24: Live Another Day Episode 6 Promo

Here’s the promo for 24: Live Another Day episode 6. Jack proposes a plan to locate Margot by using someone unexpected as bait.

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OH NO!! Are we going to see Kate get TORTURED?! Scream for mercy.

That scene looks crazy!

Poor Kate, that torture scene looked brutal.

It sure seems like whenever a character on 24 changes into a nice white outfit, that’s when they’re about to get all messy and bloody :P (thinking of Audrey and her white coat in the fifth season).

LOL, that was such an expensive looking coat. Hope she got it back. :D

You are so right. White is doom on 24.

New West Virginian
May 29, 2014 at 12:28 am
I think the worst torture was what Morris went through at the hands of Fayed. Jack was also tortured pretty badly by the Chinese but that wasn’t shown.

Finally Kate and Jack working together!

just had a feeling that was going to happen. Romantic? I doubt it, but you can bet the little episode with Audrey and now Kate they have made sure they are keeping our interest. Should be better and better as we roll on.

I like that she’s not a romantic interest for Jack. It is nice to have a woman around as strong as he is without the romance angle. It feels more mentor-protege/next generation/father-daughter type of thing and that’s refreshing.

I just hope that they don’t turn Chloe into the next Nina Myers…. somehow something would implode.

Michael Volpe
May 29, 2014 at 9:46 am
The last protege Jack had was Renee Walker in season 7, turned into romantic interest in season 8, and rabid fans know what happened next.

Right. And the aftereffects of that day is *this* day so I’m thinking uh no. Kate Morgan already has too much brain power and not enough mental illness to follow the Renee Walker path to doom. Besides, I think Jack might finally be done with women half his age…

I don’t think letting yourself to be Jack’s sacrificial lamb to be delivered to a really shady arms dealer is a sign of a healthy state of mind. :)

This pairing looks like it will be Master-asset relationship first rather than a true partnership. Jack has no reason to trust this girl. He should use her as he sees fit.

Kate’s trying to save the world and get redemption. Compared to everyone else on this show, that’s healthy lol.

And Kate has no reason to trust Jack and should use him how she sees fit. ‘Master-asset’? That’s a little pervy in a bad way, man. Jack is no woman’s ‘master’… I feel like he’d slap you for suggesting such an awful thing.

An odd thing for Ozgur to say given his/her numerous comments on sexism in the show.

I might have misinterpreted it and if I did, I’m sorry, but… yeah.

Geez, there is no sexism in that comment.

I used that in order to differentiate it from Master and Apprentice relationship.

Master and asset means the master (in this case Jack) does not even care or give a damn about the well being of the asset (in this case Kate) and sees her nothing more than a tool to do the job.

And considering how hardened Jack became after four years of exile and totally closed himself to human relationships, that is how it should play out IMO. Kiefer said sth like that in one of his interviews that Jack would just use someone who may actually try to help him this time, and the writers would be playing with that concept.

Ozgur, I apologize. I completely misread what you wrote.

Now that I see what you mean, I agree with you.

Looks like a complete rehash of the Renee drama with Vladimir Laitanan… except Renee had a meaningful past with Laitanan and Jack had an existing relationship with Renee. Arg.

Sorry, I will stop being cynical. It’s just… where’s the risk-taking?

The risk taking is in redoing a series that is made for fun purposes, so dipshits like you can nitpick it to the ground, and we know that the world is full of your type of “cynic-professional critics”, so is a real risk that fox is taking in making this limited series, and yes before you fucking point my mistakes in english answer me in spanish smartass.

I don’t care about your mistakes in English, because I don’t call people names and can actually analyze something critically without getting offended that people disagree with me.

Maybe go take a chill pill if you can’t log into the Internet and act like a proper adult. Not everyone is going to agree with you all the time; that’s how the world works. I don’t call people “dipshit” because they’re enjoying the show. I just wish the writers were taking this opportunity to catapult 24, my favourite show, into new territory. I’m not seeing that, so I’m disappointed. That’s not allowed? Grow up.

I don’t think it’s a direct rip off of Renee and Laitanin. Renee was supposed to reestablish her cover, and Jack is handing over a CIA agent to a very dark underground arms dealer…hardly the same.

This might be the guy who Jack and Belcheck were in wraps with between Day 8 and now…so the meaningful history could be established in that route. And I don’t think Jack’s relationship with Renee can be paralleled with his relationship with Kate since this isn’t the same situation the women were in either.

Actually, it’s more like the Salazar Sting and Chase Edmunds…

Also, you realize that the Renee drama was a purposeful rehash of the Mexico arc from Day 3, right? That the point of 24 is a bunch of paralleling situations?

I didn’t realize that the point of 24 was written in stone.

It’s not written in stone but if you’ve watched 8 seasons and not seen repeated scenarios, well… I don’t know what to tell you….

I guess I just think some of the parallels are lazy-intentional as opposed to deep-intentional, but I do know what you mean.

On another note, sorry I’m getting bristly… I’m just tired of getting jumped on by others for saying something other than “rah rah 24 can’t wait to find out who the mole is jeeze guys it’s just a TV show.”

I appreciate you coming to my defense later in the thread. I think you’re right… part of the reason why the holding epsodes are so disconcerting is because we only have 12 episodes total. In the grand scheme of things, when all’s said and done in July we will probably be able to look back and say “Naveed should have been left out, elements of episode three should have been folded into the other episodes, and episode four maybe could have been streamlined into episode five.” You know what I mean? And when we do that, it’ll be kind of sad to reach the conclusion this 12-episode season really only had 8 episodes of story.

That being said, I would love to be pleasantly surprised and find that every episode from here on out sets the story going.

No, no, it’s okay. No apology needed. :) We all get cranky about a show we’re crazy about enough to be on a website for in the first place *laughs* I totally agree that the issue is we’re going to look back and go omg did we really need Naveed when we could have had more of *fill in amazing bit of story here*.

We didn’t need four hours of waiting for Heller and Audrey to even know Jack was in town– the premiere would have been enough for that. Simone is one of the best 24 characters in forever but the entire Al-Harazi plot has ground to a screaming halt in the last three hours. If one more character reminds me that Kate’s husband was a traitor instead of, I dunno, *considering that maybe he wasn’t which is obviously where this plot is going*, I’m going to scream. And we didn’t need four hours of Adrian Cross as a “bad guy” before he began to realize that Chloe wasn’t going to put out unless he helped Jack. Erik is the most confusing character ever– he objects to everything but does it anyway. Probably because Morgan is hot and because Ritter isn’t a bad guy and does want to stop the threat. Jordan is a waste of space. He’s not even very good at tapping on a keyboard. I’m convinced something huge has to happen with Navarro because right now they’ve hired Benjamin Bratt to deliver such gorgeous dialogue as “Mariana, get me President Heller on the phone.” It’s riveting.

All griping aside, it’s getting better and it can really only go up from here. The plots are all starting to move a bit and I have a vague idea of what I think might happen on some fronts and I like it. But it’s just like… get moving already. It’s the last season. If I spend two scenes with Kim Bauer but spent an arc with Naveed… *shudders at the thought*

Mark looks unhappy that Jack in the field again…..would not be surprise at some point he use Heller relationship with Jack to take him down working with other in Heller administration

I think Mark and Jack might team up a bit.

looks like kate is injencting herself my guess is an undercover operation

I have a feeling that starting with hour 6, the show is going to be non stop thrills, for Jack is finally back in the field. I hope folks can sit back and enjoy. If it becomes too much of a suspension of disbelief to handle, just don’t watch any more. After 4 years without my Monday night fix of the best show ever, I, for one, am grateful that it is back. The question is….who is the mole?

May 27, 2014 at 1:26 pm
Next weeks episode looks very exciting and I’ll be watching it next Monday Night on Fox for sure. So, it has been confirmed that Tony Almeida will not be returning in next weeks episode. 24: Live Another Day is still filming, so there might be a possibility that Tony Almeida could return very late in the season.

He’s totally going to come in and save this mess. Almeida is god.

uhhhh, got a bad feeling about this. This is really looking like a rehash of episodes 5-8 of season 8. Hoping I’m wrong…

It’s Jack who has to reestablish cover. Kate is going to be bait in that she’s going to help Jack prove he’s still on Rask’s side. Jack’ll hand her over to Rask and by doing so try to prove that handing over a government agent means he’s not working against Rask. So, really, more than anything else… this looks to be that Jack tries to reestablish connection with Ramon Salazar by proving he doesn’t care about Chase.

But it also means that Jack was working with Rask and possibly Margot (because Rask wants to kill Jack, so Jack betrayed him somehow and Jack knew about the Margot threat so maybe he really works with her now.) So Jack in the last few years became the type of man he used to hunt and now he’s seeking some redemption for it by trying to save the President and stop an attack but he probably has another card or two up his sleeve. In other words… he’s Day 7 Tony Almeida. :)

I thought Jack knew about the Margot threat because Chloe identified Margot’s daughter. And Jack knew that her husband had been killed during Heller’s term as President. It wouldn’t take much of a leap to figure out that if her daughter was involved with the guy who created the drone over-ride, then Margot is out for revenge. I truly doubt they will ever have Jack working directly with a terrorist like Margot.

But that doesn’t answer the biggest question: how did Jack know about all of this in the first place? Where did he get the intel he told Chloe he ‘intercepted’ about two weeks earlier pertaining to the drone threat? How did he know all of this was going to go down? I find it enormously convenient that he just so happens to have all the answers up to this point. Isn’t it just a tad odd that Jack *just so happens* to know apparently the only guy on the planet who can stop the woman who is launching an attack that Jack somehow knew existed before everyone else did?

If it weren’t for Jack getting involved, the President and the CIA would have found out about Margot when she launched the video and be hours behind on everything, so even more of the drones would have been lost, not to mention that Tanner would still be considered to blame for the Afghanistan attack. I don’t doubt that Jack is trying to stop this attack but I do think he’s been working for terrorists for a little while now and is looking to find a way back to his old self. It’s just otherwise enormously convenient that he can save the day, save Chloe, save the Hellers, and get his honor back all because he just so happened to intercept some intelligence somehow that led him to a threat that he’s the only person on the planet who knows the guy who knows how to stop it. The only thing that makes sense is if Jack is using this threat to get what he needs out of it while also trying to stop it.

I could not agree more. Mary, I think your last posts are correct.

I tell you, you all are pretty good at remembering all these past series of 24 and the characters. If that’s what you all are doing. I just remember a few of the vital important characters from the past. Are you guys going to IMDB for refreshers of the past episodes, because if you aren’t you all have some of the best memories of characters from these past shows that I have ever seen. I’ll watch it all and remember that it was good or bad and if someone turned my crank or not and then it slowly fades into TV or Movie oblivion. You guys mention these past characters like it was on last week. Props to everyone that has memories like that. I guess it’s like watching a SOAP and remembering the storylines from week to week??

I don’t think it’s so much about a good memory. Is more a need for someone to actively look for something to complain about.

And some viewers obviously had very strong feelings for some of the old, (now often dead) characters. So they will use every opportunity to redeem that person by saying “hey, look what my character did 5-10 years ago! This is old news, boooo, bad 24LAD”
(of course, completely ignoring the fact that Jack is doing the same damn thing every season)

To remember all the details? Well, they are all listed on various sites. Just type in the characters name, and you find everything you need to know.
And if you spam all the forums with the same story, I guess you start to memorize it after a while.

Of course, some did rewatch all 8 seasons of 24 right before 24LAD, so they will obviously remember things better.

The need to complain? Okay, buddy.

I enjoy 24 so much that I’ve re-watched every season more than five times. Maybe that’s why the biggest fans are disappointed: because they can see, without looking, that the show is stagnating. I still think it’s the best thing on TV, but I’m comparing the show to itself, not to some objective standard. When I have proof that 24 has the potential to be “season 5 quality” but isn’t delivering, I’m disappointed.

Anyway, I’ll get in line for my crucifixion now.

I don’t think you should be crucified. I think the pacing of this season has been enormously slow, even though the first arc of the season is usually pretty slow out of the gate anyways. It does seem enormously slow at this point, though, and I groaned aloud when Margot said she was giving Heller three hours (or, in 24 terms, midway through Episode 8 :)) before he was to turn himself in. I know they had to allow for some time to launch a mission to get Margot but I think what’s hurting this is that it’s only 12 episodes. If we had 24 episodes, another 3 hours would be a drop in the bucket, but IMO, knowing that this is going to take us two-thirds of the way through the last series of 24 is a little bit of a headache unless some of this picks up.

I also feel like we’re treading water on some enormous stuff. How many scenes do we really need reminding us that Kate’s husband was a traitor before someone starts to wonder if the guy was set up. It’s now going to take a half a season before someone gets on this, as it seems to be about to get going next week. Was that really necessary? The whole dark!Chloe plot is so far really disappointing because she’s not all that dark at all– she’s Chloe dressed up like Lisbeth Salander, doing the same old thing Chloe always does. I have some faith that this is going to go somewhere eventually, just like how the more they lay it on thick that Adrian and Mark are against Jack, the more we know they’re going to become crucial to him later on. But that’s also kind of the problem. It’s a lot of waiting around for stuff to happen so far. It’s gotten better in the last two episodes, particularly last night, but it’s so far been like waiting for the season to start.

I don’t blame you for complaining. I also agree with you that it’s not perfect. I’m enjoying it for the most part but I keep waiting for a lot of it to get moving. As for the show repeating itself, that doesn’t bother me that much because the show seems self-aware about it. I feel like they do it consciously to tie their themes together and things. What bothers me is just that they’ve been driving in circles for five hours now, recapping the same non-movements in the plot over and over…

…and, okay, yeah, I’m bored out of my mind without Tony Almeida. *laughs*

No worries, no crucifixion here.

When you said you have seen all the seasons more than 5 times, my first thought was: Well there’s your problem!
I can only speak for myself, but if I did that, I would probably puke when I heard that clock again ;) (no offence to you or the show)
So I guess I can see where you’re coming from when you feel things are repeating and your wish for something “new”
Personally I think the new season has borrowed some of the best parts from previous seasons, and with 4 years since S8 I think that’s totally fine.
But they have also added small twists and variations to it all. A good example from the latest episode. 5 minute Bauer, but the episode still delivers!
That speaks volumes of both the writing and the remaining cast.

a female that acts like jack oh wow!!!!!!!!!

The original one was named Michelle Dessler. :)

May 28, 2014 at 9:10 am
What is frustrating so far is you have the huge and immanent terrorist threat and Jack Bauer is not fully engaged in stopping it – Jack is not free to be jack Bauer yet – I hope after ep 6 that all changes.

Apparently, we’re going to find out what Jack’s been up to during the past four years next week, and his real agenda in Day 9.

My guess? He’s been involved in some anti-drones, radical movement. Possibly related to Margot Al Harazi and the death of the six children.

He seems to know a lot about Margot. Recognized her at the mere mention of the name “Al Harazi”, and appears to have been in contact with an arms dealer that’s been working with the Al Harazis “for years.”

I agree that he was suspiciously aware of Margot in that conversation with Chloe. I’m not so sure that they’ll do this but Margot and Jack look so much alike that I sort of am wondering if she’s Jack’s sister. I’ve thought Jack’s mother might have been British because of Graem’s name. It’s kind of an unusual choice for a name, particularly with its spelling (with or without the e, however we’re doing it now), unless it’s a family name. What if Jack’s mom divorced Phillip Bauer way back when when Jack and Graem were little and then went back to England and had another family with another guy and Margot was their daughter? So, she’d be Jack and Graem’s half-sister.

Jack goes underground, gets led down a dark path, finds out his sister is batshit insane and going to kill all these people and now, not only will stopping this threat save innocent lives, save the Hellers, save Chloe, and give Jack redemption but it will also be a way for him to atone a bit for what happened as a result of his father and his brother. Plus, it adds this family-versus-family dynamic, as in what are the Hellers going to think if they find out that Jack’s sister is the one trying to kill President Heller?

Yeah, it’s soapy, but this is a soap on crack and it would serve to instantly make the Al-Harazis even more interesting. There’s already a kind of my family-versus-your family thing happening here. Characters struggling with this, like Chloe, whose allegiances to her past in terms of understandably being unable to let go of Morris and Prescott and Jack hinder her relationships in the present with the substitute family of Open Cell she’s built (which even comes complete with hacker!Morris, a new Edgar, and a new Michelle!) Audrey struggling between Mark and Jack is like this, with her father also torn between new and old senses of family. Simone’s conflict over her husband versus her mother. They’ve also set up sibling parallels already– Jack and Chloe are like siblings working together to stop a threat. If Margot is Jack’s sister, then Jack’s taking the darker version of his little sister to whom he is not related and using her to help stop the psychotically dark little sister to whom he *is* related. There are a pair of siblings working together in Simone and Ian, who would… *gulp*… be Jack’s niece and nephew.

I don’t know if they’d do this but I think it might be intriguing.

I can guarantee you that Jack never, and I mean never, was involved with terrorists unless he was undercover, such as he was with the Salizars. Why, because nomatther what was done to him in hours 7 & 8, it is not in his make up, not in his DNA, to ever turn face.

Watch the clip for next week on the Fox site.

Yes, the writers said that in a documentary on the Day 6 DVD I believe, when they were actually trying to write Jack as a bad guy for the first few episodes of the season, and Kiefer said it didn’t work and was unbelievable. I don’t think anyone has changed their minds. I think we’re going to have to accept the fact that he intercepted intelligence and not know who the source was, or at least not find out until later.

It might not have been believable *then*. We’re in the new, post-Homeland era of t.v. now. Walter White became a bad guy on Breaking Bad. It’s okay to shake up our heroes, which is where Jack has been headed ever since he gave a speech on compromise to Nina in the pilot. You give a speech like that, your fate is to eventually lose your mind a bit and become one of those guys. I’m not saying that Jack isn’t going to find his way back and that is his story here. But if you think they sent Jack to four years in exile after he lost everything he had and there’s no story ramification for that…? The twist that’s coming is that Jack is right about the threat and he does want to stop it because no one wants World War III, but he hasn’t been Captain Amazing for the last couple of years. Thank goodness because otherwise, he’d just be boring. :)

I’m not saying he’s been sparkly clean and off volunteering at charities since Day 8, I just don’t believe for a second that he was working with Margot to plot this. Could be wrong. I thought you had initially said in your theory that he pulled a Tony and came to see it was too extreme before coming forward, that’s what I don’t see happening. I knew he’s been up to no good ever since Chloe mentioned that Belcheck had a tally tattoo of every person he’d killed on his arm.

lol working for charities… I’m not saying that Jack is suddenly an evil mastermind but neither was Tony, either, so there’s that. I’m saying that Jack got lost for awhile. He flipped sides and started working with Rask, which means he did some bad stuff. Some truly morally questionable stuff that we never would have thought him capable of before. Fairly recently, though, he’s seen in this potential drone strike an opportunity to try to reverse some of the damage he’s done in his life so now he’s trying to stop the attack from happening and use the threat to his own personal advantage at the same time. Do I think Jack is capable of helping a terrorist plan an attack if it meets Jack’s own end game? Hell yes. It’s just canon– he blew up a building of his CTU colleagues and that was long before he flipped sides. He helped the Salazars do all sorts of dastardly shit to cement his cover with them– such terrible stuff that *Ramon* was disturbed, saying he wouldn’t wish that stuff on anyone.

What I feel doesn’t add up so far here is that Margot is insanely insular but Jack knows about the threat. In Margot’s world, it’s just her family and a couple of bodyguards at this house and involved in this plot. She trusts her arms dealer Karl Rask but would she tell Rask about this plot? Why risk that kind of a loose end? And Rask in the promo wants to kill Jack– Jack has recently betrayed him. Why? The only thing that ties this all together is if Jack works with Margot. That’s the only way he knows about the threat– if he’s controlling it a bit. Maybe it was Jack who suggested the guy from Open Cell to create the override device in the first place, just so Jack would have a link to Chloe. Maybe there’s a reason in the plot why Simone– the only character from the Al-Harazi family so far to have seen Jack– doesn’t recognize him but she’s the one who has been away from the family for 3 weeks. Not to mention that Margot is insanely paranoid but doesn’t seem terribly concerned about “the American” who can identify Simone and was following her.

I can see your point and it *might* happen, but I don’t know.

One quick point: blowing up CTU in Day 2 wasn’t supposed to result in any injuries, since Jack thought he alerted them far enough in advance to get the building evacuated.

Jack thought he had given them enough time to get out but he had no way of knowing. It was still highly likely that people were going to die. You can see that in Jack’s reaction to the explosion and to finding out that Tony is okay afterwards.

My point is that was the crazy stuff Jack did when he was working for the government. Imagine what kind of crazy he got up to when he was hanging around with terrorists.

Besides, all we have is Jack’s increasingly unreliable word on the fact that Margot trusts Karl Rask lots. What if Jack has another play here and he’s really the one that Margot trusts? Karl Rask is an arms dealer who feels like he can’t trust Jack but whatever Jack’s end game is here needs to involve him and Margot. Jack’s got to go to Rask with an opportunity for profit– what else could re-endear him back into Rask’s favor?– so how can Karl Rask profit off of something relating to Margot? What does Margot have that Jack needs for his end game off of which Karl Rask could make money?

My current wacky theory is that Jack is going to function as a broker in a deal between Margot and Rask where Margot sells Rask some key piece of stealth technology from her acquired drones for a hefty profit. Jack is going to then get Rask to turn around and sell that tech to the Russians, in exchange for a huge amount of money (for Rask) and a prisoner of the Russian government (for Jack). The prisoner is Tony, who was pardoned after Day 7, helped Jack get out of the country after Day 8, and took the hit for both Jack and Chloe, explaining why Chloe was in prison for a blink of an eye after Day 8. He had cut a deal to get her out early and then the U.S.. turned Tony over to Russia, where he’s been for the last four and a half years. Jack recently found this out, flipped out, and realized that if he was crafty enough, he could stop Margot’s insane drone threat and along the way clean up all sorts of messes of his past life– he could help and free Tony, help and free Chloe, save Audrey and President Heller and Audrey’s new husband to try to make up for Paul, stop WW3 so that his family back at home would be safe, and make up for the fact that he’s really been a bit of a traitor and a psychopath for a little while here by getting his old innocent-saving mojo back so that he doesn’t have to die dishonorably. This gets an extra bonus if my even wackier idea that Margot is Jack’s sister– and that being the best reason for why Queen Family allowed Jack in on this mission-in-progress in its late stages and didn’t ask questions. Now, Jack’s trying to also prevent a scenario like one that occurred with Graem and try to save his niece and nephew from their insane mother in the process. It’s a one-way path to redemption for Jack, covering as many bases as is humanly possible. I think that’s Jack’s ultimate end game.

That’s assuming he has an end game and that they plan on explaining how exactly he came across the intelligence about the threat. I don’t really like the Tony plot you described, but I’d take that or even the return of the cougar if they would just not introduce anybody else from the Bauer family. The only way they should’ve done that in the first place is if they had Donald Sutherland involved. Margot being Jack’s sister would be the WORST thing they could possibly with the reaction from pretty much everyone ever after Day 6.

Regarding Tony, he may or may not return, but they’d have to bring him back in a very crafty way if they were to do it at all. I don’t see him as being pardoned by Taylor, Hayworth, or Heller, and I also don’t see him suddenly seeing the evil of his ways and returning to fight with the good guys for one last time.

Your idea of good guys is a little more black and white than mine so agree to disagree on Tony being evil because I don’t see him as such. We’ll have to see how this all turns out. :)

Agreed! But I think we can all agree that Tony did wrong, and that overshadowed the good he did do. He was fully expecting to launch a biological attack that would kill numerous people. Did he have understandable motives? Absolutely. However, nothing justifies mass murder, and I think that is the thing Tony doesn’t seem to get. He was willing to sacrifice possibly hundreds of thousands of lives in Day 3 for Michelle, and he knew that was wrong and was willing to accept the consequences. However, in Day 7, the bio attack was something that felt like he didn’t care what had to happen as long as he could eliminate Alan Wilson.

Actually, Tony was willing to sacrifice a handful of people on subway train in an attack he was trying to move along as fast as possible to avoid rush hour traffic in order to stop Alan Wilson. Jack was just bait to get physically close to Wilson because Tony knew Wilson would be greedy enough to let Jack– who was the walking virus by that point– close to him but not Tony himself, whom he didn’t fundamentally trust. Otherwise, Tony would have just strapped the bomb on himself and blown up himself and Wilson and Cara. Was trying to kill the subway car people a good thing? Absolutely not. Was it any different than when he and Jack *together* along with Gael gave Hector Salazar a sample of the Cordilla Virus to prove that Jack and Gael were turncoat agents and Hector used it on an entire Mexican village? The deaths of those people are on Jack’s hands as well as Tony’s. It’s not really any different of a scenario and it’s arguable that taking out Wilson was a more worthwhile goal than trying to keep the Salazars at bay because Wilson had a *ton* more power. It comes down to the least amount of civilian casualties– how many more people would have died if Tony hadn’t tried to stop Wilson? How many more wives and babies like Michelle and his son and Teri Bauer and her unborn baby?

The ironic thing is that if Jack hadn’t been dying from a virus that screwed up his brain, he would have been like hey, Tony, I’m not going to make it, give me that bomb vest, I’m going to take this guy out for all of us. Let me die having gotten some honor back and go out all George Mason-like. But, no… that’s not what happened to Jack.

What Tony was trying to do is nothing more than war. It’s no different than what the Hellers are debating about right now with the drone strikes. Is killing 23 people including 6 kids to stop Muhammed Al-Harazi from killing a zillion more people justified? Because that’s Tony and the subway car. That’s what he was trying to do. It’s just shocking because prior to Day 7, Tony is the guy who gets collateral damage but has a more humanistic side than most other 24 characters. This is the same guy who sobbed over Paula, even if he knew intellectually that she had to die in order to save countless other people. At heart, he’s no different by Day 7, he just has no one left to sob over. There’s some glimmer of hope for him when Jack shows up but after Bill dies and Jack gets infected, he shuts down even more and nothing else matters but stopping the guy at the top of the food chain of crazy people who have destroyed his and Jack’s lives and taken everything from them.

But I think if someone were to give him a hug and get him to lose the don’t-f-with-me mustache and tell him he was needed, he’d jump up like the loyal puppy he is.

There are only two things I disagree with. Your first sentence should lose the words “he was trying to move along as fast as possible to avoid rush hour traffic”, because that was never explicitly stated. See, there are all of these parallels between Tony of Day 7 and Tony of days past, but he was willing to fully accept the casualties no matter what they were to get Alan Wilson. He convinced Cara to convince the group to use the canister and use the unease Jonas Hodges had over the country and President Taylor over the day’s events to push things over the edge in the group’s favor. This was just another play, as Tony explains himself in the finale. Where does the show state that Jack and Tony were responsible for the infected bodies that Hector buried? 24 Wiki states that David Goss, the body of the man dropped off at NHS at the start of Day 3, was infected by the Ukranian scientists who made the Cordilla virus. I can’t find anywhere that says the other bodies weren’t infected by the Ukranians either.

And yes, he is different by Day 7. He was doing bad things with David Emerson between Days 5 and 7, he states that when with Jack. He just felt that the CIP attacks went too far, and had to enlist Bill and Chloe to help him stop it. But after unexpected factors like Jack came into play, he would stop at nothing to get Wilson, even if that meant killing innocents, like he lobbied the group to do with the last canister of the pathogen.

re: the timetable of the potential subway attack: This is all going down in the very early morning hours, not long before rush hour traffic, and Tony persuades Cara to make it happen as soon as possible and not wait. This is one of the more trickier things he pulls off while convincing Cara that he’s on her side because it makes him seem less on her side to be avoiding mass casualties as much as possible but that’s what he does. He uses the excuse of them running out of time to make all of this happen and goes on this big anti-government rant to her because he knows it will appeal to her ideals and she’ll get all hot and bothered lol and present his case to Wilson over this. Tony is not anti-government– he’s anti-Red Dots/people who have fucked him over. He *presents* as anti-government during Day 7 at times to further his overall end goals and, yeah, he’s not wildly happy about a lot of things that have happened to him because of the government, but saving the White House, the President, and outing hundreds of moles in the federal government tracks more like fighting hypocrisy within it than being against it in the first place. Anytime he says something anti-government on Day 7, he’s in a situation where he’s being watched and is presenting a front (at the FBI in the interrogation room and Jack sees through it a bit and later with Cara Bowden a couple of times.) Anyway… my point here is that if Tony wanted to kill epic amounts of people, he more than had the power to do so. He even avoided crashing the planes in the beginning, which was his entire selling point when it came to keeping his cover with Emerson and all the way up the chain to Cara Bowden.

re: Day 3 and the infected bodies: Jack states that everything that’s happened over the course of the day up to the moment that Jack & Tony & Gael are forced to tell everyone else about their sting has been *for* their sting. They had come to know that the Cordilla Virus existed and was going to be sold on the black market, which would have potentially caused massive amounts of life. At the same time, Jack had come back from Mexico with only one of the Salazar brothers and wanted to clean up that mess, since he spent all this time undercover with them and doing terrible things and if they didn’t get Hector, Jack’s actions would have been for nothing because cartel business would have just continued on. So, Jack and Gael and Tony launch a secret mission to kill two birds with one stone. They convince Hector that Jack is an embittered mole within the U.S. government who had no choice but to arrest Ramon in order to throw off suspicion and that he can help him get Ramon out of prison and then there’s a big payday happening if the Salazar brothers buy the virus from Jack’s broker friend (which Jack, Tony, and Gael had no plans of them ever keeping, of course.) In order to make this seem real, Jack had to give Hector proof of the virus’ existence because if you were Hector, would you believe a word out of the mouth of the guy you trusted like a brother and let have the family’s favorite tattoo who then threw your big brother in prison? When you trace the sting backwards, you see that David Goss, the drug dealer, is the medium that Jack, Tony, & Gael used to set everything in motion. Obviously, they couldn’t let the virus sample lead back to *them*… the point here was to protect Jack’s identity within the government. Goss is the point from which you get the virus being dropped off for Sunny Macer, the whole plot with Kyle Singer which was a faked wild goose chase. CTU’s phones are recorded, as we’ve seen before on the show, so the conversations Jack and Tony had when they were all like ‘hey did you find that kid who is infected with the virus yet?’ are the two of them having fake phone conversations. Jack, Tony, and Gael know that Kyle Singer is not infected with the virus the entire time but they put on this entire song & dance– they set him up. Your heroes did that to that kid, which is the big twist of the first few hours.

I agree that Tony’s situation has changed by Day 7 but his fundamental personality has not. For example, watch the scene, for example, when David Emerson savagely beats up the Matobo’s guard and we see Tony’s expression when Emerson isn’t watching him. It’s definitely not a guy who is enjoying what he’s up to in life. There are other factors in play, like how Tony wound up still alive after Day 5 and what Emerson tells Jack about all of that and what the Rogue CTU illustrates for Jack about that. Chloe looks guilty as all hell when she first sees Jack again and Jack realizes that Bill and Chloe knew that Tony was still alive and lied to him through half of Day 5 and all of Day 6 about it. This is the only thing that works with what the show tells us about how it came together.

The show says that Tony was revived ten minutes later in an ambulance. Why was Tony in an ambulance after being declared dead when CTU has a morgue? Who rushed his body out of CTU and why? The only thing that makes sense here is that, off-camera on Day 5, Bill realized that Henderson’s people would just keep coming after Tony until they killed him and they had an opportunity to pursue who the conspirators beyond Henderson were. The only person from CTU in a position to do that was Tony. A whole slew of events then happen after the nerve gas attack that are suspicious– Henderson was not really being drugged by Burke and was allowed to escape from CTU easily. He got away when half the place was still in lockdown. Whether or not you think Henderson intended on killing Tony when he stabs him and that maybe they cooked up a plan while trapped in that room together to make it look like he had and that maybe Henderson then tried to screw Tony over and really kill him… whatever you think happened here, watch Tony’s hand come up over the needle when Henderson stabs him. It’s entirely possible it was *Tony* who made it so that Henderson missed his heart and it wasn’t just a matter of luck. Tony’s body then reacts to the stuff and for all intents and purposes appears dead (and was dead but not permanently dead, oh soaps lol) and then the rest come into play. Chloe runs interference with the morgue that magically never gets Tony’s body and will wind up declaring another body Tony’s (since Renee dug up someone else out of Tony’s grave prior to Day 7.) Kim suddenly really has to go right now! Considering how she was completely unsurprised to find that Tony was still alive on Day 7 and how she could be construed as the closest thing to family Tony might have had left by that point on Day 5, maybe she claimed the body and got him in the ambulance. Considering her creepy boyfriend was in league with Henderson (who told Jack he’d been “taking care of” Kim, then she shows up with Barry), that might even work out a bit. Regardless of how Tony got from Point A to Point B, the point is that at least Chloe & Bill were in on a plot to fake Tony’s death and send him undercover with Henderson’s people because the circumstances of Michelle’s death gave Tony the best ever excuse for suddenly deciding to switch sides ever. This is why Tony tells Jack “deep sky” on Day 7 and Jack calls a hotline that leads back to Bill. Bill explains to Jack afterwards that when CTU was shut down by Allison Taylor, undercover operatives stuck on missions were left behind in the field– operatives like Tony. Bill and Chloe were working in secret to keep these missions going and these agents safe. The show says that Tony was on a sanctioned government mission until Allison Taylor shut down CTU. Does it mean that Tony did some terrible thing while working with Emerson? Absolutely. A lot of stuff that he admits he’s “not proud of.” The irony of it is that, until Allison Taylor, the government was paying for it. Yet, Tony’s first instinct isn’t to destroy Allison Taylor, it’s to out all the corruption in her government. Jack’s the one on trial for war crimes and all f-you, Senate Tribunal! while Tony’s the one trying to save the corrupted government but it’s Tony in handcuffs and leather and Jack in a khaki g-man overcoat and a combover. That’s kind of the irony of it at the start. By the end of the day, their positions flip because of the differences in their personal circumstances– Tony is revealed to having been using government resources for his overall end game, which is personal revenge tied in with preserving the greater good which, ironically, would have been funded by the U.S. government had CTU not been shut down. Jack starts to die and lose his mind and can’t see anything in front of him, down to his own reflection. Both Jack and Tony are enormously wrong in what they try to do. Enormously wrong. Guaranteed Alan Wilson walked away scot free because of the two of them, with a bonus helping of Renee and her rage problem torturing him half to death.

Well, according to the clip on Fox’s site, Jack has been working for Rusk (the arms dealer) For the past two years.

Best twist since Day 3 and the Tony-Jack-Gael sting, IMO.

We really need a better way to discuss things on here, this comment section sucks for ongoing conversations.

Anyways, Mary:

Your theory makes sense, and is perfectly plausible, but the only problem is…it’s a theory. That was never expressly stated, even when Tony had the chance to when Jack specifically mentioned the attack. He said it was all a play…he probably didn’t want to hurt innocent people, but deemed it more acceptable to further his cause, because he is a different person than when we last saw him. You can think what you want about Tony, but all we have to go on is the show. Nothing that was said indicates that he tried to avoid rush hour traffic. He could’ve wanted to make that attack ASAP whether it be 4pm, noon, or 8am, as long as it would’ve convinced Wilson and the cabal to meet with him.

The timeline simply doesn’t make sense with your claims that Bill and Chloe lied to Jack during Day 5 or Day 6.

Just like Tony’s motives, nothing was ever specified if Jack and the gang deliberately infected those people with the virus. It is way more likely that those bodies were delivered as proof from Amador that the virus was real. Who would bid tens of millions of dollars on something they didn’t even know existed?

Regarding Tony after he “died”…your theory is just outlandish and goes against the facts. I just watched the episode after Tony “dies” in Day 5, and Jack literally leaves the room with Audrey after about ten seconds. After that, the next time we see Tony is in Day 7. The back story was given: Henderson never intended to kill Tony, and Henderson and Emerson were always working together and would try to use Tony against Jack in Day 5. So nobody, not Bill, not Chloe, nobody in CTU knew he was alive until some point after Day 5 and Day 6.

Try watching the show again, or reading these articles:

“The show says that Tony was revived ten minutes later in an ambulance. Why was Tony in an ambulance after being declared dead when CTU has a morgue? ”

Day 7 states that the people who took Tony’s body from the scene were Emerson’s men.

“Who rushed his body out of CTU and why? ”

Again, Emerson’s men. Why? Henderson wanted to revive Tony and use him against Jack. By the time Tony was stabilized, Henderson was killed by Jack, so Emerson and his team went dark, converting Tony to their evil ways.

“The only thing that makes sense here is that, off-camera on Day 5, Bill realized that Henderson’s people would just keep coming after Tony until they killed him and they had an opportunity to pursue who the conspirators beyond Henderson were. ”

This directly goes against what the show actually says. Everyone thought Tony was dead because he was taken by Emerson’s crew and started working for them. It wasn’t until the CIP device was being compiled that Tony reached out to Bill and Chloe.

“A whole slew of events then happen after the nerve gas attack that are suspicious– Henderson was not really being drugged by Burke and was allowed to escape from CTU easily”

This has always been a suspicious point amongst the fans, I honestly think it’s just a “convenience”…for the writers couldn’t think of a better way, maybe. Or, maybe Burke was a mole with Henderson and Emerson, who knows?

“Whether or not you think Henderson intended on killing Tony when he stabs him and that maybe they cooked up a plan while trapped in that room together to make it look like he had and that maybe Henderson then tried to screw Tony over and really kill him”

None of this happened. Henderson planned to make it so Tony seemed dead, but wouldn’t actually die. Stated by Emerson in Day 7.

“It’s entirely possible it was *Tony* who made it so that Henderson missed his heart and it wasn’t just a matter of luck. ”

I’m sure Tony fought it, because he didn’t want to be stabbed with the stuff, because he was NOT turned until after Day 5. Maybe he unintentionally helped Henderson’s plan, maybe not, but it all worked out as planned.

“Chloe runs interference with the morgue that magically never gets Tony’s body and will wind up declaring another body Tony’s ”

Chloe didn’t have anything to do with this, it was all Emerson and Henderson, unless you have some crazy theory about her being a mole? Although yes, Emerson/Henderson did plant a lookalike body.

“Kim suddenly really has to go right now! Considering how she was completely unsurprised to find that Tony was still alive on Day 7 and how she could be construed as the closest thing to family Tony might have had left by that point on Day 5, maybe she claimed the body and got him in the ambulance. ”

This is even crazier than Margot being Jack’s sister. Absolutely, positively false…Emerson’s men got Tony’s body out of CTU. That’s that. Henderson was the Special Agent In Charge of CTU LA before Jack, and was his mentor. Henderson’s family must have known Jack’s family well, and since Day 7 is roughly 13 years after Day 1, then it makes perfect sense they would check in on Kim after Jack’s “death”. The details you are cooking up differ directly from what is purposefully stated in the show.

“Considering her creepy boyfriend was in league with Henderson (who told Jack he’d been “taking care of” Kim, then she shows up with Barry), that might even work out a bit. ”

No, it wouldn’t, because of what I said above. You’re reading too much into the Hendersons looking in on Kim. Henderson’s wife was always good as well, so they wouldn’t do anything to tun Kim or Barry.

“Regardless of how Tony got from Point A to Point B, the point is that at least Chloe & Bill were in on a plot to fake Tony’s death and send him undercover with Henderson’s people because the circumstances of Michelle’s death gave Tony the best ever excuse for suddenly deciding to switch sides ever. This is why Tony tells Jack “deep sky” on Day 7 and Jack calls a hotline that leads back to Bill”

No. No. No. Nononononononononononononononono….this directly contradicts the entire backstory given for Tony, as well as Day 7! It was Emerson’s men, working for Henderson or at least with him, that got Tony out and faked his death. Tony was working fully with Emerson after Day 5 until Emerson’s crew went too far in assembling the CIP device, which is when Tony enlisted Bill and Chloe for help in tracking the moles. The FBI got wind of Tony and his supposed CIP threats, and they enlist Jack, who helps capture Tony. Tony’s only way out of FBI custody and to continue this operation is to give the details up to Jack by allowing Bill to explain.

“Bill explains to Jack afterwards that when CTU was shut down by Allison Taylor, undercover operatives stuck on missions were left behind in the field– operatives like Tony. Bill and Chloe were working in secret to keep these missions going and these agents safe. The show says that Tony was on a sanctioned government mission until Allison Taylor shut down CTU. ”

I am 100% certain that none of this was ever stated anywhere on the show. What season, what episode?

“Guaranteed Alan Wilson walked away scot free because of the two of them, with a bonus helping of Renee and her rage problem torturing him half to death.”

Also never specifically stated, but read this interview: http://insidetv.ew.com/2010/05/25/24-series-finale-burning-questions/

Hi 24Nathan, thanks for responding. Hope you’re having a nice weekend. :)

re: the subway timetable theory. Yeah, it’s a theory. Yeah, Tony never specifically says aloud “I was speeding up the attack because I would like to kill the fewest number of people possible.” He doesn’t really have anyone to say this *to*, even if he wanted to, as he obviously isn’t going to say that to Cara. I agree, it’s not *explicitly* stated but a lot of things about the end of Day 7 are not explicitly stated and is interpretable. Consider, for example, Jack’s comment to Larry Moss of “I always knew someday you’d agree with me.” This occurs around the time that Jack thinks David Palmer is the President, according to what he yells at Janis. Jack met Larry Moss the previous morning. He’s known him for a matter of hours but he projects a longer relationship onto Larry– meaning? He’s not actually seeing Larry at all. So, who was he seeing? The most logical answer is Ryan Chappelle but *we don’t really know*. This is just one of a dozen different things left open at the end of Day 7 that relate back to Jack and/or Tony’s states of mind. Let’s just put it this way– they left a LOT of things open to interpretation with that plotline, including an entire whole potential plot that I’ll put at the bottom of this post here, in case you’re interested in reading the idea.

re: how Tony got out of CTU on Day 5.

So, Emerson’s men pulled up in an ambulance to the backdoor of CTU and Bill signed off on handing over Tony’s corpse. That’s what you’re saying? Because I’m not sure how Tony’s body got to Emerson’s men without involvement of people at CTU. I know what was stated on Day 7. I’m saying that there’s a lot more that was also stated beyond the scene of just Emerson’s explanation to Jack that factors into play. Even better is the question of why no one tried to revive Tony until he was in the ambulance if CTU wasn’t involved in faking Tony’s death. He’s declared dead and shuffled out of there in the moments when, if there was still a chance at reviving him, you’d think the medics would be all over trying to do that. Unless they were ordered to wait until his body was out of sight of Jack and out of CTU, that is…

re: the timeline doesn’t make sense with Chloe or Bill lying to Jack on Day 6.

Actually, it does. We have canonical evidence of Bill lying to Jack. He told him in the Day 6 premiere that Audrey was fine, which wasn’t true at all, and Jack bought it hook, line, and sinker. Chloe snarks at Jack when Jack questions whether or not Audrey is still alive that “of course she’s still alive”, then blinks like she’s mentally kicking herself. Better yet, why else would Bill and Chloe be working with Tony using the CTU deep sky hotline thing if Tony hadn’t originally been an undercover operative again after he apparently had died? Who else would have been able to switch the bodies so that someone else would have been buried in Tony’s grave and cover the tracks on that end?

Henderson had nothing to do with putting someone else in Tony’s grave– Tony didn’t even wake up until the hour after Day 5 ended, per the number of hours Emerson told Jack that Tony was in a coma. Emerson’s people didn’t bury someone else in Tony’s grave because Tony died at CTU: LA. In order for his body to even be put on that ambulance, someone at CTU: LA had to sign off on the transfer because, otherwise, he would have just been taken to CTU’s morgue. This puts all of it back on CTU when it comes to faking Tony’s death. I’m not saying Chloe was a mole, I’m saying Chloe was part of a Bill-sanctioned mission where she helped Tony go undercover with Emerson. She clearly knew that was what he was up to on Day 7– she was helping with an old CTU mission and working out of that house with Bill because that mission had been left unfinished. Otherwise? You’re asking us to believe that Bill and Chloe didn’t hear from Tony for years and thought he was dead and then he showed up on their doorsteps one day asking for help and telling them he’d been working with mercenaries for years and they were like oh sure, Tony! We’ll totally help you out! We aren’t suspicious that you’re a bad guy now at all! Let’s risk our lives and careers for this!

re: Henderson wanting to kill Tony & what happened on Day 5 there.

You are right, I forgot that Emerson said that Henderson wanted Tony dead. This actually makes even more sense when you look back on Day 5 because you can see Tony’s shock when Henderson stabs him as even more genuine shock. Perhaps they had cooked up a plan but Henderson double-crossed Tony. He just wanted Tony dead but Emerson and the others decided trying to brainwash Tony against Jack was a better idea. (Silly rabbits.)

The writers have said before in interviews that the original idea was that Tony wasn’t dead and was to return at the end of Day 5, so they filmed Tony’s death with the idea that it perhaps was not final. He was also supposed to be at Heller’s house at the end of Day 6, which would have meant that someone from CTU (likely Bill) would have had to contact him to get him there. The more you look at in retrospect, you can see all the wiggle room they left for all of this.

re: Henderson and Barry and Kim and all that.

Actually, this is a lot less crazy when you consider that Graem was trying to turn *everyone* against Jack. It didn’t really work but that was the play. Walt Cummings tried to influence Audrey; Spenser was sleeping with Chloe; Emerson was the plan for Tony (and had been for awhile since they knew each other before and Tony had been approached after prison by Emerson and rejected him.) The look on Jack’s face when he realizes his traitorous old mentor tells him he’s been “taking care of Kim” is one of total and complete horror. Jack does *not* trust this guy with his daughter. Then, who do we see when Kim shows up but the only voice of influence over her is her therapist. If this is how Henderson’s been “taking care of” Kim, then you could make the leap that Barry Landes might have been involved in that group. It’s crazy, I admit, but it’s less crazy when you consider that Kim wasn’t the only person this group was trying to poison against Jack. BTW? You know what else were crazy theories back in the day? That Graem was related to Jack. That Logan was really a bad guy. That Tony wasn’t actually dead. All of this stuff sounds a little insane and it happened, so… never say never.

I guess my point is that I know what Emerson said to Jack and I knew it when I wrote that previous post. That’s what happened once Tony got in the ambulance. It doesn’t explain how Tony wound up in that ambulance in the first place or how Bill and Chloe were working as if helping him with a long-term undercover mission from the CTU days and it completely contradicts what Bill said to Jack at their Rogue CTU HQ about the whole deep sky hotline they were manning. You can’t have it both ways– it’s not just Emerson and it’s not just CTU. It was CTU knowingly letting Emerson and his men go ahead with it for the purposes of their mission, just like how they knowingly let Henderson get out of the building so they could follow that trail of breadcrumbs to wherever it lay. The bits about the deep sky stuff is what Bill said to Jack at the Rogue CTU HQ so I think that was 7.04? And the stuff about Allison Taylor shutting down CTU I believe was from the one where Bill is first at the White House on Day 7.

I read that interview about what happened to Alan Wilson but, again, there’s a difference between Renee stopping the conspiracy and Alan Wilson’s fate. Like you say, never specifically stated, but why would the FBI fire an agent they felt was successful?

Just to set the record straight on what Jack said to Larry:

“I always knew eventually we’d agree on something.”

Not quite the same thing as saying ‘someday’.


At 0.16 that person looks like Tony Almeida.

I think Mark will be the one in casket.

I will slap my face if Chloe dies. Jack may trade himself for Audrey to the Chinese.