Filming Location

Kiefer Sutherland posing with a baby

24 filming scenes inside a Macy’s

From tipsters, they are shooting (literally) inside of a Macy’s with SWAT teams involved. President Hassan’s mistress Meredith Reed (Jennifer Westfeldt) is also said to be back. They were filming in the Macy’s freight elevator and then a shooting scene in a faux coffee shop inside Macy’s! We saw Hassan’s mistress in the show also… View Article

24 filmed season 8 promo in Chinatown NYC

Despite word of 24 filming a season 8 promo in New York next week, it turns out they actually filmed there today! The scene involved Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) running down a street with gun drawn screaming “Don’t move!” and then jumping and sliding across the hood of a yellow New York City taxi cab.

24 Season 3 filming a prison break?

The 24 Fanatic was sent an exclusive filming report about 24 Season 3 which is apparently filming in Victorville, California right now. We can’t be sure of the validity of this report, so take with a grain of salt for now. “My name is Mike and I live in Victorville Ca. Yesterday I was driving… View Article