First Look at 24: Live Another Day Episode 3

Here’s an early (and mostly spoiler-free) sneak peek look at the third episode of 24: Live Another Day. Simone attempts to make her getaway by train in the London Underground with Jack Bauer hot on her trail.

Director Adam Kane says “When shooting in a central London underground location, there’s certain rules we have to abide by, not only for safety but for crowd control. We’re only allowed to shoot on Sundays, we have to go to a station that is only used for filming, and we’re strictly regulated about how far we can back the train up and move the train forward.”

Source FOX Broadcasting


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Is this video available anywhere to watch in the UK? I’m trying to confirm that the tube station interior footage was shot at Aldwych (ie where Sherlock, Die Another Day, et al was filmed). I’m fairly sure that’s where it will have been done but just wanted to be sure

Ah I’ve worked out now they were shot at Charing Cross, the closed Jubilee Line platforms

OK ACER4666 Buddy im in the uk and just seen the 3rd arenaline filled episode with jack on the chase for the daughter of a mother who associated with terrorists in a recent cairo bombing in egypt as the story unfolds. Thiswas filmed between Kensington and waterloo underground with getting off onto the road level by charing cross station as you will see . Great to see London and Jack Bauer in the same storyline fascinating to watch . Watched it via file hub filehub upload site then open it type in as follows:- 24 S 09 E03 480P Rasad Khone then appears on top of list .watch it instantly free on internet archive media player . Watched it twice so much in this episode to take in acer4666 OK JACK RULES UK !!