Jack is Back Special – 20 minute preview of 24: Live Another Day

FOX has released an incredible 20 minute special preview for 24: Live Another Day titled “Jack is Back.” The video has loads of brand new footage and interviews with just about the entire cast and includes the first footage of Michelle Fairley as the main villain Margot (in what looks to be a standout role). It’s all very exciting and definitely worth a watch.

The cast and crew of 24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY take us through production of the 12-episode event series and the return of Jack Bauer. 24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY debuts with a two-hour premiere May 5 at 8/7c and airs Mondays at 9/8c on FOX.

Watch “Jack is Back” Special Online

Watch on Fox Broadcasting YouTube Channel

Thanks LucusAnon and Chlojack for the heads up.


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NOOOOOO!!! It won’t play outside the United States… help anyone!?

Not even on FOX.com?

Nope, it says it’s restricted to viewers in the U.S., it’s territories, and military bases… HELP!

Hey, just install this app: hola.org and you can watch it!

Wow, every clip so far has been amazing and the cast looks fantastic across the board. Loved the comment from Howard Gordon about this being his favorite cast so far (which is pretty huge considering how amazing the cast was over the years).

Is it May 5th yet?

One of the nicest surprises for me was seeing that Benjamin Bratt’s character (CIA leader) is “calm, cautious, and thorough,” which reminds me a little of Bill Buchanan.

I like the idea of the two CIA field agents basically fighting for the same job, that should lead to some interesting situations. I do wonder if the backstory of Kate Morgan’s character (her husband selling secrets to the Chinese) might be setting up a possible return for Cheng?

Lots of really interesting tidbits in this video.

It would be great if they could connect Kate’s story with Cheng especially since it involves Jack and Audrey. I hope her ex husband appears sometime during the season as well.

April 8, 2014 at 2:08 pm
Yes, I have always thought we have not seen the last of Cheng. Remember Cheng’s last words as he was being hauled after he was arrested in S6: ” My country will not abandon me like yours did to you” which basically means China will do what ever it takes to get him released.

Insane video. Mind blown…

Those clips were incredible, I’m at a loss for words.

Piyush Saxena
April 8, 2014 at 1:06 am
Not able to view them…. please help!!

That was great! I hope they include more stuff like that on the DVD. Defiantly will own the new season.

It’s strange how little Stephen Fry is being mentioned so far

Hello guys.. for everyone’s viewing pleasure:


It’s been uploaded to You Tube. Hopefully people outside the US can watch it:


Great!Thank you!

Tate Donovan character is not a total jerk and mostly operates out of protecting his wife.
Margot’s character looks authoritative. Hopefully, she is not a one-dimensional villain who targets civilians.

Gbenga character looks like “all talk no walk” type of guy just to make Kate Morgan look good.
Jack purposefully gets himself captured. Ugh, Ugh.
“Jack versus Chloe” looks like a balloon of hot air. First episode, and they don’t even have any problem being in the same room conversing.

But overall, it looks like a collection of 24 rehashes which they will sell as new after 4 years of break.

I note that after each clips its list the US catch up methods. And it also list 4 individual ‘hours’;
11am-12pm &

The only thing I can think of is that they are the episode titles and that the start time have been shifted forward from a Noon start to 9am.

Might explain why we haven’t seen any night shoots yet.

I was confused about that because it said all 4 of those hours were available on May 6th, which would only make sense if they were doing the 2 night/4 hour premiere. A switch to 9AM would make sense though for filming, as it would be more comfortable to shoot night episodes in warmer weather. And that would also make it easier to disguise the season change.

Went back and checked and the exact wording is:

Download Episodes Starting May 6:


Do they mean all four hours are available on May 6, or just the first two, but they listed the first four? Confused.

Good find, Daniel. That is very interesting.

The “Jack Bauer” and “Jack and Chloe” featurettes on FOX’s YouTube also have that new start time/episode titles. But those same exact videos that I downloaded from their press website list the old start time (12pm-1pm).

And the E! Online exclusive “Chloe O’Brian” featurette that was uploaded on the very same day (April 7th) as those other videos still has the old start time too:

So there’s conflicting information. I can see it going either way, but I’m guessing it’s simply a mistake and the start time will remain the same. We’ll find out soon enough as the TV listings and episode press releases will be coming.

Thanks for the info. I do hope we get a few night episodes since downtown London would look awesome at night. And it also adds to the up all night feeling that makes 24.

London City Centre :)

We don’t do downtowns here in the UK.

Many thanks for uploading the four segments, I was gutted the full unbroken special wouldn’t play outside the U.S., so muchos gracias for that.

Excited!!!!!! That’s all I have to say……………..

I downloaded the full 20-min documentary out of Youtube as soon as it was available because I knew it’d be taken off.
It’s so exciting to see it back!!! They’re right, it’s like meeting an old friend again. Can’t wait. :)

It was fun while it lasted.. It took FOX only 7 hours to take down mine youtube video..

Luckily for us, the whole world can watch the segment now on their FOX’s own YouTube page..

The 5th of May can’t come soon enough!

Jon Cassar tweeted that Shelley Conn filmed a guest spot today on 24:LAD. No info on her role but Kiefer was working today as well (Marci Michelle tweeted about working with Kiefer today).

Shelley Conn is beautiful. A fine piece of real estate.

Just saw this on twitter. Good sign!

Anthony Pavelich ‏@AnthonyPavelich
Just saw 1st ep of #24LAD, @RealKiefer is back at it as the indomitable JB, the pacing was great and the cast is really good to watch. #FOX

Very glad to see Michelle Fairley , great actress and to have some clues about Audrey / Boudreau relationships.
This plot about drones and wikileaks

…seems very interesting ..

It seems like the character played by Branko Tomović is a good guy? Or at least helping Jack? He shoots into the ground to make a hole, throws down a expendable ladder which Jacks later climbs up on? (during the escape from CIA/the tube?). Also, I think I see him in the hackers lair to the left in one of the clips. Very blurry of course…

Interesting, could Jack have picked up a Serbian friend while hiding in Eastern Europe?

It seems so. In fact, also Chloe climbs up followed by Jack.

That I missed, where in which part does she do that? =O

“the show’s coming back and there’s nothing we can do to stop it”

yes! this to me means more seasons!

I’m counting on you this year 24 lad

Kiefer is constantly referring to Eastern Europe in his interviews, while the entire series takes place in the UK, I wonder if Eastern Europe will not play a role in the plot? After all season 1 was about Serbia and Kosovo…

Jack spent the past 4 years hiding in Eastern Europe, which is why you keep hearing him talk about it.

i like the part when kiefer says “it can only be as good as the cast that takes you there”