24: Live Another Day Episode 8 Promo

Jack Bauer and President Heller endure the unthinkable to thwart the terror attacks of mastermind Margot Al-Harazi in the promo for 24: Live Another Day Episode 8.

Promo #2

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Hope President Heller survives and I hate to wonder if Jordan Reed is going to get killed off.

Jordan isn’t dying, there’s a reason why they kept him alive after being shot ;) also, if he dies, the Navarro connection will be lost forever. He will live.

Wembley Stadium. One of the greatest places in London to date.

Nervous for President Heller!

corinne giammattolo
June 9, 2014 at 11:26 pm
This show has always been my favorite as well as my family and alot of my friends. I hope it goes on for a long time. Thank you for bringing it back

It’s nice we’re finally getting some wide shots of London:


Sekweyama ben Kenneth
June 10, 2014 at 12:58 am
President is patriotic man

“The essence of heroism is to die so that others can live”

Yeah, if Margot decides after she kills him to park the rest of the drones which is so not going to happen.

So if the american drone has facial recognition, maybe it also has a built in fail safe for avoiding american presidents?

One can only hope. But I think this is it for President Heller.

Hard to say.
I guess Kate could be able to extract the info from Simone and we get the raid at the Margots right when she is about to fire. But that doesn’t explain the terror threat in ep 9.
It could be new threat though, Margots plan B if she got captured or killed.
But my best bet is, the second before Margot/her son fire at Heller, she get the classic phone call: “Abort the mission”
Heller lives another day…

I’m wondering if since Margot told her goons to start packing everything up in the last episode, if it even matters if they revive Simone and she talks. Say, Kate gets Simone to give up Margot’s location. By the time the CIA team gets there, Margot and Ian could have left for their new location. By then, the deadline could be up and that’s it.

I think there’s a pretty sizable chance that Heller somehow makes it out of this but this past episode had a ‘give him some awesome to do before we kill him’ feel to it.

That was my thought. No way that a US drone can recognize a Pres and kill him. May be Heller knows something even Jack doesn’t.

I really questions jack’s judgment on how the hell he agreed to take president Heller to wimberly stadium so the president can get killed…..

I’m thinking Jack has something planned or there’s no way he would go through with this. But I also thought that during Ryan Chappelle’s final episode right before he was executed, so who knows.

I hope Heller makes it! Last nights episode was the first mention of the Vice President this season, so maybe they’re setting up a successor.

I have my theory on how this might turn out :

– 55% chance that Heller dies and that the vice president takes the reins. As far as the Vice President goes, I am hoping that it’s Karen Hayes. She was pardoned for helping Bill Buchanan in Jack’s escape in season 6. I know it’s far-fetched, but I was waiting for her to come back in a long time.
– 40% chance that Heller escapes from the stadium unharmed and a new development has come around in the Al-Harazi’s plan.
– 5% chance that Jack helps Heller escape… It would be unrealistic, considering that Heller WANTS to surrender himself basically.

I’d love to see Karen back but she’s of the opposite political party as to the one in power. Agreed with your percentages.

Not confirmed what party she belongs to.
Wouldn’t be too farfetched for a republican to work as National Security Advisor for a democratic president.

Anyway, the vice president is a man, as president Heller said “so we can bring HIM up to
speed on the transition, yeah?”

True. I felt she leaned a bit left but it’s true that although she worked in a Democrat administration, we technically didn’t know.

The Ryan Chappelle situation is exactly what this feels like to me. They’ll run out of time, Heller’ll die, and he’ll basically have died for time. His death distracted the antagonist for an hour to lead the agents closer to stopping the threat. Then, if everyone else doesn’t stop the antagonist, Heller died for nothing, so up go the stakes even more.

i’m sure that Jack wouldn’t allow that Heller gets harmed, especially that he’s in deep love with Audrey. It’s obvious he can’t take any risks and he surely has a plan. He can’t just watch his old friend just die in front of his eyes.

Yes, he can, if that’s the order of the President of the United States and there are no other options. No doubt Jack will search for other options but if he runs out of them and they run out of time, he’ll follow Heller’s orders. He tends to do this even when it’s a questionable moral decision (Ryan Chappelle.) He’ll put the greater good above Audrey. He did it with her husband, Paul. No doubt he’d do it again.

Going back on my own comment above here a little bit. I think the Jack of old might have blindly followed Presidential orders but the Jack we see on Day 9 might not. After Ryan and then how much Presidents screwed Jack in the later seasons, it seems like he’s come to realize he can’t follow orders without running them through his own morality filter first.

Think about it folks…there is no way Heller dies in Wembly Stadium

I agree. It just wouldn’t make sense. For one thing, it would make Audrey and Mark less relevant to the story, and there is obviously a lot unresolved there, as there is with Heller himself. They would have to bring in a whole new cast to play the VP and his/her staff for the final 4 hours, which just wouldn’t make sense.

Jack is still wanted by the Russians and on the ground trying to stop the threat and Mark is connected to that via the rendition order. The new VP would be all up in the Boudreaus while trying to sort this out, especially if Heller dying doesn’t stop the drone threat (which is pretty likely.) The VP’ll be back in the States or something so the ones reporting to him from the ground in London will be Mark & Audrey. If the last few hours are a more personal plot (like, we shift from drones to family, maybe with a time jump in there) then Audrey & Mark still have a personal story with Jack.

Can you say silent clock!!!!

Word. 200th episode. Heller is toast.

It could of course be a bluff. We could spend the whole episode worrying about Heller, that when he’s saved at the last minute Chloe or Audrey could be brutally taken away from us.

I think what Audrey is referring to in this promo when she says “Tell me this is not true” is not about president Heller, I think it’s about her finding out that Boudreau forged President’s signature on that order to Russians.

Well, now I hear she actually said “Tell me it’s not too late”…

You could still be right though. She could mean “tell me it’s not too late” to prevent Jack from being handed over to the Russians. But I think it probably relates to her father, since she doesn’t seem angry at Mark in that clip.

anyone think Ian could turn against her mother because he had to kill his own sister…..and I don’t think he is doing this because he wants to

i doubt he has his sister’s best interests in mind. he did yell “yes” when he thought he hit the SUV with drone and thus killing her… like it was a kill confirmed in a video game.

According to IMBD, heller is playing 12 episodes ???

IMDB can be updated by everyone, so it’s not terribly reliable. They put everyone in the main cast up for 12 episodes as soon as the cast was announced and some of those are already wrong– Adrian didn’t appear in the first hour, etc..

omfg i cant believe we have to wait at least 2 weeks for Heller’s fate to be decided

next week is most likely going to end with Heller at Wembly Stadium looking up towards the sky as shown in the promo

They show a lot in the promos but I don’t think they’d show the last moment of the episode. If I remember correctly about halfway through the next episode will be three hours since Margot released the video so they have about a half-hour to find Margot or come up with some other kind of play or else Heller is going to die.

Deborah Zawacki
June 11, 2014 at 3:04 pm
Is jack dressed up to look lime heller?

I don’t think so, watch the promo again and you’ll see that Heller is entering the field while Jack is standing behind.

I want that Halloween costume.

200th episode… Maybe heller does die. If not jack is looking for leverage against Margot. Jack also needs some ammunition for a pardon and Saving heller is a good way to start. Also Audrey feelings will not go away and maybe that pushes mark to hand him over to Russians for fear of losing Audrey to jack.


Do you REALLY think they’ll kill off William Devane 4 episodes before the finale? One could assume the core stars (Jack, Chloe, Audrey and Heller) were signed for the entire series.

Jack has spent the entire 9 seasons protecting presidents. To have him watch the assassination of the president and his true love’s father are just too unbelievable to actually happen. Heller survives another day

It would actually be unusual for all the series regulars to be in every episode of a season. It would also be unusual to get to the three-quarter mark of a season without a major character dying.

It’s not unbelievable to watch Jack Bauer fail to save someone. Arguably the best episode the show ever produced (at the very least, the most ground-breaking and daring) is 3.18, when Jack not only cannot rescue Ryan Chappelle in time but he kills him himself. As for unbelievable when it comes to hurting Audrey, well… Jack made the (impossible) call that killed her first husband. This ain’t his first rodeo when it comes to greater good getting in the way of romance.

Being a core star / series regular doesn’t necessarily mean anything on this show.

George Mason, Omar Hassan, Renee Walker, and Ryan Chappelle were all killed about 2/3rds into a season. Other characters like Bill Buchanan and Edgar Stiles were killed off, or in some cases (Erin Driscoll, Sarah Gavin, Sean Hillinger) written out at the halfway point. The actors portraying those characters were all contracted as series regulars.

I don’t know whether he’ll be killed off or not, but there’s typically always a huge moment around this point in the season when the storyline transitions into the final arc.

Jack will have the US army fly a drone near the stadium. To counteract the missile from Al-harazi drone.

I hope they wont go down the road where Jack pulls out a fim-92 stinger/at4-hs and shoots the drone down it down

Is it possible to have an American president kill in fonction on Fox ? Remember Keeler in season 4 after Air Force One crashed..we are told he s still alive !

Think it’s possible for someone else to shot the president only to wound him and make Margot not launch the drone?

So promo 2 reveals a few more details. We see Margot move to another lair. Looks like an office. And we see the system is up an running there.
We also see the MI5 or CIA raid an old house.

Yeah, Ian and Margot are quickly moving all their equipment into vehicles so it seems they might have been discovered. I’m guessing Kate convinced Simone to turn on her mother and Simone gave up their location.

It seems like the CIA or MI5 might end up raiding an empty house, just like the Ryan Chappelle episode. That doesn’t bode well for President Heller. But from these two promos a bunch of other characters know about this plan (Mark, Audrey, Ron Clark, Kate) so maybe one of them will come up with a way to prevent his death.

This is totally bananas and I don’t think it’d actually happen but what if Jack shoots Heller while Heller’s standing there in the middle of Wembley Stadium waiting to be killed by the missile? We can already tell from the promo that they run out of time before the deadline, since Heller’s in the stadium. If Jack kills Heller instead, he robs Margot of having her “justice” and Heller gets taken out by an American who is refusing to let Heller see his own plans of (subjective) heroism through– just like Keeler tried to do with the drone missile on Day 4 before, ironically, Jack saved Heller. After a whole morning of trying to stop people from killing Heller, it’s Jack who takes him out because he doesn’t want him to die this way. He becomes a Presidential assassin, the way he’s been framed to be before, for greater good reasons.

*nods* hmmm! pretty good.

I keep wondering if this will all link up to the original conspiracy that ran from Season 5 through to Season 7, that was by far the most popular seasons. I remember reading towards the end of season 7 that the plan for season 8 was to continue possibly one week later from season 7 and explain the whole Alan Wilson connection.

And apparently the remaining members of the group would continue the conspiracy. It was very cruel just to end that storyline completely anti climatically with no real resolution for the fans other than to say Renee tortured him

I HOPE SO!!! Remember they did the same thing with the conspirators behind days 1 and 2, built them up then brushed them off with a single line. I was disappointed when they did it the first time, I was fucking livid when they did it again in Season 8!!

Fuck Cheng! Bring back the cabal!

And i don’t know where i heard this, i think it was the daily mail, because of all the filming around London, it was easy to get scoops, so there was apparently a funeral of some high level person taking place in London, and I’m fairly certain the article mentioned that it was Stephen Fry – i.e. the PM not the President.

Nooooo… not the PM! :( Stephen Fry is the best.

Ive got it. Ive got it

Heller stands there waiting to die and he is not even the target. They embarass him and make him look weak and vulnerable and they launch the drone somewhere else.

Margof will never assume he would come so would of locked onto another target. She is so shocked that he turned up

Heller then feels bad , stupid.and wanfs to quit but asks jack to kill her which he does. Jack, chloe, kate and adam flush out navarro and cross and expose the xhinese and xheng from season 6. Tensions rise between heller and prime minister who balmes him for the attcack.

That soundz more likely and 24 esque.

What do u think.

Now this is the best thoery I’ve seen so far. It would surely work out perfectly.

Thumbs up. :) Rad idea. This might go along with HarryFSally’s comment above about it maybe being the PM who dies instead. Margot leaves Heller there in the middle of Wembley and takes out Downing Street instead or something.

Sidebar: It’s increasingly insane that no one has moved the PM (or any of the White House people) to a bunker in the last hour or two.

obviously these plot lines will be resolved by the finale, specifically the jordan/morgan/narvarro/adrian thing at the very least. im pretty sure theres a rule about killing a sitting us president on tv, which is why the president survived the crash of air force one, and why palmer survived the bomb attack in the bunker. highly doubt heller dies.

Having watched every season and every episode I think the following happens.

Jack makes a phone call to the only person he can trust which is revealed at the end of the episode which I will explain below shortly.

President Heller survives to die another day as the killing of a president on British Soil makes no sense at all, instead Margot targets Downing Street and kills the Prime Minister.

Adrian Cross plays with Navarro until Chloe finds out and makes him change his mind and he turns good again and explains to Chloe of a higher power based in Russia.

The guy who got shot at the boatyard returns to the CIA and finds out about Navarro and calls Jack and informs him.

Kate finds out and together her and jack get discovered by Margot who tries to kill them via drone attack however in an underground car park a car awaits and they both enter and they are driven off, the rear view mirror shows partially who the driver is until a fammillier voice says, Hi Jack, it is revealed that the driver is in fact TONY ALMAIDA who was scheduled to return in this season.

Jack, Tony, Kate, with help from Chloe kill Margot and vanish.

Until Vice President Noah gets a call from the Chinese who offer to exchange a prisoner in exchange for Jack.

Far fetched but makes sense to me.

vice president noah? he was already president, i highly doubt he’ll become vice president again and i dont even think he’d be eligible.

New West Virginian
June 13, 2014 at 12:43 am
I have a feeling that Heller will be saved at the last minute. I think Simone is going to give up Margot’s location, and just as Margot is about to fire the missile to kill Heller, Jack and/or others will burst into the room and stop her.

The Real Jack Bauer
June 13, 2014 at 2:31 pm
OK…here’s what really happens. Chloe hacks into one of the drones and Jack has her unload on Margot’s location right before she pulls the trigger on Heller.

And…it’s eventually revealed there really are 24 episodes this season, not 12.

Kiki Vanderway
June 13, 2014 at 9:53 pm
I’d go for that!

how awesome would it be if we got a classic tony almeida moment — moments before margot is about to get to heller, tony barges in and saves the day…

FOX wouldn’t let them “kill” John Keeler in Day 4. Do you really think they’ll permit someone like Heller to get bumped?

They let Hassan bite it, because he was the leader of a fictional Islamic nation.

It might be different now and, for all we know, Heller resigns the office before heading to Wembley.

At the last minute, Jack shoots Heller. The drone scans him as dead….but, as we all know in the 24 world, the seemingly dead can be revived.

President James Heller will jump across universes and switch places with President Henry Hayes.

What if Heller really died and the VP (due to some crazy clause about not finishing a full term) is Wayne Palmer!? How crazy would that be? I know, I’m just dreaming. ….