24: Live Another Day Episode 7 Sneak Peeks

Here’s all of the sneak peek clips for 24: Live Another Day Episode 7.

You Don’t Know Jack

via Fox Broadcasting

Jack Bauer tells an MI5 agent that he doesn’t give a damn about protocols and that they shouldn’t have interfered with his operation.

Jack and Kate visit Simone

via Fox Broadcasting

Jack Bauer and Kate Morgan race to the hospital to try to get information from Simone Al-Harazi.

Simone Asks Jack For Help

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Jacks tells Simone that her mother is targeting her with a drone before helping her out of the hospital. Kate Morgan frantically searches for a little girl.

Jack and Kate in Action (US only)

via TV Guide

Jack and Kate chase one of Margot’s henchmen through a hospital after he opens fire on them.

Navarro sends Jordan into the field (US only)

via The Wrap

Navarro, who appears to perhaps have less-than-pure intentions, is sending Reed to pick up a secret drop on a secret houseboat.


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Clip #1: MI-5 really got screwed up. Clip #2: Jack would’ve said “I’m not asking you, I’m telling you”. Clip #3: Sean Callery’s score is one of my favorite part about 24. Clip #4: action is what I like about 24. Clip #5: wondering if Navarro is going to trick Jordan now that he’s going from analyst to field agent. Milo Pressman in Season Six should’ve known better (between episode 609 & 610).

The Score in the 3rd clip is very very good, next weeks episode looks action packed.

“Doctor, I’m gonna hafta eat and run.” Best Jack line ever? :)

Dark!Navarro is a *lot* of fun in that clip… this is going to be awesome.

I thought it was hilarious how Jack lets go of Simone and she falls to the floor with a loud thud.

In clip #4 Jack says “you take the left” and then he goes left and Kate goes right. D’oh. Still an awesome scene, though.

I thought Jack dropping her was pretty awesome, too!

kiki vanderway
June 6, 2014 at 6:16 pm
Ditto great way to make a point.

I hope we can find some way to watch clip 4 and 5 for non-US viewers

Download the Hola extension!

June 6, 2014 at 7:28 pm
It’s so obvious to me that whoever Steve Navarro is sending Jordan Reed to meet will try to kill Jordan. It’s so obvious that there is no package in existence for Jordan to pick up at that requested location that has information about possible leads to Margot Al-Harazi. I really hope that Jordan doesn’t get killed off. I’m predicting that Simone Al-Harazi will start having a pure hatred for her mother Margot starting with next week’s episode that will last the remainder of the season. Episode 7 looks like it’s going to be spectacular and explosive. I’ll be tuning into FOX on June 9 to watch the episode in its entirety.

June 7, 2014 at 11:00 am
Navarro says it’s a “dead drop” (haha) to pick up…IMDb lists Jordan for all 12 episodes!

sneek peek 3 gave me all dem feels when simone asks jack to help her

@clip1 Belcheck is still alive – yippie!! :)) Really love his character, would love to see more of him. I was worried when MI-5 knocked him out!!

Of course he’s alive, he’s Kate’s new love interest ;)

Kate + Belcheck? When I saw episode 5 last week and the way he was protecting Chloe I thought Belcheck + Chloe would make a cool couple!! :)

Well yes, realistically speaking I thought exactly the same thing as you. But then it struck me the other day that Kate and Belcheck would be pretty damn cool too. It would make some headlines for sure :)

Hmmm, who to ship? Katecheck or Bellchloe?


It’s a wonder how a series which deals with a massive crisis over the course of a day has always had so much shipping going on.

The only shipping I want to see is when they get to Southampton.

Grouchy, grouchy :) *

*Rate (Ritter-Kate) all the way. Their love is so we have had three or four scenes together so far!

Belcheck could be developed into a very interesting character. A dependable backup for Jack, Kate and Chloe.

No one ships Jack and Kate? C’mon they’d be perfect!

She looks like Kim and is young enough to be his daughter? Eww…

Ahh true there’s a bit of an age gap, but I like they’re chemistry at least just as partners. Especially when she’s pushed the agents at the embassy away from touching him once he was in her custody

Jack and Kate are great as partners, but not as a potential couple. Kind of like Benson and Stabler on SVU who were never paired up romantically.

Yeah, some people would never work out as couples but their chemistry as friends is great. I don’t see Jack and Kate going anywhere, partially because of the age gap but also as the writers went down that route with Renee

She protected Jack because he was her redemption. He was her prisoner, her arrest, her way to prove herself. I think it could have been Charles Logan on the floor of that office and she would have done the same thing.

I like their chemistry as partners, too, but I think it’s more mentor-protege/father-daughter than romantic.

I think they both look up to each other a lot. Neither of them are in a position to be searching for anything romantic, and Jack’s in love with Audrey, but I think because of their immediate chemistry (well not immediate exactly, they were trying to kill/capture each other) but as soon as they were clearly on the same side, I’ll always ship them slightly though I love Jack and Renee together.

I’m with you on them both looking up to one another a lot. I think that’s what I like the most about Jack and Kate so far. He respects her abilities and treats her as an equal, while she knows his history and is in pursuit of him as a criminal but doesn’t treat him as a criminal, if that makes any sense. That’s a great dynamic.

I think one of the major reasons why I dislike them in a romantic/sexual sense is I think it gives Jack character to have him have positive relationships with women that don’t involve romantic love and/or sex and it makes the women he has these relationships with stronger for having something complex with Jack without being another one of his love interests.

I feel the same way about Jack and Chloe, although that’s more like a sibling relationship to me than this kind of father-daughter/next generation thing he’s got going on with Kate.

VERY nice find! Is Navarro working with Jack? Or are we watching the final showdown of the series here?

Also, the writer of the article is clearly colourblind.

Whoops, ignore my final showdown talk, I missed that this was 14th May.

I dunno’ how no one here came across it quicker than me! Does anyone here know roughly what episode they would’ve been filming on/around 14 May?

I believe it’s the episode 9/10 pair directed by Milan Cheylov. That’s the episode that Mary Lynn referred to as “outrageous” and surprising.

I held off on posting those images cause it would’ve ruined the Navarro twist several weeks before it happened on the show. (Even if I posted them in a super careful way that wouldn’t stop trolls from running rampant and spoiling it in the comments of other articles or other websites).

Here’s three short videos of the filming (spoilers obviously):

I like Milan Cheylov’s episodes from previous seasons. I had no idea he was on board for LAD.

I’m thinking they will wrap up the Margot Al Harazi storyline in 2-3 episodes time and then the last 2 episodes will focus on Kate’s search for truth and they will probably leave the door open for a Kate Morgan spinoff series that someone can pitch to FOX

No… No.

why no?

Fans flocked back to LAD to catch up with their long lost friend JACK again. JACK is the one people care about and have cared about for 13 years. Kate Morgan is nothing more than a dull, lifeless answer to a question that nobody asked, a laughable feminist fantasy (as someone here called her) with no hope of ever existing in reality – if they want to make a spinoff of her then I couldn’t care less, I won’t be there and I hope it falls flat on its arse.

BUT if they waste the last 2 episodes of not just LAD but (potentially) the whole series on Kate – I’m going to cyberbully tptb over twitter until they kill themselves. No, the final episodes need to clear the decks of all the dead weight (i.e. the new characters) and keep most of the focus on Jack.

PS – it looks (I don’t know why) from these pics that Bratt is at least somehow not a bad character – eg… I’d imagine he would lose the suit if they wanted to give him a more rogue look, he’s taking cover behind a military? landrover & if we look closely behind his ears, he seems to have an acoustic earpiece (you know the transparent spirally earpieces?).. perhaps working undercover.

Looks like spoilers for the final episode won’t be leaking. Jon Cassar confirmed that they’re filming indoors and closed locations this week. This other tweet is very interesting:

#24lad Sometimes you’ve just got to build it. Starting our last full week of shooting. http://instagram.com/p/pBII0kt4X_/

With those sets being built, and zero exterior day shoots being filmed, could there be a time jump in the finale, with Jack be returning back to the US? I really hope so!

Lawrence Bourckel
June 10, 2014 at 12:27 am
Jack is grooming Kate to take his place.Next season(if there is one) Jack will get killed and Kate will finish the last few episodes hunting down Jack’s killer!!!

Yeah, great idea… except fuck no.

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