What did you think of 24: Live Another Day Episode 7?

24: Live Another Day Episode 7 Discussion
What’d you think of 24: Live Another Day episode 7?

What did you think of the 24: Live Another Day Episode 7? Vote in the poll and leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Thoughts on 24: Live Another Day Episode 7?

Tonight’s episode was written by British television writer Tony Basgallop (creator of Hotel Babylon) and directed by Jon Cassar.

Last week was one of the highest rated episodes amongst our readers – 96% of voters enjoyed the episode.


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What a thrilling episode!! The car chases! Jack kicking ass! The ending!

June 9, 2014 at 10:01 pm
Too bad we have to wait a week.

Molly Anderson
June 9, 2014 at 10:01 pm
I cannot wait for next week. This season is one of the best yet! There had better be a Day #10.

Told you it was Cross. But if he’s the middle man, who does he answer to?

What would be cool is if Cross is being blackmailed to help Navarro and the third party, which I think is quite possibly the Chinese.

This was a pretty good episode, and the CGI actually looked pretty good this week, (I know I’ve complained about it over the last few weeks.)

Next week’s episode looks great, and I’m shocked that Heller feels this desperate at this point to give himself up, (it doesn’t appear to be a ruse, but we also can’t tell much from the previews.)

I think Heller’s character is a lot like David Palmer, and I think he can’t handle the stress of being President like Palmer couldn’t, and I think that he might think giving himself up would just end all of the stress he’s had to go through as President…

I hope Heller giving himself up is a ruse, he does this far too often.
Season 4: In the camp with Audrey, releases gas into the room.
Season 5: Drives off the cliff to stop being blackmailed

So maybe him coming up with an elaborate ruse with Jack may be a nice change of pace

Cross isn’t big enough to mastermind this, but his involvement will basically shake Chloe out from under him. But after this Chloe is going to jail unless she now goes on the lam with Jack.

I agree. Cross might not be working alone. All I can tell you is that it’s going to be shocking.

That was freakin’ awesome – but yet again there were parts where I said “damn, shouldn’t have watched them sneak peeks!”

Any predictions anyone? Steve Navarro is basically screwed now that we’ve learned that Jordan Reed is alive I think. And in the preview, Heller goes to Wembley stadium & Margot spots him via the drone. Is it possible the US / UK military has another drone in the sky which has an air-to-air missile launcher which should intercept and destroy a Hellfire missile from the Vanguard? Like when the one failed in the first/second episode of S8.

Heller was definitely the star of the show tonight.

Pretty strong episode. Only criticism is that the explosions did look a little fake. And I would’ve liked to see a bit more of the devastation after blast at the hospital.

Heller was on fire tonight. Loved his confrontation with Davies.

And he said he handled it poorly to Audrey and Boudreau? I thought he handled it great!

Heller was not only the star of the show tonight, but I think he’s one of the highlights of the season as a whole. He’s easily one of the show’s best Presidents, second only to David Palmer.

I agree that Heller’s great, but I still think I’m partial to Allison Taylor. I thought she was a fantastic addition. I don’t like that she’s been swept under the rug as a casualty of “creative reboot.” Hell, even a passing mention of her would be welcome.

June 9, 2014 at 10:53 pm
Yes, Allison Taylor had good integrity- that is until she was “Loganized”.

And it was her Loganization that made her even more fascinating. Didn’t hurt that Cherry Jones also happens to be a remarkable actress.

Yes, I loved Taylor! What the writers did with her in Season 8 was a master stroke.

New West Virginian
June 10, 2014 at 9:17 pm
Taylor was willing to sacrifice tens of thousands of American lives in order to intervene in Sangala, a country with no American interests. She was also willing to let the IRK terrorists blow up the dirty bomb in New York City. Taran was about to blow up the nuke and he would have if Hassan didn’t choose to surrender himself. It was Hassan (and the soldiers ordered by General Brucker) that actually saved NYC. The attack would have took place if Taylor had her way. She was probably the worst president, even Logan wouldn’t have sacrificed that many American lives for his own interests. And politically I certainly disagree with Taylor.

I agree about Day 8 but disagree about Day 7 and the Sangalan intervention. That made her noble, IMO. It’s that kind of isolationist attitude of America that creates breeding grounds for terrorism in impoverished, troubled countries around the world.

New West Virginian
June 10, 2014 at 9:33 pm
The less we are involved with other countries affairs the less enemies we make. Look at how many American lives were lost because Taylor chose to intervene in Sangala, despite the US having no interests there at all. Remember the chemical plant meltdown, plus the two planes that collided and all the agents that were killed, in addition to any US troops who are killed fighting in Sangala. In real life I supported going to Afghanistan but was against the Bosnia and Kosovo interventions. Also don’t want us involved in Syria’s civil war.

No doubt we belonged in Bosnia and Kosovo. You turn a blind eye to genocide and you can’t make a claim to any moral high ground, IMO.

A way too short, overly simplified personal opinion: We’re all citizens of the world– you make more future friends when you help those who can’t help themselves. That builds you allies. But when you have the resources to provide aid and you don’t, you are just fueling anti-American rhetoric around the world and those who do not have what you do, who grow up without the options this country does, will grow to hate the U.S.. Obviously, there are some situations that are so ripe with corruption that it’s tough to see how it could ever be of any benefit to get involved. I’m not saying that I think it would be a great idea for us decide tomorrow to befriend North Korea. I’m saying that American soldiers sign up to defend this country and the best way to defend it is to serve not just the country but the world. Soldiers are going to die, sadly, no matter where you send them, so sending them for just causes that could benefit humanity as a whole gives their deaths (and service in general) the noble purpose it deserves.

Yeah, Taylor’s actions in season seven made sense. She realized that the United States had the power and moral obligation to swiftly prevent a bloody civil war in an allied nation. What’s more, negotiating with terrorists weakens the United States and shows its enemies that violence or threats of violence actually work. If Allison Taylor had just given in and let foreign actors dictate American policy, can you imagine how it would have emboldened terrorists across the world? In a way, she saved lives. What’s more, there is never any way to ensure that complying with a terrorist’s demands will actually satisfy the enemy and get them to back down from their threats. In season eight, it certainly could have worked out that the terrorists took Hassan hostage AND recovered the dirty bomb for future use. Negotiating was a risk that might not have paid off. If it didn’t, Taylor would’ve had to deal with the death of Hassan (as well as any hope for negotiated peace) as well as chaos in New York. She made the right call.

If you ask me, it’s Palmer who was reckless. For the sake of the narrative the terrorists almost always keep their word, but counting on that is extremely reckless.

So eloquent Mary. Couldn’t have said it better! Thanks for sharing that.

Um….its a TV show. Far more enjoyable if you don’t let your personal politics impact how you see the characters. Maybe lighten up a bit, folks?

Derek– This *is* light, compared to what it could be. Talking about 24 without any mention of politics/morality/greater good/etc. is like talking about CSI without mentioning corpses. It’s a testament to 24 that it inspires discussion in the first place and that the show is apolitical in a very politicized world.

Nothing is ever “just” a tv show or a book or a film– it’s a reflection of the cultures and world we live in. That’s the whole point of art in the first place– for people to express themselves and open up a dialogue with others. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about The Mona Lisa or The Big Bang Theory, it all has something to say.

Sure it inspires discussion. But making assessments of the characters based on personal politics makes it difficult to have an objective view of the quality of the writing, acting, etc. I really just think that such in depth political analysis can ruin what is supposed to be a fun time. I don’t care for people taking things too seriously.

Kiki Vanderway
June 12, 2014 at 6:42 pm
Just curious and truly no disrespect – Derek–why do you feel anyone is able to put personal politics aside and be able to have a discussion limited to an “objective view of the quality of the writing, acting,etc.”? Man is a rationalizing and not a rational creature.

I understand that interrupting a lively discourse on the quality of CGI and whether Navarro is a mole for a comment on the real world may get uncomfortable especially if it’s a viewpoint you disagree with or it devolves to a personal attack.

But here no one felt uncomfortable.

I agree, you can’t discuss 24 without the politics of it all. It helps us connect more with the show, in my opinion, to a much higher degree. I’m rewatching the series currently, and am on Day 2. If you choose to not have an opinion on Palmer’s torture of Stanton, or his refusal to let Ali’s family be used as leverage, or his detention of Ron Wieland, then it takes the fun out of the show, not the other way around, I think.

That was probably my favorite part of the episode.

Oh come on, the explosions looked AMAZING, especially for a TV show. And we saw plenty of the destruction, the story had to keep moving. You are literally making up reasons to complain.

If you can’t handle discussion or people having a different opinion, get off the internet. Complaining and viewing critically are very different things. We’re discussing the show, not me.

Agreed – Bill Devane definitely has the slow-burning, methodical outburst routine down pat! And the two big explosions looked noticeably fake.

Heller was great tonight. Maybe he has a play? Or would the show finally take a sitting president out? That would be crazy and raise things to the next level if an American President is killed on foreign soil.

kiki vanderway
June 9, 2014 at 10:17 pm
I think your instinct is right and he has a play– he may even suspect Mark has been up to something.

First episode this season where I truly can’t believe I have to wait a whole week to.see what happens next.

June 9, 2014 at 10:47 pm
Yes, Heller has a play- remember he has summoned Jack to a meeting. My guess is Heller will get Jack involved to help. Also, is it possible that Heller and Jack have a pre-arranged plan that they had already established way back when Jack worked for him in S4? Remember in S4 Jack and Heller had a pre-arranged scenario they used to flush out the mole (Marianne) from CTU. Maybe Heller remembers that one of those pre-thought out scenarios could be used in the present crisis and wants to get Jack involved to execute it.

That’s a good point. I hadn’t thought about that. I really hope that one way or another, there is some sort of a plan and Jack isn’t actually helping Heller offer himself up to be killed. Audrey would never forgive him for that, not to mention the consequences to the country if a US president just surrendered to a terrorist with the whole world watching.

June 9, 2014 at 10:59 pm
We are not completely sure that a sitting President has not already been taken out – Keiler? Wayne Palmer?

Keeler was “gravely injured” on Day 4 when they shot down Air Force One. He was never pronounced dead. Same with Palmer in Day 6, we only heard he would no longer be able to perform his duties.

Fox wouldn’t allow the showing of an active US president being killed on TV so for Wayne Palmer they showed in the next season discreetly in a newspaper that he died

Fox might allow it now. Omar Hassan was not an American president but that character’s death was still one of the most brutal and disturbing things I’ve ever seen on t.v.. Surprisingly graphic for network television, even a few years ago. It’s not killing sitting presidents but The Following gets away with all sorts of psychologically disturbing stuff so maybe the game’s change a little bit for the network censors.

Here’s a swerve. Heller transferred his power over to the VP. It was a quick mention of that once the PM told Heller he knew about Heller’s condition. I think in between him going to turn himself in and when Jack arrives, Heller gives Jack a pardon and resigned.

Honestly tho, its no chance this assassination happens. A line from ep 24 of S8 and the line from the first ep of this season kinda ruins it. If a sitting president is killed on foreign soil, it’s grounds for a war. They don’t have enough time for a war.

Realistically, the US would not go to war against the UK if Heller died over there due to a terrorist strike. If anything, they’d send more troops to the Middle East, which isn’t any surprise in the real world either.

If, somehow, a war is started though, it doesn’t have to end with Day 9. We all know the writers are going to give the series some closure, but I am very confident that they won’t end the story…so they have a chance to come back and add on if they want to, be it with more Jack Bauer or a Kate Morgan spinoff.

Agreed, the Hassan death reveal was brutal and brilliant at the same time. Pushing the limits, that’s for sure.

“Maybe he has a play?”

Was just listening to a podcast (BauerHour) where they were discussing how Heller agreeing to her terms and offering himself up isn’t actually a thing that Margot expected to happen, so did she even have a plan in mind for what to do if that DID happen?

Now I’m wondering if Heller’s calling her bluff precisely to try and throw her off her game, make her second guess her plans, have her scramble to come up with a new plan, and in the process make her vulnerable, which could make her easier to catch. Margot’s a control freak of the highest order, and so far she thinks she’s got total control of the situation. Heller agreeing to her terms is a total curveball.

We see in the promo that she goes to the trouble of facial recognition, because she just can’t quite believe that he’s seriously giving himself up, because the US President giving himself up to a terrorist to be exploded on foreign soil is insanity. She was probably expecting a decoy, expecting this to be a setup, but nope, there’s the real deal Heller standing there alone, out in the open, ready to be targeted.

She probably had her smug, “I know that wasn’t really you, and because you tried to scam me, more people will diiiiiiieeeeee,” speech ready to go, but now she can’t use it. Let’s be real, her endgame isn’t actually to simply kill Heller. Girlfriend has multiple drones with multiple missiles and has picked out multiple targets…she really wants to blow half of London up with drones and have Heller pegged with the blame (to make up for him NOT being pegged with blame for the drone strike that killed her husband). If anything, her ideal endgame involves him remaining ALIVE so he can take the fall for all the people she’s gonna kill. Her real satisfaction that she wants from all this is seeing Heller destroyed, and the way that’s super fun for her is if she gets to watch all the news reports that tear him to shreds and she can imagine him sinking to suicidal depths of suffering, guilt and despair. So I’m not convinced she’ll actually shoot him at Wembley, I think him calling her bluff will be the catalyst to her composure and plans unraveling, which is exactly what he’s hoping to achieve.

If he does actually die in the process though, I think that’s a risk he’s willing to take. Being willing to sacrifice himself isn’t a new thing for Heller.

June 11, 2014 at 8:57 am
Guys, I think Cassar is here to spoil the fun!

I think Heller is calling her bluff– you are totally right about that. But there’s a lot of circular storytelling stuff here at play for Heller. Look at it this way:

Day 4: Heller is taken hostage by jihadists, who put him on a video that everyone on the internet sees wherein they begin to hold him on trial for his past war crimes. President Keeler, looking to save U.S. face, orders a drone airplane to bomb the compound where Heller is being held in order to kill him and the terrorists before any more damage can be done. A deadline is introduced– Jack has a very small window of time to rescue Heller before the drone strike. He manages to do this.

Day 9: Heller is taken hostage by a no-win situation presented to him by crazy jihadists whose leader does so in a video that everyone on the internet has seen. She wants to hold Heller responsible for his past crimes of killing her husband and apparently innocent people, on top of children, in a drone strike. President Heller, looking to save U.S. face, decides to sacrifice himself to be killed in a drone strike before any more damage can be done. A deadline is in play but they are running out of time. President Heller will then ask Jack to assist him in handing himself over, instead of coming to his rescue. If this scenario is both the same and the opposite of Day 4, how Heller began on 24 is likely then how Heller ends on 24.

This is really the only poetic way for Heller to die.

June 9, 2014 at 10:15 pm
Question: Who was it that warned Chloe via text message to “Get out now”?

kiki vanderway
June 9, 2014 at 10:17 pm

How do you know that?

kiki vanderway
June 9, 2014 at 10:25 pm
I don’t know it but I strongly suspect it because Jack released him from the warehouse where Rssk was located and what do you think he did next? He would have made his way back to Chloe because she is running tactical.and he needed to be in position to move when Jack cms in to her. On his way back in he would have seen the raid. My bet is Cross called the cops.

That reasoning for it being Belchek makes perfect sense. Which makes me wonder if it WASN’T him? It makes such simple sense that he’d have seen the cops outside when he was on his way back to Chloe, so why not just show him across the street seeing the cops and messaging Chloe? Why not have his ID pop up as the message sender instead of having it be from an “Unknown User”? You’d think there’d be some twisty reveal in store for them to have made the message source anonymous.

Whoever it is, it’s someone who knows the movements of the police, knows how to contact Chloe, but they’re not in her address book of contacts. Is there any way Audrey could fit that bill? Admittedly, my brain is probably going there in large part due to the fact that I’ve been re-watching Day 5 when Chloe and Audrey were being sneaky to help Jack without McGill finding out. Further down the page in the discussion for this ep, people are talking about how underused Audrey and Chloe have been in Day 9. Wouldn’t it be cool if it turns out that Audrey’s been secretly keeping tabs on everything and is now reaching out to warn Chloe, because Jack needs Chloe and Audrey wants to be on the ball to help Jack if she’s able to, (without being blatant about it because of her pesky husband). It’d be like a Day 5 throwback if they have Audrey and Chloe working together again. In her current position though, could Audrey feasibly have access to the movements of the cops in order to warn Chloe?

Kiki Vanderway
June 10, 2014 at 9:02 am
I’m totally on board with this idea…but agree will require leap of faith on logistics. .Audrey has been the one coordination with the PM’s office so maybe she has access to more info than we think ?

You could argue that when Ron Clark showed up in the premiere and was saying in a normal voice “I have an update on the Bauer situation”, that he was actually coming to give *Audrey* an update, hence his walking into her bedroom area and talking in a normal voice. He didn’t know Mark was there and when he saw Mark, he covered his mistake by pretending like he was still hiding stuff from Audrey. I find it hard to believe that Ron Clark got to be a senior government official by being so unsubtle as to walk into the dressing room area of the First Lady and all-but-yell the subject of the secret he just promised his boss to keep from her…

If Ron Clark has been giving information to Audrey on the sly, then Audrey not only knew about Jack in London hours prior Mark being forced by circumstances to tell her, but she knows about the rendition order. Which means when she went to see Jack and eskimo kissed and said she should have defended him more, she was not doing anything to stop Mark from taking a rendition order to her father that would send Jack back to Russia. She was seeing Jack and encouraging him to believe there were still feelings there (and there probably are) in order to begin playing him the way she’s been playing Mark their whole marriage. She could have married Mark to make him into the perfect fall guy should she ever be close to being caught– she gets info from Ron on Mark’s shady stuff, in order to have something to hold over his head– evidence that would build a case against Mark’s character if any of it were ever to come to light.

Right now, we’re being asked to assume everything is still on the morally up and up with a woman involved in a conspiracy to keep a mentally unstable man in office, effectively creating a shadow presidency behind him. She didn’t bat an eye at the coverup of the drone strike that killed Margot’s husband. What happens when Jack finds out this stuff? Forget Mark’s “this is not the man you once knew.”

This is not the Audrey we once knew.

As usual, I think your conspiracy theories regarding Audrey are over the top and far-fetched. That said, you could be right that she knew about Jack being in London and that Ron was giving her a signal. I did notice that the camera lingered on Audrey for a moment after Mark and Ron left the room in that scene. But remember, Ron at that point did not appear to know that Mark was desperate to keep Jack’s presence from Audrey, so we might be reading too much into it.

I think it is possible (although less likely after the reunion scene in 9x05) that Audrey knew about Jack being in London before Mark told her. I noticed that she did not seem as shocked as I would have expected when Mark told her and Heller about Jack in episode 4. However, even if Audrey somehow knew more than she let on, that doesn’t mean she has some sort of nefarious motive. It’s possible that Jack somehow contacted her after he first learned about the threat to Heller because she was the only one inside the government he trusted, but he told her to keep the fact that they had contact secret because he didn’t want to get her in trouble or put her in danger. This seems less likely but not impossible after the last few episodes.

After the past few episodes, I am less and less convinced that there is any shocking twist related to Audrey. I just don’t think that’s her purpose this season. I think she’s mostly there to up the emotional drama on the show, between seeing Jack again and now with the possibility of her father handing himself over to a major terrorist. Between answering unresolved questions about her back story, her father’s plan to hand himself over to Al-Harazi, her reaction when she finds out that Mark forged the rendition order, reconnecting with Jack again (hopefully!), and maybe lobbying her father (assuming he survives) not to put Jack in prison or hand him over to the Russians, there is plenty for her to do in the next 5 episodes without them having to turn her into a terrorist because they have nowhere to go with her character.

Your theories would make a great fanfiction, but I would be very surprised if you are right about the actual show.

*Shrug* We’ll see. I guess Marie Warner and Stephen Saunders were fanfiction then, since it’s a combination of their plots that I’m thinking for similarity to Audrey’s story here…

I would bet so much money that there’s no way Audrey already knew about Jack. That reaction when she heard Jack’s name mentioned for the first time was genuine and sincere. If not, this season’s story loses all of it’s emotional heft and becomes purely about the intrigue. Every day has an angle that is pure emotion that grounds the story and Jack in a human place, on this day Audrey is doing that job. It would in my opinion really be a disservice to the story, and would have to come off as pretty sloppy, if it were otherwise. Not to say Audrey couldn’t be more involved now then we are aware, but to have her already knowing about Jack and playing him in some way would not just be a betrayal to jack but to the fabric of the show.

Marie was part of a semi broken family that lost their mother at an age where they could still remember her, and also lived in the Middle East for a lengthy period of time. She was radicalized during the point when she ran away and met Syed Ali. I guess it *kind* of parallels Audrey being kidnapped by Cheng’s group after Day 5, but I highly doubt after being the state she was in, she was in any frame of mind to be brainwashed to be working for the Chinese or working against anyone in the government for that matter. As 24 Wiki points out, there is precedent for this kind of behavior: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Patty_Hearst

Saunders was presumed dead and left behind only to be held captive and tortured for two years until he was released. I don’t see how this parallels to Audrey’s story at all, except for being held captive in a foreign country. But the US didn’t know about either of them being alive until Saunders threatened the release of the virus, and Cheng used Audrey as bait to have Jack give him the FB subcircuit board.

A couple other problems with your theory:

1) As I mentioned, Mark said what he said to Ron about how “as long as she lives, she will never hear the name ‘Jack Bauer’ again” AFTER he walked into their suite and mentioned Jack’s name. At that point Ron did not seem to know about Audrey’s history with Jack or that Mark was trying to keep it from her.

2) Ron did not walk into the Audrey’s dressing room. He said it from the front room, and it didn’t seem like it was loud enough for her to hear it, although they did linger on her for a moment after Ron and Mark left the room. But Mark didn’t seem to think she heard it, because he probably would have fired Ron or been more angry at him if he did.

3) From what they said last night about Heller’s condition being a secret and him possibly not being able to finish his (first) term, it seems unlikely that he had been diagnosed yet with Alzheimer’s at the time he ran for president over 3 years ago. So that means she couldn’t have conspired to get him to run for president knowing that he might ultimately be unable to carry out his duties and she might have to help behind the scenes. Plus, I believe Heller when he said that he would resign if he couldn’t handle it and was putting lives in danger, and Audrey probably knows that he would do that. Plus, where is your evidence that she or Mark is conspiring to keep Heller in office if he can’t handle it? All she said last night was a feeble “I thought you wanted to finish out your term?” She didn’t push him to stay in office or do anything behind his back to make that happen. So thus far, there is 0 evidence regarding your theory that she is conspiring to create a shadow government.

1) Whether or not Mark mentioned it before or after is ultimately immaterial to the fact that when Ron walked into the room, the “Bauer situation” was already established with whoever he was planning on talking to there, because he had an update on it. Maybe it was as it seemed and he was expecting Mark. Maybe he was expecting Audrey. If he was expecting Audrey, then they already had a conversation about Jack being back in London and Ron had arrived to give her an update. Keep in mind that when Mark first talked to Audrey, she said that she had heard her dad had a slip in the meeting, meaning the Roosevelt mixup. This confirms that Audrey spoke to someone who was in the national security briefing meeting and wasn’t Mark or her father. She did this during the relatively short window between the briefing and the first time we see Audrey at her vanity. That brings us down to pretty much General Useless or Ron Clark, who then showed back up in her room not long later. Ron Clark is the one who knew Jack Bauer was back in London because he was the one standing there while Mark talked to Navarro and overheard all of it.

2) Audrey did not hear it, agreed. But he was walking into the front room of Audrey and Mark’s dressing room/bedroom area in the suite. I’m not saying he walked into her bathroom while she was taking a shower here and was all “Hey Mrs First Lady, nice ass and while I’m at it, I have an update about the Bauer situation!” :) I’m saying this is the only scene we’ve had so far in a room more traditionally private than the offices area or that room with the couches where they prepped Heller for the speech. Ron thought nothing of heading to that area and maybe it was just because he didn’t see Mark in his office and needed to deliver him the urgent Bauer situation update. But maybe it was because he knew that’s where Audrey would be. Maybe why Ron looks so startled when Mark appears is because he didn’t know he’d be there and he covers for it by looking chastised at Mark shushing him to keep the secret. It sticks out a bit for me because this whole bit with Ron was not necessary when Mark was always going to deliver the Audrey backstory conversation and the “as long as she lives…” bit. There’s no reason for Ron and Audrey to have this interaction unless it means something later. Could be nothing but it could very easily also be something.

3) That wasn’t at all what I was saying about Heller and the Alzheimer’s. I believe Heller was going to resign, too, and that the Alzheimer’s was a relatively new development– less than a year, probably more like a few months from what it sounded like when Audrey and Mark were talking about it in the premiere. But the fact that Audrey has known for months that her father is ill and is actively trying to keep it a secret means that she *is* conspiring to keep him in office and her and Mark dealing with it in this way where they are influencing his decisions *is* a shadow presidency. That is what I meant– that Audrey is already doing wrong in the eyes of the law and the fact that it’s her dad doesn’t make any difference. What do you think Jack is going to say when he finds out Heller has Alzheimer’s and that Mark and Audrey have been covering it up? Obviously, he’ll be empathetic towards Heller’s struggle but do you think it’s going to make Jack rush to trust the Boudreaus when he learns of that? What if he finds out that Audrey isn’t all that upset about the coverup of the drone strike that killed Muhammed Al-Harazi? She thinks Mark made the right call and she has such a non-reaction to it (no surprise) that it’s entirely possible that she also knew. But how do we not know for sure? Because Audrey sits back and lets Mark do all the dirty work here for the purpose of hanging him out to dry at some point, if things get hairy in the future.

All of this was shown in Audrey’s reactions to Heller giving the speech to Parliament. From the symptoms we’ve seen him exhibiting, Heller had at best a fifty-fifty shot of making it through that speech. He could have made his goal of securing the base without incident if they had followed Mark’s back-channel idea– and we’re talking not just Heller publicly embarrassing himself but damage done to the U.S. and the Republican party here. Major image problems that affect whether or not the most influential military base the U.S. has gets to stay in their hands. If you’re the Chinese, you don’t want Heller to get this base. Who argues in favor of everything with the strongest outcome of Heller not making it through the speech? Audrey.

She’s willing to let her father publicly embarrass himself and she gets away with it by making Mark out to be the villain in the family– stop making choices for Dad, Mark! It doesn’t matter that he’s losing his damn mind so someone has to help him make some choices– the one choice that is right is the one I’ve decided on! Your logic makes no sense!

The real moment of truth is how she is when they’re prepping him for the speech. Audrey sits there and lets Mark push Heller into doing the speech by waiting until Mark has gone just that bit too far to tell him to back off. She sits there knowing that if she waits long enough that Mark cares enough about her father to try to force him to see the reality of the situation and he’ll not be nice about it because someone has to speak the truth here. When Mark challenges Heller, Heller re-dedicates himself to doing the speech. Mission accomplished for Audrey, who manipulated Mark into goading her father into doing the one thing Mark didn’t want him to do but Audrey *did* want him to do.

It’s also worth nothing that Heller’s Alzheimer’s itself is suspicious. It’s “progressing faster than the doctors had anticipated”, according to Audrey herself. That’s convenient because if Heller had not been already dying by the time this day came around, maybe he wouldn’t have chosen to sacrifice himself. Maybe he would have chosen not to negotiate with terrorists. You can’t really be sure if he’s healthy but you can be sure if he’s sick. And the people involved in the production of the show keep pointing out Heller’s pill bottle, on top of a scene designed just so Jack could see it and see Heller forget something right after it. That has to come up at some point, whether or not Heller makes it through the next episode.

Plus, it’s just good irony. Remember Audrey with Paul in the hotel room on Day 4, when she tried to pretend like she wanted to get back together with him? Even before she became a mole she was a pretty great liar. It would be ironic if after all the hell she went through, she then turned around framed her second husband to be a terrorist after her first husband died after being accused of being one. Remember on Day 5 when Audrey was accused of being a mole and then wasn’t? Yeah. Audrey having become a spy for an enemy country because of the side effects of a life in the orbits of her father and Jack Bauer is the story, not Audrey sitting around for (suspiciously) only about a scene a week, during which she is either crying or being kind of terrible to the guy she married because doesn’t that make her an awesome woman? Let’s give it up for Audrey Boudreau, who married a man she doesn’t love, whom she treats terribly for doting on her and her father, who is fine with any government coverup that benefits her and best of all– the true gem– did not fight for Jack at all. She could have got Daddy to take Jack’s name off the designated terrorist list. She could have made it so that he could be with his home. She did not. Why does she deserve Jack again?

How the hell is Audrey doing wrong in the eyes of the law? I just graduated from law school, and I don’t remember learning about any law that says that you are required to resign the presidency the minute you are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Plus, there is no evidence that she is making any decisions for her father or improperly influencing him. The only evidence we have of anyone acting improperly on behalf of the president is Mark forging the rendition order, and that has nothing to do with Heller’s condition.

Re. the terrorist watch list, we don’t even know if she knew about Jack being designated a terrorist, or that she didn’t defend him at the time. She said “I knew I should have defended you MORE,” which kind of indicates that she did defend him. But remember, she hasn’t seen Jack for years, she probably doesn’t know why he left her, and she might have found it hard to believe that Jack did those things but she had nothing to go on to prove that he didn’t (because, by the way, he did pretty much do what he was accused of). As far as she knows, she risked her life and almost died trying to get him out of China, and then when she came back sick he walked away from her. I think if anything he doesn’t deserve her, not the other way around.

If you have any doubt as to why she deserves Jack, rewatch the scene in episode 6x19, I think (11 PM on season 6), where Cheng explains how everyone in the government had given up on Jack and decided he was an acceptable loss – except for Audrey. She went against her father, her friends, and her government and risked her life to prove that the Chinese were holding him and try to get him out of there. And after everything the Chinese put her through, he walked away from her when she arguably needed him the most. Even if she knows what her father said to Jack, she would still have every right to be angry at Jack for leaving her…when she entered the room where Jack was sitting in episode 5, I half expected her to slap him, and I was kind of disappointed that she didn’t.

I like the idea of Audrey knowing more than we think and knowing more than she is letting on, and it was be so awesome if she and Chloe teamed up again, but I highly doubt she is corrupt. It would be completely ridiculous for the writers to go that route in my opinion. Audrey has had truly horrible things happen to her (just like Jack), yet she is still fighting for the same things Jack is. I think Audrey’s innate goodness is something the writers will not mess with because I think it’s one of the main reasons why Jack loves her, and I think it’s one of the main reasons why they brought her back.

Audrey is one of the very few main characters that experienced some of the worst trauma, and she’s still good. She’s there to remind Jack of who he is, and turning her would be pointless and unbelievable.

I think the main reason they brought her back is exactly because everyone will think that she’s still on the side of the angels and because her history with Jack will make her betrayal have more impact. She was not brought back to end up with Jack Bauer but to be a consequence of his life. Can you imagine the uproar from the part of the fanbase who thinks that Renee Walker was Jack’s one and only? If you were the producers of this show, would you want to read that noise on your Twitter every day for the rest of your life? :)

i had no idea a person would go this far and put this much time and effort ( essay after essay) just to portray a Character bad and make up some impossible theories just becoz she despises that character. this is just a TV character FFS. come on mary. its not real.
all the evidence and even an interview 2 days ago by kiefer points out to the fact that this is going to be the last season. and he said this season is about getting closure to whole series since they left everything just hanging there at the end of season 8. closure meaning most likely happy ending for jack. (i know in your opinion , this means just go to his daughter kim’s house and babysit her kids but for TV standard, it always the guy get the girl ) so i think Audrey is the happy ending for jack. that’s the main purpose of portraying mark as a bad person also(why it has to be Audrey’s hubby? why not someone else). jack’s love interest is the purpose of her being in the series.
24 has some of it’s formulas and character positions. for example,
A mole in CTU/ CIA
a bad guy in the white house sherry palmer/ mark
a love interest for jack terry/renee/audrey and so on..
so this time it’s audrey’s turn to play that love part.
even though you(mary) dont see it since your hate toward audrey blind your judgment, 90% of viewers saw the genuine feeling between these 2 in the reunion scene. it’s 2 risky to turn her bad and make a scene like as if jack tortcher her something since many people would think it’s not realistic and unacceptable. because i know a huge fan base who want to see these two end up together in the end. if you go to 24 social media sites , you would know. even these offcial sites are promoting these 2 as a couple. so in the worst scenario, even if jack /audrey not united in the end, i am pretty sure they wont turn her into terrorist. you wait and see , in 6 weeks time , ill come and say, look i say so.
while we are in the subject, i know you also think that Heller will die. to be honest , im 50/50.. not sure. but my question is , would they promote the scene in promo as if ” the president is just about to die” if he really going to die? it’s always when they promote and make people think like “ohh ok this is gonna happen”,we see the opposite is true. if he really gonna die, i dont think they will promote as if he is gonna die coz if he gonna die, it will be out of the blue. i think that’s the only concern. my instinct say he gonna die but the logic say he is not. will see

I don’t think the writers care about drama from Renee fans. They killed her. There are plenty of fans who think Audrey and Jack are meant to be and want to see them end up together if and when Jack is finally allowed a happy ending. I’ve even noticed some Renee fans online conceding that Audrey has always loved Jack powerfully after that reunion scene and that if there’s a chance of happiness for Jack, he deserves it. A betrayal by Audrey would be so ludicrous in my opinion that it wouldn’t actually be impactful at all. It would just take me out of the story completely and ruin my suspension of disbelief, which is essential if you’re a 24 fan.

As for her seemingly cavalier attitude about the drone strike, though she’s definitely pragmatic my feeling about that was that she was simply trying her best to diffuse the tension building between her father and Mark. I also think that was smart writing in an emotional context because in her heart she was already betraying Mark because of Jack’s presence, was conflicted about it, and was grasping for a way to show loyalty to him, even if she wasn’t totally conscious of it. Therefore she supported him in that moment.

I agree 100%. It is possible that Mary is right, because the 24 producers have done ridiculous things like that in the past. But it would be really messed up if they went there. There are some things about Mark’s version of her back story that don’t make sense, but there not one thing Audrey has said or done this season that in any way suggests that she is acting on behalf of a government that abducted and tortured her to help sabotage her own father’s administration.

Huge NO about Audrey and Jack ending happily ever after. I though this show was supposed to be a tragedy and Jack was never meant to be a happily ever after guy. The writers made a lot of very very decisive statements about that aspect of the show after S8. So what now, will they just eat crow just a season after that by rerolling everything back after how incessantly and proudly bragged about 24 being a tragedy?

And I will be really annoyed this so called ‘happy ending’ in this season becomes a reality via Jack wrecking a marriage just by showing up in London. Not to mention there isn’t really any build-up for any kind of happy ending in this season either. 24 has never ever catered to shippers and this season is one of the most unsuitable to cater for them.

Ozgur– 100% agreed with everything you just said.

LAD fan– I type ridiculously fast because I write so it really wasn’t a lot of time invested at all. Everything I typed above to AgentRez took me maybe five minutes. It was a decent coffee break :) Some people do Sudoku puzzles, I like to analyze stories *shrug*

I very well might be wrong. It’s totally possible. But your argument for why I’m wrong boils down to you like Jack and Audrey and want them to get back together and so you have put the blinders on to any potential scenario where that might not be the case. I have to admit I chuckled quite a bit at you thinking that a happy ending on 24 means getting the girl. This is the show that turned that on its head in its very first season with Teri Bauer. Jack is cursed to never “get the girl”– the girls are lucky to escape with their lives.

Kiefer sums up Jack’s struggle really well in numerous interviews when he says that he can never fully win– he can save the President but he’ll lose his wife. How would you ever think the ending for Jack would ever be any different? Kim is, by Jack’s own words on Day 8, the “love of his life”. He’s colder and darker and lonelier because he’s been estranged from his family for four years, according to Kiefer in all these interviews. He’s spending the whole day running around with a woman (Kate Morgan) who looks like Kim and onto whom he’s projecting all this Kim-related stuff. It’s foreshadowing for Kim at the end of the day. No one will disagree that being with his family will make Jack Bauer happy so that’s the happiness he’s going to get. But if he gets his family, he has to lose something else. That something else, at this point, can only really be Audrey.

Sprite~~ I can totally see the diffusing the tension aspect of that scene as well and her conflict over betraying Jack, absolutely. I’m not saying that none of that stuff exists and she’s just some evil robot. I’m saying that on top of the obvious conflicts that we know she is experiencing over Jack and Mark, scenes like the one you mentioned could have another layer added to them if we find out that something else is also going on.

AgentRez– Call it ridiculous if you want but how long did we spend on Day 1 thinking Nina Myers was just the office bicycle? Audrey would have a totally different agenda than Nina but this pitting two guys against one another thing and manipulating their opinions of one another is *awfully* familiar. The only difference is that Jack and Tony were friends and Mark and Jack had never met until this morning.

You could argue that part of Mark’s distaste for Jack comes from what Audrey has either hinted at to him or told him about. It has to come from somewhere and then you have Mark now scratching his head and looking around and wondering why, if this Jack Bauer guy was as terrible as Audrey said he was, why is Heller okay with chatting with him and letting him help? Why did Audrey go to see him? I thought this guy was so dangerous for my wife’s state of mind that I forged the President’s name and tried to hand him over to the Russians… then I met him and he was… a pretty nice guy.

Something? Does not add up here.

AgentRez– Congrats on graduating law school! But I still can’t believe you think it’s alright to have a commander-in-chief who can’t get through ten minutes without some kind of incident revealing increasing cognitive impairment. Heller frequently forgets conversations, mixes up nouns… you are so worried about his ability to lead that you think it’s possible that Mark could take advantage of him and use his Alzheimer’s against him in some way in the future. Your own argument suggests that Heller is not healthy enough to be in office and if he’s not up for the job, why is he there? If he’s incapable of being the President, he should have *already* resigned the office. By not helping him to do this, Audrey and Mark are absolutely in the wrong. It doesn’t matter if either one of them have another agenda or twist in this story, they both are conspiring in something that could be construed to the outside world as a coup. Keeping Heller in office as a kind of mascot President while they are the ones controlling the real decision making is not on the up-and-up. They both should be held accountable for that.

I know Audrey went to China for Jack. I’m asking what she’s done for Jack *since* China. Since she came back… since she was tortured using psychoactive drugs for months on end. Today, even. She argued that Jack should be spared by the Marines because he might be right about the threat but never makes a further case to her father that he should be allowed anything more than that. She stood by while her father sent Marines in to kill Jack and did nothing to stop it. Jack was brought to the hotel under arrest and will continue to be after this threat is over, unless someone gets him a pardon. Audrey? Did not plead a case in support of Jack. She went to see Jack and told him she should have defended him more. Yeah. She should have. Even after she goes to see him, she is not seen defending him. She still could have gotten his name off the designated terrorist list so he wouldn’t have had to run for the last four and a half years but she didn’t do that, either. Since Audrey came back from China, there’s not a single thing you can actually point to that shows her using her position for anything personally related to Jack, just stopping the immediate threat. Anyway you shake it, she works in the administration that designated Jack a terrorist and did nothing to stop it.

Kiki Vanderway
June 11, 2014 at 4:55 pm
I don’t care if Mary spends her whole life thinking of TV show conspiracy theories and debating them online -Mary you are awesome I don’t agree with everything but then you pull out analogies like Nina Meyers= Village bicycle & I laugh out loud! You are a treasure! Thank you for taking the time to share your wonderful views and great turns of phrase.

Hey now, it’s not my entire life ;)

Awww kiki you made my day :) People at my work tonight were in such *terrible* moods and then you go and leave me a sweet message. Thanks :)

This is a the series end we talking about. not the season end. so yes the series end has to be meaningful. thats what Keifer said in the latest interview also. they brought back 24 to give closure for whole series since they had everything hanging there at the end of season 8. so there is gonnna be a meaningful probably happy ending after all.
there will always be people exist who ships couple as long as the word love and feeling exist in the planet. . you say 24 is not about love stories. yes i agree but love stotries do play a part in it. if not there will be no terry , renee, audrey. there would not have been any screen time invested in intense scene such as the one with audrey and jack. if you think love have no part to play in 24 then why the hell jack audrey reunion scene was promoted so heavily in 24 social media site and fox website. it’s due to the fact , whether you like it or not , there are many people enjoy these 2 together as much as they enjoy jack torturing the terrorists. i dont think you have any right to say what to expect or not to expect by a LAD fan in the series. and other thing , i dont say there will happy ending like jack and audrey going to get merried in the end or something like that. all i am saying is mark will be out of the picture and they will leave the door open for reconciliation between these 2 in the future.
remember thats why marks being portrayed as bad guy. even though you cant see it you wait and see. if mark/audrey marriage is going to end , it will not because of jack. it will be because mark’s stupidity and his shadiness.

cant wait for next 5 to 6 weeks to prove how delusional you are. heheh. i think 24 hit you in the brain “right there”

cant wait for next 5 to 6 weeks to prove how delusional you are. heheh. i think 24 hit you in the brain “right there”

Just a comment to the “get out” message Chloe got. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t from Belcheck. He was just released from the arms dealers warehouse (on the other side of London?) and it took only 30 seconds from when we saw him with Jack, to Chloe got that message, no time jump. No way Belcheck, that minutes before was knocked out by MI5, suddenly had access to intel about the police that Chloe and Jack didn’t have. The person that sent the message was most likely just one of her hacker friends that saw the police in the area, or maybe Cross. He might be the bad guy, but he still seems to care about Chloe.

You’re right about Belcheck and the timing. It’s hard to tell where Cross is in the episode but he walks by store fronts, so he could be somewhere near Chloe. Either him or Belcheck make the most sense but then I was thinking… Chloe had to get out of there really early in the episode and you know who was still at his computer and had access to CCTV cameras at that point in the hour? Jordan Reed.

Adrian told Navarro they had access to the systems and Navarro was surprised by this. Earlier in the day, Chloe told Kate Open Cell *didn’t* have access, and showed her how to give it to them. Maybe Chloe lied to Kate protect their source inside the CIA while Adrian was referring to that source without mentioning his name but they both meant Jordan?

Please make another season and tony should come back

Chloe should not die this season

So I don’t think Chloe is in on what Adrian was doing, but I feel like his being involved makes that at least a possibility. I really hope they don’t go that route.

For those complaining about the special effects looking cheap or fake; this is not a $150 million dollar movie, this is a limited tv series with a small turnaround time between production and broadcast with about a five to six million per episode budget from what I read. Plus it’s being filmed overseas.

So cut them some slack.

If you have to cut people slack, it’s an admission that they fell short. I don’t think it disrupted the episode in a huge way, but it would have been better if the explosions looked more real. Why pretend otherwise?

Gotta agree.

I know the show was off the air for four years, but I find it fascinating that the show’s special effects budget appeared to have regressed instead of the other way around.

Agreed here. Not all of the explosions look terrible, but nowhere near on par with what the Blackwells did (weren’t they the 24 special effects brothers?). I think with the budget they have they could do better, but then again, I am not an expert on the production of television, so maybe they realistically can’t. Either way, I’m still highly enjoying the show!

I find the aftermath stuff to be really effective. The explosions themselves aren’t so hot but the stuff that really has the impact– the people in the rubble type of stuff– has never been better, IMO.

Agree there, I cringed when I saw the person with half of their arm blown off. Graphic.

Wow! LOVED this episode! Of course it was over the top but I think it was really original! When have we ever seen anything like this on 24!? A car chase with only one car Lol. So cool to see Margot scrambling to try and kill them (not to mention that neither she nor Ian even care that they’re killing their family anymore)

Loved the heller stuff as well. I love how his health is really affecting the Main plot and isn’t just some silly side plot. It makes sense that heller would give himself up because in his mind he’s damaged and useless so he figures he mind as well do some good before his health completely deteriorates. The effects were a little fake looking but some explosions looked great!

Also who the hell tipped off the police to Chloe being there!? And who warned her to get out?

Love that we were all right about cross. However I’m not very fond that they seem to be textbook bad guys who will just kill Jordan without thinking twice.

I had one major gripe that I just can’t get past and that is how insanely ridiculous it is that, within 5 seconds of looking at a grainy black and white video of hundreds of people exiting the hospital, Margot is able to spot Simone and know its them Lol. Just very silly and laughable but I’ll forgive it because it lead to one of the coolest sequences ever in 24.

Overall incredible episode.

Dunno’ how Margot and Naveed couldn’t kill the trio when they were switching to that Land Rover type car for about 2-3 minutes though lol.

Its because Ian was repositioning the drone. Lowering its altitude to have a better shot since he said it was their last missile.

Tony will save jack

Love for Tony and Kim always saves Jack in the end. :)

Kate should get with jack

Heller and Davies was awesome! Loved the car chase, but it did have a little too much product placement involved, but still awesome. I’m feeling very sorry for Heller, I think he’s feeling hopeless and useless at this point much like Logan did in Day 5 when he almost committed suicide (they even played a hint of the soundtrack “Logan’s Near Suicide” when he was talking to Margot). I’m also feeling very bad for Jordan…he seems so eager to please and is just like a little kid when Navarro sends him out. Navarro even felt bad for him…sad story.

Also, a huge smile came to my face when they mentioned Novakovich! I know it’s tiny, but at least they remember that Day 8 existed!

June 9, 2014 at 10:50 pm
Thank you— I recognized the sound track from a previous episode but couldn’t place it.

Day 8 is at the core of the whole day! Still, I was like yay a mention of Evil Mike Novick*

*You know it was kind of a thin episode when this was a highlight…

I like when there are throwbacks to the past. Like when Henderson said Mason or Nina might have framed him, when Chloe mentioned in Day 4 to Tony that Bill had been at Division since Chappelle died, the bleak mentions of Alan Wilson in Day 8, that type of stuff. I like that the series is entirely canonical and legitimately connected throughout. I ESPECIALLY love any mention of Teri. When Graem said to Jack to Day 6 something along the lines of “I think family means everything, and I think your dead wife would agree”, my eyes widened to a new extreme. I LOVE that Teri’s death has such a profound effect on the series, though to an understandably lesser extent in the later seasons. Powerful stuff.

So I loved the reference to Novakovich, but also loved the hour as a whole.

Same here. I was like yay we get to add Novakovich to the mentioned-after-death list!

References to Teri make everything better. I love when the show continually reminds us of just how much her murder affected Jack and influenced every relationship (not just romantic) that he’s had since. Totally agree about that Graem scene in particular. I was even happy to see Graem and Phillip (and okay if I must, Marilyn’s) name in Jack’s file on screen a few hours back. It’s nice when they don’t just give us allusions to stuff that’s come before but sometimes flat-out reference it.

::: Also, a huge smile came to my face when they mentioned Novakovich! I know it’s tiny, but at least they remember that Day 8 existed!

Wake me up when they bother to reference Renee Walker or Allison Taylor.
I can’t believe we get a mention of Novakovich of all people but not the two characters who actually started the whole revenge rampage thing in the first place.

I thought tonight’s episode was fantastic. The third and fourth episodes were, in my opinion, extremely slow, and the pacing was completely off; so last week’s and especially tonight’s episodes have reminded me of what it’s like to watch 24 in its truest and most thrilling form.

I also thought Heller was incredible and the definite standout tonight, and the scenes with Jack and Kate (who has definitely grown on me) in the hospital and in the car/drone chase were really great.

My only complaint would be that I feel Kim Raver and Mary Lynn Rajskub have been shockingly underused thus far. I really hope both Audrey and Chloe have more screen time in the upcoming episodes because I think they’re both fantastic in their respective roles.

But overall, really, really great episode. And next week’s looks even better :)

Agreed about Kim Raver and Mary Lynn being underused, especially Kim. They haven’t given her much to do, except that great scene with Kiefer two weeks ago.

Kate’s scenes with Yasmine were really nice, and it was cool to see a quieter/softer side of Kate this week. She’s good with kids. :D

I want them to give Audrey something to do besides wait around for Jack. She’s proven in the past to be a strong, intelligent, outspoken character and Kim Raver is a great actress, but they’re not giving her anything to work with.

I couldn’t stand Kate at first (I thought she was too bland/blonde to be convincing as a field agent and I’m still pissed about Renee dying), but she has been GREAT in these past 2 episodes. And her scenes with Yasmin were really sweet :)

I agree with you on Audrey and Chloe, but… they’re serving their purpose. Audrey and Chloe have always been more like props than actual characters. Audrey is “victimized love interest” and Chloe is “loyal tech wizard.” Why change that now? (Answer: Because it would be better. But I’m used to it at this point.)

Clayton, I think those roles are so about to change over the next few hours…

Agreed about Audrey and Chloe. Both of them were barely in this episode, and Audrey was barely in the last one, which was really disappointing. I assume she will play a more important role next week when her father appears to be offering himself up to Margot Al Harazi. Plus she still has to find out about Mark and the rendition order…that ought to be interesting.

As for Chloe, I am now a little suspicious. I don’t think she is involved with what Adrian is doing with the Chinese but I don’t think we can rule it out. I remember in season 7 when Tony sort of disappeared for several episodes and then when he came back it was hard to see where they were going to take his storyline, and then suddenly he suffocated Larry Moss to death. I really don’t think Chloe would be involved in something sinister but it is possible.

Kim and Kiefer’s chemistry is unrivaled. Their scenes together throughout the years are some of the best in the series, so I hope we get some more of the two of them next week.

I have a VERY bad feeling that Chloe may not make it to live another (another) day…

I hate to say this but she’s the only character that would kind of make sense to kill off at this point (Heller and especially Audrey are safe IMO), even though I sincerely hope they don’t.

Agreed about Kiefer and Kim’s chemistry. They are just amazing together. They make it seem so real that it literally felt like my heart was breaking at the end of season 6.

I also agree that Chloe could be in danger because she is the only returning character that it would make any sense to kill. I really hope they don’t kill her. There is no reason any of the 4 returning characters need to die.

kiki vanderway
June 9, 2014 at 11:29 pm
I truly hope they don’t have Chloe to betray Jack. It would smack too much of the Tony turn in S7. I understand the writers have a habit of starting with the premise “what is the one thing we can’t do” and then doing it but there is a line and that would cross it in a very bad irredeemable way.

I am with you 100%. I was trusting Chloe as of episode 3, but this twist with Adrian makes me wonder. I agree that it would be way too repetitive of season 7 if they did that.

The only thing to do with Chloe is give her conflict over helping Jack. After they’re done saving innocent lives and this plot gets more personal, I don’t know if she’s ultimately going to be on the same side as he is.

I am afraid of that too now. Chloe being Jack’s loyal sidekick is one of the most heavily ingrained maxims of the show, which means that upending it is one of the most shocking things they could do. I hope they will not go there, but it is possible…I think it’s more likely than your conspiracy theories regarding Audrey. That said, I really hope they don’t go there with Chloe. It would be a ridiculous repeat of the same storyline that ruined season 7, except even more ridiculous.

Yeah, upending the maxims is their status quo but I don’t even think it’s just that. It’s literally all to do with her character. Without something happening to Chloe, there is no story– she just reads the technobabble to Jack for hours on end and (as we’ve been seeing since basically 9.03) this gets boring really fast.

It’s kind of Chloe’s full-circle story: start off as the biggest rulebook follower in the history of mankind, spend a few seasons with Jack Bauer, become a pro-free information hacker. The current Chloe is inconceivable when you first meet her on Day 3. That’s not ridiculous, IMO– that’s a story. That’s a character developing from how they originally were. It’s no different than Jack standing there in the pilot, all dyed blonde like Kate is now, talking to Nina about how the agents he busted weren’t bad men, they just compromised once. Jack’s destiny from that moment is to eventually become a compromised man, which is achieved by the end of Day 8. Now, we’re seeing him with a woman who is like a version of himself and he’s trying to keep her from repeating some of the same mistakes, trying to help her along while he gets in touch with his younger self.

That kind of full-circle means they can’t ignore the repercussions of what’s happened in Jack’s life and Chloe and Audrey are the best examples of people who have been negatively affected. Jack, ultimately, has to get back to Kim and Teri. Start with a Kim and Teri on Day 1, end with a Kim and Teri on Day 9. They represent goodness that has thrived in his spite of Jack’s life. If we throw Tony in the mix in a couple of hours, that only can go up from here because Tony was the first of the influential voices (and perhaps the most influential voice) around Jack to fall victim to his life. Jack winds up with none of the love interests he’s had season after season– he ends up with Tony and his family. Audrey was never supposed to be from the start, IMO, and she’s stuck around this long because the more history she has with him, the more the weight of her betrayal, the more impact her story ultimately has. Chloe is a crapshoot. The difficult thing is that she doesn’t have a lot left to live for, so they could go a different route and instead of her betraying Jack, she dies as a result of this mission he’s brought her into. She could be the tragic death. Or she could just as easily wind up on his side. It’s kind of dependent on what happens with other characters, I think.

New West Virginian
June 10, 2014 at 9:53 pm
If Heller really gives himself up that will be a repeat of Hassan doing that.

Yep. And George Mason (dying guy goes out for greater good) and a bit of Ryan Chappelle (a deadline, a terrorist demand for his head) and some Allison Taylor (turning herself over to Juma in the White House attack) and David Palmer (negotiating with Saunders) and Wayne Palmer (negotiating with Fayed to stop attacks). It’s a one-stop shop of allusions to all characters with elements of this storyline.

Kiki Vanderway
June 12, 2014 at 8:32 am
Yes all true on the echoes of hard leadership decision making in this series. However, I do think if that does happen then the ending will actually be a Jack and Audrey reunion. The one thing day after day that Jack does is suppress his own desires/wants/needs for the greater good. Day 9 starts that way as well.

The only time he ever forcefully stood up for himself was the end of Day 6. And Heller stood in his way and backed him down and Jack recognized the futility of wanting what he couldn’t have even if it was the only thing that mattered. And everything he said to Heller regarding how shittily he had been treated and forgotten about by the govt in general and Heller specifically whom Jack had every reason to think would at least try and help him was/is still true.

So if Heller is going down, I would love to see– and I think for the sake of balance we need to see– a bookend moment when Heller goes out where he looks at Jack and makes him promise to take good care of Audrey and that he has a clean record and can return to try a piece his life together.

Could not agree more with this.

Only jack baur can out run a drone

LOL. How true. :D

it all Mark fault that the Russians know about Jack……..from what I gather from the Russian Deputy Minister…..the govt will not admit their own govenment involvement in criminal activity especially the Russian President

New West Virginian
June 10, 2014 at 9:54 pm
Taylor had mentioned she would make the entire conspiracy public so its likely Novakovich and Suvarov were both exposed.

kate is this all knowing ever wise character who seems to be so exciting ot be around. Would be a great person to be good friends with. She has this really cute otugh side too her.

Who else thinks there is going to be some kind of inappropriate romance ebtween kate and jack or are they too similar?

kiki vanderway
June 9, 2014 at 11:34 pm
Will not happen. Too much of a cliche and Audrey is back for a reason and it isn’t to watch Jack and Kate hook up.

Agreed. Plus it would be too repetitive of season 8.

Plus, I doubt she has Daddy issues. C’mon, he’s old enough to be her father. Grandfather, in Biblical times.

Thank you!!!

I might be overthinking it, but she looks too much like Kim to me to be a coincidence. We know Jack wasn’t the most faithful husband . . . I have this strange feeling that Kate’s obsession with Jack is because he is her father.

Chuck… I keep going back and forth as to whether or not she’s just supposed to remind us of Kim or if her Bauer tendencies are from legit DNA. The way everyone involved flat-out refuses ideas of romance between them is unusual… usually, they leave a window open, just to not tick off a group of fans. This totally makes sense if they want to underline the idea that it’s father-daughter-like, but then, uh… is Kate Morgan being a Bauer not the easiest way to keep open the possibility of Jack dropping in on a future series of 24? To keep not just Jack but the characters from his world? There are some reasons why I think you could easily be right…

They’re similar because he clearly sees his daughter when he looks at her.

I think boudrae will get caught withi his pants down for the forged signature and it will be the catalyst for audrey to hook up with jack. aLSO, kate is going to hook up with that techy who got shot in the water

Why would Kate not hook up with her husband, since he’s really innocent?

Kiki Vanderway
June 10, 2014 at 11:24 am
Cause he’s dead

Semantics lol.

Kiki Vanderway
June 10, 2014 at 8:36 pm
Or necrophilia…whichever

*laughs* Either way, it’s not likely to overtake Kate-Belcheck for cult ship status.

Huumm, could we at least let Kate Morgan mourn for her dead husband (since he is innocent) properly rather than outright shipping her to someone else immediately?

Yes. That is absolutely the decent thing to do, which is why there are so many ship options already. :)

Kiki Vanderway
June 12, 2014 at 8:34 am
I wish they would cast Michael C Hall as the hapless Adam…would at least be good for a giggle.

He shows up with donuts, Agent Dean’s tools go missing, and three scenes later we cut to Navarro waking up in a plastic-sheeted hell.

This is crazy – only 12 episodes of “24”! I have never raced home to see any other show… I love Criminal Minds, The Blacklist and Scandal – but no show has kept me on the edge of my seat and shouting like a maniac except “24”! I’m begging FOX – please pick up more episodes of “24”! I’ve already pre-ordered this season. I don’t care what it costs! Audrey’s sneaky, insecure husband…Margot one of the most vicious terrorists “24” has ever produced, Navarro the unlikely mole, Kate the tough, smart agent who got a raw deal and the inimitable Jack Bauer – back in action and hot on the trail – what more can you ask for?

All in all, this season has been fantastic. However, I am interested to see some discussion about the following points.

1) First and foremost, I feel everyone is undermining a minor, yet, possibly important subplot. WHO is Heller’s VP? Although this has been relatively unimportant in the past, if Heller gets eliminated in next week’s episode, someone else will have to call the shots. (How great would it be if Mike Novick or Tom Lennox stepped in? Haha).

2) Navarro/Cross/(Chloe?). — I highly doubt that Chloe would double-cross Jack — but anything is possible on 24. If anything, I feel she may have been involved with what Cross was doing PRIOR to Jack’s intervention, but a change of heart is now evident. Better yet, we’ll see what is to come in the upcoming episodes. I must also note that I am almost sure this season will see the end of Chloe/Heller/or Audrey’s days — but I assume not Audrey’s.

3) Jordan — At first a relatively unimportant, but not VERY significant character. I certainly hope that he makes it out alive, as I feel there is a whole lot more to the Kate/Adam Morgan subplot that we may have overlooked. Having said that, I’m sure that will be resolved by the finale.

4) The future — I am interested to see what others have to say about post-LAD. We know that the last episode of the season finishes where the day started in terms of hours. But having said that, what will happen in the time in between episodes 8-12? I think between these episodes, we will see a deterioration with the Margot plot and an increase with the Russia/China plots. Let’s face it, she was already starting to lose in this episodes.

Overall, I am more than happy with this season. Nobody has seen TV until they’ve seen 24.

PS — Heller, Jack, Navarro, and Kate have been unbelievable this season. Hopefully if we get a Day 10, the Kate/Jack duo will continue.

Best wishes, all!

re: 2–

They’ve dropped a couple of hints with Chloe that all might not be as it seems. The first is that Adrian commented to her about all they’ve built in the last *six* years. It’s been four and a half years since Day 8. This means that Chloe was working with Adrian Cross and Open Cell while she was working at CTU: NY on Day 8, which actually fits in pretty seamlessly. What did she do at the end of Day 8? She got Arlo to mirror all of CTU’s systems to an outside server. She’s wanted by the CIA for the release of tens of thousands of government documents while working with Open Cell. Chloe stole that stuff and helped Adrian release them. Her being a mole on Day 8 also fits in with stuff like how she was pretending she had fallen behind while being a stay-at-home mom and hamming it up early in the day (banging on her keyboard, etc), she gets nervous when Renee shows up, worried that she’d be caught but then, lucky for Chloe, it turned out Dana was also a mole.

The other hint is that when Cross talks to Navarro, he keeps saying “we” and yet Open Cell is just the middle man for passing info. But there’s more than one person helping Cross. The most likely person this could be is Chloe. Then, think about how Navarro realized that Adrian had access to the CIA’s systems already. If they’re helping Navarro, they’d almost assuredly have to have access to get in and cover his tracks but if Chloe is in on helping Navarro, then she lied to Kate earlier today when she said they didn’t have access and got Kate to help her get it. (She would have had to lie about this in order to keep how she and Cross are helping Navarro secret.)

If the reasons for helping Navarro are personal– and they most likely have to be if Adrian Cross is involved because this doesn’t really seem like his bag, based on the rest of his personality– then Chloe could be helping him, working a bit against Jack in the process, and still not be a “villain” in the strictest sense.

Interesting theory, but I read Adrian’so comment about 6.5 years to mean that he and some of the others had been doing it for 6.5 years, not that Chloe was involved the whole time. Even if she is hiding something from Jack/has some other agenda, which I do think is possible, I am pretty sure it would have begun sometime after season 8 when she was in jail or when her family was killed. It just wouldn’t make any sense for her to have been involved with Cross before season 8.

I agree that it’s totally possible Cross meant that Open Cell had existed for 6 years but it was weird how he said “everything we’ve built in six years” to Chloe directly. Considering that Chloe got Arlo to mirror all of CTU’s systems to an outside server at the end of Day 8 and that her plan was to expose the secrets of the conspiracy, it’s not inconceivable that she could have been working for Open Cell during Day 8. She also worked with a group of rogue agents out to expose corruption in the government on Day 7. It’s actually not that big of a leap to think that Chloe could have been involved with Cross prior to Day 8 since it’s not that much of a stretch from what they were trying to do on Day 7.

I’d be very surprised if Chloe had been working with Adrian from that far back. I could however quite easily believe that she was on his radar way back then because he’d heard about her through the hacker grapevine. And considering her particular skills and knowledge and access to information, he’d have considered her a very valuable potential asset for his organisation.

So he had her family bumped off so she was ripe for the picking, alone and angry, and he could offer her an outlet for it all and a new purpose in life, and he’d have access to all the information she had access to. Snagging Chloe was a massive win for him and his operation, no wonder he “loves” her.

RE: #1

Sorry, I had to laugh at art’s reflection of real life, since a shocking number of people (30% or more, depending on the poll) don’t know who Obama’s VP is, and nobody cares unless something happens to the president.

VP is Ethan Kanin

He really is the only guy on the planet that Heller would trust and the history there? Ethan Kanin’s known the plot since Day 6. He doesn’t need a DVD refresher. He had that front row seat to Allison Taylor’s crazy and he’d send Jack home. Done, and done. Let’s just forget about how he’s a senior citizen with a heart problem as I think someone else pointed out here already. Hey, at least these two probably saved Medicare…

One more thing — who is the at the end of the line??? Navarro-Adrian-_____???????? Hopefully an old character returns here. Tony would be kind of neat (never thought I’d say that).

Best wishes, all!

I think it was Belcheck but also think Tony’ll pop up in 2 or 3 episodes.

The writers of 24 are AMAZING!! Great action with twists & turns around every corner! LOVE IT!!

Did anyone else notice the score at the end of the episode during the Heller-Margo conversation? It was a nice throwback to Season 5 when Logan was contemplating suicide, only to be derailed by a call from Miles. I loved it.

Awesome observation. Now, I need to watch this again. :)

Now that Heller’s health issues are going public, Mark might actually have a way out. Heller’s plan to resign could help Mark cover up the forged signature, and make it look like Heller forgot he signed the paper altogether. I wouldn’t put it past that slimeball to pull something like that.

On a related note, even though it feels extremely rushed, I do like where the Alzheimer’s storyline is going, and how it is effecting how much of the season plays out. I appreciate that Heller’s illness potentially going public justifies his decision to turn himself over, and that he would rather die a hero and save lives than simply resign after the bombs go off.

What has me anticipating next Monday the most is obviously how Heller is gonna make it out of this situation alive. I love the newfound trust between he and Jack, and I’m hoping that gives rise to a brilliantly devised plan…I’m just not sure what that will be yet. My guess is that Heller is genuinely willing to sacrifice himself, but Jack will somehow save his life a la the Season 4 raid.

What has me anticipating the rest of the season is figuring out where Jack’s mind is at. I’ve never seen him act this way before, and it actually had me questioning his motives for a quick second. “I’m sorry I shouldn’t have done that. I just hate these people.” I see this response two different ways. On one hand, it seemed like a rage came over him in that moment, and upon realizing how his actions might be perceived by Kate, goes over to her and apologizes in an true moment of honesty. On the other hand, I read theories on this very website concerning what Jack has really been up to for the past four years, and that it may not be as clear-cut as we think. Usually if he were to torture an enemy too hard to the point where he or she passes out, we can expect a “dammit” from Jack. Not the case here. It almost seemed like he didn’t want her to talk, and he shut her up to cover his own @$$. That he was somehow in cahoots with Margo in any way is preposterous to me, but I still thought that was an odd moment for him. It actually stands out more than anything else in tonight’s episode. I’m not saying I believe it, but I wanted to point it out and see what you all think.

Anyway, my overall thoughts: what a confounding episode! I enjoyed its uniqueness and originality, but I found myself having difficulty suspending disbelief.

I might get a lot of flak for this, and I hate criticizing my favorite show…I really HATE it; but it has to be said. Two things stood out to me. Somehow, within mere seconds, Margot was able to find Jack, Kate, and Simone among the swarm of people exiting the hospital? That’s just sloppy writing. Even sloppier was Jack, Kate, and Simone’s escape from under the overpass, although it was absurdly intense. Traveling by automobile through the tunnel, which I’d say is no more than 40/50 yards long, shouldn’t take longer than 5 seconds, especially considering the speed at which they were driving. Yet, we are supposed to believe that the mastermind that is Margo is THAT stupid to be under the impression it took them over a minute to get through. Are we really supposed to think she didn’t question what took them so long to cross to the other side of the underpass? That she didn’t suspect that something was at play? I’m sure anyone with half a brain would attempt to confirm first that they’re still in that same vehicle before wasting the final missile. I would love to say that Jack simply outsmarted her, but I don’t see it that way. I see it as Margo making poor decisions to advance the plot. And that’s the laziest form of writing in my opinion.

Also, I’m not a fan of the Navarro subplot — yet. It doesn’t look like it will connect to the main storyline, which is fine. I don’t want to jump to conclusions, because this show has had countless subplots like this in its long history. Some have turned out pretty well, and helped to define and flesh out the side characters. Then there are cases like Dana Walsh. I just hope this isn’t another Dana Walsh, and that the writers have learned their lesson. As a viewer, I have no emotional investment in Jordan or Navarro as of yet, and I have a hard time caring. I’m hoping their will be a payoff, because I do feel an investment in Kate. One thing it’s got going for it though is that Chloe might get dragged back into all this pretty soon, and that’s always a good thing. I’m guessing Cross is the one who turned Chloe into the CIA in the first place.

The one point you made that I want to comment on is, Margot’s son (Ian, I believe?) is the one that fired the missile from the drone. Margot immediately had him back up to take a look inside the car, because I believe she had her suspicions due to them taking so long to exit the tunnel. I just don’t think Ian is all that bright, he’s obviously NOT the mastermind here. :-)

Very good point.

“Somehow, within mere seconds, Margot was able to find Jack, Kate, and Simone among the swarm of people exiting the hospital?”

I can believe she spotted them because there weren’t a whole lot of people acting like Jack, Simone and Kate were. There was a crowd of dazed people running around in chaos. There were injured people being helped in the places where they’d fallen, or being taken to waiting emergence vehicles. And then there was an obviously injured person being half carried to a car in the parking lot by two other people who weren’t at all disorientated and were urgently trying to get the injured person outta there. That little cluster of three people acting out of the ordinary would have stood out on the overhead surveillance footage.

Jonathan: I think the Navarro subplot is going to factor into the main story in a major way. A clue: “Did you know Kim had another baby? A boy?” :)

I didn’t have a problem with Margot finding them on the parking lot so fast. Who else would be pulling an injured woman into a car to go in such a hurry but them? Absolutely no problem for me.

And then the 2nd thing. Ian launched the missile immediately as the car came out. Margot looked suspicious even before it hit and then rewinded immediately. Not a problem for me there either.

I did think it was weird however how not screwed they seemed to feel when they switched cars the first time right in the open. AS FAR AS THEY KNEW, Margot could fire any second, right?

i know i wrote this already elsewhere but do you guys think they will wrap up the Margot Al Harazi storyline in 2-3 episodes time and then have the last 2 episodes will focus on Kate’s search for truth and they will probably leave the door open for a 24 Kate Morgan spinoff series that someone can pitch to FOX

I know I wrote this already elsewhere but… no… no.

and im seeing what other people think……

itsbighead, I don’t think they’ll focus the whole last 2 hours solely on Kate but I agree that Kate’s story w/her husband is going to factor into the overall story in a major way and that she’d be the focus of the next series of 24, if there is one. I also feel like by the time we get to the end of 9.12, that we’ll find ourselves in a position of not really wanting Jack Bauer to ever leave the (as close to happy as he can get) ending he’s given, just as they’ll leaving us wanting more of Kate…

I just can’t see a spinoff with Kate. 24, overall, is about Jack’s journey and Kate although a great character, is new and I don’t think could lead the show like Jack has done for all these years.

I didn’t think I was going to dig that kinda sanctimonious, self-righteous guy trying to blackmail his boss in the first episode but he grew on me.

Yvonne Strahovski is a fantastic actress and Morgan so far is barely scratching the surface of what she can do. A 24 with a female lead character in her hands that continues on the themes of the show seems like a really good idea, IMO.

Dunno about the timeline for wrapping up Margot’s story, but if there’s a Day 10, I’d be willing to bet money that it’d involve Kate, (who will have cleared the name of her husband by the end of Day 9). She could want a fresh start back home in the States. Maybe she’ll be done with the CIA because of what happened with Adam, but just like Jack, she’ll still wanna do the job of busting the baddies because just like Jack, she’s addicted to the job. Maybe she can join CTU. Maybe she can join the Secret Service. Maybe she can remain independent and do contract work for whoever needs her at any given time. Maybe she and Jack can go into business together: Bauer & Morgan (& O’Brien?): Ass Kickers R Us. Either way, IF there’s more 24 beyond Day 9, I’d say Kate will be a major player in it.

Phee, I’d say Kate Morgan and CTU is totally where I think this could go, too.

Maybe she and Jack can go into business together: Bauer & Morgan (& O’Brien?): Ass Kickers R Us. That would be fun to watch.

RE: wrap up of Day 9 and potential Day 10, clearly it will comes close to last few hours where the voluntary Jack-turn himself to US government scenario or Heller providing Jack a get out of jail free card but that doesnt stop the russians from interfering.. visa v like Chinese did in prior season…

I believe Navarro is somehow connected with Russians to somehow acquire Jack for undercover extradiction. I believe that Day 10 could involve the high up moles in US government who were dual spies to Russian ( keep in mind writers like to keep current with current politics and russia is a hot button) and possibly that Navarro knows about Kate’s husband who was framed by the same group that Navarro is working for and Jack will team up with Kate to get to bottom of this to clear her hubbie and himself….Thoughts???

I’m on board with Jack turning himself in some kind of Presidential pardon interferences, as well as Navarro-Russian connection. Am toying with idea that Navarro really works for the Russians and is appearing to be a mole for the Chinese, feeding them some truth and a lot of misinformation. Why is he working for the Russians? To spare the lives of his family… Jack’s family. Navarro’s kid is Kim’s husband, this is how he knows about the grandson, and explains why they are still alive but the Russians came after Morris and Prescott in revenge.

interesting….what makes you think that?

New West Virginian
June 10, 2014 at 10:04 pm
Funny you say this cause in my fanfic which I started writing after watching just 3 episodes of Live Another Day, in my new season Jack has managed to return to the US and start his own private security firm, with Kate working for him, that’s how they discover a new terrorist plot.

This year’s 24 just keeps getting better. This week was so great even better than last week. The chase scene was my favorite moment from the episode. Jack and Kate along with a helpless Simone had to switch cars (three to be exact) as they try to evade the wrath of Margot and the drones and I can’t imagine seeing Simone’s brother piloting the drones like he’s playing a video game. Earlier I never liked Adrian Cross but this time I still don’t like him at all now that he’s working with Navarro and I can’t imagine if Jordan Reed is going to survive in the next episode and what if Erik Ritter is going to be a hero for the CIA? BTW, didn’t know what language Jack was talking to Belcheck maybe it’s Serbian. Can’t believe what’s going to happen in next week’s episode between Heller and Margot.

One thing I forgot: Margot is still crazy…like a fox.

I think it is Serbian with Belcheck.

Like many mentioned here, I think this season really is getting better and better, and based on a lot of things we already know, it will keep getting better!

Here’s a very big deal for me: I usually dislike whatever is going on at CTU/FBI or the headquarter in general, that part of the storyline usually contains more bureaucracy, unnecessary romantic feelings, and drama than I care. And it seems CIA started like that, but suddenly things start to pick up pace and I’m enjoying that storyline as much as everything else! I found this rather incredible to be honest.

Forgot to mention. One thing I truly love about this episode is how Jack OPENLY express his hatred for terrorists. I could not agree more with him.

That line about how much he hates these people was a great character moment, and it broke my heart a bit for him, (my heart seems to be in a constant state of breaking for poor Jack). He’s encountered so many of these horrible people in his life, and he’s always taken them on because it’s his job, it’s what drives him, it’s what defines him, and it’s the right thing to do. Even though it was no longer a job he was obligated to do for the last few years, he’s still been doing it of his own accord, because it’s who he is, he knows someone has to stop these kinds of people, so he can’t stop doing it. After all he’s seen it’s a minor miracle that he has any faith left in humanity at all, and that moment where he said he hates these people, I like that they had that little pause before he clarified his reasoning. That pause that isolated the first part of his statement showed a frustrated man at the end of his tether who took a moment to just say it like it is. This man who has such strength and resolve to do the right thing, giving in to a moment of straight up hatred. These people he’s spent his life immersed in, he just hates them. For all the good he does, and all the horrible people he defeats, for all the victories he’s had that he can be proud of, having to be constantly surrounded by those people must be a soul crushing way to exist.

Aaannnnd now I’m having one of those moments where I just wanna wanna wrap Jack Bauer up in a bearhug.

June 10, 2014 at 3:22 pm
That nails it on the head. That is why the Jack Bauer character is so attractive – he treats terrorist exactly the correct way they should be treated. Not the namby-pamby way the US govt and a lot of politicians treats them today. It so frustrating to watch the US govt treating them politically correct. Jack Bauer is a kind of release valve for that frustration. At least in the fictitious world of a TV show, proper justice is being done.

I feel like Jack expressed his hatred for people who lack humanity. Jack’s way of appealing to terrorists is through common human experiences. When Simone seemed like she had a heart, Jack thought it would work. When she turned out to be not what she seemed, he started to snap and hurt her… until he realized that snapping wasn’t going to solve the problem. It wasn’t going to solve any problem. If Simone could not be turned by appealing to her humanity, pain for a girl who endured loss of a finger wasn’t going to help, either. *That’s* what I think Jack hates– the kind of people for whom there is no soul left, no way to appeal to them.

Jack’s shown empathy for terrorists on multiple occasions but it’s when he can relate to them, as one kind of extremist to another. Simone’s situation also increases Jack’s frustration because the end game is very personal to him– if he can’t get her to tell him where Margot is, his father-figure Heller is going to die. It’s when Jack starts to hurt her needlessly (because all it really accomplished was to further weaken her already weak state, which wasn’t really going to get her to talk more), it’s Kate whose presence reminds him that this isn’t the way. He tries to explain to her his frustrations and she gets it but she’s also just come from Yasmin… she’s seeing a cycle that begins with a traumatized kid and winds up either with a Simone Al-Harazi or a Jack Bauer, depending on which way the wind blows.

Jack’s hate isn’t a blind hate. I think that’s what makes him appealing. Like Phee was saying above– after everything he’s been through, to even have a shred of humanity left makes him admirable, although he is understandably colder. Kate’s Kim-like presence, though, reminds him of who he really is and a guy who needlessly tortures without any sort of justification, who is into savage in that way, is not who Jack is. That’s what made the scene to me– not that he tortured Simone but his reaction to having tortured Simone.

LOL. I’m fangirling over you on this thread Mary, but I just have to say that I feel this analysis of the scene and it’s context within Jack’s characterization as a whole is so spot on. The reason he’s a great character and not a cartoon is his ability to see and value the humanity in everyone, and that’s why the consequences of sacrificing for the greater good are so dire for him.

As underwhelmed as I’ve been by Day 9 so far (despite finding everything competently executed and entertaining), I thought this was a truly gripping hour of ’24’. That car chase must surely be one of the best action sequences in the history of the show.

Last weeks was the best episode of LAD so far, this episode was even better than that one. In fact I’d say it’s the first truly fantastic episode of LAD they’ve done, and apart from the horrible way it’s shot and the shoddy affects (which seem to be a universal thing this season sadly – I fucking miss Rodney Charteris and the Blackwell brothers) I have absolutely nothing bad to say about hour 7. Now I’m no longer watching out of duty, every part of the story is gripping me like it used to and the wait for next week is agonising.

As awesome as Margot is, you know exactly where you stand with her as a west hating Muslim terrorist which never leaves you much room for any intrigue – thank fuck Navarro, Adrian Cross and whoever he’s working for have remedied that.

Another highlight was Jack opening up about how much he hates terrorists. Of course we always knew, but it was kinda awesome for him to just come out and say it.

Also, does anyone think the writers are Father Ted fans? Anyone who watches it will know what I mean.

Anyway, in short I thought it was fantastic from beginning to end. If they keep this up the whole day might not be a total loss after all.

I liked parts of it? I liked the bits with Jack and Kate & Jack and Simone and actually am wondering if they aren’t alluding to something happening with Jack’s mother involving terrorism. Having little Yasmin spit out the same hatred for Simone that Jack then also shares to Kate was kind of a full-circle thing. Did Jack become a counter-terrorist agent because his mother was killed by terrorists? Was Jack’s mother a terrorist and when he looks at Simone, does he see her in some way? Either of these seem possible and just some allusions to what happened to her when she’s never been mentioned before was interesting, I thought.

I also love how much he obviously sees Kim whenever he looks at Kate and how she keeps him honest just by being there. I like that she shuts down his crazy– she’s all no, Jack, we aren’t going to turn Simone using a traumatized little girl. Get a grip. :)

Heller was his usual hilarious badass self but everything just felt like it stopped for an hour so we could have a big car commercial. We’re still where we were more or less an hour earlier: Jordan’s still a slow-moving snail of an idiot, Mark’s still in trouble with the Russians, Audrey is still suspiciously near-absent and so very mole-y when she does turn up, we still don’t know where Margot is and Simone is still dying. The “twists” were kind of insulting. We knew last week it was Adrian Cross on the phone. Jordan obviously couldn’t die or else no one would figure out about Kate’s husband at some point. *shrugs* This was just one of those getting people to places episodes, IMO.

any guesses on who the vp is? novick or lennox would be so cool

Kiki Vanderway
June 10, 2014 at 9:07 am
Won’t be Novick — he has no strategic political pull to bring in electoral votes– he’s a fairly straightforward policy advisor not a politician in his own right– I can’t see him campaigning during primaries fur himself, can you ?

Lennox would be fun but he’s too much of a weasel to be a VP he is more like the puppet master pulling strings behind the curtain and doing the dirty work which eg is great at he’d be wasted as VP.

Too bad Keith Palmer is the wrong party.

I don’t think we’ll get a chance to find out, honestly. If we do, I think the only character who genuinely fits the bill is Ethan Kanin, but I have a hard time believing that an old sick white guy would pick another old sick white guy to be his running mate.

New West Virginian
June 10, 2014 at 10:13 pm
Definitely not Kanin. I don’t know what party Taylor is, but we do know she supports the death penalty and is tough on terrorism. However Kanin has his own health issues he won’t be fit for office.

There’s still Tim Woods……he seemed like a reasonable guy/

David Palmer (D)
John Keeler (R)
Charles Logan (R)
Hal Gardner (R)
Wayne Palmer (D)
Noah Daniels (?)
Allison Taylor (?)
James Heller (R)

I put a question mark beside Noah Daniels because his general worldview in season six seemed awfully conservative. I know it’s hard to base party ID off foreign policy alone, but I always thought it was conceivable that Wayne Palmer chose a Republican as his running mate to form a sort of “unity ticket” that would restore faith in the presidency (think back to the Kerry/McCain chatter in 2004). I mean, the amount of turnover in the White House during the Keeler-Logan-Gardner term would have been unprecedented, and it makes sense that Wayne would want to champion a new type of politics.

If Daniels was a Republican, it would make Taylor a Democrat. I don’t know how that plays with Heller’s presidency (I still think the only way for the story to work is for him to have been Taylor’s Veep), but it’s interesting to consider. All things considered, Taylor was PROBABLY a Republican.

I think Kanin probably was too. It is not uncommon for Democratic presidents to have Republican SecDefs.

I think Daniels was a right-leaning Democrat. That’s part of what made his ticket with Wayne effective. Wayne was the Palmer name, the more liberal Democrat, and Daniels was brought in to help Wayne win what he could int he more conservative states. Daniels was older, white (let’s face it, probably a factor), and brought a different set of experiences and connections.

Taylor was kind of then by default a Republican, as she talked about beating then-sitting-President Daniels in the primary as if it was this truly pathetic failing on Daniels’ part– which it is. It’s not exactly a huge vote of confidence in a leader to be bested in your reelection campaign months before the real election even happens. It’s kind of no wonder that Daniels was day drinking by the time Allison was to be inaugurated.

Taylor being a Republican also then makes it easier to see how Heller got into office, based on the timeline mentioned about the drone strike that killed Margot’s husband.

Wait, if Taylor beat Daniels in the primary, doesn’t that mean that Taylor would actually be a Democrat (assuming Daniels is also a Dem)?

That’s what I find confusing, too. It really sounds in Redemption like Allison Taylor was also a Democrat and she beat out then-sitting-President Daniels for the Democratic nomination by overtaking him in the primaries. Which, yeah, would be a noteworthy thing worth mentioning. Ethan Kanin jumping ship to her team probably didn’t help Daniels out much, either.

The issue becomes really which version of the Al-Harazi drone strike timeline is actually right. If it happened 3 years ago (like the CIA thinks it did), then Taylor had to somehow be a Republican who put James Heller in as her VP after firing that idiot from Day 7, and then Heller was the one left in charge after Taylor turned herself in. If it happened two years ago (like Margot says), that was after Heller won the Presidential election in his own right.

Kiki Vanderway
June 12, 2014 at 8:36 am
I loved the Tim Woods character but he’s not Veep material. Maybe though head of the State Department, Homeland or CIA

I think it’s probably someone we’ve never seen before for all the reasons why you guys have eliminated everyone else left. :) I’m not ruling out the VP/soon-to-be-President as being kind of a problem that needs to be handled later in the day by a stern talking to (noble kind of blackmail? lol) from Senator (Keith) Palmer.

New West Virginian
June 14, 2014 at 5:42 pm
I think Mike Novick is a definite possibility given his experience.

I don’t think the writers would turn Chloe. Jack is the balls of 24, but she is the heart, and sometimes comic relief. After what Jack has been through he feels that she is the only person he can truly trust, and Chloe, I think, will always have his back. The fans would revolt big time if they made her a villain.

I’ve thought for a while when 24 finally ends, whether it’s the final episode or a movie, Jack will die in Chloe’s arms.

A villain is a little too black and white. There are ways to make Chloe and Jack have more conflict that Day 9 has set up but has put the pause button on. You have to be a certain kind of crazy not to try to help stop the drone attack threat and Chloe doesn’t want to see innocent people die, so she’s helping Jack try to stop it but when the drone threat dies down a bit in a couple of hours, the plot’ll come back around to Chloe’s dead family. That’s not something the show can put out there and never really address. Right now, Chloe has a big reason to help Jack in that she’s trying to save innocent lives but he’s already used her today. He already didn’t just ask for her help but set her up and it’s possible we don’t even realize how much he’s set her up. She’s lost her family and he’s in the middle of it. I don’t think we’ve really seen the full effect of how she feels about this yet.

That’s a good point. I have no doubt that Chloe is genuinely trying to help Jack stop this drone threat and is probably doing so for the right reasons. That said, it is also possible she could have been involved with Adrian/Navarro’s scheme to sell info to the Chinese, which appears to have nothing to do with the drone threat. However, I can’t see what about the loss of her family would make her want to sell secrets to the Chinese, unless there is some other agenda there, like a counter conspiracy or something related to her admitted goal of exposing information. If Adrian and Navarro were just trying to get rich selling secrets to the Chinese I can’t see Chloe being a part of that.

One of the reasons why I don’t think Navarro’s motivation is money is because of Adrian being involved in this. Once we found out that he’s the guy on the other end of the phone, it makes several hours of his story earlier in the day more relevant– now all that stuff over the flightkey plot has shown us what makes Adrian tick. We get the vibe from him that he’s pretty much what he exhibited with Jack– he doesn’t want to see innocent people die but he also doesn’t believe in taking direct action. They gather and disseminate info at Open Cell and let the world sort it out. Jack is right in that it’s not entirely benign but it is a more passive approach than Jack, the CIA, Margot, etc.. He seems like the last guy in the world who would be involved in a plot where he’s begrudgingly dealing with this annoying CIA agent who keeps calling him about how to cover his mole tracks. It doesn’t even seem that Adrian is *directly benefitting* from Navarro’s actions– he is, as he’s said here, just the middle man. They use Open Cell to move the information to the Chinese and Cross helps Navarro cover his tracks back at the CIA. If Adrian Cross wants government files, he is a *hacker*. As the last episode pointed out, he has access to the CIA’s computer systems. He has his pick of putting up on his website anything he wants and something like selling secrets and getting involved with moles seems like he would normally consider not his style and a giant headache.

He can be persuaded to do something if it affects his family, though. He aided Jack when Jack and Belcheck were holding them hostage and when he realized it really bothered Chloe for him to go up against her old friend, Adrian switched gears and for the first time in the day, actively helped voluntarily. Had he not done this, they never would have found the override code. He’s already saved lives today. I think he has to have a personal reason for getting involved in the Navarro mess. Maybe he and Chloe are helping Navarro with something relating to how Chloe got out of prison?

That’s an interesting point re. Chloe getting out of prison. I have been struggling to understand why they said in the epilogue to season 8 that she would be facing up to 15 years, but then she got out after no more than a couple years. You could be onto something there.

Yeah, she had a blink-and-you-miss it sentence. It’s also weird that she told Jack she was at work when Morris & Prescott were killed. Is it that easy to get a (legit) job after being convicted of treason? The show itself highlighted that when Tony got out of prison, the only one offering him a job was David Emerson and Tony turned down mercenary work. But if Chloe’s been with Adrian’s group for the last six years like Adrian seems to have said, she already had another job on Day 8 and it’s the kind she could have picked up again after prison. She might have been with Open Cell on the night her family was killed.

I don’t know how that would affect things, except to maybe make it less directly about Jack. It could be that Jack can help her through issues that are predominantly of her own making than anything directly having to do with him. I do kind of feel like though the show is trying to say that Morris & Prescott were killed because of what Chloe knew about Day 8. The reason why Jack was surprised to see that Chloe thought her family had been targeted might have been because just a couple of hours earlier, Navarro had told Jack he had another grandchild. When Chloe tells him about her family, Jack’s left wondering why, if the Russians came after Chloe’s family in revenge, why they didn’t also come after his family. When they find out soon that Navarro is a dirty agent, Jack’s going to suddenly wonder if what Navarro said about Kim is even true. All day, he’s operated under the assumption that his family is fine but if Navarro can’t be trusted, are they really fine?

I think Adrian meant that he and maybe some of the others started the group 6.5 years ago, not that Chloe was involved for that long. But you could be right that she was working for Open Cell after she got out of prison but before Morris and Prescott were killed.

Could Cross be working for Papa Bauer ? We never saw him die in season 6. Prehaps he made it to the Chinese sub after the explosion.

Kiki Vanderway
June 10, 2014 at 9:09 am
His I hope not hated that Jack’s family was so evil

Philip Bauer is listed as deceased on Jack’s profile in ep 1 (thank fuck!)

Kiki Vanderway
June 10, 2014 at 11:25 am
Well that’s meaningless so way Audrey and Tony

Phillip Bauer is so very dead. Characters who seem to be dead come back all the time on 24 but Phillip Bauer can’t be one of them. There wouldn’t be a lot of irony there.

Muhammed Al-Harazi though? That would be fun. Pssst… Margot… you went through all this for nothing. Your husband betrayed you and is still alive. How does that make you feel? :)


June 10, 2014 at 8:46 am
Amazing what 12 episodes does for the pace of the story. There’s not a lot of room for extra character development or fluff, so they have to get right to the point with the suspense and action!

Heaven forbid we should want character development. Caring about what’s going on is such a waste of time when things are blowing up!

Can a US Drone take out a US President…identified as a US President or will the technology not work in this case?

Interesting point. ^

I don’t think it’s usually meant to have the capability to zoom in that much to people’s faces – I don’t think facial recognition would be built into it for some reason.

This would be a great twist. I’m hoping Ian Al-Harazi is useless enough not to be able to override this.

Heller definitely found his voice this episode! Great to see him take more control of things.

Boudreau is toast.

Looking forward to the Jack – Heller discussion next week!

The Jordan-Navarro-Cross subplot is a nice set-up for things to come!

Oh yes, best show ever! Don’t mind the fake looking explosions – 24 is all about character development, twists, suspense and Jack kicking ass.

Until next week !

Something I’ve been wondering since Boudreau first talked to the Russian diplomat last week. Does anyone else think as a last ditch effort Mark might try and tell Heller that actually he DID sign the document? Playing off of Heller’s condition and making him believe he had signed it but was having another moment of forgetfulness?

I don’t think they’re going to go this way because it’d be a little silly and wouldn’t do much to dramatize the plot, but thought that would be an interesting play that Mark might be squirmy enough to try and pull

I think that is very possible. I am also concerned that Mark might do something next week when Jack comes back to help the president get to the stadium to enable the Russians to capture him there. If you look at the Sprint sneak peak clip Heller tells Jack and Mark they have to put aside their differences and work together, and Mark says something to Jack about needing to trust each other. Jack gives Mark a list of things he needs, and Mark agrees. I am thinking that Mark will work with Jack to do whatever Heller is asking them to do, but then he might do something to tip off the Russians to Jack’s whereabouts in order to clean up the mess he made.

I think you can take the following to the bank:
1. Jack and Chloe do not die and Chloe does not turn on Jack
2. If Heller dies, it will not be until the last episode, and I don’t think he dies then
3. Boudreau either dies or ends up in prison
4. Jack and Kate will remain close but Jack and Audrey will end up together
5. Tony, Kim, and Arron Pierce will not return in day 9
6. Edgar Styles’ mother, to my dismay, will not return in day 9 (this is for Mary) *
7. Day 9, LAD is the end of the series. I know this, pretty much for certain.
* We never actually never saw Mama Style die!

I have only one complain with day 9. More so than any other season, the background music, playing during conversation, is too loud. Sometimes it is difficult to hear Jack or understand what is being said with heavy British accents. I have heard this complaint from many other folks. Other than that, the show is wonderful.

Stop it with number 7. We know nothing for certain. Don’t say that…

RonnieTheC~~ You are so wrong about #6!!! Mrs. Stylin’ dragged her oxygen tank all the way across the damn Atlantic just for you and you know it. ;)

Some list-y predictions backatcha:

1. President Heller dies next week.
2. Jack & Mark Boudreau team up and are on the same side by day’s end.
3. Audrey is a mole for the Chinese government.
4. The Chinese are behind Margot Al-Harazi, probably buffered by a small cabal of White Middle Aged Rich Dudes with ties to Big Defense, Big Oil, Big Finance (your Alan Wilsons, your Peter Kingsleys… those types.) The goal of the group and China is profit and power– specifically, to take out enemy countries and aide in China emerging as the world’s only superpower.
5. The Chinese are going to try to blame everything on the Russians, so that the U.S. and the U.K. would attack the Russian Federation, starting a war that would eventually destroy everyone but (conveniently for them) the Chinese.
6. Jack is going to save the Russians and stop a third world war because he’s in possession of some bit of evidence proving Chinese involvement (Cyprus Audio Recording 2.0!) He’ll then be in the position to make demands of the Russians, who will have to give in to them in order to avoid annihilation.
7. Oh, and getting some negotiation power with the Russians? Was Jack’s plan all along. He wasn’t trying to get Heller killed or anything (quite the opposite) but he’s been totally using this threat while trying to stop it in order to ultimately get what he is looking for.
8. We see both Tony and Kim by day’s end.
9. The whole last bit of Day 9 is a family plot in the vein of Day 1.
10. Erik Ritter may possibly get something to actually do at some point. (GASP!)

The three predictions are plausible. The rest, I don’t know. We will see how things play out. Remember, it’s only twelve episodes.

Audrey working for the Chinese is actually a very, very interesting prediction. I kind of doubt you’re right, but it’s interesting that no one even discussed the possibility that she’d been turned when she returned in season six. Nicholas Brody much?

Yes, exactly. It’s suspicious to me that Audrey came back catatonic, was in psychiatric care for years, then has this period where suddenly she’s doing well. She’s doing *so* well that she meets a new guy… who never knew her before and doesn’t know her well enough, therefore, to know the difference between her new and old selves. Her dad’s just so happy to see her doing better that he doesn’t pay enough attention to what could retroactively have been warning signs… Heller’s joining Bob Warner’s support group. Mark is a slightly shadier Reza Naiyeer, if he and Marie had made it past their wedding day.

June 10, 2014 at 3:32 pm
Yes, the dialog is harder to understand with the background music. If you are watching on a 5.1 home theater system you can try turning up the volume level on the center speaker. I also find it hard to hear the dialog on my copy of S3 DVD’s and at moments in some of the other seasons.

Actually, I agree! I thought it was just me or my TV, but I always have to turn the volume way up for 24. It’s inconvenient because the explosions and the music are so loud, but I really need to hear the voices!

That’s great actually, means it’s more dynamic. That’s the way it should be. An explosion should be much louder than normal dialog. It’s just that most other shows compress the hell out of dynamics to make everything equally loud.

June 10, 2014 at 7:10 pm
Actually, I may be wrong about the center channel while watching on FOX unless you have true HD TV. Normal TV or partial HD TV may only have stereo sound (2-channel) so upping the volume on center channel will not do any good. Now on DVD or Blu-ray upping the center channel would work since it is full 5.1 home theater sound.

New West Virginian
June 10, 2014 at 10:17 pm
I’m also certain that Behrooz will not come back. Though would be cool if Behrooz became a terrorist leader.

I could actually see Behrooz going the other way and wanting to work for CTU or the CIA to help stop terrorism. Remember, he never knew about the override device, only the plot to kidnap Heller. And he said to his mom later in the season that he decided what they were doing was wrong. I could also see him wanting to take down the group of terrorists who killed his mother.

Kiki Vanderway
June 12, 2014 at 8:39 am
Yes agreed he seemed like an even tempered guy. BUT Richard Heller on the other hand was an annoying, reactionary whiner and I could see him screwing his Dad, his sister and his country…

Why is Heller still in London and so exposed like that? And his staff. And the PM. And his staff. Shouldn’t they all be in some underground bunker or out of reach from a possible drone strike?

Also, if Margot had a drone flying over the hospital, why not just use that drone to take out Heller? Isn’t her objective to kill him? Why worry about her daughter talking when she has a drone flying not too far from the man she’s trying to kill and get revenge on?

A lot of things here don’t make sense. That’s not to say that the episode wasn’t thrilling and excellent, however.

Because it makes the President look a little less than badass to run and hide after a terrorist calls for your head.

Her point isn’t just to kill Heller– it’s to embarrass the U.S. first. If she were to just aim a drone at the President’s hotel and wipe him out, she is the undisputed bad guy in the court of global public opinion. But if she gives Heller options– if she says surrender to me or innocent people will die– then she’s causing even more serious damage. The only option for Heller in the last three hours was to stop Margot before the deadline was up and he had to make this decision because this decision is the ultimate no-win scenario for the President. If he doesn’t surrender, he upholds the U.S. policy not to negotiate with terrorists, which serves as a deterrent to keep extremist groups from doing exactly this type of thing anytime they want something. By giving in to Margot’s demands, Heller is setting a precedent that tells any terrorist organization to just hold the President hostage and you can get whatever you want. Heller also has no real assurance that Margot will be true to her word and stop the attacks if he dies. Considering her politics, I would think it highly unlikely that she’d politely land the rest of the drones without innocent after blowing Heller up. At best, surrendering to Margot distracts her for another hour or so and buys time for everyone else to hopefully find her and prevent more attacks from happening. But just having set up the option of surrender for Heller– it’s the ultimate cutting off the U.S. at the knees. The President handing himself over to crazy jihadists is not exactly going to be a Go USA! moment in American history. It’s the lesser of two evils– go out like a badass at least trying to save people even if it’s totally futile and not really within his control or not surrender at all and watch London fall for sure. Either way? Margot has already won.

The Secret Service would never allow a sitting president to be in harms way. Even the slightest of signs of a possible threat and he would be protected like there is no tomorrow. The Secret Service has the authority to protect the president, even if he declines it.

As you said, America doesn’t negotiate with terrorists, so Heller wanting to surrender himself to the terrorists is irrelevant. He may be the president but he would never be allowed to do that and it would never happen. They would never let him do it.

And as you said, precedent. What Heller would be saying is that anytime lives are in danger and somebody is demanding for the President’s head that it’s right to sacrifice yourself — without even knowing if what you’re doing will save lives to begin with.

It just wouldn’t happen.

Yeah, I agree that they should at least have made moves to try to move Heller somewhere. Someone should have talked about it. Instead, this Secret Service just kind of opens doors and that’s about it. Aaron Pierce would have picked Heller up and dragged him at least to the basement. :) Maybe it’s indicative of a larger conspiracy at foot here?

Spoiler for a clip from next week: They make mention of the Secret Service surrounding the President being an obstacle, so it’s not as if they’ve completely forgotten they exist. That’s a good sign.

Trevor…unfortunately we do know that this is it for 24. When shooting began in London, Keifer said that one never knows if the show will continue. However, the week prior to May 5, keifer said on a talk show that this is definately it. Furthermore, a frind of mine who is a TV writer told me that Howard Gordon said that this is absolutely the final season. No one wants the show to continue more than I do, but logically, in this day and age, a 9 season run for any show is extraordinary. Howard Gordon is not only involved in the forthcoming season of Homeland, but also has another project beginning after that. I think most of us will be better off thinking that this is it as opposed to thinking and hoping that there will be more to come. So let’s enjoy LAD and hope that it has an ending that will satisfy its loyal fans.

If Howard Gordon is pissing off to Homeland, GREAT!!! Let someone with fresh, new ideas take the 24 helm.

Saying all that, I could part with 24 on good terms if it at least maintains -if not surpasses- the quality of eps 6 and 7

I loved 9.06 but 9.07 was a really long car commercial in which all the plots ran in neutral for an hour.

Shite car as well. They came in an s-line Audi A6 and left in a tacky piece of plastic American tat for no reason.

(well, obviously there wa$ a rea$on)

I’ll leave you to car gripe for both of us as I know nothing about them. All I know is this episode had me thinking ‘wow, compared to Jordan, Milo Pressman was a genius’ and ‘Milo Pressman was a genius’ is not really the kind of sentences I wanted to be thinking during one of the last hours of 24…

Myrissa Childress
June 10, 2014 at 2:26 pm
I think its a little unrealistic that Heller would turn himself over to the terrorist and Audrey would never ever ever forgive Jack for that.

We’re all going to be trying to forgive Audrey by day’s end, I’m thinking…

I had that thought as well. However, Jack proved in season 4 that as much as he loves Audrey, he is willing to do things that will make her hate him for the good of the country.

That said, I assume there is some sort of plan. I can’t see Jack or Heller thinking that it’s a good idea to have a US president surrender to a terrorist with the whole world watching. Doing that would cost way more lives in the long run, because it would send a message to the world that the US is powerless to stop an attack and that blackmailing a US president works. Think about the scene in season 7 when Jack initially refused to open the door to hand President Taylor to Juma even though he admitted that he could not watch his own daughter be butchered the way Juma was threatening to do to Olivia. When she asked him that, he said “no ma’am, but I am not the president of the United States.”

I agree that the idea of Heller handing himself over is a crazy one. I feel like now would be a good time for someone to tell Jack (or for him to figure out) that Heller has Alzheimer’s but, then again? What difference does that really make because he’s still the President, since those who know about his condition think it’s a great idea to have a Commander-in-Chief who is slowly losing his mind?

I think they’ve got to try to come up with some kind of plan but I’m not sure what kind of plan they can come up with. They’re out of time.

How many times has Jack Bauer said “Get Out Of The Car, Now”! Or “Don’t You Move”! Ha!

Sure hate waiting another week!!!

Kiki Vanderway
June 10, 2014 at 8:44 pm
I have always wondered whether you are in bigger trouble when he says “This is not over” or when he says “This is over, you hear me, it’s over!”

A brilliant episode. It was interesting to see how President Heller’s health played a huge factor in the ending of this episode. I was curious to see how that would insert itself in the main plot and it did so perfectly. I knew that Heller wanted to resign at some point, but to surrender himself in Margot’s hands, I did not expect that at all. My hat goes to the writers who finally came up with something of substance, compared to the predictability of the seventh and the eighth seasons.

As far as the “twist” concerning Adrian Cross as the Navarro’s source, it was to be expected. However, Michael Wincott’s acting made up for it. Also, Jordan Reed getting caught up was expected too, although I am surprised he made it out alive after being shot by that cleaner that Cross sent to kill him.

And one thing about Mark Boudreau : Buddy, it was nice knowing you, but you are going to get caught…

Also, Margot Al-Harazi is the best villain of 24 next to Charles Logan and Alan Wilson. Michelle Fairley is a class-act actress.

too bad Alan Wilson is not caught/arrested of his crimes for his role in David Palmer assassination…….since Renne torture him he likely walk because of no evidence so I hoping the writers find a way to bring him back once more so Jack can take him down.

The only reason why I don’t want them to bring back Alan Wilson is because there’s not a lot of time to give him a story and they already did that to the character once on Day 7. If they could find some way around that and if they make Jack having been Batman-ing his way back around not just because it’s awesome but as a way of getting closer to Wilson, then hell yes. Tony would totally find that to be a more romantic marriage proposal than even Jack’s original idea of skywriting it over Wrigley Field. :)

New West Virginian
June 10, 2014 at 9:30 pm
Alan Wilson was a terrible villain. The entire defense contractor cabal thing is totally unrealistic and unconvincing plus Wilson didn’t even have many scenes, and we never knew his motives. All those defense contractor and corporate villains like Graem, Philip, etc were all just not good villains.

I think the best villains are in no particular order Habib Marwan, Victor Drazen (Dennis HOpper is always a great villain his best performance was in Speed), Dina Araz, and Charles Logan. I also liked the Salazar brothers as villains and Stephen Saunders was okay. The IRK terrorists, the Russian separatists, and the Sangalans were just alright.

Wasn’t there a video of James Morrison, Louis Lombardi and Carlos Bernard up recently where Carlos was asked the question “will we see Tony again?”

and he replied “his story’s not over yet”

He’s totally back. :)

As despicable as Margot is, to me, she plays 2nd fiddle to Nina Myers. I cannot remember disliking a villan in any show as much as I did Nina. Her cold-as-steel gaze and her constant plotting was, as far as villans go, priceless.

Nina was THE BEST. THE ABSOLUTE BEST EVER. Sarah Clarke was amazing.

Kiki Vanderway
June 10, 2014 at 7:28 pm
I really loved her totally shameless– in the very best way!

Agreed about Nina and Sarah Clarke’s portrayal! One of the greatest villains of all time!

Sarah Clarke is everything.

New Spoiler! At the end of next week’s episode, after Heller is wiped out by a drone, the vice president is revealed, and I think most of us will be happy. And it even has a nice ring to it….Vice President Almeida! After Heller dies, Tony steps in, and gives an executive order to have Jack and Chloe killed. The order is followed, Jack and Chloe are killed and VP Tony, looking for a new hot wife, hooks up with Kate Morgan. Audrey is so distraught that she commits suicide. Then, out of the blue, realizing that Tony stole his last love, a distraught Dexter Morgan coms out of hiding and assasinates President Tony. How am I doing so far, Mary?

And then Kate gets her memories back and remembers she’s actually Sarah Walker, kills Dexter, and returns to Burbank with Chuck.

I love it but then there’s the twist where it turns out that VP Tony was only faking his death *and* the deaths of Jack and Chloe (even in a joke, I can’t take anymore of this “evil” Tony b.s. ;)) and it’s all because of Jenny McGill! They realized she had made a copy of Lynn’s keycard to CTU: LA and since Navarro wanted to distract everyone from finding out he’s the mole, he told Ritter to stop f-ing around in the infirmary already and to go get on a plane and change the locks on CTU: LA. Ritter protested but then he did it because that is what Ritter does. But Jack and Chloe know the truth– the locks HAVE ALREADY BEEN CHANGED!– and they’re trying to warn Ritter except they aren’t sure which one he is because he’s had no lines. They try to make Adrian help but he fixes his coat and then (twist!!!) starts asking them if they want to take a red pill or a blue pill…

(Strangely enough? Audrey committing suicide is something I’m thinking could be legimiately possible. Though, um, for not the reasons you mentioned. *laughs* It would be kind of an eerie bookend to her and Heller trying to gas themselves on Day 4.)

you sound more like Mary

He knows imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. :)

June 10, 2014 at 5:33 pm
Episode 7 was explosive, brilliant and exciting. I rate that episode a 10/10. I was correct in my prediction that Adrian Cross was Steve Navarro’s phone contact. Adrian Cross is no longer a stale 24 character due to this revelation. This turn of events gives Adrian Cross relevance and it will make his character have a much bigger role as the season goes on. I would imagine that it was Belcheck that sent Chloe O’Brian that text message warning her that the cops were now headed her way. I would also imagine that it was Adrian Cross that called the cops to give them her exact location.

June 10, 2014 at 5:43 pm
The confrontation between President James Heller and British Prime Minister Alastair Davies was intense, heated and magnificent. William Devane and Stephen Fry are both such spectacular actors. I fully expect the Russians to seriously threaten Mark Boudreau’s life later in the season. The drone chasing Jack Bauer’s car scenes were all excellent and they couldn’t have been done any better. The terrorist being sent by Margot to the hospital where Simone Al-Harazi was being treated at added so very much awesomeness to this episode. I fully expect Simone to completely turn against her mother Margot and help Jack Bauer and the good guys to successfully bring down Margot. Kate Morgan’s scenes with Yasmin were very sweet. Kate Morgan is by far one of the greatest characters in 24 history.

June 10, 2014 at 5:55 pm
I’m so very glad that Jordan Reed wasn’t killed off in this episode. Hopefully, Jordan will soon kill the hitman that shot him and then hopefully Jordan would then soon afterwards call Kate Morgan and tell her Steve Navarro sent him to that location to secretly get executed by a hitman and that Navarro was the one that framed Kate’s husband Adam. I fully expect Jordan to immediately figure out that Navarro really did send him there to get killed by the hitman. Jordan is way too intelligent not to figure that out after what he has just experienced in Episode 7. I fully expect a violent, explosive, unforgettable and tense Kate Morgan versus Steve Navarro showdown later this season. I enjoyed this entire episode immensely. This has been such a fabulous season of 24 so far.

I’m looking forward to the Kate-Navarro showdown, too. :)

June 10, 2014 at 7:21 pm
Yes, but Jack will step in and stop Kate from killing Navarro. He will say: “Don’t do it Kate, I know how you feel, I have been there. But as I have learned you must let justice work out in the right way. I have taken justice into my own hands and see where it got me. Also my friend Tony tried it too and he’s still in jail” or something like that.

Let’s hope she just tries to arrest him. If she does go the attempted murder route, I’d love it if Jack continues that trend you’re talking about of trying to keep awesome people from being a mess like him. :) It’s a very endearing trait of his.

I don’t know which I am looking forward to more – Kate finding out about Navarro’s involvement in framing her husband or Audrey finding out about Mark forging the rendition order. Both should be pretty epic confrontations.

I really hope Kate finds out about Navarro in the next episode. Just hope that Navarro doesn’t realize that Kate knows, because he might try to have her killed as well.

wrap up of Day 9 and potential Day 10, clearly it will comes close to last few hours where the voluntary Jack-turn himself to US government scenario or Heller providing Jack a get out of jail free card but that doesnt stop the russians from interfering.. visa v like Chinese did in prior season…

I believe Navarro is somehow connected with Russians to somehow acquire Jack for undercover extradiction. I believe that Day 10 could involve the high up moles in US government who were dual spies to Russian ( keep in mind writers like to keep current with current politics and russia is a hot button) and possibly that Navarro knows about Kate’s husband who was framed by the same group that Navarro is working for and Jack will team up with Kate to get to bottom of this to clear her hubbie and himself….Thoughts???

New West Virginian
June 10, 2014 at 9:21 pm
I think Boudreau is backed into a corner by the Russian official now and he will use Navarro to clean up his mess, in exchange to letting Navarro get away with his corruption.

I’m not entirely convinced that Mark is not somehow connected to whatever Navarro is doing with the Chinese. The reason I suspect this is because his story about how he met Audrey and helped “bring her back” makes no sense: he told Ron in episode 1 that Audrey was “lifeless”, “under psychiatric care” and “not expected to recover” for 3 years. First of all, we know from Tony’s comment in season 7 when Jack interrogated him that Audrey had to have been in that state for at least 4 years, since that is how much time passed between seasons 6 and 7. But much more importantly, Mark told Jack in 9x06 that Audrey was in “pretty bad shape” when he FIRST MET HER, and yet he told Ron in the first episode that he “held her hand”, “loved her,” and “brought her back.” If he just met her when she was in that state, how could he have fallen in love with her, and how could his support have brought her back if she didn’t even know him? So I am thinking that maybe he had some sort of agenda in connecting with her in the first place and might have even had something to do with her being abducted by the Chinese.

good point

I totally agree that this story is so very weird when it comes to the timeline. Audrey in psychiatric care for three years following Day 6 means she was actually no longer in it by the time Tony says on Day 7 that he knows “what happened to Audrey Raines”. There is more than four years between Days 6 & 7. Tony had been underground and his associates weren’t terribly close with Audrey, so it’s possible that what he knew was outdated. It’s really just possible that he was saying that Audrey had gone through hell, which is true regardless of what else (if anything) Tony might have known at that time. What’s kind of weird about this is that they do the same thing with Martha Logan later on during Day 7. Olivia asks Pierce if he’s rejecting her by asking “is it because of what happened to Martha Logan?” Just like with Audrey, what exactly happened is not really stated, but both characters have mental health problems. What that means, if anything, who knows…

I think Mark believes it was his love for Audrey that gave her a reason to keep going but he’s also becoming increasingly aware that he’s more or less deluded himself into thinking this. Since it’s, uh, obviously not true. :) I don’t think they met when Audrey was still under intense psychiatric supervision– it’s a little wonky to make that work. Tell anyone your meet cute about the first date in the psych ward and it might raise some red flags that this isn’t the healthiest relationship… I think he was telling Ron that Audrey had been through a lot, that they met when she was on the mend but still really fragile, and that he helped her to get to a place like where she is now– more capable, more talkative, more stable. I don’t think he preyed on a damaged woman. I think Heller hired Mark to work for him in some capacity before he got back into politics and through being around Heller, Mark met Audrey. (Mark strikes me as a former attorney. He could have been Heller’s lawyer or something.) He was supportive when she was still finding her way back to herself and eventually they started dating and later got married.

Mary I think this take on it makes total sense. Though I think you are giving Mark maybe just a smidge more credit then he might be due. Not that I think he actively preyed on her, but he is clearly controlling and likes to run things. So though I don’t think it was full on predatory, I do think Audrey’s fragility and need and potential dependance on him were appealing and part of the attraction. That doesn’t make him evil but it also doesn’t make him someone I’d want to date. lol. In my head for whatever reason I had the idea that even if Mark and Audrey didn’t start their actual courtship or friendship or even meet while she was at her worst, that he was maybe aware of her. That he knew Heller had a daughter who was perhaps in need of savior. : )

sprite~~ Hmm… I think I agree with Mark needing to be savior… the rescuer type… but I think a lot of it is the situation of his marriage in the first place. If you’re the guy that comes in *after* the guy your wife ran to China to rescue, it’s a bit of a hard act to follow. You’d never really feel good enough– especially if maybe you knew deep down that your wife doesn’t really love you. Or at least not the way she loved the other guy.

It’s kind of like (and wow, I can’t believe I’m about to make a comparison between these two characters) Bill Buchanan and Michelle. Bill comes in after Michelle’s been through hell and he likes this lady a whole hell of a lot and he’s probably the better choice for her. They have more in common, they have similar goals and wants in life, and there’s an attraction there, but Bill just isn’t the other guy. He’s not the guy who was willing to be executed as a traitor to save her life and that’s the guy that Michelle still loved. Bill had the foresight and the grace and the decency to step aside because he is probably 24’s only emotionally mature character.

It’s a different thing for Mark. Jack’s been long gone for nine years and Audrey has given Mark indications that she wants a future with him (obviously, since they’re married) that Michelle never really gave Bill. He’s had hope that his loyalty to her and willingness to protect her can change any lingering feelings she might still have for Jack. You could look at the rendition order as Mark’s big romantic gesture– he thinks he’s saving Audrey from harm because what Audrey has indicated is that she needs someone to save her. She had been lost when they met. He helped her find herself again. She’s led him to believe he’s the only reason she’s sane now so that’s why he’s all “is that what you think I do?” and at a loss when Audrey suddenly starts saying he’s treating her like a keepsake in a box. She seems to have liked that until, uh, today. Mark doesn’t see it as trying to control anybody, I don’t think– he sees it as trying to protect people, often from themselves. Which? Is what Heller and Audrey *have asked him to do*. Heller hired Mark to be his sounding board, even when it wasn’t pretty, and to protect him politically, and Audrey married the guy who held her hand and protected her after she had been through hell. I’m not so sure Mark is controlling– I think he is, in a sense, controlled by his family and how complicated it is to be working for and with your family. He’s got himself in a real pickle here, that Mark Boudreau has.

I definitely see where you’re coming from. I think you’ve got Mark’s perspective down. Perhaps he does see the rendition order as a grand romantic gesture. But here’s where I think lies the difference between Mark and Audrey and Jack and Audrey. When Jack saw Audrey’s state towards the end of season 6, he immediately wanted to help her return to herself. He immediately wanted to help her heal and equated what she’d been through with what he’d been through in China himself. He always positioned them as equals and even in those season six scenes when she was at her worst treated her with gentleness and toughness. Never like a fragile thing in a box but like an equal in need of and deserving of healing. If the tables were somehow turned and Jack had the chance to send a romantic rival off to another country for ‘Audrey’s sake’, he would never do it in secret. He would lay the cards out on the table and let her decide for herself what she could handle, because he respects her and always has. It makes me think of season four when Paul Raines tells Jack he’s not going to let Audrey just be taken away from him. And Jack, ever the humble feminist at heart says accurately, “I don’t think that’s up to you. Or me” (paraprhasing). He has always supported Audrey’s agency as her own person, even when she was barely herself. That’s love. I just don’t think Mark is as invested in Audrey’s wellbeing as he is in what she does for him. And it’s probably the same from Audrey’s end. Hence you know, an empty marriage versus a great love.

I’m not sure that she necessarily liked being treated like a keepsake until today. Remember how Heller asked her how she and Mark were getting along in 9x03? The way he asked I kind of thought it might indicate that there had been a time in the not-so-distant past when they were not getting along so well; otherwise why would he ask? Her reaction was hard to read too – it could have been genuine, or she could have been just brushing off the question because she didn’t want her father to worry. One thing that has been interesting so far this season is that in seasons 4-6, Heller was insanely protective of Audrey, but now that seems to have reversed a little, and she is the one being protective of him.

I have been struggling with the time line too, but it occurred to me that Mark said that he stood by Audrey for 3 years, not that she was only sick for 3 years. I am thinking it was probably at least 6 years, based on what Tony said in season 7 and the fact that if she had been fully recovered before season 8 she probably would have tried to contact Jack. It makes more sense if she really began to recover after season 8, and when she asked about Jack she was told that he had done all those horrible things aND went into hiding. Like you said, Mark might have met her when she was starting to recover, although that’s not how he described it in the first episode. But some of the stuff about her being lifeless and not expected to recover he might have gotten second hand from Heller. And as you said, it just doesn’t make sense that he could fall in love with her if she was completely out of it.

New West Virginian
June 11, 2014 at 10:48 pm
Yes the backstory between Mark and Audrey hasn’t really been made clear. Its possible Audrey and Mark knew one another before Audrey went to China. And when Audrey’s back, Mark got with her to get in Heller’s good graces so he can further his political career. Mark actually is kind of like Logan in that he will do whatever to help his own career and reputation. Yeah I don’t think Mark first met Audrey when she was in a catatonic state, unless Mark was a shrink lol and that wouldn’t make sense.

New West Virginian: Mark couldn’t be less like Logan if he tried, IMO. None of this is for his career. If Mark cared about his career more than his family, there’s no way he’d be supporting a President with Alzheimer’s disease or forging rendition orders to try to protect his wife. Mark cares more about Heller & Audrey than he does his job.

I initially thought they knew each other before Audrey went to China as well, as that would have made a lot more sense. But then in episode 6 he told Jack that Audrey was “in pretty bad shape” because of him when he first met her.

Actually, I just had a thought: he could have been referring to sometime between seasons 4 and 5 or 5 and 6, and meant that she was in bad shape because she was distraught over him disappearing/thinking he was dead/etc. From what he said to Ron in episode 1 that seems unlikely, but I suppose it is possible. Maybe he first met Audrey sometime between seasons 4 and 5, something started between them or seemed possible, but then Audrey found out Jack was still alive and then watched him disappear again, and then between seasons 5 and 6 she broke things off with Mark or didn’t pursue things with him and instead went to China to look for Jack. Then as far as Mark can tell, Jack comes back from China and walks away from Audrey – Mark may not know about the things Heller said to Jack at the end of season 6. That could also explain why he seems to think Jack did something horrible to Audrey while she does not seem to blame him.

This doesn’t quite add up with everything that’s been said, but I think it’s as good of an explanation as any right now. I want to write a fanfiction that delves into Audrey’s back story between seasons 6 and 9, but I am having trouble right now because too many of the details they have given just don’t add up.

AgentRez– Your idea about when Mark met Audrey makes a lot of sense. I hope they give us some more details about the relationship over the next few episodes. I’d at least like to know what Mark did before he became Heller’s Chief of Staff and how long they’ve been married…

AgentRez, that’s a really great point about the three years. I agree that the way it’s worded to Ron is kind of a mess and makes it sound like Mark slept day and night holding the hand of a comatose woman he had never met until he brought her back. *laughs* So, it has to be more like she was under psychiatric care for awhile and not expected to recover, she started to recover, and then Mark met her while she was still on the mend and helped her get some ground beneath her feet again. The three years he could be saying to Ron then sound like the time he waited for her to be ready to have a relationship again. “I held her hand and I loved her and I brought her back” sounds like he was patient, he was a friend to her, he put her recovery first (so, the opposite of preying) and when she was ready, he was there. If the three years is how long they knew one another before they started actually dating, then you’re right, that changes where Audrey might have been at emotionally by the time of Day 7 when Tony says what he did and then afterwards. We still don’t really know when any of this happened, though I’d think Mark and Audrey have at least been married for a couple of years by this point.

How do we know how long they have been married? Did they say? If so I missed it.

I don’t think we do know how long yet. Heller’s been the President for about two years (if he wasn’t also Taylor’s VP) and we know Mark was his Chief of Staff during the campaign so that’s a minimum of three years or so that he and Audrey have had to have known one another. If Heller was the VP on Day 8 and Mark was his Chief of Staff then and continued on through Heller running and winning in the last election, then Mark’s been Heller’s Chief of Staff since after Day 7, about five and a half years ago.

New West Virginian
June 10, 2014 at 9:20 pm
Honestly the missile attacks didn’t seem as devastating as we were led to believe in the beginning. So apparently one missile can take out half a city block. If that was the case then Jack and the car wouldn’t have survived the missile strike in the alleyway because if it hit that close everything in the area would be destroyed anyway. While the hospital attack was bad it only destroyed a small section of the building. These are still just drones not fighters or bombers. They would have to hit a nuclear power facility or a large skyscraper for heavy damage.

So they said the other drones aren’t in range yet maybe that’s the time jump. Maybe Heller doesn’t know that he actually has more time because the other drones are not able to strike London yet. Maybe they will consider other targets like American military bases elsewhere like Germany?

New West Virginian
June 10, 2014 at 9:27 pm
I am really liking Kate’s character. I still want Jack to be with Audrey because of their history and everything but Kate is very cool and I liked her scenes with Yasmin she was very sweet with her.

There is no way Mark is getting out of this because even if he finds a way to hand Jack over, Heller and Audrey will demand that the Russians return Jack and Mark’s involvement will be revealed. I really think Mark will call on Navarro to handle the situation, in exchange for Navarro being let off for the conspiracy he’s involved in.

Maybe the Russians will kidnap Jack in the middle of Jack’s hunt for Margot and make demands on the US to secure Jack’s release so he can continue his mission.

New West Virginian
June 10, 2014 at 9:38 pm
I have a feeling it’s not only a matter of Margot getting revenge on Heller. If you recall from the movie Olympus Has Fallen, the President has access to all sorts of secrets including access to weapons systems. Maybe Margot is working with Adrian and Adrian has already hacked into very sensitive military programs, and having Heller will allow the terrorists to launch an even larger attack. It’s clear while Adrian is not an Islamic jihadist like Margot, he is extremely radical and anti-Western (and maybe anti-capitalist as well). And perhaps the Russians already know Jack is in London because of him.

I wonder why the Russian deputy foreign minister just happens to be in the UK on this day, and not just the Russian ambassador.

Please don’t mention 24 and Olympus Has Fallen in the same sentence…

I hoping in a future episode we know if the Russian President is still around or arrested for conspiracy for the assassination of a foreign nation president…..


I think the man behind Adrian Cross is Tony Almeida… I’d love it!

Solid episode once again. I have one minor concern going forward which I dont think anyone has brought up here. For me, the best ’24’ episodes in the past usually occur at night time. The night time atmosphere really adds to the level of intensity. The nuclear football and Chinese embassy episodes of season 4 come to mind as 2 fantastic night time episodes. Having ‘action’ scenes at night just makes it so much more suspenseful and adds to the ‘edge of your seat’ thrill.

So far we haven’t had any night time episodes as of yet this season and I’m wondering if we will get any. The next episode will start at 6:00 pm so a night time episode might be around the corner. However, the show might decide to skip 12 hours after next week’s episode. If the skip of hours allows for us to see Jack in another country (U.S, Russia, China), I might still get my wish of seeing a night time episode. We shall see.

They were filming at night through last week so night episodes will last through at least episode 11. With the time jump potentially happening in the closing minutes, it might even be dark for most of episode 12.

New West Virginian
June 11, 2014 at 10:52 pm
Most of my favorite episodes were daytime ones like the Heller rescue in S4, the Saunders capture and the first half of Seasons 2 and 7 plus the fight at the Gaines compound. Daytime is better for action sequences too because of better visibility.

Yeah the car chase sequences from the last episode would have been pretty difficult to stage at night. That’s probably why they pushed the start time up one hour since.

Meant to say the car chase likely would have been in the dark, since it looks like it gets dark during the second half of the next episode. Maybe they also wanted to save the darkness for that big scene at Wembley.

Was the driver’s seat of the car Jack was driving on the left side, or am I delusional?

Also, I’m curious…what is the norm when it comes to medics divulging information about victims? I felt that he gave away a lot of information to Margo even though he had no confirmation that she was really her mother. Plus, it was an incoming call.

Yes, Jack was driving a left hand-drive Chrysler 200 because of the sponsorship (or product placement) they have with Chrysler.

It was a really old ambulance and yes, they did give out a bit too much information. But I’d say that could happen in real life.

And the fact that an ‘English’ woman Margot al-Harazi was using a Sprint phone was a bit unrealistic too.

But Margot’s really big on Framily. Unlimited talk and text and everyone gets their own bills, so if a relative betrays you, not only can you kill them, but you don’t have to pay their overage charges.

Sorry I have nothing constructive to add other than hahahahahahahaha

That is funny!

Anyone besides me think that Navarro isn’t truly evil, and that he may be serving as a Gael Ortega type?

I just think it has to be more complicated than Navarro simply being a mole, selling information to the Chinese or Russians. That’s too Walsh-y.

That would be an interesting twist. Maybe Navarro was forced into doing what he did (a family member being threatened).

Yeah. I also think Jack has some sort of deeper involvement with the events of the day. Not to say that he’s bad or working with Margot or anything of the sort. But think about it, how did Jack know exactly where Chloe was, when she was in CIA Special Activities custody? It was so very pinpointed, his and Belcheck’s operation to get her out, that I feel like there’s just more to it than what we already know.

Some more food for thought, we keep discussing Open Cell and Margot as two separate plots, but let’s not forget, David Yates, who is a connection between the two. Might there be more significance to the Yates story? I would think the 24 writers would attach more ramifications to a situation where an Open Cell contractor is involved with Al Razi. Really nothing we can do but speculate, but it’s cool to think about all the different routes the writers could take us in the remainder of the season.

Chlojack– Right there with you on a Navarro family member being threatened. Kim’s husband = Dr. Steve (Navarro, Jr.)? That’d explain how Navarro knows about Jack’s grandson when it’s nowhere in Jack’s file.

Liam– Yates is a big link, agreed. One of the biggest things that suggests to me that Jack has another end game here besides just stopping this threat is the possibility that he created the link between Yates and Margot just so he could get to Chloe for help in stopping the day.

New West Virginian
June 11, 2014 at 10:53 pm
No Navarro has done too much to just be an undercover person. He framed Kate’s husband and likely killed him, and he just tried to have his own agent Jordan killed.

Navarro is probably not under duress—his behavior seems borderline sociopathic in terms of his ability to convincingly portray genuine concern for Morgan during their conversations, as well as with Jordan (“borderline”, only due to the fact that he expressed mild distaste when it was suggested that he should take out Jordan—“he’s just a kid”). Adrian Cross also says, “you’ve been paid very well”.

I’m not saying there are no more hidden depths to this character, though.

Maybe he’s just lived the lie so long he doesn’t know the difference anymore. A sociopath wouldn’t care about Jordan being a kid.

Check the TV Guide June 16th – 29th p.26 caption for picture 2 Kiefer says, “Outing Bratt’s character as the mole was 100% brilliant…It’s not in persona…he’s the nicest guy…But he plays evil to the hilt!”

I posted a comment from TV Guide on this a couple of comments below, it is a quote from Kiefer about the outing of Bratt’s character as a mole. He goes on to say he plays evil to the hilt. Accidentally posted it under someone else’s comment and could figure out how to delete it, so I am doing a quick rephrase here to keep the thought consistant.

Everyone should email Howard Gordon asking for more seasons of 24! Once he see’s the fans demanding more seasons! I am sure they will bring it back so they don’t disappoint us fans! **Admin edit: removed the email address from this comment, as it’s either fake or a personal email address. Please do not repost it.**

Where did you get that email, and how do you know it is legitimate? I don’t think emails to him would be recommended…it looks like a personal account.

That is really, really inappropriate to give out someone’s personal e-mail address, I would hope 24spoilers delete Justin’s post asap…


Hey guys so I just saw on Mary Lynn’s twitter a picture of her and Tzi Ma (the actor who plays Cheng) at the Bedford hotel. The person who posted the photo posted a photo of her with Tate Donovan moments before this so its safe to assume she was at something 24 related.

This picture in conjunction with Navarro’s mention of China this week leads me to believe that Cheng may be returning.

To be honest I’m not really happy about this if its true. I still have a very VERY bad taste in my mouth left over from him and the awful China plot in season 6. But I think hell be coming back since it would create drama for jack, mark, Audrey and Navarro.

Sorry if this is known already but I wanted to share as I accidentally stumbled upon this (trying to avoid all previews and spoilers this season)

New West Virginian
June 11, 2014 at 10:58 pm
If this is the case then both the Russians AND the Chinese are after Jack? Those countries in real life are allied with each other.

It WAS mentioned in the first episode that China doesn’t want the drone base renewed cause Diego Garcia is in the Indian Ocean and China wants that to be in its sphere of influence. But Jack is no longer on the run from China the way he is from Russia since the US made some kind of deal with China to get Jack back in Season 6 so he could be sacrificed to Fayed.

I also didn’t think the second half of Season 6 was that realistic, like the Chinese doing all this the same day a nuke was blown up on American soil and after Fayed had just launched all these attacks. But then the Russians right now don’t care about the threat to London, their priority is still getting Jack.

Yeah, between the Chinese near Diego Garcia and the secrets Navarro framed Adam Morgan for selling to the Chinese, they’re definitely in the plot. Cheng could be tied into that and/or it could just be personal for him with Jack.

New West Virginian
June 11, 2014 at 11:01 pm
It’s interesting how Cheng has become more and more of a big deal in the Chinese government. He started out as head of security at the Chinese consulate then he had all that power inside China when Jack was held prisoner and then he was able to launch all those attacks against CTU.

I’d be interested to see where he’s at now. It’s been nine years since Day 6 and he was pretty successful from a Chinese POV up until Day 6. I kind of sincerely doubt the U.S. still has him in custody so he’s had almost a decade to increase his power.

Chennnnnng. Hell yes. :)

I cannot STAND that that comment made its way into this thread. I know it isn’t official, but still…there is a thread discussing this EXACT TOPIC. A lot of people scroll through forums and comments sections by using the page down button, like me…so my eyes naturally saw Tzi Ma before I could see the spoiler warning. ):(

martin jackson
June 12, 2014 at 3:26 am
Episode 7 was brilliant.

Best 10 minutes of the series so far with the chases through London. Had me on the edge of my seat shouting at the screen! I actually turned straight over to sky 1 +1 and watched it again!

If Cheng is back, will Papa Bauer follow?

Not unless the real one that looks like Donald Sutherland shows up.

Definitely one of the best episodes so far. More like the greatest ones in previous seasons.

It was good to see Jack come out with a few “Dammits” which seem to have been missing for the most part. It is this passion from Jack which I think has been absent. Like when MI5 messed up his mission. It would have been more like Jack to really tear them off a strip, and to shout and rant a bit, but it was a fairly weak complaint he made against their interference.

Having said that, I get the feeling that the tension is going to increase dramatically in the final episodes.

I wish we were being told more of what Jack’s been up to in the last 4 years. The amount of dialogue from Jack has not been great, mostly confined to what was going on at any particular moment, but I’d like to see some more intensity of what he has to say, more of why he is doing what he is doing now and why.

I must say though that there is still the best “24” quality about the current storyline in that you definitely feel that literally anything could happen, and anyone is fair game to get killed off. I really hope it’s not going to be Chloe though. That really would be awful!

The next episode looks like producing some really exciting moments and, in spite of my criticisms, I am really loving this season and will relish the prospect of seeing it all through again in the future – many times.

One final thought – the things Kiefer are saying suggests that any subsequent series seems highly unlikely. But then again, at the end of Season 8, it was pretty vague. So much depends on how they finish this one. No doubt it will be quite remarkable!


Jack did say what he was doing for those 4 years. It’s outlined in the comic books that are being released. Basically he was working for a small time arms dealer which we saw a couple of episodes ago. He did the same kind of thing prior to S1 which helped him at the start of S2. It was low key. He got paid and only had to kill a few bad guys. His sidekick was someone Jack had to kill but spared his life in exchange for his help.

I notice there is parallels to season 1…..

threat against President (Heller) Threat against president candidate (senator palmer)
Revenge (margot) Revenge (Darzen brothers revenge against Jack/palmer)
Jack accuse of assassinate the president (Heller) and president candidate (Palmer) by CTU and CIA respectably
Heller and Jack work together to stop threat………Senator Palmer and Jack work together to stop threat
Heller and Jack set up a plan so Margot can kill him? Palmer and Jack set up a plan to pretend Palmer is dead

They say twists and turns like the bold and beautiful but truth is it has NOTHING on 24 #fact

In this household we live for Mondays at 9. Best show ever. HOWEVER, CAN YOU PLSE KEEP THE BACKGROUND MUSIC IN THE BACKGROUND? So hard to hear the dialogue, especially when Kiefer and others whisper so much.
Thanks so much for making tv great.