24: Live Another Day “Every Second Counts” Promo

FOX has aired an extended sixty second promo for 24: Live Another Day with twice as much footage as the previous one. We get a good look at Yvonne Strahovski’s character, some more action scenes, and a few more plot details. Very exciting!

The promo starts off with Bauer and a homeless man eating over a fire. A team of CIA field agents burst into the area with guns drawn. Bauer escapes and even effortlessly tosses one of the agents over his head. At some point after this he’s captured.

CIA agent Kate Morgan (Yvonne Strahovski) doesn’t agree with bringing Bauer into CIA, saying that he’s unpredictable and it puts everyone in the building in danger. She ends up being correct as despite being restrained in handcuffs, Bauer manages to knee CIA agent Erik Ritter (Gbenga Akinnagbe) in the stomach and put him in a headlock. He then takes another CIA employee (played by Max Wrottesley) at gunpoint.

Bauer can be seen running through London Underground and hopping on a train to follow a suspect (a mysterious women with a briefcase). There’s a later scene with dozens of protestors and things get a little rowdy with one protestor jumping on what appears to be President Heller’s motorcade. Bauer and the crowd are seen running shortly afterwards suggesting something went down.

Chloe tells Jack if he stops the attacks, all will be forgiven (in regards to his fugitive status), but Jack says there’s no going back for him. In another scene, Chloe is in a medical area hooked up to an IV bag and Jack says “we gotta get out of here.” He might have given her a shot of adrenaline as she quickly sits up in shock (this new “extreme” Chloe has skull tattoos on her arms, by the way).

The trailer ends with Jack and Chloe realizing that this is bigger than President Heller – the terrorists are planning a full-scale attack and using our own drones against us.


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Wow, AWESOME promo! Nice to finally see Yvonne Strahovski as Kate Morgan. :D

Gosh, Jack looks like a totally kick-butt hero in that shot! Way too excited for this!

Fantastic promo, it’s different seeing Jack in so many different outfits and settings.

More and more exciting, and thanks for the sum up !!

Is Jack wearing some form of police outfit/coat at 52 seconds with a badge?

I saw that too – I think so!

Yeah, it looks like he is.

FOx removed the link! Will there be a new one up soon?

Just replaced it with a working version.

wow I can’t wait for this new series of 24! Looks amazing. think this is going to be a good season judging from the trailer :)

holy shiiiiiiiiit! need to figure out how to get episodes as I’ll be travelling when this airs!

“If the American president is killed on foreign soil, we’re looking at a World War.”

Sounds a bit hypocritical to me hearing this from Jack. He wanted to do exactly the same on Day 8.

Chloe warned him about that when He was about to kill Suvarov, but there was a higher call about justice… and this is terrorism.

He wanted to kill the Russian president on foreign soil – he never threatened Taylor in S8….

Exactly. There was a difference between take Logan down (as a traitor, and a deceiver) and stop Taylor (a deceived and blinded)

Did this really air during Cosmos on Sunday night? Someone on Facebook was saying that but I record FOX every night to search for commercials but I find it hard to believe that I missed a 60 second promo… If I did, there’s something wrong with me.

This trailer was not aired during the Cosmos. This trailer looks exciting. Can’t wait till May 5th

Definitely can’t wait! so excited 24 is back.

YEAH BABY!!! That was just plain awesome squared, I was a little worried about this being the first ’24’ to be shot digitally, but it looks great all things considered, it’s gonna look amazing in HD! Was hoping to maybe see Michelle Fairley in the promo, but no problem, can’t wait to see how Margot fits into the story… go Jack, is it May yet?

So I have noticed that other than her being remarried, there have been NO spoilers about Audrey. We know nothing about whether she is fully recovered, how much she remembers, or whether she knows about the things her father said to Jack at the end of season 6. The lack of spoilers tells me that either she just doesn’t play a big part until later in the season, or there is some big twist involving her character. This is probably crazy, but I think it’s possible that she and Jack have been in contact (unbeknownst to her husband, obviously?) Like, maybe when Jack discovered the plot to kill her father he contacted her because she was the only one he could trust. Probably a long shot, but how cool would that be?

A veeeery long shot!! hehe

I’m sure she’s recovered She’s obviously working in some capacity. Of course it’s possible Heller could’ve lied to her about Jack to keep her away from him.

Since day 6 there were more than four years. I THINK that there was plentty of time for her to recover. In fact, we saw her in some kind of conference. So, she is not Maia (S4) that could make a scene.

If we knew nothing of what had happened with her since Season 6, I’d agree. But here’s the thing: in Season 7, which was 4 years after season 6, they indicated that she still hadn’t recovered. When Jack interrogated Tony at the FBI in I think episode 703, Tony said “Teri’s dead, Audrey Raines might as well be dead.” So if she was still in such a messed up state that she “might as well be dead” four years after she got back from China, it is harder to believe (or at least, needs to be explained) how she could be fully recovered now.

Well said, but he is not really saying that. Look at the script:

“- Your daughter wants nothing to do with you, Teri’s dea.
– Shut up.
– Audrey Raines, Miles…
– I said shut up!
– No, Jack! No! You need to hear this! You need to start living in the real world! Because every second you help the government, you’re spittin’ on Teri’s grave!”

Tony is just talking about the damage.

By the way: AWESOME SCENE!

True, Jack cut Tony off, but I am pretty sure Tony was trying to say that Audrey might as well be dead (I went back and listened to that line at least 4 times to try to figure it out).

I took that to mean that she was still pretty messed up, maybe even still unresponsive.

Agreed, awesome scene.

I think it’s likely that he has lied about why Jack left at the end of season 6. Otherwise she probably would have been angry and had a falling out with her father and wouldn’t be standing behind him acting as his de facto First Lady the way it appears in the promos.

Can’t wait any much longer for 24:LAD! Had to watch all the seasons again, and it’s still have the same impact on me. The drama and suspense. I still cried at the ending of Season 8 at Jack’s farewell to Chloe. Hopefully they’ll have a lot of upcoming series after LAD, coz people really love 24! For ages! We’re looking forward to that. And a movie would be an enormous hit too! I’m a big fan of Jack Bauer. Truly. Bring it on! :-)

I don’t think Chloe is telling Jack that if he stops the attacks he’ll be forgiven, I think she’s asking him a rhetorical question.

I agree, I think she is being sarcastic, indicating that it won’t make all well.

I have watched the promo in slow motion several times, but I can’t tell if Jack is interrogating Chloe or trying to resuscitate her in the scene where she is lying on a medical table and he has his hand around her neck. Thoughts?

Looks like he’s resuscitating Chloe in that clip (perhaps as a result of the explosion shown in the trailers).

She looks (yeah, in that half of a second) like she’s waking up like Jack in S4 with epinephrine. I think that because Jack looks like waiting for her to wake up. Perhaps she will need to escape, and has to look like dead.

That’s why we love Chloe – good to see that that aspect of her hasn’t changed!

It’s thrilling,spectacular,mind boggling,incrdible

Chloe told Jack that all would be forgiven in a sarcastic tone, meaning that even if he saves Heller, he’ll still face consequences.

So many of the familiar and beloved parts of the series seem at play again – and more than anything else, I’m just relived and excited to see Kiefer looking so…like Jack, ready for action. I was concerned that he may have been a victim of age after seeing how worn and pasty-faced he looked during ‘Touch’. He must have gotten into serious training mode to look as fit and believable as he does in the new promos. I’m psyched!!!!!

Jack Bauer looks Awesome! Can’t wait to see him back in action!!!!! Dammitt!!! :)