24: Live Another Day Episode 3 Sneak Peeks

Here are four sneak peeks from 24: Live Another Day Episode 3 airing on Monday.


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Wow, this looks even better than the first two episode. Incredible!!!!!!

Indeed. That second clip especially, crazy to think that a large scene like that would be taking place only three episodes in.

I was told by Ari Margolis (FOX employee that does their video stuff) that it “Keeps building and building” as it goes on, seems that he wasn’t lying.

Gerry Mander
May 9, 2014 at 9:24 pm
Must… resist… urge… to… watch… aaggghhh!

What I really like about 24: action & suspense.

Love the way Jack smacked down the annoying white knights.

I hope they don’t release clips like this for every episode because I can’t stop myself watching them!! Not gonna have many surprises left

I promised myself I wouldn’t, yet here I am.

Ok, this time I’m done.

LOL. I’ve promised I wouldn’t come back either but lasted a day or two. I really don’t want to be spoiled too much for these episodes and feel like I know too much. So maybe I’ll try again.

There’s usually four or five sneak peek clips per episode. The good thing is they usually get released very late in the week, so there’s not as much temptation to watch them.

I don’t watch the teasers anymore, that ruins my surprise !!

I don’t watch any clips at all, however I do watch trailers for next episodes. clips give to much away.

Thank God I didn’t watch these!! Sorry for anyone that did!