Wayne Palmer

D.B. Woodside as President Wayne Palmer in 24 Season 6 Episode 6

D.B. Woodside says 24 Season 6 was disappointing

It would probably be a bit difficult at the moment schedule-wise, but do you think you might pop up on 24 again at some point? This is what I’m telling people; this is what I’m allowed to say. Anybody who watches 24 knows that the characters of 24 constantly kind of go away, maybe for… View Article

Regina King

Regina King cast in 24 Season 6, D.B. Woodside returns

THE “PALMER FAMILY” UNITES AS REGINA KING AND DB WOODSIDE CLOCK IN FOR SEASON SIX OF “24” As 24‘s “Day 6” approaches, the cast continues to assemble, with Regina King (“Ray”) and DB Woodside (24’s “Wayne Palmer”) joining last season’s most Emmy-nominated series as series regulars in season six. The clock will reset for 24… View Article

D.B. Woodside as Wayne Palmer in 24 Season 3

D.B. Woodside relishes role on real-time thriller ’24’

About a year ago, actor D.B. Woodside was going through a bad breakup. “I was desperately looking for things to do to pass the time,” Woodside said during a recent telephone interview. “I went to the video store and rented the first season of ’24’ on DVD. I had heard so much about the show… View Article