More 24: Live Another Day interviews on Extra

Extra has released a short video with a few more 24 cast interviews. The most interesting quote is from Kiefer Sutherland who hints at Audrey having a larger role than perhaps many expected and all but confirms Jack and Audrey will share some face-to-face screen time.

Mary Lynn Rajskub:
“I got real edgy. She’s a little badass! Chloe is completely anti-government and has suffered personal tragedy. And she has a big f**k you attitude towards the world.”

Kiefer Sutherland:
“Jack Bauer is the target of almost every country on the planet. Mary Lynn [Chloe] and Kim Raver [Audrey] are two characters specifically that start to break him down and start to help him kind of remember who he was before he went into hiding.”

Benjamin Bratt:
“It’s gonna be fun for audiences. Ain’t nothing like it!”

Yvonne Strahovski:
“She’s a really great agent, she’s really good at her job.”

Source Extra


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Thank you so much to take time to put the transcript of the interviews, it’s a great help for non English-speaking people like me…

No problem Catherine, will always try to write a transcript when possible. Not only does it help foreign viewers but a transcript is also useful if a video gets removed.

Nice to know the paper role that Audrey will play. Kinda trying to save Jack’s mind from falling apart.