Yvonne Strahovski: “not everyone makes it out alive”

“It’s going to be very action-packed. We saw the episode last night was a fabulous setup, but I think there’s some twist and turns that people are not expecting. Perhaps not everyone makes it out alive. So it’s going to be quite the fireworks.”

When asked if there might be more Jack Bauer and 24 down the road, she said “You never know, that’s always up to the producers to make that call, and Kiefer obviously. Never say never. Maybe that’ll be the title for the next twelve episodes, Never Say Never!”


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I always dreamed of Yvonne Strahovski. Like her Aussie accent even if she was using an American accent like her characters on Chuck, Dexter and 24.

Wish they hadn’t cut off the interview at the end when they asked her about upcoming projects.

I hope Yvonne’s comment wasn’t eluding to Kate’s fate. As always Yvonne establishes such great characters that the vast majority of viewers warm to. It will spoil the season for me if they kill Kate off in the finale.

Never Say Never was the title of a Bond movie, babe.

July 8, 2014 at 7:16 pm
Actually, that James Bond movie was titled “Never Say Never Again”. It’s from 1983 and it’s such an atrocious movie and it doesn’t really deserve to even be recognized as a James Bond movie.

Technically it was “Never say never again.” It stars Sean connery in a remake of a film he initially starred in and isn’t considered part of the overall series.

“Live another day” is pretty close to the bond film “Die another Day” so you “never” know – they could pull it off!

… and Die Another Day was a Bond movie as well, so she was being extra-witty.

Taking the trend of turning a Bond title into it’s opposite…

24: Dr. Yes
24: From Russia With Hate
24: You Only Die Once
24: On Mr. President’s Secret Service
24: Live and Let Live
24: The Man With The Plastic Gun
24: The Spy Who Hated Me
24: Sunraker
24: For My Eyes Only
24: The Dying Nightlights
24: Today Always Dies
24: The World Is Enough
24: Searise

That’s awesome. :D

These really work lol

I just hope Kate Morgan doesn’t die like Renee Walker.

That would suck. And I’m worried they’re angling towards Audrey meeting a similar fate, which would also suck.

She’s so gorgeous, I must have her!