Mary Lynn Rajskub at the 24: Live Another Day London Q&A Session
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24: Live Another Day London Premiere Q&A Video

Eamonn Holmes presents a Q&A from the London premiere of 24: Live Another Day, with Kiefer Sutherland, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Yvonne Strahovski, and Jon Cassar.


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Posted this before, but this is a better, more appropriate place for it.

For Tony fans regarding him being in LAD;

38:59 – 39:30

I’d tell you what he says, but it’s better you watch this for yourselves.

Interesting also is how at this event he looks like a cross between “classic Tony” and “evil Tony”

“Mine’s not over yet”

Total crap shoot to try and deduce anything out of that….

watch here: much better quality.
i’m sure Tony Almeida is in… :-)

Between David Fury’s tweet about meeting with Carlos, Mary Lynn Rajskub’s admission about something really big happening in episode 9, and Carlos’ own tantalising little “mine’s not over yet” quip on that panel, taken together, they all add up to… possibly nothing at all, but then again…

Don’t forget Carlos’ tweet, “I can’t commend on 24 LAD”, when he otherwise flat out denied his involvement in Season 8 back in 2010.

If they really want to put an end on the series (what I wish they won’t !) it would be nice to make a closure for Tony ‘s character too…but it’s risky..

I totally agree on that. They have to include Tony in the end of 24.