24: Live Another Day “Enemy” Promo

FOX has debuted a brand new 45 second promo for 24: Live Another Day during American Idol. This one features a lot of new scenes with Yvonne Strahovski, a glimpse of Michael Wincott‘s character Adrian Cross, and some more Jack Bauer goodness.


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My word, this looks fantastic!

I haven’t been this excited about 24 since season 5!

While I would be very surprised if it topped 5, it certainly has potential to smash 6, 7 and 8.

Sweet promo!!!!!

This is probably very premature of me to say, but based purely on these trailers, I dare say this is the most ambitious looking ’24’ to date. I am pumped!

“I don’t have any friends”… no wonder, not with a drop-dead, thousand-yard-stare like that you don’t, Mr Bauer!!!

I absolutely cannot wait to see this. What I don’t understand, is how are they going to fit 24 hours into a 12 episode season. The only way this will work is if they come back the next season with another 12 episodes. What made this show so awesome is how the minutes were right on with the real time. I really hope they do not try to change the minute by minute , 1 hour per episode, chemistry of the show.

It has been reported on numerous occasions that ‘Live Another Day’ will “loosely adhere to the real time concept; while it will still cover the events of a single day with each episode corresponding to an hour, there will be jumps forward in time between certain episodes.”

Each episode will be in real time but there will be jumps forward between episodes.
For example, episode 2 will be from 1:00pm to 2:00pm and episode 3 could be from 04:00pm to 05:00pm.

I’m sorry, but I keep going to Yvonne’s scenes. I already how awesome Kiefer and Mary Lynn are, so I don’t care much for their promo scenes anymore. But when this premieres, I WILL BE ALL OVER EVERYTHING!

39 days and counting…

What does Heller say ? Please

“You gotta be able to look at your enemy in the eye, don’t you think?”

That’s like a reference to Jack’s quote in S7 to Senator Mayer:

– Sen. Blaine Mayer: You’re reprehensible, Bauer!
– Jack Bauer: And you, sir, are weak! Unwilling and unable to look evil in the eye and deal with it!

Thanks Marlon !

I haven’t been excited in a long while since 24 ended its run with season 8, and now its back I am so excited for the return of my best drama ever!!

Having looked at these new trailers, I bloody can’t wait any longer! this looks like its going to be one hell of a season since season 5.

I so hope Audrey’s husband (Mark Boudreau) doesn’t turn out to be a terrorist, he seems sexy lol.

Jack Bauer looks awsome in these trailers, nice to see Jack Bauer in action again.

Roll on the new series I say, also is it true that this might not be just a 1 season? been reports that it could get a season 2 of Live Another Day if this season gets good in the ratings, I hope this is the case. I would love 24 to return next year for another new series.

It’s certainly possible, but I don’t think the ratings alone will determine the viability of a second season. It will depend on whether there is a legitimate story to tell and if Kiefer believes it is of value.

I hope they show some restraint with Boudreau. To make him an outright dick or to kill him would be pandering to the lowest common denominator of fan, I.e the “shipper”.

Making him a decent man, and more to the point having Jack himself have the maturity to see that he is could set up a great final Casablanca style goodbye scene between Jack and Audrey.

Otherwise, what’s the alternative? Jack and Audrey live happily ever after = 24 ends

Audrey dies and Jack goes on the warpath = 24 hits their lowest, most creatively bankrupt point and damn well ought to end.

“I so hope Audrey’s husband (Mark Boudreau) doesn’t turn out to be a terrorist, he seems sexy lol.”

I so hope he does. But I see him being a terrorist as unlikely. I think it’s more likely that he could be an Olivia Taylor type character (i.e. not working with the bad guys but always scheming/has his own agenda).

That’s exactly what I thought. He will have his own “methods” to prevent the attacks from happening, but it will mess it up all.

I wonder is the sound on this trailer actual soundtrack from the series? It sets the mood better than the other trailers.

Please tell me what does man voice tell on 0:27

– “I thought you said she was your friend.”

– “I don’t have any friends.”

Wow!! Very exciting, so can’t wait!!!

Is “she” a reference to Chloe ?? I think so…poor Chloe !

@XAM I agree, it can’t be a “happily ever after” in 24, and they can’t kill Audrey again..yes she was not dead in S6 but pretty much the same.

Can’t wait to know why Audrey married Boudreau, Heller told her Jack was dead? already done in S4, that he has became a traitor, she can’t beleive that, that he loved another woman, Renee ?

I think that Heller said that to Audrey while Jack was in Africa (Redemption). Because Jack had no intentions to come back. So, Heller suggested Audrey to get marry (in part because “everything [he] touches ends up dead”) and perhaps told her that Jack was away and he’ll never come back.

Although, that would have referred to a quick restoration of Audrey…

I just like to thank 24spoilers for keeping us Uk fans up to date with the latest news and trailers for this new series.

Looking forward to the new series on Sky1, Can’t wait as I am a huge fan of 24 and this season looks brilliant :)

I hope they don’t rehash too many plot schemes from the past.

Too late mate, they blatantly already are. The new characters are boring rehashes too.

Jack back
Chloe just happens to be in Jacks city again
Assassination prelude to something bigger

Literally anything could happen in a 24 hour day, but those infuriatingly headstrong fuckwits in the writers room insist on the same things happening day after day.

LAD still looks like a fun, better executed ride than most of the latter 24 seasons, but fuck me it sure isn’t the triumphant return it really could have been.

Sorry, I meant to say “Jack back” as in back out of hiding/back in the fold after not being a gainfully employed field agent for 30 years.

That was so goooooood!!

XAM – I am getting sick of you slating 24, if you don’t like it then don’t watch it. how the hell do you know if there are repeating to many plotlines going from the trailers we seen?

Chloe is in the same town as Jack to help him, Yes its know she is working against the goverment but she could be working undercover, we don’t know yet until this season/episodes plays out.

I am looking forward to this new season (Season 9) it looks amazing and brlliant and can’t wait to see how this new day unfolds. I just hope Chloe, Jack and Audrey make it to the end alive but who knows, this is 24, no one is safe.

Shaun, XAM just said “it looks like a fun, better executed ride than most of the latter 24 seasons”. He’s not single-mindlessly bashing the show. Indeed, I think his criticisms are fair and valid. Just because he’s not an ass-kisser doesn’t mean he dislikes the show or is prematurely condemning LAD.

Yeah it does look fun and I’m betting will beat season 6, although hard not to, easily. But it does seem like they are going to use a lot of the same old crap.

“Jack, is bad, he’s a terrorist, he can’t be right, go with this plan” their plan backfires, Jack was right, they come around to his point of view too little too late.

Some stupid arse mole will be there. They need to take moles and shove them. How dumb can government agencies be? I hope i am wrong, but doubtful.

Chief of staff will get in trouble or something, ala Wayne and dumb milkin thing, Mike and the stairs, Taylor and the hitman, Lennox and his crap

Audrey will get kidnapped again.

Someone will whine about torture at the start, then by the middle or end they’ll tell Jack to torture the person.

Same old beats will be hit, but I’m still excited to see it again and at least it’s in a new spot and hopefully with 12 episodes there is no filler, if there is filler like Kim and the cougar or the dumb mountain men from season 8, then there is no excuse, that is just sloppy/lazy writing.


You’re serious, aren’t you?

Oh dear me.

Brad, XAM is thinkng this new season is going to repeat like other seasons but what I don’t understand is why he/she slating it already and this new series not even started yet, going from the trailer we seen it does look like its going to be a good season.

I think its way to early yet to judge this season, wait until all 12 episodes have aired and then judge it then, good or bad.

The producers have had since 2010 to come up with some good storylines, so lets see how this season unfolds :)

You say it’s too early to judge the entire season based on just one trailer and yet in the same post you say it’s going to be a good season knowing only as much as everyone else. Hypocrite much? The trailer provides enough information to at least attempt criticizing what’s shown in it. That’s what trailers are for, to form an opinion. 24 is infamous for repeating many plotlines just for the sake of moving the plot forward. It can get tiring. If they just continue to repeat the same plots and twists, suspension of disbelief will be harder and the story will just feel unnaturally contrived.

I just want 24 to return to its former glory again and feel as excited as watching the first season for the first time again. And to beat you with the same argument you’ve applied, don’t read criticism if you don’t like it.

XAM – Sorry about my post, I just hate it when people have a go at 24 as its one of my best US Drama.

Forget I said anything and lets hope we enjoy this new series and also lets hope it returns next year for another limited run :)

No. Let’s hope it returns with full seasons again because of Season 9’s success ;)

It’s all good chief. 24 evokes a strong emotional response in all of us. I was peeved at fans saying 24 “jumped the shark” in day 5 for killing Michelle and I was pretty rough on them, so I do get where you’re coming from. Whether 24 is currently to a fans tastes or not, we all still care about a lot about it.

And I think we all want it back in some capacity after a (successful) LAD.

between 0:27-0:29, it’s not Tony Almeida whom Jack’s attacking, is it?

No, it’s not Tony being attacked in that shot. That is actor Tamer Hassan who plays a character named Basher.

(It was Yvonne Strahovski’s character Agent “Kate Morgan” that attacked him too, not Jack Bauer).

Oops. I guess I need a new pair of glasses. :D
Thanks, 24 spoilers, for the reply!

maybe this season will beat day 5

That would be a glorious day.

Highly doubt that. By virtue of the fact that LAD is a cheap rehash of 5 and has neither the emotionally charged high stakes and intrigue of the Palmer assassination or the high caliber villains of that day – nobody they’ve cast so far is going to match the gold standard of villainy from Logan and Henderson.

Sadly 24 is getting shit on in the quality drama stakes and has no hope of being the best show on anymore, so I’m gonna embrace my testosterone and enjoy LAD for what it is; classic kick-ass action porn.

Is Michelle Fairley’s character the Big Bad of LAD? There’s been almost nothing released on her character so far. I think she could wind up being the best female villain since Dina Araz.

David Fury tweeted that she is “Bad. Very bad.” in reply to a fan when teasing the character (link) so there’s a very good chance she’s the big bad.

Looking forward to seeing more on that character.

Dina and Navi were so much more compelling than Marwank, Dina especially. Legendary villains!

“Happy to see the reactors melt daarrrwn”

If Margot is indeed the big bad, she’d be the first female lead villain. It would be funny to reverse the popular trend by having her killed off by a random, unstable male with a knife or gun.

we’ll see if your opinion changes after the you’ve watched all 12 episodes

I sincerely hope that it does. I’m secretly hoping they’re blatantly rehashing tired and stale plots so they can pull the rug from under us and blow us away with a bold new direction none of us saw coming. Blowing minds in their wake as they did before.

I agree with XAM to a point. I think Logan and Henderson has been the best villains in 24. They were never able to top them in previous seasons. Cant see it happening in LAD. I can only hope they have a good villain in LAD. I loved Logan in season 4, 5, too small of a part in season 6 and loved him in season 8. Either way excited for LAD.

For me the best villain in 24 was Nina, because of her intimate relationships with Jack. I hope to see a female villain again, playing a big part in the plot, like Nina.