24 Season 5

David Fury interviewed by PopGurls

PopGurls Amy Pascale has an interesting interview with David Fury where he compares working on 24 to his past projects among other things. There’s some interesting tidbits about the 24 writing staff in here. Have you found that people have followed you from Buffy to new shows? If I’m to believe the bulletin board postings… View Article

Aaron Pierce (Glenn Morshower) withstands torture in 24 Season 5 Episode 22

24 Season 5 Episode 22 Press Release (4:00AM – 5:00AM)

Update May 12th: This press release has been updated due to a Presidential address pushing back the schedule slightly. AGENT BAUER PRESSES ON WHILE PRESIDENT LOGAN AGONIZES ON “24” MONDAY, MAY 15, ON FOX Agent Bauer goes to unrelenting patriotic lengths in pursuit of the incriminating evidence against President Logan. Meanwhile, the return of Vladimir… View Article

Vladimir Bierko (Julian Sands) is escorted by armed guards in 24 Season 5 Episode 21

24 Season 5 Episode 21 Press Release (3:00AM – 4:00AM)

AGENT JACK BAUER’S TACTICS TORMENT PRESIDENT LOGAN ON “24” MONDAY, MAY 8, ON FOX As Agent Jack Bauer inches closer to bringing the culprits to justice, President Logan takes unthinkable and shocking measures to impede Jack’s progress. With CTU commanders Bill Buchanan and Karen Hayes covertly working together, a counterproductive dynamic is created. Meanwhile, Vladimir… View Article