Kiefer Sutherland filming 24: Live Another Day in London

Here’s a video of Kiefer Sutherland filming 24: Live Another Day in London on January 27th. This was the second day of production and was filmed at a block of flats in Woolwich (thanks Acer).

Most of you have already seen the photos, but there’s a fairly decent-sized spoiler in this video (which will also be described below the video), so proceed at your own risk.

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In the video we see Jack Bauer being ordered to “get on the ground” and surrender. As he slowly places his gun on the floor, he gets shot in the chest and grimaces in pain.

Now the interesting part: immediately after Jack is shot, CIA agent Kate Morgan (played by Yvonne Strahovski) appears to whirl around and run for cover towards Jack, which might possibly suggest it was not a CIA agent that pulled the trigger? If anyone has a different theory, we’d like to hear it.

In another scene we see Jack Bauer escaping from a parking garage as a blue Volvo pulls up. It’s none other than Chloe O’Brian! She says “Jack, get in” and then he takes over the wheel as they make a speedy getaway.

Source FameFlynet on YouTube


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Thanks for the advice. I didn’t want to read “below” hahaha.

Nice footage, but could have done without the idiot who took the video mumbling.