24: Live Another Day Episode 10 Sneak Peeks

Here’s all of the sneak peek clips for 24: Live Another Day Episode 10. A few more should be released sometime on Monday so check back then.

To Catch a Mole

via IGN / YouTube

Jack is in pursuit of London’s CIA station chief, Steve Navarro. With Navarro now revealed as a traitor, Jack is determined to stop him. Soon enough, the two are engaged in a shootout.

Out Of The Way

via Fox Broadcasting / YouTube

Jack needs a train tracked leaving Liverpool Street Station.

Jack Tells Kate The Truth About Navarro

via Fox Broadcasting / YouTube

Jack is hip to what Navarro is up to and brings Kate up to speed about her boss’ betrayal. The override device can actually be used on any number of weapons, even those from other countries.

Another Adrian Cross Double-Cross

via Fox Broadcasting / YouTube

Adrian Cross gets Steve Navarro to slip the override device through a door slot at their meeting place. Navarro asks where his getaway car is, but doesn’t receive an answer. Cross ditches his cell phone and casually walks away with the override device. Navarro is left screaming and panicking as Jack Bauer runs towards him.

Steve Navarro Gets Jacked

via Fox Broadcasting / YouTube

Navarro demands immunity but Bauer ignores his demands. Jack says “I can assure you full immunity isn’t on the table. But your hand is.” Jack then breaks Navarro’s hand, elbows him in the face, and violently throws him to the ground. OMG!


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Chloe is caught between Jack Bauer and that no good Adrian Cross. Hate to wonder if Chloe is going to make it to the end.

Meridith Bloom
June 28, 2014 at 12:38 am
I fear Adrian Doublecross is going to kill her.

One of the things I like most about 24: a good ol’ fashion chase scene. If you’re messed with Jack Bauer, I say GET OUT OF THE WAY!!

James Bond would’ve jumped on the back of that thing.

He did, in Skyfall

Did you think he said “wouldn’t” Gerry? :P

Can’t wait for some genius to splice together footage of Bond and Bauer in action together on the underground.

I don’t wanna watch the videos Cause I don’t want it ruined for me. Gotta love Jack’s cautious approach when pursuing any suspect. I’m amazed on how detailed this show is. It’s great.

There’s also the Sprint clip, which is a scene with Audrey and Mark where
Mark accuses Audrey of having unresolved feelings for Jack and she basically doesn’t deny it.

Very interesting. Can you get a direct link to the video page by any chance?

The Sprint page on the official 24 website is just showing me the Connect24 mission briefing video.

I watched that video and then answered a question or something and that unlocked the video.

Probably this?

What I wouldn’t give to know what was going through Chloe’s head in that scene. Hope she’s scheming and not just blindly following. Is there a chance she did hear Jack call her name and deliberately kept looking in the other direction?

the funny thing is, chloe should know jack is going to find them and kill him if he wanted to..just a matter of time before chloe wakes up and realizes that.

Kiki Vanderway
June 28, 2014 at 9:06 am
While I love the sense of urgency when Jack calls for backup having not reach Adrian in time, I do have to ask— Is it really that hard to track a train?

Kiki Vanderway
June 28, 2014 at 12:50 pm
24fan24 Totally made my day!!!! Thanks

You’re welcome. ;)

Has Adrians hair changed since we first saw him?

Yes, Adrian’s hair seems to have grown way longer in just two or three episodes.

Talk about a real time violation. :D

Yes. The hair color change is the most remarkable one day appearance change in 24 history. I don’t consider the Bauer clean up in season 2 and 6 an appearance change.

He must have gone to the hair salon during the 4:00PM to 5:00PM hour when he didn’t appear on the show. :D

I assume they had wifi at the salon so he could keep track of things during his cut and color.

Comparison shot by fan Alejandro Melgar:

Wow that’s a huge difference and a pretty big detail to overlook.

New West Virginian
June 29, 2014 at 1:17 pm
The one way it could work as part of the plot is it they say he’s wearing a wig in the long hair picture, to disguise his identity from security cameras and police.

I agree its too much of a mistake. More likely him disguising himself to match a passport perhaps

Does anyone know yet if the finale is a 2 hour show

They are not showing episode 11 and 12 back to back. Episode 11 airs on July 7th and the finale airs on July 14th.

Now it’s still possible that the finale episode could be two hours (
If you’ve read our time jump story on the homepage, the final episode does not take place in real time
), but it’s probably just an hour long. We should have a firm answer within the next several days.

I just think 13 hours in 40 mins could be too quick. I think it’s a 2 hour series finale. At least hoping……

Also 24 spoilers anyway you can make the Kate sneek peek for ep 10 available to uk users. Can’t get hola to work

Here’s the Latin American Promo (Brazilian) for the next episode:


The video won’t play in the US. :(

Seems like Kiefer aged really quickly the past few years

Does anyone know why there aren’t any behind the scenes photos or promotional photos this week?

BTS photos will be posted in a few minutes.

The other stuff will probably be out tomorrow night – Fox has been releasing the promotional photos (and sneak peeks on their YouTube channel) just a few hours before the episode airs on Monday night.

Seems like the promo I posted earlier didn’t work for non-brazilians. I uploaded it to my channel:


Thanks Gabriel, awesome promo!

Thank you Gabriel, interesting promo.

Seems these Brazilian promos are quite a bit more spoilery than the American ones!

I love how the promo announcer added his own “pow” sound effect at :07. LOL.

Freakin’ Mark!

Thanks for posting! I just love Navarros “oh shit” face

Wonder how much info Kate has at that point? Hopefully it’s at least enough to prove Navarro’s involvement in Jordan’s death, and then she can get the truth about Adam out of him too. He’s SO screwed and I’m SO looking forward to it.

Yeah, will be interesting to see. But we do know she will learn the truth about her husband in this episode (according to the episode description)
But it’s sort of strange if Navarro will just give that information to Kate if she don’t ask for it.
Maybe the phoenix program has been running in the background on Jordans station, and now it’s done and Gavin and Erik show the result to Kate, and then she confront Navarro?

What happens in Adrian cross sneak peek please

Description was just added underneath the video.

Adrian Cross screws over Navarro by not honoring his side of the exchange. Cross gets possession of the override device and Navarro is left empty-handed with a pissed off Jack Bauer running after him. Ouch!

You’d think that Adrian wouldn’t want to leave it to chance that Navarro would get caught and blab all about their dealings. Either he thinks he has complete control and nothing can be proven, or he’s got a major play that’s gonna expose himself anyway so he’s just, “Bring it!”

Adrian gives Navarro instructions on where to deposit the device. He picks it up and walks away, but leaves Navarro hanging on further instructions. Navarro is unaware Cross is no longer listening, and bolts when Jack catches up to him. As he’s trying to make his getaway, the CIA catches up to him. Cornered, Jack yells “Don’t you move!” and takes him into custody.

Thanks 24 spoilers when can you can make it available to the uk. Usually for me now it says only available to customers in us. The. On Monday night a few hours before it appears in the us we can then see t. Why is this please and is there any where else we can see it or are you able to upload on YouTube for uk viewers

Download the Hola extension

Added a fifth sneak peek (unfortunately US only again). The last thirty seconds of it are amazing.

What happens in the fifth one please

Steve Navarro is being questioned by Jack Bauer. Navarro demands immunity and won’t budge. Jack takes out his gun and presumably breaks Navarro’s fingers by slamming the butt of his gun onto the table where Navarro’s hand is resting. Jack then yanks him out of the chair before security and Agent Ritter pull Jack off Navarro and kick him out of the room.

Black and gold
June 30, 2014 at 9:31 pm
Kate has to go she is so so soft…

Black and gold
June 30, 2014 at 9:35 pm
Chloe has woke up. Yeah!