during the day and Jack didn’t seem to need her around anymore. Big signal that the threat was over and she can live her life..put the pieces together as best as she can.

There was a quick scene in ep 11 that was foreshadowing if you really watched it.
The conversation between Jack and Audrey. When the scene was focused on Jack, Kate gave Jack this jealous look. She heard what Jack said to Audrey. So if there is another season and Audrey does die, Kate would be Jack’s new love interest. She lost her husband and she was the only person that believed in Jack during the drone attacks.

I don’t think it was a jealous look. It was more of a bewildered look, because she’s trying to comprehend how loaded his conversations with Audrey are. I don’t think anyone brought her up to speed on her history with Cheng, or her history with Jack. Their phone conversation was one of the most emotional scenes in SEASONS and Kate is both embarrassed to be witness to something deeply painful and personal to Jack, while being all, “damn, so is that what makes him tick?” They’re definitely not setting Kate and Jack up to be romantically involved. If Audrey dies he’ll probably swear off women forever.

But on second thought, I think Kate is a bit jealous – Jack has a chance to save the person he loves, and she’s still hurting because she failed to save hers. There’s a lot of parallels between her and early Jack in that regard.

Maybe Kate was horrified because she realized from Jacks tone that making it through the day was, “unlikely”.

Yea I think Belcheck dies at around :17. Jack is kneeling down during the attack of the ship and his eyes seem to be looking down at something as he pulls out his gun.

Hopefully not though. This guy is awesome imo and would be a great ally for Jack to call on anytime if they make another season.

mary !! why did you change your name?

George halaweh
July 8, 2014 at 7:17 am
I think mark dies trying to save audry. He needed to make amnends for what he done

I can’t figure out where Mark is in that one shot of him where it’s dark in the background. Obviously he’s gonna start the ep being with Jack and Kate, but where does he end up after that?

Looks like the CIA interrogation room.

Which would be kinda strange, because it’s been established that he’s way more useful (finally!) actually doing stuff than sitting around waiting for his wife’s ex-boyfriend to make him feel like a loser.

Yep, right you are, screencapped it and lightened it up in Photoshop and the brickwork showed up, and that little reflection of blue light is the same colour as the CIA lights. I’d say he’s off the potential death list if he’ll be chilling in there after Jack’s done with him.

I think Mark might still be in the Russian embassy in that shot from the promo.

There are two shots of him. The first is the aftermath of whatshisnamewiththefabulousmoustache’s death, the later shot is when he appears to be at the CIA.

Who is the guy at 00:15?

Doesnt look like Cheng.

Cheng is the one coming out of the truck in the right side og the picture, but the guy waiting for him in front of the ship doesnt look like he is chinese.

Most likely the Russians that were arranged to take Cheng out of the country? I definitely recall something like that in the last episode.

it might be a very long shot, but i guess it could look a lot like Jim Ricker (Michael Madsen) from season 8.


The guy walking behind Jack? That’s Belchek. Or do you mean the people standing on the dock when the truck pulls up? They’re probably just the people who own the boat they’re all about to get on.

On the dock..

Yeah, but the guy in the middle just looks more important than the rest of the them.. they are all geared up, and he is kind of well dressed :)

After reading some of the comments, I’d like to say that I don’t agree with Kate being jealous of Jack and Audrey, during the phone call scene. IMO she looks like she feels bad for him, having to potentially lose Audrey again if things go wrong (or more wrong I should say…). Kate has also been betrayed, lost her husband and understands what love is. I think she can sense from that conversation that Jack is still very much in love with Audrey and that he is going to face very difficult decisions, just like Kate when she found out her husband was a “traitor”.

If anything I would say this scene tells us that Kate is going to help Jack save Audrey, no matter what it costs (which would make sense if you look at the previews). Maybe take a bullet for her, like others suggested. Nevertheless, I can’t convince myself that they are going to kill her (Kate) off… I love her character and I think she brings a lot to the show. I love that for once her partnership with Jack is not based on feelings or love.
I think that killing Audrey off would be too easy. I mean Jack’s been through SO MUCH already, and he obviously still cares about her a lot. If they brought Audrey back just to kill her, I would be disappointed.
IMO Mark is not important enough to be the one who dies. As for Heller and Audrey, it seems too obvious based on the promo…
Maybe this death is also not as important as they want us to believe. Maybe they’re just bringing back home some of the dead people from earlier in the day.
If I had to choose, I’d say President Heller dies. That would mean Audrey has to live and be reunited with Jack, otherwise the poor woman is left with nothing at all: no husband, no true love, no family.

Anyway, I’m right back where I started = I don’t know ! But that’s why we all love this show, right?

Kate’s reaction did seem like concern and I think the scene was foreshadowing Kate saving Audrey in the finale. That doesn’t mean she’ll die saving her, but if she does, it would be a heroic way for her to go.



Vice President Keith Palmer becomes the new president after Heller’s death. Jack engages in a shoot-out with Cheng and his men after Chloe’s death. Mark is extradited to the US to face treason charges and someone from Jack’s past returns

The IMBD preview for episode 12 has been updated.

I haven’t seen this mentioned. Maybe Heller uses the fact that Russia was working to start a war between China and the US to get Jack off the hook for what he did to the Russians in season 8. He could tell them that we have evidence that you were trying to start a war but if you forget what Jack did we’ll forget what you did. If not you will suffer major consequences.

Sounds fair enough to me. There was probably a bit of public scandal in the aftermath of Day 8, so the threat of the Day 9 information getting out as well might be enough to get them to do a deal with Heller for Jack’s freedom. Not that he’d ever really be 100% safe I suppose, because even if his apprehension isn’t officially sanctioned, there could still be rogue Russians who wanna take him out. But his pardon doesn’t amount to much if another country still wants him in custody, so I could see Heller wanting to sort that out for him.

Looking at this agian, I wonder when Jack tells Chloe that it’s time to go home, it’s because she is being taken back to the states to face some charges? He’s not even looking at her, and she’s has a look of fear and a ‘I betrayed a friend’ look on her face. I hope this isn’t the shocking twist.

She should have Open Cell related charges to answer for, unless a deal is done to get her off the hook for that stuff?

I think he’s not looking at her because he knows she’s gonna be all, “And what about you,” and that’s not a conversation he wants to have because he’s not planning on going back too. He’s probably unsure once again of how Kim feels about him, and he’s resigned to the fact that he’ll never see her or his grandkids again. He and Audrey probably haven’t reached a place where they can resolve to get back together, so he doesn’t have that to go back to. He has no prospects for any kind of future in the US as far as he’s concerned. If he’s planning to leave everyone, (including Chloe), he wouldn’t wanna look at her because she’ll call him on it and he knows it. If he’s trying to tell her to stop running from her pain and go home, that’s a tad hypocritical if he’s not coming with. If anyone could talk him into going back, Chloe would be the person, she talked him off the ledge when he was about to pull the trigger on Suvarov, so talking him into being her travel buddy would be a walk in the park. If he looks at her, there’s a chance he might cave.

If you look at Jack`s face when he tells Chloe to go home, he had the same face in season 8 after Rene died and Chloe the same face when Jack went on a killing spree for Rene.

Too predictable to be Heller…

After Wembley, they have got to kill the guy.

Addendum to my comment: either kill him or prove he’s never had Alzheimer’s all along and someone else is trying to kill him. One or the other.

I’m not so sure Jack is saying “time for you to go home” to Chloe. Looks as if it could be someone else. I’m also in the group who thinks the flag-draped casket may not be a major character.

Jack with Chleo, Kate with Mark ..

I think Mark will die …

My best guess for the “time for you to go home” scene would be Jack speaking aloud to the casket of Audrey. Heller allowed Jack to have a moment with the casket and say his peace to her. Perhaps he proceeds to monolouge about his love for her and how sorry he is for everything that his actions put her through and that its finally “time for you to go home”. Her flag drapped casket then is taken on its way.
Heller still alive as expected with him still being the sitting president, Jack still alive for the possibility of season 10, Kate still alive as his partner in season 10, Chloe as a big part of the team.

If live(s) are going to be lost in this episode I’d say Audrey about 80%, Cheng 100%, Heller less than 5%, Mark 20% Belecheck 10%, Chloe 1%, Jack 0%.

The “without a bow” quote we have read probably will just show that Jack doesnt get Audrey but he can have the other parts of his life back. Weather or not he takes that I don’t know.

Way out of left field guess…but could it be Adam Morgan? Since he was innocent could the finally be bringing his body “Home”?

No, Adam Morgan worked for the CIA, they for all intents and purposes do not exist and rarely receive public, or open funerals. It is exceptional to allow family to know their ‘real’ existence.

Kiki Vanderway
July 8, 2014 at 9:37 pm
And he is dead already deader than dead and buried. Kate was being shipped stateside as a demotion not to accompany her husband’s body home so I doubt it’s him.

Theory: Didn’t Heller tell Jack “you can go home now”, when he gave him the pardon? Bauer repeats the phrase in the Ep. 12 promo, probably looking at Heller’s casket.

Jack appears to be saying that while talking to Chloe, not while looking at a casket (though I suppose it could be off in the distance, out of frame).

It seems to me like there’s some sort of exchange going on there, Jack for Chloe. They’re walking towards and then past each other. Jack says “It’s time for you to go home” but avoids making eye contact and Chloe looks over her shoulder with a scared/worried look on her face.

Keep in mind that Chloe is still a fugitive and she wasn’t pardoned by President Heller like Jack was. I get the feeling that Jack is trading his freedom for hers somehow.

Interesting idea. I guess if Jack hands himself over to the US authorities, (in place of Chloe), that should appease the Russians too. Jack didn’t want that pardon in the first place, so I could see him agreeing to it being tossed out if it means ensuring Chloe’s freedom.

Stick him in the same prison as Tony and give us Day 10. ;-)

Kiki Vanderway
July 8, 2014 at 10:31 pm
you know that really is an interesting idea –echos of the Behrooz exchange on the top of the dam and makes perfect sense….Jack saying there is no going home for me….He never wanted the pardon so home is not his goal and the sacrifice is right in line with what Jack would do for many people but especially for.Chloe. although how they are going to catch her again and hold her hostage in just an hour I’m not sure.

I also think further out that Jack and Audrey will end up with Cheng and both will have a role.in killing him.

I have thought the same thing. BUT they edited clips for episode 10 to seem like Chloe was asking Cheng if he was insane, (I know Cheng wasnt really revealed yet), But in fact that was her question for Adrian Cross…

if you look at the clip by 18sec where jack is on the floor looking distraught and pulls out a gun- i think he wants to kill himself. i think kate gets shot while saving audrey

Narratively speaking, it would make sense for Audrey to die. In the last episode of Season 6, James Heller said, “You’re cursed, Jack. Everything you touch, one way or another, ends up dead… Sooner or later [my daughter] is going to pay the price, like your wife did.” They foreshadowed Audrey’s death a long time ago, and it seems like the next logical step for the show to take. Then again, maybe not. It could be the writers throw us for a loop.

This. Exactly. Exaaaaaactly.

What a depressing end that would be though. Jack’s offended response to Heller for those comments was so fantastic, it’d be rather deflating if it turns out that Heller was right, there really is no chance for anyone who gets close to Jack. If they wanna give us closure with Day 9, that’d be a pretty hopeless note to close on.

Right but it’s not totally hopeless if Jack then goes home to his family, all of whom have somehow miraculously survived being related to him. :) Plus, since when has 24 been sunshine and rainbows?

Kiki Vanderway
July 8, 2014 at 9:40 pm
I just don’t see it. True it’s not sunshine and roses and I predict a more ambiguous ending but not the death of Audrey, more the glimmer of a possibility of them being together in the future ….maybe.

You’re exactly right. It would be deflating, it would be depressing, it would be a hopeless note to end on, and for that reason, I don’t know if the writers are bold enough to do it. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

It is Aubrey that dies, then you seen Pres Heller faint, then you see Jack in a room pulling out a gun…. the series may end with the last picture you see Jack holding a gun to his head, then the screen fades… then you hear a gunshot. This is NOT what I want or how this series should end. This is what I think will happen

Jacks suicide has been a consideration of mine as well… Such things have been in the news far too often these days. Also it would explain the look of dispair on his face.

Whoever is in the casket has to be someone who wasn’t shown in any of the “day” clips from the promo. Jack and Chloe were definitely shown during the day scenes, but Heller, Audrey, Kate, and Mark weren’t.

Also, it looks like the time jump is not being used for travel. It’s light out in the scene with the casket, so that scene has to take place in London. It would be dark on the east coast (before 6:00AM). Maybe the time jump is being used to have a memorial service for the character who is killed.

Sunrise along the eastern coast is around 5:30 a.m. at the moment. Not sure why they would keep the body of an American in London when it’d be more appropriate to fly it back home to hold the services.

Chlojack…the daylight scene in the preview with the casket could be the casket being removed from the plane in the U.S. instead of being loaded onto the plane in London.

Yeah that is a good point. A 5:30AM sunrise would make a US setting possible for the final scene.

What is shown with the flag draped coffin is a state funeral so it has to be someone who is actively working in the government. That leaves Heller, Kate, Mark, Erik, …not sure if Audrey is a government employee or just on staff with her father. Now have to think, if one of the Bush/Obama daughters were killed or died would they have a state funeral. If the answer is yes then it could be Audrey.

Also throughout history these are the only people who received State funerals- State funerals have been held in Washington D.C. for William Henry Harrison (1841), Zachary Taylor (1850), Abraham Lincoln (1865), Thaddeus Stevens (1868), James A. Garfield (1881), William McKinley (1901),Warren Harding (1920),the Unknown Soldier of World War I (1921), William Howard Taft (1930), John J. Pershing (1948), the Unknown Soldiers of World War II and the Korean War (1958), John F. Kennedy (1963),Douglas MacArthur (1964),Herbert Hoover (1964), Dwight D. Eisenhower (1969),Lyndon B. Johnson (1973),Ronald Reagan (2004), and Gerald Ford (2006-2007)…wouldn’t be surprised if they guy helping Heller pick up his pills slipped something in there…just a thought

Audrey’s official title is “Special Advisor to the President” and she’s de facto First Lady. I could see her getting a flag because she’s a high-ranking official, but I sincerely hope it’s not her. It would be repetitive and cliche, plus I think Audrey deserves better.

July 8, 2014 at 1:16 pm
Sad to say, I guess the US flag is the whole purpose of the presidential pardon given to Jack. Fans just will not accept Jack dies in the name of a terrorist…

I guess Fox is going to continue the series with Kate and keep Jack’s previous 4 years in the sleeve, which is why they suddenly shoot a half-season and hasn’t mentioned any details of the missing 4 years.

I also heard that Nikita was basically the work of the same team, may be they are aiming to create a Nikita in the 24 world.

I think president Heller dies and vice president Heller becomes president. (vice president RICHARD HELLER!) Okay…that was just a joke for Mary’s benefit. Next week is a 13 hour episode. (10 PM – 11 AM) I think that the first 45 minutes or so takes place in London, then there is a 12 hour plane ride to L.A., and the last 15 minutes or so takes place in L.A. Kate absolutely lives because Howard Gordon said publically that if the right script presented itself, there could be a new series (not a 24 spinoff) with Kate as the central character. Furthermore, the writers must leave the door very slightly open for the remote posibility (and I mean VERY remote) of some kind of future return of 24, so because of this, Jack and most likely Chloe live. So either Heller and/or Audrey does not make it. Since this is the last episode of the last show (forever), there has to be an event that causes a major impact, so, it makes sense to me that Audrey dies, for her death would be far more impactful (to the viewer) than would be Hellers.
I know that we (most of us) would love to see 24 continue with Kiefer, no one more so that I.
But the difference between 24 and almost every other show is that there have been 9 plus seasons equalling almost 140 hours not counting time for commercials. That equates to one hell of a lot of comming up with stories, and writing scripts. Think about that. Compare it to the 24 James Bond films that, over a 50 year period, consisted of about 50 hours of story and script!
I think that when Howard Gordon and Keifer say that this is it, odds are great that it is so. Hopefully we will enjoy the last episode next week and let Jack and the gang live on in our memories….and on DVD and downloads.

Vice President Andrew Paige, dude. Didntcha see the foreshadowing with all of Open Cell dead like Andrew’s old work compadres? ;)

No way is this the last episode of 24 ever. Agreed that Kate Morgan lives. She’s got to be top of the list for definitely surviving at the moment.

New West Virginian
July 9, 2014 at 1:41 am
The thing is the daylight scenes seem to take place on the same dock as the night scenes so the daytime scenes are most likely still in England. The document Cheng had mentions the Port of Southampton, I don’t know how long it takes to drive there from London. So if Jack and Chloe are still in England when the sun rises there, there will be no time for them to fly back to America. I guess there goes my wishful thinking for an ending back with Kim.

Chances are, the port is less than 20 minutes away because in 24-land, geography is quite wonky.

Central London to Southampton is about two hours to drive. The outskirts of West London to Southampton is about 90 minutes.

Stephen A. Smith
July 8, 2014 at 2:18 pm
It has to be either Audrey or Mark. Heller would be a relatively distant third possibility to me. What makes me actually lean towards Mark being the one is what a few people here have mentioned already: Mark trying to redeem himself for what he did to Jack (and to Heller, for that matter) and dying for that cause. Of course, as a chief of staff, his casket would be draped in a flag, so it makes sense.

Mark just redeemed himself this week.

This finale looks to be promising and might enter the annals of 24’s history as one of the best finales in this television series. It looks quite action-packed, dramatic and unpredictable. I am curious as to what that “twist” is, but I am sure it’s a scheme in order to make us more impatient for what’s to come next week.

With that being said, here is my thought on the whole “who will bite the bullet” theory in this finale :

President Heller seems likely enough, seeing as he is taking medication for his condition. However, after what happened with Audrey in the last episode, my instinct tells me she will sacrifice herself in order to save both Jack and her country.

Where is the promo pic of Heller in a hangar?

It’s not an official promo pic, it was a photo from actor Ross McCall (Ron Clark on the show): https://twitter.com/maccageezer/statuses/477473177808142336

They look dressed for a funeral.

Agreed that they look dressed for a funeral. If Heller and the British Prime Minister are attending a funeral, there are only a few decent candidates for who is in the casket. Jack, Audrey, Mark, or the soldiers killed in the drone strikes are the only people who would make sense.

i think the end would be “jack would wake up next to terri and say wow what a dream” then go to the second hand car dealer shop where he work.

I am disappointed by the sniper on Audrey twist but think she will take the hit so jack can go full Bauer.

Chloe will save the day again by demonstrating the override device – taking over over Chinese military stuff and scaring the heller out of them!

I would like it if Chloe actually did see Morris and her son at Victoria Station. They had been in hiding and now she can “go home” to them.

I love you Jack! You can come home to me after this is all over. So that means no dying….

Kathy in Florida
July 8, 2014 at 5:26 pm
I hope to goodness it’s not Audrey. Just hope it isn’t.

i think jack will die in the finale. no one is so important to make time jumps to the next 12 hours, just to show us the funeral, except jack.

Sorry to disagree. When is a funeral ever within 12 hours of a death? Either Heller or his daughter dies. Jack stays alive.

Yeah Belcheck is back!! Don’t kill him please, he is the best sidekick for Jack ever!!!!
I feel we haven’t seen much/enough of him and I absolutely love the dynamics and chemistry between Jack and Belcheck!!
Kill one of the girls please instead!!!

re: the coffin and daylight and all that. I just remembered Jon Cassar posting this bit on Twitter a few months ago:
http://instagram.com/p/l7D-cMN4UO/ That he was scouting for locations in a cemetery. We might see a funeral service after all?

Jon Cassar was in the UK then. None of the main characters would be buried in the UK. No one would be buried within 12 hours of his/her death

Yes, and it says scouting locations for a cemetery. So far, we’ve seen all the other places he was scouting locations for except for
the ship at the docks in next week’s promo
So it’s highly likely that we’d see this location, too. Maybe someone
visits a grave somewhere

Maybe Chloe goes to see Morris and Prescott one last time before going back to the US and that’s why she’s teary in the shot in the promo.

Maybe Kate visits Adam’s grave? That would be a fitting final scene for her if she survives.

here’s something to ponder…How did Cheng get Audrey’s cell phone number and know where she would be?

The writer’s AMA on Reddit (plus, you know, 24 villain logic) indicates that Cheng had Audrey and/or the Faux White House under surveillance. Wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest that he was tailing her and/or had access to her # and any other personal info.

On the theory that the coffin is Heller’s and Jack being in despair, the whole reason he surfaced for the day was because he was trying to protect Heller. He could be distraught because, in spite of his efforts, Heller still died.

Just a thought.

President Heller
July 8, 2014 at 7:53 pm
Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Jack mention in one of the first episodes that he is doing this for Audrey specifically, along with Heller, saying that “he owes them”? I personally think that Audrey will die, because Fox prohibited the writers from killing President Keeler (a sitting president) in Season 4 after Air Force One was struck by a missile. If that policy still exists, then it would make sense that Fox would prohibit the writers from killing off Heller (once again, a sitting president), and subsequently kill Audrey. I don’t believe that Jack will die, and if Kate were to be killed, I doubt that she would have that high level of power to recieve an American flag laden coffin, unless she does something truly heroic. Still, I doubt that she will die, especially with the rumors of a Kate Morgan-centered 24 spinoff.

More on the Heller death theory if Fox’s old policy ceases to exist:
Even though I doubt that it will happen, it was alluded to in Episode 11 , the episode 12 press release, as well as the promo.
Instance 1: When the camera lingered on Heller dropping his medication in episode 11 (possibly heart medication)
Instance 2: When we see the American flag laden coffin at around 20 seconds.
Instance 3: When we see Heller collapse at around 21 seconds.
Instance 4: In the finale press release, which reads: “the American administration will grapple with the day’s most devastating news…” What could be more devastating than the death of their leader. It’s possible the American administration will mourn Heller, especially if they are referring to the whole administration.

I think Fox would be more concerned with an assianation than an heart attck

If he has a heart attack caused by mixing his meds with booze then he essentially (finally) succeeds in killing himself, but without the aid of a terrorist forcing him into it. Loophole so they can finally kill off a sitting President on screen, those crafty buggers.

I believe it’s the American soldiers in the military base near Japan that are in the “coffin”… All those soldier dead from Chinese attack…

New West Virginian
July 9, 2014 at 1:44 am
Well the casket scene is in the daytime and it IS daylight in Japan when its dark in the UK. However we do also see Jack and Chloe in the daylight so I don’t think Jack travels anywhere, as much as I want him to.

What if Kate turns out to be working for the Chinese? That would be a twist since it was always believed that her husband was a traitor. Flag-draped coffins are permitted for active-duty military service members, veterans, and some civilians, including the president and some members of Congress.

I doubt Kate is working for the Chinese. Either that, or she’s had a heel-face turn and has decided to potentially take a bullet for Audrey because her relationship with Jack is just that strong.

Actually, that’s not a bad possibility, but I just get the vibe that she’s been broken since her husband was arrested. That makes her vulnerable, yes, but I don’t think it would make her competent/willing to seek someone like Cheng out.

Also, CIA doesn’t get public funerals, because it’s…the CIA. Nobody’s supposed to know who they are.

I’d be really shocked if Kate is working for the Chinese, especially after her reaction to Navarro’s betrayal. It would be right up there with the Nina and Logan reveals. Was there anything off in her behavior during the past hour to suggest she could be working with them?

I don’t recall anything, although people have been reading her reaction to Jack and Audrey’s phone call very differently.

Next Monday might be the most anticipated episode of 24 ever. It will be very emotional, as we fans may be watching the last episode of the greatest TV show, IMO. I believe one of the 4 main characters we love ( Jack, Chloe, Audrey, Heller) will be in that coffin.

I think the silent clock will be at the end of the show signaling the end of the series.

I’ve been in this since hour 1………David Palmer, Terry, Kim and this is still the greatest show ever!!
Please don’t go, Monday’s are tough enough.
Sorry to say, because she was such a strong, vibrant character in the past but looking like Audrey bites the dust :(

I think Cheung will be capture alive by Jack but killed by a sniper sent by the Russians as he is a liability or Audrey as payback what he did to her

I think Audrey will die… 24 doesn’t have time for jack to get into a relationship with a married woman. Even if her husband does go to jail, she is still married to him… for better or for worst. Audrey complicates things too much for her to be alive at the end. I think that her diing at the end ties up loose ends. Remember, that with no promise for another season, they can’t leave loose ends. and 24 almost always ended the season with ends all tie up… except for two seasons.

Please recall interview Kiefer’s statement: “We left Season 8 open-ended. Now we’re going for closure. And let me tell you, it ain’t gonna be tied up with a bow.” There will be some loose ends.

I think president Heller dies of a heart attack, Audrey dies in the park, Chloe gets shot by Chang and Jack feeling depressed and knowing everyone that gets close dies that he points the gun in his head and you hear the shot them the clock close at 0:00.

I just saw the latinamerican promo for 24 LAD and the scene with chloe and jack

seems to be jack being traded for her to some dudes waiting by a helicopter. maybe the russians?

will post as soon as i can.

I love that we get the two different promos. *twiddles thumbs impatiently and waits for an upload*

I have uploaded the other promo, hope you enjoy.

interesting promo…….more spoiler than the US one………wonder what going on there

Yeah, it’s going to be interesting, and more because it seems to happen after the time jump. I hope it’s not Jack being handed over to the russians.

I’d rather him handed over to the Americans than the Russians. The Americans have a reason to have Chloe in custody because of Open Cell. The only reason the Russians would have Chloe in custody is if they wanted to use her to trade for Jack, which could happen I suppose.

I think it’d be more satisfying if it’s the Americans he’s surrendering to, because he’d be rejecting a Presidential pardon that he didn’t feel he deserved. After years of multiple people making deals for pardons they didn’t deserve, it’d be a powerful thing to see our hero reject one instead.

If they want to leave it open ended enough to allow for a possible Day 10, you’d think they’d probably have him end up in an American jail (*cough*withTony*cough*) rather than a Russian one.

Yes. That would definitely be interesting and it would be nice to see Tony again, but I have another theory based on some stuff jack has said and his attitude overall during the day. I have the feeling that Jack might be working for someone else and the way to not blow his cover is to pretend he is being traded for chloe. It would explain why he is smiling at the end of the promo, although it could just be one of his sad smiles.

The promo isn’t loading for me. Where did u find it!

Here it is! I recorded the latin america promo. Unfortunately, it was with my cellphone so the quality is not great but you can see the scenes clearly. Enjoy.


Thank you! Love that hand squeeze, a little expression of true friendship after their crazy day of ups and downs.

Yes. It is a very touching moment indeed. Almost like a small, meaningful and sad goodbye.

Was it a hand squezze or was something being handed off.

Thanks for uploading that! The Jack and Chloe scene has me a bit worried, and it does look like an exchange. It also looks like Kate gets Audrey to safety and there is another agent to protect her. I really hope Kate doesn’t get shot though.

Thanks for recording this RCM88! If you (or anyone else) is able to download the Latin American promo from their YouTube channel/website whenever it becomes available and can rehost it, that would also be much appreciated.

Mark sacrificing himself for Audrey would be the ultimate redeeming move for him… what he’s done so far is just because Jack made him do it. That would make me happy. Jack being happy for ONCE in his life and being able to stay happy would make me happy. Jack and Audrey deserve to be together. They haven’t had a stable relationship since literally the FIRST episode of season 4! That’s an insanely long time ago in the 24 universe keeping in account all the years elapsed between seasons… probably close to 15 years. Come on 24 writers, don’t screw this up! And Mark is the Chief of Staff… he would DEFINITELY get that kind of funeral. I think his position would actually enable him to get that kind of funeral more than it would Audrey. She’s not the de facto first lady, the first lady has to be the President’s wife. James Heller seems to be one of the few fictional Presidents in history to never have a First Lady while in office. Bottom line, I don’t think Audrey would get all the pomp and circumstance. It would certainly be a very big funeral, but funerals of that magnitude would be reserved for the high members of the administration (probably just President, C.O.S., V.P.). As someone pointed out, she is just an advisor.

Err, if the President isn’t married, a female relative or close friend would be asked to take over FLOTUS duties. Ergo, Audrey, especially because she’s quite charming and competent.

New West Virginian
July 9, 2014 at 1:50 am
I know the rules say they can’t “kill off” a sitting President on TV. I wonder if that only applies to having the president actually assassinated or if its okay if the President dies of natural causes like a disease or heart attack. Also remember in the Day After Tomorrow movie the President dies from the natural disaster and just isn’t killed by another person. I don’t think there’s actually a law that says you can’t kill the President on TV that would violate freedom of speech. It might have been an internal Fox policy anyway which can be changed at any time.

New West Virginian
July 9, 2014 at 1:55 am
I really hope it’s not Audrey, but I’m starting to think its her who dies. Yes Chloe will probably be in the field again in order to disable the override device but we see her and Jack in the daytime and the raid on the ship takes place at night. We see Jack that devastated and crying and only Audrey, Chloe or Heller’s death will devastate him that much. They’re probably not going to kill Heller after already doing that thing at Wembley Stadium regardless of whether the Fox rule saying the President can’t be killed still exists.

I think what will happen is Jack has to choose between stopping Cheng and sacrificing Audrey. Obviously Cheng is holding Audrey hostage and demanding that Jack back off and let him to leave on the ship along with the device. Jack will probably choose the mission over Audrey.

I’m starting to think the same. And it sucks.
They had Jack fight Heller after the “everything you touch dies” in S6, trying to justify himself. By killing Audrey, it means Heller was right and they give Jack absolutely no chance at ever being “happy”. I know it’s not a show about finding happiness but this is seriously bothering me, and I’m not particularly an Audrey fan. I do not see anyone else dying on Monday (especially after the Q&A and Yvonne’s comments about a spinoff).

Essau Matipwiri
July 9, 2014 at 3:24 am
Definitely it has to be Mark Boudreau and I believe the he will commit suicide, because he will feel responsible for the Override device recovery Mission failure in first place …that led to the Chinese crisis etc

When Jack says “it’s time for you to go home”. It looked like a hostage exchange. Jack giving up himself in exchange for Chloe. So I think Jack does die. :-(

I just posted comment about this, totally agree with you!
Though I don’t think Jack will die, but he will be held captive.

New West Virginian
July 9, 2014 at 11:25 pm
Who would Jack be giving himself up to? After what Anatol and the Russians did I don’t think he will just surrender and be taken to Russia to be executed. Besides the Russians attacked American agents so its even now. Cheng no longer works for the Chinese government. Maybe that helicopter was just a US or British helicopter taking Jack away from the port

New West Virginian
July 9, 2014 at 11:26 pm
And Jack’s telling Chloe that she should also go home. It actually didn’t make sense to me that Jack didn’t even sound happy about the pardon, despite the Russians still doing evil deeds to undermine the US. Like doesn’t he miss his family and want to be with Audrey?

I really hope they dont go down the road of Jack being held “hostage” again. I think the whole “its time for you to go home” is him simply telling Chloe she doesnt need to run any longer. The helicopter could simply be his family waiting for him, Audrey standing by waiting for him, etc. To go down the “Jack Bauer is a wanted man” road again would is not how I want the season or series to end.

Pay attention to scene where Jack tells Chloe: “It’s time for you to go home.”
It seems to me like someone captured Chloe and this is actually exchange of hostages – Jack for Chloe! I watched it 10 times and more, just look at Chloe’s face at 0:23, she seems worried, like something bad is going to happen to Jack. Maybe Russians captured her and Jack is willing to give himself to them, so they let Chloe go. Does anyone agree with me?

superserb … I could buy this theory. That also sets up another season or movie.

Chloe’s face always looks worried…or constipated, cant always tell.

I just don’t know what to think anymore, so many things in my mind right now. I’m afraid, I don’t wanna see Jack, Audrey or Chloe’s death. Just tell me one thing: how can we survive ’till the next week?

Twists & Knot's
July 9, 2014 at 9:06 am
I think that the Serbian Bodyguard will betray everyone , President Heller will die and Audrey,Chole and Jack will LIVE ANOTHER DAY™

No way Belchek is a traitor.

I don’t want Kate to be killed. I am so fond of Yvonne.

It’s jack who’s dies am starting to cry already so they can finally end 24 they should let kate
be the next super agent I hope am wrong

Jack isn’t dying…

The network hasn’t made a decision whether or not to bring 24 back. I’m betting if the ratings for the finale are solid and Kiefer is willing to do it again (by willing, I mean getting $$) they will bring it back, maybe even bill it as “the final act” or season. No way they are killing him off.

None of the above.

A grateful Heller (He won’t die. He’s healthy other than the Alzheimer’s) rewards Jack for saving Audrey by helping Jack fake his death, flag-draped casket and all, allowing Jack to change his identity and live out his life without fear from Chinese or Russians.

Mo, that’s good!

But he has already faked his death in Season 4 to avoid the Chinese and they caught up with him at the end of Season 5. I can’t see the writers going for that again. There has got to be a better way for Jack to avoid the attention of the Russians. Maybe he does something really heroic which saves a load of Russian lives – and they decide that honour is satisfied and let him go.

After all, this is all about preventing WW3, so it seems, so between Jack and Chloe, the world is saved.

I think the shot of the casket is a ruse.

It could be a portion of the funeral for the people who died during the drone attacks.

My theory is this. It’s JACK BAUER’s casket. He’s pardoned and returns to America a HERO. But in the final seconds its revealed that he’s not really dead. He’s gone black ops and he’s off the hunt down the bad guys. …. Next stop … season 10 or 24: The Movie.

NO movies, only more seasons. Much more fun and more intense than a 2 hour movie.

it is Audry who dies, which sets Jack off into major crazy and all out to kill mode as seen in the preview

He is in “kill mode” because of Chang. They won’t do that again like they did with Walker.

Hope they bring this series back, this time of year next year, we love the writing and actors in the series, they could keep making episodes in different parts of the world like this one, it was a great idea, using England,and keeping the President as the necessary ‘final’ word/authority for Jack.

Our family Think Audrey or the body guard are in the coffin.

The casket is empty. They are going to fake Jack’s death to get the Russians off his back.

+1 A Dark-knight-rises-finale.

But way better executed than the Dexter finale….. (no LumberJack Bauer please!)

Ha! Your used and old idea makes me laugh. They’d never do that. Right?
What! You’re telling me they’ve done it many times with many other plots. This is insanity!!!

i think the coffin is for the general who was killed in the begining of the season by the drone. I really hope Audrey doesnt die – it would be way to repeatitive for jack to lose his love again by a sniper and then go on an all out revenge spree- just a waste of another season to go down that road again. Ad besides I really wanted to see jack and audrey together again, at least for one scene

New West Virginian
July 9, 2014 at 11:30 pm
The general who dies in the beginning is in Afghanistan, not Britain so they won’t be showing that. I’m afraid its going to be Audrey.

seeing the latin promo clip i think belecheck (or someone else) helps chloey escape just like chloe helped jack run away at the end of last season since she is wanted by the feds for her work with cross

Does anybody have a link for the Latin America or UK promos?

I uploaded the Latin america promo to my channel, i put the link in one of my comments on this same page.

I think Pres. Heller, Audrey, Chloe and Jack dies. Why? If this is really the series finale then all four died to tie up loose ends.

Okay, I’m changing my predictions. I don’t think anyone dies. I think that maybe Mark dies in some attempt to save Audrey, but I think that the caskets are either for Mark or just a shot of dead soldiers from earlier in the day. From the latin America promo, I think that the Russians get Chloe and trade Jack for her to set up another season. Just because they say there is not going to be another season doesn’t mean anything. I think they just want fans to be begging for one. I don’t think that they will leave things with Jack in jail somewhere or on the run. When all is said and done, they don’t want to leave an American hero in that state. That’s my guess!

Fox uploaded a promo with a quick new clip of Mark at :19. Looks like he’s at CIA HQ and is upset. Looks like a reaction to someone’s death.


It looks like his arms are behind his back and he is sitting in a chair, judging by the position of the man to his left. Perhaps he is arrested or being interrogated?

Yeah, I think that is a possibility.

Me: Haha! The game is on! Watson! Who dies?

Watson: well, Heller, we see him fall!

Me: wrong, Watson! Audrey dies!

Watson: but I don’t understand, Sherlock!

Me: it’s elementary , John… Think!

Now they can’t kill Jack. To much of a risk for 24’s future, even though they don’t yet know if there will be one or if Kiefer will reprise the role. But studios are money makers and as long as they haven’t made a decision, Bauer is safe.

Chloe? Unlikely, plus she’s spent the last two years betraying the US government with Cross. He’ll, they even built the device! No way she’d get a flag on her casket.

Kate? Impossible, she’s the studios way out if Kiefer doesn’t sign again.

Mark? He’s a nobody! Nobody would care!

POTUS? We see him fall on the floor, but I can’t imagine one second they’d be dumb enough to spoil us like that!

So, deduction: Heller collapses because he’s just learnt that Audrey’s been killed!

Jack is gonna go mad & rip out Chengs organs. All of them!!

I’d live to see that

President Heller
July 9, 2014 at 7:11 pm
The slightly altered promo released by Fox on their YouTube channel contains a shot that may confirm some theories stated on this page.

In the promo, the shot where we see the flag draped coffin is not cropped, showing that there is another foot walking behind the coffin, possibly revealing that there is more than one coffin. The promo with the scene is here:

Also, this may be a spoiler: in the Sprint/Fox game to unlock footage from the finale, it asks you to locate Cheng, Chloe, and then Jack in daylight. Since there is a confirmed time jump, and the fact that they asked you to locate Cheng, this may mean that he survives after Jack attacks the port in the finale. However, this could be a trick.

Good catch on the new coffin shot – looking at pictures of Reagan’s funeral, normally there is not anyone following behind so close and in that formation. It could be a fakeout (in that it could be a funeral for those killed in the drone strike earlier).

I will laugh if it ends up being the coffins of random soldiers instead of a main character. If TPTB are snooping on fan debate right now, they’re having the BEST time. :-p

LOL, I hope they are actually reading this.

A few days ago on the imdb Live another day season 1 page where summarised storyline listed for every episode (the season 1 link on its main page) someone somehow “accidentally” posted some spoilers on 10pm – 11pm. But it has now since changed to remove the spoilers. Don’t know how true it was but here are the spoilers.

(Spoilers on who die. Don’t read if you don’t want to know)

James Heller and Chloe both die.

Jack Bauer: he does not die! Im sure of it!
Chloe: she might die! HOPE NOT! But that scene in the promo; “go home” thing makes me belive that she survies.
Audrey: She’s dead :( :(
Heller: I don’t think he dies!
Mark: Not sure!
Kate: Again, not sure!
Belcheck: My thought is that he gets killed by Cheng.
Cheng: Hope Jack kills him whit his own hands!

when are we going to see the brazilian promo?

I am scared for the finale and excited at the same time. I really think its the end for jack. Most people are thinking they are going to comic con for a surprise announcement but I think its the opposite. They will share memories and it will kinda be a closure in memoriam for jack. And twitter and the world will be trending RIP jack Bauer. It depresses me but I’m expecting the worst :((((((

maybe the coffin is for American soldiers that have died from a possible Chinese attack/retaliation.

Maria Kimberly
July 10, 2014 at 3:48 am
I read throu all your comments…

Let mit add another thought, that would give all of this some closure:

Jack: Now here is a twist: What if Jack is working for the russian govermnet as a undercover? You all aasume that the russian leaders are behind this. But they already said, that it might be just a hardline groupe from russia, not the leaders. Jack might have been pardoned by the russians for working for them. We always assume the forces of evil from russia….maybe the new leaders aren´t that bad?

The Scene with Cloe shows him entering the Helicopter to go back to russia, with Cloe going back home to america.

Concerning Audrey: I hope she does not die….:-((

From the last shot of Jack and Chloe it looks like they are being traded. Maybe Chloe gets captured and Jack trades himself for her.

Stephen A. Smith
July 10, 2014 at 9:49 am
OK, here’s the most likely scenario that I think will happen: Neither Audrey nor Heller die. Heller collapses upon hearing that Audrey is being targeted by a sniper (and not that she is dead). Mark and/or Kate are able to save Audrey, while Jack kills Cheng.

how would you know the chopper is from russia. Howard Gordon said he did this season to end it his way. He had nothing to do with season 8 so i dont think he will end it with a story line he didnt create.

Put yourself into the mind of the writers and producers who know that this is supposed to be the final show ever but also know that the door must be left open a tiny crack, since 24 returned after 4 years, the possibility, although very remote, remains for a 2nd return. Therefor, they have to come up with an ending that ties up most loose ends and is satisfactory but still can leave a question or 2 unanswered. So there is no way Jack dies. And the same can pretty much be said for Chloe, for, other than Jack, she is the most important character in the series. Kate is assured of remaing alive because Howard Gordon stated that if a good script presented itself, there is a good possibility that a show (NOT the 24 format) could be written around her character. So that leaves Heller & Audrey, and there is ZERO doubt in my mind that one or both of them dies, and that would be impactful, especially if it is Audrey. If Boudreau dies, realistically, who cares. He is a one time player. (it is possible, after viewing the trailer where Jack is completely distraught, that the reason for this is that Boudreau takes a bullet for Jack, and Jack is overcome because it is the 2nd time that happened to a husband of Audrey). As far as unanswered questions, Jack will not be handed over to anyone, for that is too much of a reach for ending a series. Maybe Cheng gets away or maybe he is captured or killed…any of those are an acceptible possibility. Also, any previous 24 characters (Kim, Tony, Aaron, etc) not in LAD really have no baring on the wrap up of LAD and the series. There will be a suprise or 2, and one of the good guys will die. As I have said before, I have a feeling that the first 45 minutes or so takes place in London, then the 12 hour jump is a flight to L.A., and the last 15 minutes or so takes place in L.A. and, much like the end of season 4 and 6, Jack just walks away.

It cant take place in la there 8 hrs behind london that would maake it 245 in la. Plus jack walks toward a chopper. Hes walking toward whoever he is working for. Someone has been funding him for four yrs

“it is possible, after viewing the trailer where Jack is completely distraught, that the reason for this is that Boudreau takes a bullet for Jack,”

Mark’s not on the boat, by the look of the promo he’s being held in custody at the CIA. Belchek would take a bullet for Jack though, to pay him back for having saved his own life, and I could see him getting emotional over that. I reckon Belchek’s death is guaranteed because Jack needs to finish that attack on Cheng and his men as a solo mission for maximum impact.

in audrey’s funeral, mark goes to kate and hitting on her. he offered re-establish CTU and make her head if she gives him a head. kate seriously considering it for the sake of national security.

in audrey’s funeral, mark goes to kate and hitting on her. he offered to re-establish CTU and make her head if she gives him a head. kate seriously considering it for the sake of national security.

LAD Fan…that was very well thought out and well stated. In fact, you put so much thought into yopur comment that it just had to be posted twice!

kiki vanderway
July 10, 2014 at 3:55 pm
OMG the Latin American promo!

The hands –normally an Audrey/Jack thing

Am I gonna need tissues?

I’m dying to see the UK promo, because it gave away the Audrey and the sniper twist last week (even the Latin American promo didn’t do that!). Anyone in the UK have it or know where to find it?

Flailing Grump
July 10, 2014 at 7:29 pm
Nobody dies.

They have a proper and Honorable funeral ceremony for Kate’s deceased husband, to honor his innocence and console her grief.

I think a Jack must choose between Audrey and Cheng. He chooses Cheng to prevent war. The shot is Audrey arriving at Dover in a coffin.

I don’t know of anyone who is placed in a draped coffin within 12 hours of a death. Body typically goes to a morgue, where it needs to be identified and then an autopsy is typically conducted before it is released to the family. I think the person in the coffin died prior to Episode 12 (not Jack, Heller, Audrey, Mark or Chloe). I believe Jack has to choose between Belcheck (his faithful bodyguard) and Cheng.

Maria Kimberly
July 11, 2014 at 4:58 am
Good point!

It is all in “real time”, so it will be less than 12 hours…no time for a “new death” also no time for Kates Husband to be taken out of his grave and put it a coffin.

I think the coffin is shown in england. Remember that Promo Pic showing Heller with the PM from England in black suits?

That makes it very possible to be the dead soldiers from the drone attack.

I don’t think President Heller dies. I just saw him do a gold and silver coin commercial !

I’d say Audrey, Chloe, or Jack. I don’t think Heller. He might get 25th amendment’d, but I doubt he dies.

I think they’re going for emotional impact, which is why I don’t think Heller, Kate, or Mark. It’s gotta be someone we’ve known and loved for a while….leaving 3 options.

Long-time lurker, first-time commenter.

I think we’re going to get a happy ending that leaves things open for future 24s. I think the Jack and Chloe scene takes place back in the U.S. He’s telling Chloe it’s OK, her actions are forgiven and she can return to her old life (she has to have some family). Jack is smiling because he is on his way to Cali, like he was in the first hour to reunite with Kim. Probably needs to be debriefed or is headed to the White House with the still alive Heller and Audrey. Mark was captured by Cheng and killed. Kate survives for future seasons. Belches may not make it and that explains Jack’s grief.

No faked death. No Tony return. No naked Mandy.

I think Jack will turn himself to the Russian in exchange to Cheng, it seems he says goodbye to Chloe.
For the coffin I think Heller, but he’s not killed but die of a heart attack or something.
For the big twist I don’t know, the only thing “big” would be Kate works for the Russians or the Chinese…
Jack may be seriously injured…Anyway I DON’T WANT JACK DIE !!!!!!

or Jack could turn heel at the end, only to be revealed later in season 10 that he was simply establishing cover to flush out the illuminati?

Otherwise known as XAM/BXJ/Red Dots.

ithink novaro and Mark Boudreau will die

Chloe is in trouble with the US. Jack makes a deal to be handed over to the Russians to allows Chloe to go free. Chloe is wanted in the US for being with Julian Assange/Adrian Cross.

Kiki Vanderway
July 11, 2014 at 8:22 am
The Jack and Chloe meet is clearly an exchange of Jack for Chloe

(or perhaps the twist is Chloe tries to go in place if Jack– on the time for you to go home line–sometimes the promos sneak audio from another scene as misdirection)

and I’m not sure about location but the visual clues say it’s a hostile event not a happy arrivederci

I think Mark dying is a given Heller wouldn’t be a surprise either and Chloe is on the bubble, they won’t kill Jack the reviews of early finale watchers don’t seem to be dropping hints in that direction

If Audrey’s die’s I am going to be so freaking pissed and heartbroken! Jack and Audrey deserve a happy ending together, out of all of them plus Chloe they are the one’s who have been through the most! Plus it seems stupid that they would have Audrey come back knowing that Jack and Audrey were really the only ‘couple’ on 24 that interested people and not have them actually get back together and have a happy ending!

I’ve been bummed as hell that there has been little to no interaction between the two

This is what TV critic Matt Motivich said ablaut the finale:
UPDATE: I screened the finale on Thursday afternoon, and it is no less than fantastic. Your heart will race, your eyes will well up, your fists will pump, you will wish it lasted longer. (And yes, it accounts for the 12 “missing” hours.) All told, a gripping, emotional finish to one of the TV season’s great comeback stories.

What does Jack say to Cheng about his “world”? I couldn’t make it out…

“If anything happens to her, your entire world will come apart.”

Don’t mess with Jack! (or Audrey)

I’m also struggling with that. It doesn’t sound like a threat. Jack is not threatening anyone saying “your entire world will come apart”. He’s just saying that there will be an aftermath, that’s all. Like “keep it in mind”.

By the way, the only one that is keeping Audrey in danger is Cheng, and Jack won’t talk to Cheng like that (if he would talk at all!!)

Honestly, I think that at the last minute, we get a surprise appearance from the international terrorist know only as “The Cougar”. He steps in and accidentally takes the bullet meant for Audrey/Kate, and that is who is in the casket. Kim Bauer will make an appearance at the funeral for her old friend.

: )

Hehehe. :D

Every body talk about the coffin, but what about “the stunning twist” ??

If Audrey dies, it would be repetitive: season 6 Jack learned she’s dead in China, and at the end she’s almost dead too

Not to sound like a spoiled brat but WHERE is the UK Promo for the Finale?…lol

Sky uploaded the UK promo on Monday morning last time (keep in mind it airs two days later over there). Most weeks they didn’t upload it at all though. So look for it on Monday if they upload it.

Right on man. What are you going to do once 24 goes off again? Better yet, what are WE ALL gonna do.

Let me say it now, and say it again when there is a thread to say it:



yeah, this place is a good time! thank you for facilitating my obsession!!!

Thanks, Chuck!

This site will remain online and active just like it did after the series originally ended in 2010. There’s still the Comic-Con panel to look forward to later this month, news on the DVD/Blu-Ray release, and other official merchandise like the upcoming novel(s). Beyond that, we’ll try and keep people up to date with some of the future roles the cast members get and also write some original content. And maybe do some polls/discussions.

One of the big goals on this site is to flesh out the older content – so older promos, video interviews, event photos and such will be added. A redesign is also planned. So regardless of whether the show gets another season or spinoff, or whether a 24 movie happens, we’ll be keeping busy here!

Hope that everyone checks back once in a while at least :)

Woohoo! I loved looking through the S4 stuff. Definitely one of my favorite places on the Internet right here. :)

I’ll be sticking around, that’s for sure!

well the only human that could even come close to taking jack out would be jason bourne…..

definitely looks like Mark gets kidnapped or stuck somewhere, maybe he dies. Also, I don’t think they’d say “Shocking Twist” only to “reveal” that “twist” (Heller “dying”) later in the promo, so I’m saying no on Heller dying. Chloe dying would be consistent with the killing off beloved characters at the end :P. I sure hope she doesn’t die. Jack Bauer? Ummm. Noo-oo (sing-song voice) of course not! Kate maybe. Audrey, they show them trying to save her and I hope that rescue mission is successful. Everything else in the promo is clear cut, so I hope this means that she doesn’t die. Mark though is who I’m calling.

The more I see the latin promo, the more I think that Tony is waiting for Jack in the Chopper.


That last Jack’s look is because he has a something already planned that Chloe doesnt know about!!

I get a message “The uploader has not made this video available in your country.”

Can anyone mirror this video so it’s not region restricted, please? Thanks.

I just checked Ep 12 on IMDB and noticed that Margot Al-Harazi is still listed in the finale. It could be that it’s just been carried through from previous episodes, or maybe, in spite of being chucked out the window, she survived and has come back for revenge (you know how hard it is to kill these psychotic people!).

Now THAT would be an interesting twist, especially if she takes someone down with her. Jack will just have to chuck her off a higher building next time!

Just seen the UK 24 promo on sky so it should be available on youtube soon. Doesn’t give much more away but shows when jack says “if anything happens to her, your entire world will come apart and you won’t see it coming” to a person not on the phone if I’m correct. Shows some more little clips but nothing that gives much away. I really don’t want audrey to die as it would be to repetitive to keep killing his love interests.

Hmm…could that mean that Audrey is still being held at gunpoint when/if Jack gets to Cheng? Damn.

My guess, he’s talking about Chloe.

If you look closely when audry is on bench Kate shows up saves her and fires shots toward the sniper. Heller has alzheimers i dont think one of the symptoms is collapsing unless he had a stroke. My thinking is it my be mr. Buchanan in the casket if not heller. They wouldn’t kill jack unless they faked his death fox wouldnt allow them to kill him off

Not going to make all these weird predictions like a lot of these comments are but what might happen is 1-2 Major Characters are going to die not counting Cheng.

Here is the sky U.K. promo on YouTube.

Thanks for posting this. Audrey looks terrified!

wonder what is going between Chole getting traded for Jack……..they are definately not chinese probably russians

I now think he is saying that if anything happens to her about Chloe as it doesn’t look like Cheng !!

In the the UK promo, it almost looks like Jack is saying “…And you will never see it coming…” to someone with gray-ish hair. Could it be Mark? Hmm.

I’m wondering that as well, that guy definitely has grey hair.
And everyone is saying that we can expect SHOCKING TWIST, so i bet that is someone from the previous seasons. But who? Imagine if Logan is back?! That would be a shock for me!

Could it be that Mark is a mole? Maybe for the Chinese? Although he would’ve probably notified Cheng about Jack earlier. Maybe just wishful thinking! Ha!

I don’t think Mark is a mole. Buy I’m dying to find out who is that guy that Jack is talking to!
“If anything happens to her, your entire world will come apart and you won’t even see it coming.” I think we can all agree we though he is telling this to Cheng, but after I saw UK promo, I think he is talking to guy with gray hair. (take a look at UK promo, 0:15) In my opinion, that is someone we already saw in one of the previous seasons.

Whoops! Just saw the other comments! Nevermind! Ha.

Yeah, I agree with you, he is talking about Chloe. :-)
Only question is who is he talking to. That MUST BE someone from the past.

Actually, I’m betting the “If anything happens to her..” line is in reference to Chloe, not Audrey.

I really hope Jack is not giving himself up to the Russians. It almost looks like he is being traded for Chloe in the UK promo. Take the pardon and go home to your family, Jack! You deserve it after everything you have done.

I was thinking about what Zoe just said – is it possible that Jack is referring to Chloe, not Audrey?

I think it’s unlikely, but given the ending of the UK promo, it looks like someone may have Chloe in custody and he says this to someone before potentially offering himself up in an exchange. I think they might be framing it in the context of Audrey on the bench because we know she’s clearly in danger and how Jack feels about her.

…I hope it’s about Audrey though…

He is definitely referring to Chloe. But question is, who is he talking to? Who is the guy with grey hair?

probably Russians…….but hope there is more to it

I sat staring at that blurry ear and seemingly grey (lighting can be deceptive so it may not even be grey) section of head for several minutes and all I know for sure is it’s someone who’s taller than Jack, which isn’t terribly helpful.

I could see him saying that stuff about Audrey to Mark, but I reckon Mark’s gonna be in custody somewhere, and also I dunno that he’s a popped collar kinda guy. Plus, Jack may be saying it about Chloe, not Audrey.

If it’s about Chloe, if the helicopter guys are Russians, Jack’s words would make sense in the, “If a sniper gets her right now, I will absolutely fuck you and your buddies up before you know what hit you,” kinda way. But his threat is pretty empty once he leaves with them and he has no way of knowing if they get her after that.

If there’s a chance that this scene is on US soil, maybe the mystery man is the Veep who’s just become Pres if Heller dies, and Jack could be confirming whatever deal he’s made for Chloe’s freedom.

I don’t wanna get my hopes up but it’d be so cool if that mystery man is someone we already know of but haven’t seen yet today.

The CIA analyst Jordan Reed is in the casket.
Everyone survives.
Jack turns himself over for Chloe
Kate gets shot.
Heller has a heart attack.
Simone and Behrooz get married and have kids.


Just saw spoiler online that jack bauer is going to be assassinated last minute. He falls down when he got shot and clock ends. But no silent clock. But yes it’s reed in the casket.

This shit got me pissed. Wow!

what of Audrey? running off the bench.??

It’s Mark in that scene outside but I don’t think that line is what Jack says to him. You can see the anger on Jack’s face and Mark has been a real screw up.

No offense to those who picked Heller but remember the quote was “ONE STUNNING TWIST” Heller was supposively already died and we were forced to believe it for a week. It can’t be the serbian body guard, not an American Citizen, but did we ever think about Chloe? She was a veteran… I hate to say it but that IS a posibility. Or Kate or the CIA new head of command (I forget his name at the moment)
plus a STUNNING TWIST couldn’t be Audrey dying, cause thats happened in Jacks Love Affairs like what? Three times now? My wish is for Jack to leave and go home free to his life with his family… Though I seem to feel like that will not be the end for Jack… if you notice this season is the HIGHEST reviwed and supported getting a 7.8/10 in positive reviews, highest ever, plus it was only a 12 hour season so maybe the twist is a new season THE TRAILER/PROMO DOES NOT SAY “SERIES FINALE” no it says “SEASON FINALE” maybe they wanted to see reviews, and then decide to keep going or not… Maybe, thats just me in Denial because my favorite show since season 5 when I was 9 years old was 24 and to this day I’m 15 and I still am so in love with every move Jack makes… I love all these ideas.

Maybe Belcheck is the mole. He kills Chloe first then when Jack is about to shoot he is killed by him.

Jack doesnt die. If you read Mary Lynn’s (Chloe O’Brian’s) article about possibly more 24 to come… Saying that the shows continuation will be up to the writers producers and Kiefer (Jack Bauer)… So if Kiefer Sutherland has a say… has to mean he doesnt die. If he dies.. the show should be called Die The Last Day not Live Another Day.

Maria Kimberly
July 14, 2014 at 6:06 am
Found that interview you were talking about…not giving away, what is in it.
Can this really be authentic? I mean, the producers giving an interview with such a big spoiler concerning the final…and even asking if this interview will be printed after the final was shown?

Wouldn´t it be forced to be taken down or something?

Well, if it happens like it was told in the interview, i think it is very sensless…..

I’m sincerely hoping it’s not real.

I think it would be hysterical if it was a red herring. I do find it hard to believe that such an interview would be posted ahead of the finale, so what if the writers gave them a false answer?

What interview are you guys talking about?

I haven’t read the interview in question (it’s taken all my will because I’m typically a total spoiler whore) but I’ve gotta wonder why they’d give out a huge finale spoiler in an interview. If it were me, I wouldn’t be trusting anyone with that sort of information.

That “interview” was actually a conference call Friday morning for members of the press. The writers discussed it there since almost everyone on the conference call had already screened the finale the previous day.

It is a legitimate spoiler and that website screwed up big time by posting it. Manny Coto specifically asked NOT to print his answer until after the finale airs.

So if anyone read that, please do not post it or even really hint at it too much here. Not everyone wants to know especially for a spoiler that huge in the finale. We’re less than ten hours away from the airing and I don’t want it ruined for other people – we can all discuss it in-depth after the episode airs.

That’s incredibly disappointing that they posted it despite the writers expressly requesting that they refrain from doing so. They suck, yo.

Ah OK, thanks for the clarification. Hopefully whoever published it will suffer some consequences because that’s just straight up unprofessional.

Maybe all you folks who have read it will get lucky and it’ll turn out the press were given a version with fake scenes. Maybe I’m paranoid but I’d totally do that if I ran a show like this to avoid the big things being spoiled. :-p

Maria Kimberly
July 14, 2014 at 1:48 pm
So it is legit?

Sigh….even bigger sigh…..the only thing i don´t understand, is why it is still “online”? I mean…..they keep it so secret and just some google does the trick….still hoping it is a fake :-(

Found the interview. I SINCERELY hope what’s in it isn’t true, or this entire season will be ruined for me.

can you send the link to me!

[email protected]

alastair salmean
July 14, 2014 at 3:11 pm
Please send it to me as well!
[email protected]

could you send it to me as well? [email protected]

keep your fingers crossed it’s not true ’cause it feels sensless to me too

I think suverov will return as the big bad

Found it…. Lame

I don’t consider the interview answer an spoiler…..

It is Jack in the coffin although he is not dead, it is his way home, back to the US…….

Can someone send me the interview link everyone is talking about? [email protected]

Please send it to me as well [email protected]

send to me too please [email protected]


The person in the coffin is the unscrambled version of: Drreaoaeubnsueyriuad


I could see jack trading his life for another, usual pattern he has few ties. so it allows him to be rescued by the writers. Audrey s death is a real stunner and unnecessary. Mark was a waster and easily lost it would have been fitting if he done something heroic and would upstaged jack s sacrifice. Kate s resignation added to the sombre tone. Put altogether I felt totally depressed after the final eposode

I agree! I expected at least 2 or 3 seasons. It’s like one tiny bite.

I agree, but my major concern is to find out, if the season 10 will come out so that we can understand the complete Episode, because the season 9 is not yet confirm to us, despite that we saw it in google search. So please, if any one have the link, send it to me, my via mail ([email protected])