24: Live Another Day Episode 4 Sneak Peeks

FOX has released eight sneak peek clips from the fourth episode of 24: Live Another Day. These show actual scenes from the episode, so as usual, use your judgement on whether you want to watch these or not.

Episode 4 First Look

Jack’s inside the Embassy searching for evidence about the assassination plot, but Agents Morgan and Ritter are hot on his trail, and soon the Marines are called in to hunt him down. Director Adam Kane and actress Yvonne Strahovski discuss the episode.

The Wrong Call

Audrey argues with her husband Mark that Jack is telling the truth…and she would know better than anyone.

Jack vs. the Marines

Kate stands idly by as Jack opens fire on marines. Don’t worry, he made sure they were wearing body armor before shooting them.

Not A Fait Accompli

President Heller isn’t making any decisions about Jack’s life until he talks to him.

Inside The Embassy

The CIA closes in on Jack.

I Believe You (US only)

The technology used to control the highjacked drone is set to launch a massive attack against civilians later in the day. Jack needs the data from Tanner’s flight key to stop it.

Chloe and Belcheck help Jack

Both Chloe and Belcheck (Brank Tomovic) wouldn’t be alive it weren’t for Jack Bauer. Chloe says she owes Jack and will do everything she can to help. Belcheck is angry about Adrian’s double cross.

Jack’s Side of the Story

It was Heller’s State Department that labeled Jack a terrorist and made him a wanted man. “With all due respect Mr. President, it was your State Department that labeled me a terrorist and made me a wanted man. A man who was never even offered an opportunity to tell his side of the story, which by the way sir, I felt I had earned.” He continues “Whatever differences we had, I never lied to you. I always told you the truth. I’m telling you the truth now and I suggest you believe it.”

For more on episode 4, check out the promotional photos, official promo, and press release.


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There is no way that I will see them…

Same. All done watching these.

Same here – no one watch these!!!! PS: If someone has watched them, can you tell us if these are ‘major’ scenes? / does the episode look good from these clips? No details please!!

Spoiled the first three episodes watching the clips…


Sure, no one watch them… But it’s trending on the site ;)

Looks very action packed very intense , no major scene but still you don’t need to watch really.

All we know that Audrey will support Jack, don’t we? so I don’t think is a spoiler :)

Audrey and Jack fans must watch the 2nd clip now! :)

This is the coolest thing ever! I’m loving it! You are a great actor Keifer. This show is so exciting! Thank you!

lol I love how you put Jack VS. the Marines haha cracked me up.

May 15, 2014 at 11:41 pm
I am not watching these so there will be zero chance of spoiling the surprise. And anyway after watching ep 1-3, it was a forgone conclusion that Audrey would stand up for Jack’s side of the story. Just watch, Audrey will convince her dad to listen to Jack and not to Mark. I can see that coming from a mile away.

Lauro Roger McAllister
May 16, 2014 at 1:23 am
Every episode is getting even more amazing!!!
This is just perfect!!!
I don’t see a way out, but thank God, Audrey is on Jack’s side now… That can be one of a hell of a perfect thing to happen! <3

I really hope audrey and jack get together, presidet heller exonerates jack and clears him of all wrongs, and. The series ends on a happy note for jack for once

Just wanted to give a shoutout to the editors for being more innovative with the splitscreens. The two new guys this year, Joe Hobeck & Jordan Goldman (both from Homeland, the latter having won an Emmy for it in Season 1) as well as Season 8 alum Casey Rohrs (who did the craziest things) have really made them a lot more energetic.

If you look back in the mid-way of the show (S4 to S6), the screens were still cool, but were almost always done with 2 clips running side by side. Rohrs often used 3-4 of ’em (especially the 3 way vertical boxes as well as the multiple angle shots, which weren’t used as much at the time) in Season 8 & I really found that to be a neat change of pace. It’s probably one of my favorite things about that trainwreck of a season (along with the music & camerawork). Glad he’s back.

Interesting observations. I haven’t been giving the split-screens much thought but you’re totally right.

Notice the closing splitscreen of Season 8, Episode 11. There’s one shot which have two boxes (one with Walsh, one with Prady, if I’m right) converging from the sides, offscreen. NEVER DONE BEFORE.

One of my favorite bits from that same episode: A guy looks through binoculars & the screen splits to show the POV from there!

Audrey is AWESOME! She hasn’t seen Jack in I think about 12 years, and yet she still trusts him and has faith that he’s telling the truth. That’s pretty incredible.

What is incredible is Audrey not showing any long term symptoms of her ordeal in China, no PTSD, no memory loss, really nothing whatsoever. She is like good as new, and this is as bad as resurrecting someone.

And what is this Jack’s side of the story nonsense? Didn’t Taylor tell what happened in the end?

I was a bit confused by that clip, seems like they are rewriting history to avoid mentioning President Taylor for some reason. I’d like to watch it again but Fox made the video private.

I agree with you wholeheartedly about that. I really want to know more about how she recovered, and I am disappointed that she seems to have gone from being catatonic to all better, because that is not how PTSD works. Additionally, what Mark said about holding her hand for 3 years and bringing her back makes no sense for several reasons. This could mean Mark is lying and has some hidden agenda, but it’s probably just the 24 producers doing their usual rush job of explaining the back story in a way that doesn’t really make sense just to simplify it.

What was exactly shown in the Jack’s side of the story scene?

Going from memory so I might be a bit off..

Jack said that he needed to do things this (extreme) way because nobody would listen to or believe him without hard evidence. Jack claimed he was never given a chance to tell his side of the story and partly blamed Heller and his people as the reason he was in exile / a fugitive.

Who is he saying it to?

Oops, forgot to mention the most important part. It was Jack speaking to President Heller over the phone.

It could be that Taylor and her VP-turned-successor failed to officially designate Jack a terrorist during the remainder of their terms in office, and it was only after Heller had become President – which would have been about two years after the events in NYC – that the dust had settled and that day’s bloody events have subsequently become public knowledge, effectively forcing Heller’s State Department to put Jack on the terrorist list…

Was Audrey on the call/in the room when her father spoke to Jack?

Yes, Audrey was in the same room along with General Couburn and her husband Mark. She didn’t speak to Jack though.

I’ve updated the post with a working clip (and two more sneak peeks), but it’s only viewable in the US right now.


cant believe theres still 2 more days until a new episode

why cant mondays come earlier

I just realized…Audrey is already pissed at Mark and she doesn’t even seem to know about him forging her father’s signature on the rendition order. She’s not going to be too happy with him if/when she finds out. :0

I just hope Mark turns out to be the traitor for this season so Jack and Audrey can be together

Taylor may have told the world about the Russians’ involvement in Day 8’s terrorist events, but that doesn’t mean she cleared Jack. She told him to get out of the country while he still had a chance. Plus, I don’t think anyone really knows about Renee’s death, so Jack’s story hasn’t been told from his perspective.

I won’t watch teasers anymore don’t want to ruin my suprise, but I can’t help watching the episode with Audrey !! and for those who find Audrey has no symptoms of the chinese tortures…it’s a fiction, you know :) just like Jack having a heart attack in season 2 and recovering to kill a bunch of hostiles 2 minutes later

I agree with that… by the way, Catherine sweetie, I’m hearing some good things about a French series called ‘Braquo’, is it worth checking out?

Dear Gerry I’m sorry, I don’t know !
I’ve heard of that series, it’s on Canal + as 24, a paid channel. Canal just aired the season 3, It’s a dark crime series and the reviews are good, it’s all I know…
Right now I’m focused on 24 (of course) and Game of Thrones


What if the “unlikely duo” from Episode 5’s press release is Chloe and Belchek?

Ha, that would be amazing? Can’t watch the clip “Chloe and Belcheck help Jack” here in the UK, what is happening there??
Any idea how someone can watch it outside of the US???

FOX restricts all of their website videos to US only. I always try to put worldwide videos up when possible, but sometimes they are only available in one place.

You can use something like “Hola” browser extension (http://hola.org/) to watch them in the UK. When enabled, that tricks the website into thinking you’re from the US.

mate unfortunately the unlikely duo is Jack and the CIA

if you look at the “This Season on 24” you can see a CIA tactical team raiding what looks like a mansion (presumed to be Margot Al-Harazi’s residence) and in the promo photos along with the promo for episode 4 Kate Morgan climbs through the vents into the comms room where she talks with Jack before the marines breach the door and arrest Jack

Chloe and Belcheck is already a duo. He protect her and keep an eye out for Cross when Jack is away. I somehow doubt Belcheck also can assist Chloe with the computer stuff, and form a “better” duo than Jack and Chloe.