24: Live Another Day Set Photos – January 27

Here’s some photos from the second day of filming 24: Live Another Day which took place yesterday. This was a “crazy big action day” and featured several of the new characters including Yvonne Strahovski, Joseph Millson, Gbenga Akinnagbe. There are some spoilers in these pics of course.


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1. Jack captured by episode 2? That was fucking quick wasn’t it? I guess all the cookie cutter “provisional basis” shite can start again as per usual.

2. Tamar Hassan? STOP casting people who aren’t proper actors. Who next? Russell Brand? Danny Dyer?

3. The couple with the briefcase look like twats from “Made In Chelsea”

4. Sorry for being such a fucking grinch folks.

I think Tamer Hassan is more of a bit part or cameo. He seems to have only been on set yesterday and is on a plane to Ukraine to finish up a movie. I guess there’s always a chance he can return later though, but I wouldn’t worry about him being a big part of 24: LAD.

XAM, Please stop using bad language as younger people might be reading your message.

Simple, if you don’t like 24 then please stop watching and stop moaning !! no one is forcing you to watch it.

This is a 24 site, not Blue Peter so bollocks to ’em! I guess it’s better for kids to watch a violent show about torture, killing and double cross than to hear a few bad words.

“Don’t like, don’t watch” is almost as predictable as 24 has become. Look, I’m a fan. I want 24 to get its balls back and be great again, so when I see them going through such trouble to bring 24 back… only to waste the opportunity by repeating the same tired formulas, characters and plotlines again is upsetting, BECAUSE I like 24.

@XAM, give it chance mate, you haven’t seen it yet.

Great to see that Joe Millson has started filming scenes of 24. I am dying to know if he is playing an agent or something. My friend works in Shoreditch and she said that saw some some car action scenes were filmed in there.

For those of you in the USA, Shoreditch is the East end part of the city London. It used to be run down part but they have made it rather trendy place to hang out in the last few yeards

XAM dude, please show some class and drop the profanities… and give the ’24’ writers the benefit of the doubt until you see the finished results!

That is all.

They’ve repeated themselves, gotten lazy and dropped the ball too many times for me to give them the benefit of the doubt, but I’ll certainly admit I was wrong if they pull it off, in fact I sincerely hope they do. Fair enough?

Please stop being coarse. We all know how to curse and talk rough. We save it for appropriate places.

Does anybody know if these pics were “paparazzi stolen” or were made for a authorized photographer?

These are paparazzi photos (aka “spy shots”), not official images.

Oh thanks. I guess that this filming shooting wasn’t at Pinewood or any other studios since these “spy shots”… or who knows!

This was filmed at a block of flats in Woolwich. The paps were standing in the gardens of houses on Brookhill Road to get these shots!

cummon XAM or if that is your initial, you haven’t even watched an episode and don’t even know if this is episode three , four, or 6 so stop blabbing about your insecurities with 24 please. let the season begin then you can start yapping. let us give the writers a chance to blow us away, and no one went through trouble to bring 24 back it was an idea for a movie, they didnt get to do it and then howard gordon came up with an idea which kiefer was willing to do because it was a great idea, i dont want people just talking beacuse you wanna post something

Has JB been shot in that pic?

Yup it appears one of the CIA Agents chasing Jack shot him in the chest as he was surrendering.

Probably had a bullet proof vest on though – still hurts like heck.

so Excited for May 5.

Nice call.

a picture can say a thousand words, one would assume, anyway. I thought in past episodes, jack bauer could never be found if he didnt wanted to be…and being caught? by CIA nobodies? JB is in his own league, thats how its always been.

Chloe? rumors of losing her son?? thats a bit out of it. 24 is my fave show dont get me a wrong, and glad its coming back…

but its official…my eye brows have been raised.

Just one thing: some people thinks that when they say “Chloe lost his son” they are NOT referring to his death, but some kind of goverment action to separate her you from her child, or some sort of blackmail in this sense (perhaps to find Jack?) that ended in this situation. That would have much more sense, and maybe they will be playing with it, not giving too much clues about what really happened with the kid until we discover he is NOT dead but anywhere with any new family just because of this goverment action.

makes sense


Also, this could be also a cover operation of Chloe and Jack. She’s in a group of hackers now. Perhaps she said to them that she was angry with the “loss” (whatever that means) and she is a “bad-girl” now.

Then we’ll hear her say something like: “Deep sky” (Remember S7?)

days are going slow especially when people are waiting for the new 24

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I find it amazing, but yet incredibly humorous, with the usual arm-chair critics who think THEY know exactly how 24 should be, how it should unfold, and moan and groan about it; when in fact, this will be yet again another NEW plot formula, with various NEW actors appearing in said NEW mini series.
Having said that none of you whiners knows “Exactly”what direction this will take; it could even be very well simply a launching pad to bring back the series full time again.
Until then, Chill, take a pill, and await the thrill that IS 24!
In other words, WAIT until this NEW series starts before you start tearing it apart with your obvious lack of knowing what it will all be about to begin with.

Is May 5th here yet?


This is Jack Bauer. I would appreciate it if you stopped your cursing. You have clearly made your point, but it could have been done without the cursing. Have you ever heard me curse before?