“24 in 12” – 24: Live Another Day Sneak Peek Clips

FOX is releasing one short teaser clip every day in the countdown to 24: Live Another Day premiere on May 5th. They’ll all be in this post, so check back each day.

#12 – Hotwired

Jack asks Chloe where she got the car and she replies “I stole it, I hotwired it” as he looks at her with a confused and surprised facial expression.

#11 – Disadvantage

“Look, I can tell you consider yourselves a pretty intimidating group. You probably think I’m at a disadvantage. I promise you I’m not.”

#10 – You Were My Friend

Chloe tells Jack “You were my friend. If you wanted my help, you should’ve just asked.”

#9 – I Need Your Help

“Chloe, I don’t want to make you do anything. But I need your help. Please – help me stop these attacks from happening.”

#8 – Open the Door

Jack is wearing a Diplomatic Security Service uniform. Two (or more) people are sitting on the floor in what looks to be some kind of server room – perhaps at the CIA? He points his gun at a scared female and asks her to unlock the door.

#7 – It’s Over

Jack is running down a hallway while Chloe is providing him intel from her computer. Chloe tells Jack “I don’t think you understand – you’re not getting out of there. It’s over. They’re going to put you in prison!”

#6 – Having Enemies

“Having enemies means you’ve stood up for something” says President James Heller. You can briefly see the face of British Prime Minister Trevor Davies (Stephen Fry) in this one.

#5 – Fragile Keepsake

“Mark you’ve gotta stop making everyones decisions for them. You do it to me too, it’s like you keep me in some little box like I’m some fragile keepsake. I don’t know, maybe it’s a habit from all the time that you’ve spent taking care of me, but I don’t need that anymore.”

#4 – Take Bauer Out

“The instant you get a shot, take Bauer out. Clear?”

#3 – Is It Possible…

CIA analyst Jordan Reed asks his boss Steve Navarro whether it’s possible that Jack Bauer really is trying to stop an attack to which he replies “you’re talking about the man who practically laid waste to my station this morning.”

#2 – Families of Murdered Soldiers

Heller: Every US combat pilot undergoes a thorough psychological evaluation. And I am confident in that screening method.
Mark: Are the families of the murdered soldiers supposed to take comfort in that?”
Heller: Of course not.
Mark: What do you say to the children, one as young as five, who’s fathers will never come home again?

#1 – Get Started Chloe

Jack Bauer and Adrian Cross (played by Michael Wincott) get into a war of words. Jack tells Chloe to hurry up and get started because he doesn’t want to be around Adrian any longer.

Bonus Clip: Jack threatens Kate

24: Live Another Day premieres Monday May 5th at 8:00PM on FOX. Make sure to tune in!


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Awesome clip! Jack is back!

Also, another critic has weighed in with very positive feedback for the two-hour premiere:

The first two hours of 24: Live Another Day do not disappoint, at all. This is the show in top form, best in a loooooooooooooooooooong time.

Why would Fox make clips of the new series and I no idea why people watch them because it will ruin the episodes when it airs.

I don’t mind trailers but not watching clips as it will ruin the episodes when it airs.

Trailers are made with clips from the episodes… There is nothing different with these clips, and they also contain very little dialog, just one liners with more focus on facial expressions and the mood of the scene.
Another thing, no matter what show we talk about, watching promo stuff for the first 2 episodes is pretty harmless IMO.
On the other hand, watching trailers for the last two episodes of the season, now that’s a totally different animal.

Then why are you at a spoiler site?

oh why are you doing this to me 24 spoilers teasing me with this clips

The nº 10 is unvailable outside the US I hope it will be soon on YouTube

#11 – Disadvantage. Best clip so far…

Holy crap. This is lookin’ good!

This is awesome!

Just saw 1st ep of #24LAD, @RealKiefer is back at it as the indomitable JB, the pacing was great and the cast is really good to watch. #FOX

Saw 4th ep of #24LAD. Interesting use of a story element to move the plot. Maybe the best season of @24fox yet! @RealKiefer is looking good!

What a teaser! Jack Bauer at his best as usual!!! My goodess, the suspense is killing me….


Watch my newest trailer that i made for the upcoming season

I never laughed so hard at anything from 24 in my life. Jack’s reaction to Chloe stealing/hotwiring the car is priceless.

Thanks to update YT videos for fans outside US

Another positive review. It’s a bit spoilery on Chloe’s storyline in the premiere:

So it would appear that instead of Jack and Chloe getting captured together, Jack gets captured after Chloe so he can save her?!

Freaking awesome!

Yeah it is awesome. Here’s another review from Slant Magazine. They give it 3 stars:


Interesting reveal about Heller’s secret medical condition in that Slant Magazine review. Not what I was expecting at all.

chloe stealing cars she learned from the best….. !! The second clip is just awesome go jack!!

Looks like they’re filming at Wembley stadium tonight:



I love Jack Bauer!!!!!!!!

Stephen Fry and Cherry Jones were just nominated for Tony Awards. Congrats!

Seems like President Heller snubs the British PM here, does it not? Basically walks away leaving him standing there.

I don’t think so. The look of Heller’s face is like a “don’t worry, if I have enemies is because we are doing something here, so stay calm, we are on track.” Quoting Churchill is like saying: “I know your history, and he had the same mind that I have, so stay cool ;) “

I wonder how Mark may have taken care of Audrey, he’s not a doctor, or a psychiatrist ? as chief of staff, he’s a political man…or ??????

Gerry Mander
May 1, 2014 at 3:36 am
Maybe he was just there for her when she needed someone… gals love a guy who listens, or so I’m told ;-)…

Yes maybe..and Jack is always running out of a time :)

24 in 24 hours