Mary Lynn Rajskub: writers were “changing the ending” up until last minute

Mary Lynn Rajskub appeared on Good Day Atlanta to discuss the 24 finale and more. We’ve transcribed the juiciest 24-related bits beneath the video.

“Up until the last minute they were changing the ending. I will tell you that I was [thinking to myself] you’re alive, you’re dead, you’re alive, you might be, you might not be. We didn’t have the ending for the script up until the moment we started shooting it.

Because I think originally they were going to do the 12 [episodes] and just have it sort of encapsulate the entire series, just do this miniseries event. And then it was going so well when they brought it back, and we all enjoyed shooting it, and the episodes came out really well. Everybody was kind of like, well, maybe we should leave it open for more episodes.”

So does that mean 24 will get another season? “I don’t know. I might be the last to know. If you hear anything, let me know!”

Source Good Day Atlanta


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I don’t know how I feel about more seasons of 24, but right now I am more sure that Fox will renew this series than I have ever been.

The merch tie-in deals that last until 2016 are kind of odd for a ‘one-time’ event series that ends mid 2014, as well as the new series of novels that are going to come out months after the finale. Also, Mary Lynn’s optimism could be meaningless in the end, but she seems mighty sure that this isn’t the end for this show.

The fact that the ending was changed so much towards the end when this was intended to wrap up the show means that the writers were debating the possibility of returning, (as she said above) and that making more is now a serious consideration to everyone.

If you look at the ratings that 24 has pulled in this season, it’s actually quite incredible. Not only is 24 more popular than 99% of Fox’s others shows besides American Idol, but Live Another Day has premiered during the summer, when TV seasons usually end. That is quite impressive, even if LAD’s ratings are lower than the previous eight seasons.

Honestly, Fox would be nuts to not want anymore of this show, whether it be spinoffs or another season with Jack Bauer, and Kiefer doesn’t appear to be totally booked at this point in his career if he’s starring in movies like Pompeii, (but maybe he likes it that way.)

As long as Kiefer sticks around I am open to more 24, but I would prefer it to be less repetitive next time around, even though I don’t hate the last four seasons as much as some people do.

I think there’s a 60% chance 24 will end and 40% chance it will continue even if its going to be its last.

Mary Lynn does seem to imply that they left it open for another season. I just hope they don’t kill too many characters, so they don’t wind up with a completely new cast again if they do another one. Although as a “limited series” they might want a completely different cast next time.

My opinion…to keep the series potentially going, this “season’s” main characters won’t be killed off (Bauer, Chloe, Kate…and I believe even Audrey doesn’t die). Mark, Belcheck and Cheng die. Heller becomes incapacitated, but doesn’t die.

Normally, the determination on whether a series returns or not is based on ratings – but, in this case, I could see FOX being willing to finance another 12-episode season only to see the whole show go down in flames because Kiefer is truly disinterested in continuing. Every interview that he’s given has been dripping with pessimism and doubts about wanting to come back.

I guess his energy on Jack Bauer has run out…….. I guess time will tell if the writers can convince him to come back. If Fox’s decides to bring back 24 for another season…… All tho Mary Lynn Rajskub said apparently that has been in good spirits…… But honestly who knows right now there are some many wishy washy answers right now….. NOBODY is being 100% clear on what they want for the darn show.