24 Season 3

Andrea Thompson as Nicole Duncan in 24 Season 3

Andrea Thompson Cast in 24 Season 3

Andrea Thompson, who left “NYPD Blue” to pursue a career as a news anchor, will return to series drama this fall with a recurring role on FOX’s “24.” Thompson will play Nicole Duncan, a a technical specialist brought in by CTU to help stop what FOX promises will be an “ominous terrorist threat.” Past CTU… View Article

24 Season 3 Premiere Spoilers from AICN

Hercules from Ain’t It Cool News has posted in-depth spoilers from the 24 Season 3 premiere. How does it begin, spoiler-boy? A decomposed corpse infected with “pnuematic plague” (or “PNP”) is unceremoniously deposited at a National Health Services building. What’s 24 3.1 titled? “Day 3: 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.” 1 p.m.? Yes. Season one… View Article

Zachary Quinto

D.B. Woodside, Zachary Quinto, Agnes Bruckner cast in 24 Season 3

DB Woodside, Agnes Bruckner and newcomer Zachary Quinto have joined the upcoming season of Fox’s real-time drama “24” as recurrings. On the Emmy-nominated series, Woodside will play the president’s new chief of staff. Bruckner’s character runs into trouble when her boyfriend gets involved in drug trafficking. Woodside was a recurring last season on the UPN… View Article

Reiko Aylesworth as Michelle Dessler, 24 Season 3

Reiko Aylesworth Promoted to Series Regular in 24 Season 3

On Friday night in West Hollywood, Fox hosted a mixer for TV critics and stars of its new fall shows. Mind you, those “stars” were mostly cute, publicity-hungry youngsters with first-time acting gigs. However, 24‘s Kiefer Sutherland did pop in to chat up reporters for an hour — a rare and gracious move for a… View Article

24 Season 3 filming a prison break?

The 24 Fanatic was sent an exclusive filming report about 24 Season 3 which is apparently filming in Victorville, California right now. We can’t be sure of the validity of this report, so take with a grain of salt for now. “My name is Mike and I live in Victorville Ca. Yesterday I was driving… View Article

Kiefer Sutherland Talks 24 Season 3, Possible ’24’ Movie

While teasing the upcoming season 2 finale, and the season 3 premiere, Kiefer Sutherland said they’ve already got plans for a big-screen 24 movie! Series star Kiefer Sutherland talked to TV Times about Season Three and also a possible movie spin-off: “We’ve planned a third season, even from the first day of doing season two…. View Article