24 Season 3 filming a prison break?

The 24 Fanatic was sent an exclusive filming report about 24 Season 3 which is apparently filming in Victorville, California right now. We can’t be sure of the validity of this report, so take with a grain of salt for now.

“My name is Mike and I live in Victorville Ca. Yesterday I was driving to work and I saw some cranes and a helicopter at the prison right by my house I stopped and got out to see what was going on. Security was like the fucking gestapo but they let us (the little crowd) watch from a distance. After watching for like 5 minutes nothing much happened except for the obvious fact that they were shooting a movie or something.

Right when I was about to leave a van went by and parked at the front gate security check, 5 mexicans in prison outfits came out and walked past security onto the main set. A few more vans pulled up dropping off prison guards with Dade county patches instead of San Bernadino county our local county. A Ford Excursion then drove by us, the windows were slightly tinted but you could see 2 guys in front and 2 in back. They got out and holy shit Kiefer Sutherland popped out from the back passenger side.

He stood around for like 5 minutes with some other people. I couldn’t really recognize the people with him but when the prisoners came back and started to talk to Kiefer they all looked at the little crowd and I recognized 1 of the mexicans, he was in Training Day, I don’t know his name. I eventually asked what the name of the movie was they were shooting and he told me it wasn’t a movie. I asked if it was 24, and he walked away. I didn’t think they started shooting this early but I guess they do. They started shooting a scene. the scene looked to be a prison escape because a helicopter kept picking up prisoners and lifting off. I went back the next day and and everyone and everything was gone.”