Yvonne Strahovski and Mary Lynn Rajskub on Extra
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Yvonne Strahovski and Mary Lynn Rajskub on Extra

Extra interviewed both Yvonne Strahovski and Mary Lynn Rajskub and they mentioned the numerous different endings.

Does it leave itself open to continuing, or is this the [series] finale?
Rajskub: I think it was originally conceived as a completion of the whole thing. But now… questionable.
Strahovski: There were quite a few different endings that I think they were playing around with.
Rajskub: Quite a few different endings.
Strahovski: So up until the minute of shooting certain scenes, we were still rewriting; on set even. Rewriting, rewriting, changing things.

What’s it like working with Kiefer Sutherland?
Strahovski: He puts a lot into it, not just as an actor but a producer as well.
Rajskub: He’s very gentle and generous and fun loving. So he’s got Jack Bauer work mode [and chill mode].

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Beautiful girls. Stay on the show and don’t date Jack Bauer, lol.

Yup. If Jack and Chloe ever hook up, I’m going to start crying. lol

Kim Raver must be unsatisfied very much about the ending. No wonder she doesn’t show up and there are never any worlds from her!

This interview was done before the finale aired, so it would have been hard to have Kim Raver do interviews before it aired. I hope we do get to hear from her about it soon.

Me too. Although I think it’s safe to say that she wasn’t thrilled with it.

Let’s be honest, do you think anyone from the cast was too thrilled with it?

Touche. It must have been pretty depressing to read the 9x12 script, lol.

Yeah the last we heard from her was when she was talking about the episode 11 script.

Can’t say i blame her for that. Just imagine a character you spent a decade to build, only to find her die in such a meaningless and terrible way.

Come on, guys, every cast member knows exactly what they’re signing on for when they sign. No character is ever safe in the 24 universe, especially those who become romantic interests for Jack. I don’t think Kim Raver is “pouting” over the ending by not showing up for interviews, she’s more professional than that. At least she got to finish telling her story, not like the last time we left her, in a catatonic state, never to be spoken of again. So many of you searching for that elusive happy ending, and if that’s what you truly need, you might want to find another show for fulfillment. 24 will never give the fairy tale ending, it would not be true to form, and would most likely seem contrived. The closest I believe we could come to a happy ending here was the look of relief on Jack’s face as he boarded the helicopter, knowing that not only had he saved his best friend, but that he was going to finally face the very thing he had been running from for 4 years. I think he’s at peace with being able to clear the slate and pay his penance. That’s not to say I don’t want MORE!!!! Bring on season 10!!!!

Agree with every word!

I agree as well. Here is how I think about it:

We last see her in the finale of Season 6, basically in a catatonic state with the presumption that she may possibly never recover. No mention of her in Season 7 or Season 8. If Season 8 ended up being the finale, then that Season 6 finale would have been our lasting impression of Audrey.

Instead, we get to see her again in LAD, fully recovered and part of her father’s staff. She attempts through her own connections and channels to bring key evidence to the Chinese and is killed in the process. In some ways her death was in vain as ultimately the Chinese needed to see that Cheng was still alive for themselves, but she in my opinion at least died for something now, her character had closure.

Did she maybe deserve a “better” death? Possibly. That surely can be debated. But in my opinion if she wasn’t re-introduced, wouldn’t her fate have almost been like that of Behrooz? “Oh yeah, Audrey, she was kind of in a coma last we saw her. Wonder what ever happened.”

The death of Audery can be handled far better. The only problem is the writers are too busy killing her to even bother to take time to think of one. “Come on audery. You should die now. As for how, who even bother to care?” . That’s what the writers are saying.

Ha you’re a bit butt hurt over her death huh? :p She’s not going to be pissed, dude. Every actor to go on 24 knows that they could die at the turn of a page. She survived 4 seasons – potentially to the end of the show, if this ends up being the last season. You’ve painted this picture of her in the corner of a darkened room, furiously carving the writers names into the wall. Where as I’m sure she the reality is she enjoyed the opportunity to play her death scene as beautifully as she did. Her single tear that showed she knew she was about to die was sensational.

The single tear is from Kim Raver, who cries over her character’s meaningless death! Audery’s death ties in with the death of Curtis Manning, both are the worst and most meaningless major character death sences from 24.

“but she in my opinion at least died for something now, her character had closure.”

Dunno if I’ll ever be satisfied with this “closure” for her, because it will forever feel unfair to me that her story ended in death, but I do agree with what you said about her return, Matt.

It was great to see her as a functioning, competent person again. We now know that she had the strength to fight her way back from that catatonic state and overcome the trauma, which is no small feat. We saw her being determined to keep working to stop Cheng instead of reverting and cowering. Even when she was pinned in place and (understandably) scared shitless, she was willing to try and defy his orders to help her half dead friend. Audrey had some ballz in the end, maybe too much so that she got complacent and ended up in the position where she got shot at to begin with, and then shot at again.

I’ll always wish there was more for Audrey in the future, but I can’t complain about how they wrote her on Day 9, I found her consistent and believable. Even though I wish she hadn’t died, I don’t think she died for nothing. She was in that park because she voluntarily tried to help save the world and in doing so put herself in the line of danger for the greater good. No her plan didn’t work, at all, but she stood up and made an attempt which was a final empowering act to show that Cheng hadn’t irreparably destroyed her all those years ago like it seemed at the end of Day 6. It may have been his gunman who took her life, but that happened because he couldn’t break her spirit like he’d hoped.

If miss raver is really unsatisfied with the lousy way the writers dealing with the fate of her character, i think it’s professinal enough of her to keep quite about it and avoid interviews, considering she has every right to share her personal geniue feeling with the public, and i bet many people would agree with her. Still i wish to see some words from her regarding the death of audrey.

What if Jack willingly gave himself up and was at peace on the helicopter not because he’s ready to lay down and die but because after 4 years of running, now he’ll be taken to the main guys in Russia that were after them. Instead of looking for those chasing after him, he surrenders and lets them now come to him – and he’s smiling because after he wipes them all out, the Russian chase of him will be over.

P.S. Let’s not forget he made a recording of Logan’s confession and the Russian conspiracy involving Novakovich and Suvarov – so he can also negotiate with the Russian government to tell his side of the story, something that he hinted at in S9 to Audrey and Chloe that he was frustrated never being able to do.

Hope there are no plans for another 24.

I really hope there is.

I really hope there is too… and I hated LAD.

A happy ending doesn’t have to be fairy tale, not even in the universe of 24. Why can’t Jack be happy for just once after he losing so much? I see no law in that. As for Audrey’s death, it’s totally meningless and feels so forced so over-elaborate after all they are building up in the first 10 episodes. It’s just as if they suddenly decide ‘we won’t let Jack be happy, well then, let’s dispose of Audrey”. Personally i don’t consider this is the best inteperation of the word “professional” for writers.

Totally agree. Felt like they decided at the last minute to kill her off. And for what? A cheap and meaningless plot twist that felt in bad taste for a character that has suffered and was one of the more fragile. Added nothing to the finale and closed off some options if there is a future series.

If they had to kill one of them, would have preferred Heller and it would have been a great storyline to see jack and audrey deal with that. (Audrey for president?!)

Kim Raver was excellent this season, hope she gets another good high profile show soon.

Cannot fathom why the writers chose such a depressing end. It would have been Better with jack and audrey together but a twist e.g. New threat to one or both right at the end.

Until the finale I thought the season had been amazing but it left me on a total downer wishing had never watched, that did not happen with any other season. There should have been one uplifting element rather than complete gloom for all.

Yes, in my opinion the last ep totally ruined the whole season for me, and the most amazing part is that it’s actually Kiefer who wrote it.

Seriously? Where is it confirmed kiefer was the writer. Need to remind myself it’s just a tv show felt depressed all day after watching that episode. I guess that shows the quality of the acting. But it was a cheap blow to fans.

I’d rather Audery left in catatonic as she was in S6 than to be brought back and killed like this.

It would’ve been better if Renee was still alive and Audrey stayed out of his life, then Audrey would’ve been killed and Jack have a happy ending with Renee.

The only happy ending they will ever have will be when Bauer is cleared of everything he did and honored for saving a lot of presidents and his country.