Howard Gordon talks 24: Live Another Day, hopes for Chloe return

Mary Lynn Rajskub poses with 24 showrunner Howard Gordon at the 24 Season 7 Finale screening
Mary Lynn Rajskub poses with 24 showrunner Howard Gordon at the 24 Season 7 Finale screening

Assignment X scored an exclusive interview with 24 showrunner Howard Gordon. It seems like chances are good for Chloe O’Brian’s return.

AX: Will Mary Lynn Rajskub’s character Chloe be back next year in 24?
I hope so. As a fan, I absolutely hope so. The truth is, we’re at the beginning of the process. Things aren’t written in stone yet, so we’re not sure. But the good news is, all the writers are back. David Fury, Manny Coto and Evan Katz, yeah. And Evan and Manny are running the show with me.

AX: Is Jon Cassar, who was a directing producer on 24 the series, on it as a directing producer?
Yes. Absolutely. I’m going to go up to see Jon. He’s shooting a movie [REDEMPTION] right now with Donald Sutherland [father of 24 star Kiefer Sutherland] in Calgary. So I’m going to go up and see them and pitch them a little bit [of story ideas for the miniseries].

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Kenny Douglas
July 28, 2013 at 7:11 am
Did anyone notice that Kiefer is in the movie “Redemption” with his father, too? Kiefers name is listed in the cast-section along with his fathers name.

GORDON: Well, we’re going to take advantage of the time. The story will be twelve hours over a day, but we’ll take advantage of the fact that we can go from seven o’clock to nine o’clock.

At least, that clarifies what many of us speculated or theorized about – that the series will be 1 complete day but with gaps in time to make up for 12 hours not seen on screen.

And the really great thing as far as the new format’s potential goes is that the only thing that is certain is the hour of the day the new series opens on will also be the hour of the next day the series closes on… everything else is up for grabs as far as the real-time goes; for example, who says when they jump hours in the narrative that they have to jump to the top of a new hour, they could theoretically jump to half-past or quarter-past or even quarter-to a new hour, the possibilities are almost limitless as to how and when to bend and shift time periods, it’s an extraordinarily fluid new format that gives them all kinds of opportunities they couldn’t have done when they had to account for every hour of the day… the more I read and think about ‘Live Another Day’ the more I’m 110% convinced it was the right move, and a much better one than the movie, considering the potential they have with the new format!

If you’re bringing back Chloe, please kill the sour faced bitch in hour 1!

Sir Will Carlos Bernard ReTurn In ‘Live Another Day’ as Tony Almeida..??

I Want To Watch Tony Again as a hero not as a villain… Please tell me that he’ll return… :-(

People continually want that about Tony. But this is 24 were talking about here. It would be cheesy of the writers to change that. As for Chloe I personally don’t want to see her back. Because I don’t want them to make the story between her & Jack predictable where she bails him out. Tony I’d definitely like to see tho.

Yeah U R RiGht Joshua… It iSn’t Justice.. Jack Wanted revenge.. He Killed Nina,Then He WanTed ReveNge FrOm Henderson he Killed him too But Tony Wanted revenge from Alan Wilson who was responsible for the death of michell and their unborn son.. but he never got it.. why why and y the hell why..??

I Want The Answer From You Sir Howard Gordon.. Please answer it i m begging u..

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