Mary Lynn Rajskub: Chloe’s “in a very good position” for future

“I’m in a very good position [for the future]. And I will say, up until the very end of shooting, up until the moment before we shot the end of episode 12, it was changed. You’re dead, you’re not dead, you’re dead, you’re not dead.”

“When we went into it, they were going to wrap up the whole franchise with this twelve [episodes]. And once we started shooting and it started going really well… That’s my take on it, I’m not really in those sort of inner conversations, but as we got to the end it felt like wait a minute, this is actually going really well, maybe we don’t really want to wrap the whole thing up right now.”

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Nothing against Mary Lynn – and I’m probably in the minority – but I wish they had killed Chloe instead of Audrey. I know she’s Jack’s best friend but all of his other friends have died, why does she get to escape death for so much longer than they did? LOL. It just feels like her character has run its course, in all honesty. With Audrey out there, we could have at least known there was hope for Jack even if they weren’t together or they could’ve had some time together again romantically before she was (undoubtedly) tragically cut down. Plus, saving Audrey’s death for when they knew the show was finally, FINALLY over would have made more sense.

You’re not in the minority. This character shouldn’t have lasted more than two seasons. I don’t understand how she and Jack even became BFF’s. He couldn’t stand her in Season 3 because she was a rule-humper, then suddenly in Season 4 she’ll do anything he asks?

First of all, in S3, Jack was only mean bc he was addicted to heroin. Secondly, in S4, she did what he needed bc he did her the favor of saving her friend. After that, I think it became clear that they always would help each other no matter what.

But, how can you be BFF’s if you only meet every other year…

S3 – S4: Jack fired from CTU 3 months after S3, so 15 months before S4 = unknown, but probably not because she caught up w/ him in S4
S4 – S5: Once, in Chicago: S4 PREQUEL
S6 – S7: NO…
S7 – S8: maybe but probably not…
S8 – S9: NO…

It’s pretty clear at the start of Season 8 that they’d kept in regular contact since the end of Season 7.

And also pretty clear that they met more than once between season 4 and 5 and kept in contact.

They are best friends. Deal with it.

Chloe and Jack were in contact between Seasons 4 and 5 and she visited him in Chicago and looked after Kim.

Chloe and Jack were in touch between Seasons 6 and 7. She remarked how she saw him on the news testifying before the Senate subcommittee.

It was implied they were regularly in touch between Seasons 7 and 8. In the first hour of S8, Chloe is on the phone with Jack and she says: “Did you tell Kim about LA?” It’s clear that Jack is confiding that decision in Chloe and talking it over with her in advance. They could have seen each other regularly while Jack was recovering in NY and getting his treatments.

They’ve definitely been in touch for years :)

And yeah, she kind of wins the BFF thing by default because like you said, all his other friends are dead.

I really thought she would die, only because on the promo we see Jack crying and no one could make him cry like that other than Chloe or Audrey. And I ruled out Audrey because I was certain they needed to keep ONE of Jack’s romantic interests alive. I thought at this point the show could move on without Chloe no matter how much I love her character. How wrong I was…

I wished they killed more people at all in the last episode but at this point if they make another 24, I would rather have a new cast with guest appearances from the main characters of the original – the hardest part with that is figuring out what they are willing to change with 24 like will it always have to involve causing the brink of a world war or preventing nuclear/catastrophic attack, or will there always be a Jack Bauer? or will there always be a Chloe? would it be okay to begin a new story? will it have to take place in the same setting that has been paved by the previous series timeline and events? Stuff like that are always the big questions I wonder for the next 24. Even though Live Another Day didn’t become what I was hoping it would become when we first saw that superbowl commercial toward the beginning of this year, I was pretty satisfied with the outcome and wrap up of the season. I guess I expected too much raw action out of the characters.

I guess I would sum up the validity of keeping Chloe over Audrey more or less boils down to which is more a part of ’24’ and Jack’s role – action or romance? In my opinion, neither Mary Lynn nor Kim Raver are that great as actresses – but, within the stories that dominate the series, Chloe’s techie-aide role is more intrinsic to Jack’s missions than Audrey’s love affair with him.

A better balance would be to merge the two – a technology-savvy partner that can help Jack but who has more than a business-type of relationship with Jack. If there’s a S10, I’d rather see someone like Kate be more involved on both fronts rather than the geek like Chloe and the damsel in distress like Audrey.

New West Virginian
July 28, 2014 at 1:10 am
I agree. Chloe is one of my favorite characters, but if I absolutely had to choose, I would choose her, Kate, or even Heller’s death over Audrey’s. Besides Jack himself, Audrey is the character I most wanted to survive. Audrey’s death was also much sadder to me than Renee’s.

To Audery it shoule be “You’re not dead, you’re dead.”




Chloe has really overstayed her welcome on the show. No offense to Mary Lynn, but Chloe has no other purpose than to speed up the plot. They need to go back and do this Season 1 style, where tracing a phone call took something like forty-five minutes and they didn’t even finish. Just get rid of the character, she’s been lifted of the guilt of her family’s death, she has no more purpose.

Erm… Didn’t you know that technology now is kinda better than in was in season 1? In 24 universe there are something over 15 years between season 1 and 9 so it’d be very strange if they had to trace one phone call for so long.

But, yeah, Chloe is there to speed up the plot because her character is familiar to viewers and they don’t need to introduce new character that would help Jack, that’d require lots of time to think about her motivations, reasons etc. With Chloe it’s just “Hey, Jack needs help, of course I’ll help him!” They are saving their time to wrap up another plots because new main character with that much importance to series would require tons of screen-time they can’t spare.

I love this woman!!!

It’s too late to kill Chloe off; that ship has sailed. They could have done it in 4, 5, or 6. But with the show constantly changing locations, they need to have someone to help Jack with technical stuff. She was the reason he got involved in Day 8 and was the only one helping him in Live Another Day. If the show is going to constantly kill everyone else that could help and aide Jack then Chloe is all that’s left.

And I’m fine with that. From a practical standpoint they’ve gotta have someone to consistently anchor Jack in the midst of the ever changing cast.

Chloe is his “person” and it’s comforting IMO to know that even though he loses everyone and his life is a hot mess of a shitstorm, he still has a person.

I like her in her own right too, her personality disorder is endearing. And she shows that anyone has the ability to help save the world, you don’t hafta be a superhero with unyielding physical capabilities, you can sit at a computer and use your brain and still be badass.

Let me start by saying Mary Lynn seems like a laugh and someone I’d go out on the lash with.

But for fucks sake, Chloe’s getting beyond a joke now. The reason she’s not dead is that the writers need her to be Jack’s convenient cheat code for getting through any situation. Remember the shootouts in season 1 where he had to work things out on his own? How I long for those days again.

So, she’s still alive. What’s the plan then if they don’t kill her in season 10? Jack tells Chloe she’s his best friend again and disappears? Whoopee!

I’m gonna go out on the lash with her tomorrow night!

What does that mean, anyway?

It means you are going to drink a bit too much!
I’m with you Trevor, Chloe is essential to the show. Jack can’t lose every familiar face and she has been there for him on many occasions.
It was about time he repayed the favour.

Ahhh, I can’t drink though. Under 21. Totally ready to party with her though

Oh well least you won’t have to deal with the hangover next day!
I expect you were pretty pleased with Kiefer’s comments about Mary Lynn having a halo which made her unlikely to be killed off! No doubt she was too!

Mary Lynn has a halo around her head for more reasons than that my friend!

Wow! Trevor!! You’re friends with Mary Lynn?! You’ve said absolutely nothing about that until now! Why the fuck didn’t you say something before?!

Just messing chief, have yourself a good time! :-)

Twitter friends. :P

Mary Lynn Raisin IS 24!

over exaggeration

Is it really though?


Damn auto correct…

July 25, 2014 at 11:04 pm
You should call her Miss Raisin when you meet her, see how she reacts.

And then blame it on autocorrect.

Guys I am really so excited to meet her in person. I’ll post a pic here afterwards. I’m just so excited. I think everyone here knows by now MLR is my favorite of the cast.

Hope you have a great evening Trevor. I tried to get to see her when she was here in the UK but wasn’t able to. I’ll look forward to your pics.

Wow, she is actually pretty hot

Can’t wait what Mary Lynn has in store for her stand-up tour. She was so funny on 2 Broke Girls last season.

July 28, 2014 at 8:33 pm
Do you think the existence and success of the Belchek character played a role in how 24:LAD ended? In other words, if Chloe had died who would provide the tech support to get Jack out of Russian custody? No one because no one would have a motive to do so. They kept Chloe alive because now they have full team on the outside – a techie and a heavy lift man – to get Jack freed. That is Chloe and Belchek. Perhaps the Belchek character started out as kind of minor extra character. But as the season progressed Belchek became more intriguing and interesting. He had arguably the best line in the whole season.(“…this is not America…”) Chloe may be in good shape for a future 24 movie or season but Belchek is a potentially great character yet to be developed.

Dunno if they’ll try to break him out because they know he doesn’t really want to be broken out, but in my head, Chloe hacked into Russian Intelligence Whatever to find out where they took him and Belchek went there to live nearby in case a day comes when Jack needs him (and that day will almost definitely come).

Yes !! you are superb and we love you and we love Chloe and her entire storyline which was a total mystery and still [email protected]! and as for killing Audrey vs Chloe, same old Bs competing females? no. they are both important characters. I wish they killed someone else like the husband. I liked Audrey’s role in Jacks life

Any news yet if 24 is returning for a 10th season? wish they wouldn’t keep us hanging like this, want to know if the best drama is returning.