Dennis Haysbert refused to film death scene

David Palmer's death scene

Is it true that you argued with 24‘s producers about the way they decided to kill off President Palmer?
“We didn’t really have an argument about it; I just refused to do it for a great many months. Then they sent one of my friends, who’s now the show’s runner, and he convinced me to do it because they needed to launch the season – I believe that was Season Five – and they said they really couldn’t do it without me having the characters assassinated. I acquiesced, but if I had to do it over again, I wouldn’t do it.”

Are you still in touch with many of the cast from 24?
“Some of them. Some of them. They’ve gone on with their lives and their careers, and that’s what happens.”

Nothing is ever quite as it seems in 24. Even though President Palmer’s dead, is there a chance he could return to the show?
“Oh, not at all. No, unless Jack Bauer had a dream.”

Source: DigitalSpy