24: Live Another Day Episode 10 Promo

Check out the action-packed promo for 24: Live Another Day Episode 10! Navarro and Jack are going at it, Adrian Cross took an evil turn, and what’s going on with Chloe?

Promo #2

Promo #3 (Brazilian)

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the next arc for the final few episode begins

What does Chloe say at 23 seconds. I cant fiqure it out and its bugging me.

I believe she’s saying “Are you insane?” (after finding out it’s a nuclear sub)

makes sense…thanks.

I think she says, ” Am I insane?”

Chloe said “it’s a nuclear sub… are you insane?”

Remember back last year when the ’24’ writers said they wanted ‘Live Another Day’ to be a smaller and more personal story for Jack? Drones, exploding hospitals, explosions at Wembley Stadium, a freaking NUCLEAR SUB of all things… hahaha, gotta love those crazy writers!

Only too well sir, only too well!

Killing off Margo and neutralising the drone threat was a HUGE opportunity to make these final hours (possibly ever) of 24 as personal as possible.

I hate the writers for that, and I hate them even more than I’m still enjoying it immensely all the same.


I think she says “Oh God or For the love of God.” Hope that helps.

Are you insane

she says :are you insane

Down to the final three episodes of Live Another Day and let’s hope that it may very well be the end of 24 if Fox decides to do so. Adrian Cross is now one big bad villain and wasn’t Navarro shooting at Jack Bauer in the beginning of the promo?

yeah he was shooting at Jack. ive had a bad feeling about him since the beginning of the season.

This is driving me CRAZY!!! Can’t wait untill next episode….

Damn that is some insane writing!!!! Love It! These writers are on their A+++ game, how can you not renew this series after this season. Wow….kudos!!!!!!!

Steve Navarro
June 24, 2014 at 7:00 am
I agree! The writers are on a hot streak!

Gustavo Gus De Ibarra
June 23, 2014 at 11:18 pm
when they don’t need more at Jack, sent to Argentina, Please here is very necessary.

Great Jack

What a great show. I agree. Here’s hoping that they renew. Doesn’t look to me that the show has lost anything. It’s as great as ever! So hard to find shows of this caliber. They need to continue it!

Steve Navarro
June 24, 2014 at 7:10 am
I agree completely!

You bastard! How could you do this to me?!

New West Virginian
June 23, 2014 at 11:28 pm
I’m glad Adrian is openly evil now I never liked him. So this time we have a left wing villain instead of conspiring defense contractors and oil companies! Cool now there’s another chase in the London Underground after the Jack and Simone chase.

I think it’s bullshit that Adrian went from being a grey character who had issues with the government to a complete terrorist. I’m sorry, but this isn’t good writing AT ALL. It’s lazy as hell.

he not a terrorist he might be just doing this for someone else…….he still a hacker

I’d completely agree if that were true, and there’s every chance I will next week… but as Cross said, he’s just a middleman. I’m hoping to God he’s the middleman for someone awesome like Wilson/Max/Trepkos, THEY are the kind of people who want war to break out.

I feared the middleman might be fucking
, but If you watch the promo closely you’ll see the target of the submarine is a
Chinese aircraft carrier

New West Virginian
June 24, 2014 at 3:01 am
Maybe that was Cheng’s plan on along, to start a war with the US.

Belcheck saw through Adrian way back. “Pretending to be something…”

Jack and Kate in action

Sekweyama ben
June 24, 2014 at 1:55 am
It amazing show think was always right from beginning to bring in director milan cheylov cos simply he has made show quite interesting. …bravo management team of 24

My husband and I love this show. Live Another Day has certainly met and exceeded our expectations. Sure hope it is renewed for another season.

He threw her out of the window !!!! Out of the window!!!!

it’s driving me crazy I couldn’t understand what Jack said to Margot right before he threw her out the window (which was insanely awsome by the way) but i wanted to know what he said! any help on that ? thanks!

This is you.
This is real.

She says hundreds of people died today and there deaths are all n your head.

He says the only death on my head is this one (or yours) then throws her out the window.

New West Virginian
June 24, 2014 at 2:58 am
If you freeze that trailer video at 21 seconds and read the false commands that are generated to the American nuclear submarine, it says “immediate engage Chinese aircraft carrier”. So I think the Chinese are involved and they are willing to get the US to fire first so they can justify a massive retaliation against the United States in the region. Remember the Chinese were against the drone base at Diego Garcia and considered that area their sphere of influence this would be a pretext to force the US military out.

Nice theory, I could see that. Though losing a whole aircraft carrier is a major thing to voluntarily sacrifice, but I guess if they’re insane enough to think up this plan to begin with they’d consider the carrier nothing more than collateral damage.

ummmm nuclear sub… they already did that in season five.

And the override device is a mashup of the CIP Firewall and Dobson Override devices. There’s a lot of stuff they’ve already done before here, it’s kind of the wink and nod of it all…

OMg! Just finished 24 ep 9..and it was really amazing!! I hope they do another 12 episode season…not those 24 episode ones..storylines get totally boring..anyway amazing story arc for the last 3 episodes! awesomeness!! Can’t wait for next week :D

but Chloe goes undercover with Cross.

So what have we got left- The Russians, Navarro/Cross, possibly the Chinese, and maybe some sort of Mandy cameo.

New West Virginian
June 24, 2014 at 5:50 am
A terrible ending would have Mandy kill Jack and/or Audrey at the end after they arrive back in the US thinking everything is fine. I REALLY hope the writers don’t go down that road.

And Tony.

Hey all ! The message on the screen says its a USA nuclear submarine, and its an urgent order to attack the chinese aircraft carrier immediately .. damn thats gonna get crazy

So the Russians want the override device?

I’ve been thinking about this for a while. What if Cross had anything to do with Morris and Prescott’s deaths?

Maybe Chloe is undercover in Adrian’s hacker-group an Morris and Prescott aren’t really dead ;-)
I just hope they don’t kill Chloe in the end. Somehow I have a bad feeling about the whole Chloe-story

“I’m taking back the override device. Are you with me?”

Yeah, that doesn’t sound like he’s about to sell it to the highest bidder.

Adrian cross says he is going to ‘take back the override’, is he saying he is going to return it to his employers perhaps? So maybe yates was not the sole architect of the device, and Cross is now going to return it to its rightful owners – Russia or China – who were happy to let Margot use it for the attacks because her actions would be beneficial to their cause.

And what is Chloes involvement or knowledge of all this? It doesn’t seem she knows about Cross’ connection to Navarro, and her reaction to the nuclear sub stuff in the clip makes it APPEAR she was either unware or does not think a nuclear attack on a chinese aircraft carrier will further their cause, but in previous episodes she did state that she believes in what they are doing – perhaps she was just referring to their exposing of government and military secrets, or perhaps open cell did infact have a more dangerous agenda afterall…

I find it hard to believe Chloe would sign up for something like that though – and if she had, why would she even consider to help jack this far with his mission? …

Despite the many large plotholes, this season has still been thoroughly enjoyable, sure it could have been presented a little better in places, but nevertheless, I cant imagine many true 24 fans have been disappointed with Live Another Day. I for one have stayed up til 3am every week since the start to see the latest episode as soon as humanly possible for a UK viewer

Kiki Vanderway
June 24, 2014 at 10:34 pm
Ill just repost a little.of what I wrote on E9 feedback– I wrote that before seeing the E10 promo which now helps my thought process a little more. I think we are looking at a more complex S7 plot line. I think it’s unfolding like this- Adrian is responsible for putting Yates in play with creating the device it’s unclear what his connection is to Margo. Rask is dealing with Margo.Jack works for Rask that puts Yates/Rask/Jack/Margo in play.

If Adrian is good guy he wants to keep track and control of the device so he can follow it up the food chain to the top person who is probably not Margo as she is using it for a limited purpose and is a terrorist and not an evil hostile government. This is why Adrian and Navarro cross paths and the set up with Adam has something to do with it. If Adrian is a bad guy he may not have known for sure Yates could create the override and sits back to see what happens. If Yates fails, no big, if he succeeds then he is prepared to grab it from him. Simone killing Yates was not what he expected so now the device is out of his hands and things are unfolding unexpectedly. He has to get it back so Chloe is his dark horse Jack has no idea Adrian and Chloe are a team and that all of their work is really for Adrian’s benefit– or the evil govt he is working for….

Meanwhile Chloe is going for an even deeper play maybe with or without Jack’s input. It’s either a double cross Chloe crossing Adrian or triple cross. with Adrian and Chloe crossing Jack and Jack and Chloe crossing Adrian and his backers.

Chloe wants to keep track of the device same way Tony and Bill put it into play S7. She pretends to buy in to Open Cell or maybe even for a time was a believer then sees Adrian is up to something she needs to stop it but like in S7 needs to follow it up the food chain to the head of the conspiracy.

For awhile she and Adrian are on the same page and maybe they even set Jack up for the Yates play and maybe they orchestrated her need to be broken out of the CIA dungeon and it explains why she was so ready to help Jack with Basher and she and Adrian only pretended to be on the outs– Adrian thinks she is teaming up with him to run a play on Jack but actually she is playing Adrian using the Jack set up to lull Adrian into not suspecting her of working against his plan.

Chloe is using Adrian to pinpoint who the dirty agent is– she doesn’t know about Navarro. But Adrian is taking this too far and so even though she needs to keep trying to further the conspiracy she is horrified about where it’s going.

I think in the end she will help bring down whoever is using the device for evil but not sure about how much of a set up everything is nor a b out who is setting who up. It’s a really crazy plot….

This season is like a roller coaster! Gets more exciting every week!!!

Again, the latinamerican promo for the next episode is full of spoilers, not that big like the heller one, but….

Click to see spoiler:
We see Jack captures Navarro
Mark Boudreau tells the russian how to get Jack
And Kate Will torture Navarro
PD: Chloe confirms that is Cross who wants the attacks happen

i will record it later the promo

please and post it here when you can

New West Virginian
June 26, 2014 at 12:03 am
That sounds great!! I can definitely see how Kate would torture him especially since he probably killed her husband and made it look like a suicide.

Cross says he is a middle-man though. Even if it appears he is orchestrating the attacks, he is probably being paid by Cheng to do so. I think Cheng found out secrets that he bought from Cross that caused him to want to start a war between the UK/US and China, which is why they are targeting a Chinese aircraft carrier. Cross will probably go along with this because the Chinese have probably granted him asylum. I think Jack and Audrey will discover all this and they will both go after him to prove who was responsible, and also to exact revenge on Cheng. This will happen after Audrey and Heller dump Mark after they find out he took steps to hand Jack over to the Russians.

Haha, again? Well, one thing was already spoiled a while back:
Jack and the tac team capturing Navarro alive. You could see it on the dailymail pictures here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2626956/Benjamin-Bratt-looks-devastated-London-set-24-Live-Another-Day-breaking-make-retouched.html

President Heller
June 26, 2014 at 2:15 pm
Also, in the promo for Episode 10, Jack talks to Kate and says, “He [presumably Navarro] handed off the override device to Adrian Cross before I could get to him.” So it makes sense that the
tac team would have to get Navarro, considering that Jack would be hunting Adrian.

If that second one is true…damn.
You were just starting to redeem yourself, Mark! It’s almost as if you want your career to go down the drain…never mind your already crumbling marriage.

Then again, it makes the episode 11 press release a little bit confusing.
Why would Jack lead Kate and Mark on a mission if Mark plans on turning him over? I’m assuming Audrey figures this out in episode 10 so she would’ve definitely warned Jack and/or done something to stop Mark.

what latin america promo



Kate receives the news from Jack: Chloe might be working undercover with Adrian.


IMDB list Tzi Ma on the cast list for episodes 10 and 11

imdb is not reliable enough…….cannot be trusted

So what did Kate’s husband do / know leading Navarro to take action against him? Why was it so so important for Navarro to kill an agent (and risk exposing his involvement?) What information was Jordan looking at regarding Kate’s husband and does it tie into current events???? I hope kate does goes bad ass on Navarro.

Navarro sold secrets to the Chinese because he was paid by Adrian to do so. He framed Kate’s husband for it to shield him from possible suspicion. But it will be really great to find out the extent of this if and when Kate interrogates Navarro about it.

Navarro is not paid by Adrian to sell secrets. He’s paid by the Chinese. Adrian is just the middle man who moves information from Navarro to the Chinese. His motivations for doing this aren’t yet known.

such a shame the promo 2 is only a bit difference from the first one

Oh snap.

…maybe he’s just visiting?

Unlike what some have said, I think having Cheng return would be FREAKIN’ AWESOME.

Kiki Vanderway
June 27, 2014 at 6:05 pm
Agreed I have no problem with it I mean for goodness sake Jack hasn’t tortured anyone (grabbing Simone’s finger then looking guilty and saying “oops my bad!” Doesn’t count) and while I do think they have toned down quite a bit, if there is anyone who deserves being on the receiving end of a Jack Attack Smackdown it’s Cheng

Cheng is easily one of the show’s greatest villains.

One thing that always stuck out to me about the first episode of Season 6 was when Cheng was releasing Jack to Bill and Curtis, and Jack had to glance over to Cheng for approval. It was very saddening to see our hero in this state, and it showed how badly Jack was treated in China.

Having Cheng return when Heller and Audrey are also in the mix is perfect in my opinion.

Kiki Vanderway
June 27, 2014 at 6:37 pm
And Audrey is such a wild card here she could just go off in this situation.
Heller also has nothing to lose here so it could get crazy.

….Interesting you interpret Jack’s look at Cheng when he comes off the plane as submissive I always thought it was a death stare myself promising retribution if he ever got the chance..and of course when he learned about Audrey he had to work with him to get her safe (he would have killed him but for the Doyle foil of his plan to blow the building up.

My favorite look in that episode is the one Curtis shoots Jack after he is chained up and has given his noble heartfelt speech, Bill looks over and Curtis looks back at Jack and his face gives a look like he just stepped in dog poop…

I agree about Cheng being a great villain, and his return makes perfect sense given the storyline this season. Can’t wait to see how this plays out, and hopefully Jack or Audrey will kill him in the end.

Do you think that Cheng and the Russians would work together to get Jack?

Kiki Vanderway
June 28, 2014 at 12:47 pm
I’m not sure why the Chinese would want Jack…been there, done that. They repatriated him to the U.S. in a diplomatic deal that I’m sure expunged any Chinese based charges against I not him. Cheng might be pissed that Jack caught him S6 but so what? He was sent back to China and seems to have landed on his feet if you buy the rumors. I guess maybe Cheng personally may bear a grudge but not sure it’s strong enough to get him working for the Russians if.his own government isn’t involved.

when is season 10 coming up? I must admit that this show is the finest of all shows.