24 Cast Interviewed by FOX News

Kiefer Sutherland, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Yvonne Strahovski, and Giles Matthey were interviewed by Fox News.

Kiefer Sutherland on playing Jack Bauer again:

It’s a character I feel very comfortable playing, it’s a character I care very much about. For me, the best part was when we started – it was the leading up to it that made me nervous!

Mary Lynn Rajskub on Chloe’s transformation:

You look and you feel, my character is completely different than she was before. So it’s exciting. I never thought it would happen, but here we are!

Giles Matthey on joining the cast:

It’s a big show and there is pressure, but it’s also a real honor. You can do one of two things with nerves – you can rise to them, or get destroyed by them. Luckily, and also being surrounded by the people I am with, it was very easy to rise to the occasion. So it’s a real honor and very fun!

Yvonne Strahovski describes the filming process:

I always say that shooting the show feels like watching the show. You’re on the edge of your seat constantly and it’s like “Go go go!” So it’s been quite intense.

Kiefer on the evolution of Jack Bauer this season:

He’s pretty pissed off, he’s angry and estranged and alone. And I think now that he’s cold, I think his ability to make that correct, right moral decision is in real jeopardy. Hopefully over the course of this season, you’ll watch the evolution of how that affects everything else. It’s certainly something that was very interesting for me as an actor to try and portray, and I hope people like it as much as we enjoyed doing it.

Source FOX News thanks chucksarahmedia for YouTube embed


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24 ended in 2010 not 2009. There goes FOX twisting the facts again!!


Why, do you/have you watched it? I do and it’s not at all what it’s more vociferous critics present it as, you have to separate the hard news from the opinion-based programming.

Please let’s not have a political foodfight in here, if that’s okay, there’s enough room elsewhere online for that…

Come on, Gerry, let’s not defend FOX News shall we? The humongous amount of facetious news and fact-warping that is on there both in opinion-based programming and “hard news” is well documented. It gives true conservatives everywhere a bad name.

No reason to bring it to a ’24’ based fansite though.

Exactly. I should have said that in my comment. This is an interview of the 24 cast. X shouldn’t have slandered FOX News in this context. It makes him look like a troll, really.

He boys, not to speak about politics will be pretty hard !! because 24 is a very political show…but we try to stay polite !

I hope they are not going to take the “hardened Jack” angle too far. Part of what always made his character so compelling was what an emotional, caring person he could be when he wasn’t interrogating a terrorist, and the contrast between the different sides of him. If they make him too hardened they will lose what makes his character unique and special.

I love jack and audry love..keep it up in real lyf also jack..love u sir