24: Live Another Day Episode 11 Sneak Peeks

Here are all six sneak peeks from 24: Live Another Day Episode 11.

Cheng Spots Jack Bauer

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Chloe asks why Cheng attacked his own country and he replies “China turned its back on me, it’s not my country anymore.” One of Cheng’s henchmen spots Jack Bauer on a closed circuit TV camera.

Backup Is Here

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Jack and Kate are on a mission to locate their target before it’s too late.

Cheng Zhi Is Still Alive

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Not only is Jack’s worst enemy back, Jack reveals that Cheng used the override device to send a message to the USS Massachusetts to fire on a Chinese carrier.

Jack Puts A Gun To Mark Boudreau’s Head

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President Heller learns that Mark set Jack up for the Russians.

Audrey Pursues Diplomatic Channels

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Trying to help the administration prevent a full-scale war, Audrey talks to her father about a contact at the Chinese Embassy.

Chloe Strikes Back

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Cheng and company don’t even see it coming.

First Look Preview

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Wow. Did I just watch the entire episode. Why so many clips this early.

Well, I think it’s better Fox release them now, instead of waiting till Monday 5 hours before the episode air.

There are only six clips, totaling only six minutes and 25 seconds. If you subtract the TV commercials during an episode of the show, there’s about 40 minutes of the show itself per hour. So we saw six of those 40 minutes. That’s not “the entire episode,” V, and surely those aren’t the only six meaningful moments in the entire 40 minutes.

I remember this Audrey who could get stuff done. :) Glad to see her back.

Love the irony of Cheng having had a fake death after faking Audrey’s death. “Our sources in China confirmed it.” Yeah, Mr. President, they also confirmed that your daughter was dead at one point, too…

I am with you – I feel like Audrey has not been given enough screentime or enough to do this season, so I am glad to see her finally have a chance to step it up. I am a little disappointed though that her contact is someone she worked with on a trade agreement a year ago. I was hoping it would be someone she worked with when she was pursuing back channels to get Jack out of China. Does anyone else find it odd that she could help negotiate a trade agreement with the Chinese after what she went through?

No, I agree, it’s a bit weird. Sista seems to have basically no ill feelings about what happened (except for Cheng, of course). It’s just nice to see a bit of the old Audrey. :)

Agreed it’s gonna be great to see Audrey back in the game. I don’t mind that it’s taken this long for them to do it because in having taken the time to establish her as being more meek these days, it’ll have a bigger impact when she snaps back into action. The day started with them using Mark to paint her as being fragile after her experience with Cheng, but it’s that experience with Cheng that’s gonna inspire her to kick some arse by the end of the day.

As for her having worked with the Chinese on trade agreements, it’d be weird if she was working with people who supported Cheng, but I’m thinking not many people in the Chinese government support Cheng. If he had a full investigation and trial then perhaps even the people who had helped fake her death were held accountable too. Having those things resolved (and as a bonus, believing Cheng was dead) probably helped in her being able to directly do business with the Chinese.

I think it would have been better if Audrey’s Chinese contact did work for Cheng when he was part of the government. That way they can have a more meaningful conversation about Cheng because they would have been both negatively affected by him. Having said that, I don’t know how this diplomatic channel story will transpire, but I doubt it will be as good.

You know what would be more ironic, if the Chinese government killed Cheng’s family in a “car accident”, in retribution for Cheng humiliating China through his actions. Definitely deserves it, don’t you agree.

Hi guys, just wanted to stop buy and tell you all that the latin america preview for episode 11 is available online. Enjoy!


Unfortunately, it doesn’t work in the US.

I found a working one here: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_xNEtPFF4_A

Not as spoilery as past ones, although
Audrey point-blank tells Jack to kill Cheng; in the US promo she tells Jack to “do what he needs to do”. This promo also shows Heller’s conversation with the Chinese premier. Otherwise, this spoiler is much like the US one.

All I heard was
”kill him”
. Although I’m sure she’s probably talking about
, do you think it’s possible this is before the confrontation with
and she’s talking about
her husband

Hmm, as awful as
has been, I don’t think she would want that. I can’t think of any character she would feel strongly about that would cause her to say that so abruptly.

A veritable smorgasboard. Should I watch these? Or should I just wait…MAN.

The scene where Chloe strikes back, this is not looking so good for her even with her head getting knock out cold. Hope Jack Bauer is about to take down not only the Russians but the Chinese as well. Really want to see Cheng Zhi getting killed off before the finale on July 14th.

Mark my words: the writers will no doubt stretch the Cheng plotline out to the final hour, and build up as much hatred for the character as possible, so when Jack finally kills him, it will not only be a relief of payback for what Cheng did to him but for what he did to Audrey. And if Jack doesn’t kill Cheng directly, I can see some clever twist from the writers where Jack/Chloe/Audrey manipulate a situation where the Russians get pitted against the Chinese and are led to believe that Cheng is against them – so they then take Cheng out.

I have to say – after a mediocre first 3-4 episodes, the past 4-5 have been on par with some of the series best. Kiefer is really at the top of his game and the Heller character brings almost as much potency to the presidency as Palmer did.

A great twist would be Cheng getting clean away. Then we go to the time jump when Cheng is safely across the world… only to be suddenly killed by Tony, who then calls Jack to say “I guess that makes us even” or something.

System Admin.
July 4, 2014 at 3:32 am
I like your idea!!!

Good idea, not sure if it’s applicable here.

Graeme Donnelly
July 3, 2014 at 11:17 pm
Not understanding the 12 eps – thought it was a 24 hour day???????????

Episode 12 covers 13 hours.

Had been wondering how Jack could find out about Cheng if he was gonna be gone by the time they got there. Chloe leaving a secret recording for Jack is perfect. YAY Team!

Does anyone find Cheng working for the Russians WAY too convenient? Seems that anyone in 24 land who wants to bring Jack to justice for anything he does against their country, just happens to end up being a big international terrorist. Way too convenient indeed, I don’t like it at all!

More convenient still is that Anatol, the Dr. Eggman looking dude looks evil as fuck.

It would be MUCH better if Cheng is working for Wilson or Max, who are they types to profit off war – it would be a good in for Tony as well.

Cheng is not working for the Russians. Jack assumed he was because they were attacked by Russians, but that’s before he finds out that Mark sent them.

It could be that Jack’s wrong in his assumption that Cheng’s working with the Russians.

It could also be that the Russians are the ones who got Cheng out of jail and faked his death in an “enemy of my enemy is my friend” situation, because they wanted to use him in a plan to lure Jack out of hiding so they could finally kill him, and Cheng was a safe bet as an accomplice because he’d quite like to see Jack get dead as well and he’s someone no one would automatically connect to the Russians. Meanwhile, the Russians play on Cheng’s new found hatred of his homeland and use him to start a war between China and America. And as long as everything went to plan, today coulda been a double win for the Russians.

According to the video game, Max is dead, but I don’t know about Wilson.

If Tony was somehow Cheng’s boss, how would that even work? I want redemption/death/closure for Tony, not more of evil Tony. :/

“Cheng died breaking out of a Chinese prison. Our sources confimed it”
“Yes Mr. President, but he didn’t get a silent clock.”

Cheng is working with Russia but it’s not as easy as Jack makes it out to be. He thinks Russia came after him because they ambushed him on the way to get the override. Cheng has stated he no longer works for China and with the events of Day 6, I could see Cheng manipulating himself to get in good with Russia. It’s been some years, but I can’t imagine Yuri is still president after what happened in Day 8.

Yuri has had the most dynamic character change in the show’s history. In Day 5 we felt warm and close to him after that assassination attempt Martha stopped. We got to know his wife and all that.

Day 6 we saw Yuri as a humble president looking out for his country and people, yet stern in his retaliation.

Day 8 we saw that he was really evil and a mastermind.

Not to mention in Day 6, Jack nearly went on a killing spree in the Russian embassy including chopping off fingers to find out where the nukes were. Yet Bauer was never arrested for this. One chinese guy gets shot by his own guy and China hunts Bauer for over a year.

It’s looking more and more like S5 S6 S8 and S9 are all connected while the rest of the seasons are just self contained stories.

Season 7 is as connected as can be.

If Cheng is working for Wilson, then yes it would be connected. Plus that would be a big in for Tony.

They are not spoilers, anyone who watched the trailer or read the summary knew these scenes were going to occur. Even the back-up was inevitable, the only ‘spoiler’ was the Chloe attack but from the preview she jumps out of the truck. I would rather though have them release the whole damn episode.

Summary as in press conference? You can’t trust the press conferences, they’re vague and they change things at the last minute…last episode’s mentioned Audrey would confront Mark about his duplicity, but it never happened and it isn’t shown in the previews. Never mind how vague the finale’s is…

Guys i lov the bravery in chloes in that chinese truck where can i download the 11th and 12th episodes ithink in ma region its had to get it from the spoiler website

I would like Audrey kills Cheng !

Wow, that Chloe clip is one of the best ever, I hope she eludes them after all that. I’ve a horrible feeling she won’t and end up as a bargaining chip. Or maybe it will be her who saves the world in the final episode, hopefully not at her own expense.

Chloe has not had many action scenes like that and I think this one is better than the scene in Season 4 where she riddles her would-be assassin with bullets!



Vice President Keith Palmer becomes the new president after Heller’s death. Jack engages in a shoot-out with Cheng and his men after Chloe’s death. Mark is extradited to the US to face treason charges and someone from Jack’s past returns.

New West Virginian
July 5, 2014 at 7:27 pm
I don’t believe this as they’re not going to kill Heller after just having him saved a few episodes ago. Keith Palmer is also a Democrat while Heller is a Republican so there’s no way he’s the Vice President, besides having 3 Palmers in the White House would be just overdoing it on the part of the writers, I don’t think they’ll do this. And who will this person from Jack’s past be? Tony? Mandy?? If they keep Tony evil will they have him seek revenge against Jack?

I don’t think this IMDB preview is true, but if part of it is, its the part with someone from Jack’s past, and that will probably involve the time jumping being Jack flying back to Los Angeles and that person being there in the US and not in London.

Keith Palmer as VP is what makes me doubt the preview.

Imdb is renowned for its trolls.

July 6, 2014 at 8:12 am
I guarantee that Keith Palmer isn’t the Vice President. Mike Novick or Ethan Kanin or possibly some still unseen new 24 character are far more likely possibilities than Keith Palmer could ever be, in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong, it would be awesome if Keith Palmer was revealed to be the Vice President even though he’s a Democrat and President James Heller is a Republican. But, I truly believe that no one from the Palmer family that’s still alive will appear in this ninth season of 24 or any other possible future season of 24.

July 6, 2014 at 8:16 am
If someone from Jack’s past really does make a shocking return in the season finale, then it would obviously have to be Tony Almeida or Kim Bauer.

To the best of my knowledge the political party of the president was never disclosed during the series.

Kiki Vanderway
July 6, 2014 at 6:20 pm
True enough but we do know Logan and Heller are from the same party and we know Palmer is the opposite party– whether you call it Republican or Democrat isn’t relevant to the base issue of whether they are aligned party-wise.

Explain Mike Novick. Chief of Staff for both a Republican and Democrat ?

Having a bipartisan Cabinet is pretty common in real life, and of course there are only so many politicians in the 24-verse.

Mike Novick was kinda good at his job, too.

Kiki Vanderway
July 6, 2014 at 10:36 pm
The chief of staff is not a Cabinet member he is supposed to be totally aligned with his president and representative of his party the CoS is on too intimate a level with the president to ever appoint someone from another party that’s like inviting a fox to the henhouse. Cabinet heads perhaps could be of other parties because they are not in such close proximity with the pres and not in his inner circle but usually it’s a political appointment and it’s far more common that party lines are followed.

Kiki Vanderway
July 6, 2014 at 10:31 pm
Palmer lost the election after S3 to Keeler, they have to be in different political parties. In S4 Keeler gets shot down and Logan enters with Noick.

And if you think about it the fit is perfect because Novick was ousted and left in disgrace– Palmer forgave everyone else for their betrayal of him except Novick.tainted by his back stabbing of Palmer where else would he be welcomed? What other politician from Palmer’s party would hire him? No one would and that is why Novick ended up playing on the other team.

Did they make it clear in S3 Palmer was running against Keeler in the general election or the primary election. One of the strenghts of 24 was that it kept the political affiliation BS out of the story.

Kiki Vanderway
July 7, 2014 at 8:21 am
I think in theory it is possible for a member of a presidents party to mount opposition during a primary but the truth is that:

1. A sitting president would never ever debate someone in his own party in a primary — he has too much to do running the country and its too much beneath his dignity to do so– the president already has the best platform to get his agenda out in front of the people and he knows he won’t win any points in any debate–either you like the way he is running the country or you don’t and therefore he can only lose.credibility if he engages in a primary as a sitting president because then your opponent can take shots at you all day long.

2. They refer to the debates as presidential debates not primary debates.

Heller somehow dies in the process…..finale ends with Jack and Audrey walking off the plane in Los Angelas with the flag-draped casket in front of them of Heller. As they are walking off, Kim comes running up with her two kids and hugs Jack……All is well, as Jack has his daughter/grand kids and Audrey.

New West Virginian
July 6, 2014 at 11:41 pm
I love this show because of the suspense and plotting but I don’t think it has to be a requirement to have Jack suffer that much or have major characters die. I do think Jack should be given a happy ending since he’s coming full circle and has developed as a character since Season 8. This should be Jack trying to finally get back to normal. He should be with Audrey and go home to his family.

You know what would be a big shocker is that Audrey turns out to be a traitor working for Cheng or China.


UK preview shows Chang holding Audrey at gunpoint