24: Live Another Day Premiere Sneak Peek – Bauer Kicking Butt

Here’s another brand new sneak peek from the season premiere of 24: Live Another Day. It features Jack Bauer doing what he does best – kicking ass and taking names.

Jack Bauer is in custody and is being escorted by CIA Agent Erik Ritter (played by The Wire‘s Gbenga Akinnagbe) into an underground secure room, presumably for interrogation. Jack seems to have help from the outside however, with a hacker posing as an electrician tapping into the power grid and disrupting electricity for a couple of seconds.

This brief period of darkness was enough time for Jack Bauer to knock out one of the guards and completely manhandle Erik – first a headbutt, then three swift kicks to the stomach, and finally choking him out with handcuffs. Jack frees himself and takes another agent hostage at gunpoint. You don’t want to ever get in Jack’s way.

Source IGN


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OMG, is that Chloe on that drip? The ring we can see in this video looks like the one Chloe had on her finger in previous trailers.

Maybe that is why Jack had to revive her in one trailer. The CIA interrogated her and something went wrong.

Greetings from Germany, cant wait for next week!!

Chloe is prisonner and in bad shape, that’s why Jack is arrested so easily by the CIA, he wants to set her free…great clip…

WOW. My heart is racing!!! Best clip of all! WOW.

Theory: It wasn’t Morgan’s husband selling secrets, it was her.

Hope they don’t go the mole route with Kate’s character. Although it wouldn’t be surprising if she was the one who killed her husband.

I also hope they don’t have Audrey’s husband be a mole, either. It’s too similar to Walt Cummings…

Yup, I agree.

This is random, but I was just thinking about how they’re skipping the majority of the night episodes in LAD, (for practical reasons, I’m assuming) and it made me think about if LAD gets another season. What if in ‘LAD: Season 2’ they do the opposite, and make Jack have some covert operation he has to complete, making the majority of the season take place at night?

Wishful thinking, I know. But just something I thought about…

That would really be cool, especially if they had the final scene end at sunset, which has never been done on 24 before.

Entertainment Weekly gave it a C+…

i love jack come back agen