Yvonne Strahovski at Studio 10 in Australia
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Yvonne Strahovski praises Kiefer, says 24 “surprisingly collaborative”

Yvonne Strahovski was interviewed at Studio 10 in Australia to promote the upcoming 24: Live Another Day DVD release. Check out what she had to say!

Working alongside Kiefer Sutherland:
“It was really good, I found it to be surprisingly collaborative. I had thought being on such a well oiled show that had been on for eight years, it’d be kind of rigid. But it wasn’t, it was really collaborative and Kiefer was great to work with. The most admirable thing for me to watch was that he wasn’t only invested as an actor. He’s so good at that role [being Jack Bauer], but he’s also very much invested as an executive producer of the show and really looks at it as an overall project.”

Physical demands of 24:
“It’s a little tough, but it’s not anything I’m not used to. I’ve done jobs now where I’ve been involved in a lot of stunt work so I kind of fell into it. There was one more demanding scene, the torture scene where I was strung up on a rope and chain. I was a little sore after that.”

Being exhausted filming 24:
“It is, I would say filming it is very similar to the experience of watching it. Especially when we’re working with Jon Cassar, he’s one of the directors that’s been with the show for a very long time. He keeps the [quick] pace going and it’s great for us as actors because it really feeds the energy that we need to have in these scenes.”

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Hope Kate Morgan comes back if 24 gets renewed for a tenth and possible final season and she’ll do whatever it takes to save Jack Bauer in Russia.

I’m not sure how Jack would react to the sight of Kate because of her failure to protect Audrey. I don’t think he would pleased to see her after that.

Besides, I’m not a fan of Audrey to be honest.

I’d be a bit surprised if Jack holds it against her. He knows what that job is like, and that sometimes you just get blindsided and you simply can’t save 100% of the people 100% of the time. Kate will forever beat herself up about it though, because she knows she let her guard down when she shouldn’t have. I imagine that’d be what drives her story arc if she’s back for a Day 10, her need to make that up to Jack whether he actually blames her for it or not.

I hope the kate arc is done for now.. Season 10 needs to be Jack/Tony & Cloe.. I don’t want the focus on kate yet again.

Kate was my favourite new character in LAD. All the same, please go the fuck away and make way for a tighter, leaner day 10.

I liked Kate but the focus on 24 should always, in my opinion, be on Jack.

Lovely girl! I wonder what that secret role is…

Maybe she is saying these nice things about 24 and Kiefer at this time because she knows there will be a continuation of some kind (movie and/or series) and she wants a job.