FOX Survey asks fans to choose 24 Season 5 DVD box art

FOX has started a survey in which fans can provide input on the 24 Season 5 DVD cover art and more. It seems like they’re considering switching the cases as well.

24 Season 5 DVD box art survey
24 Season 5 DVD box art survey choices

They’ll ask you to give your reasons for why you picked the one you did, and they also ask for your thoughts on the idea of them switching from the previously-used fold-out “digipak” cardboard packaging to the more current “thinpak” ultra-thin plastic DVD cases, which would slide into a cardboard slipcover. Head on over and participate; we’re not sure how long this survey will be available. And stay tuned for more info about the release of this season set!

Source: FOX Survey (via TVShowsonDVD)