24: Live Another Day Set Photos – April 26, 2014

Here are a couple dozen spoilery photos from 24: Live Another Day filming in London today. The crew are currently wrapping up episodes 7 and 8 (episode 8 is a nice milestone, the 200th episode of the series).


Simone (Emily Berrington) is seen in a hospital gown being carried by both Kate Morgan and Jack Bauer. In one photo, Jack can be seen screaming with his gun pointed at someone – it’s safe to assume they are protecting Simone for some reason. Simone is in terrible shape with cuts and stitches on her left cheek, nose, and forehead.

Kate Morgan is now wearing her hair in a bun and has scratches on her forehead, cheek, lip and a blood stain on her thigh. These do not appear to be fresh wounds however.

There’s a 2015 Chrysler 200 with Michigan plates that Jack Bauer appears to be driving.


This video shows Jack getting out of a car (the new 2015 Chrysler 200, with Michigan license plate). He appears to grab a suspect/terrorist and slam his face into the door. If you look very closely you can see Kate Morgan running towards them as well.

This next one is a very cool stunt – two workers are unloading wood from their truck when the speeding jeep plows right through everything and smacks into another car, but keeps on going.

Another stunt has the jeep flipping over on its side and sliding down the street, crashing into dumpsters.


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Why would they have Michigan plates? And why would they be showing a car which isn’t even being sold in the UK? (I know they have a product placement agreement with them).

Sounds like night shoots might be starting tonight.

I think this confirms it:

Gym done now movie time before the nights begin #5pm-4am

Nice lay in this morning but its only in preperation for some serious #24LAD shifts to come #blacksattheready #Rigger

Wonder when the time jumps are then? Unless maybe they’re shooting out of order or something…

It looks like the time jump(s) will occur sometime after the 8th episode. There’s a few ways they could do the time jumps at this point. They could skip a few hours before episode 9, and then do another time jump before episode 11 or 12. Or maybe they’re just going to do one big time jump before the last episode or two episodes.