Reiko Aylesworth Promoted to Series Regular in 24 Season 3

Reiko Aylesworth as Michelle Dessler, 24 Season 3
Reiko Aylesworth as Michelle Dessler, 24 Season 3

On Friday night in West Hollywood, Fox hosted a mixer for TV critics and stars of its new fall shows. Mind you, those “stars” were mostly cute, publicity-hungry youngsters with first-time acting gigs. However, 24‘s Kiefer Sutherland did pop in to chat up reporters for an hour — a rare and gracious move for a star whose series is already a hit. Hell, I almost forgave him for Young Guns II.

Speaking of 24, Dennis Haysbert attended the party, which all but confirms that President Palmer will survive last May’s bioterror attack. What’s his take on producers’ decision not to pick up Penny Johnson Jerald’s contract? (The actress, who plays his evil ex-wife, Sherry Palmer, has been dropped to recurring status.)

“It really doesn’t mean anything,” Haysbert said. “I’ve spoken to her briefly, when we were in Monte Carlo [promoting 24]. She’s alright with it. Things are going very well for Penny right now. She’s a strong actress and a very good person. She’s going to land on her feet, no matter what happens.”

Oh, and Reiko Aylesworth thanked TV Guide Online for including her in our Emmy dream ballot as “TV’s best-kept secret.” In turn, Dressler’s portrayer gave us props and love by sharing some 24-karat dish: The producers have finally wised up and put her on contract. She’ll return to the set on Aug. 1.

Source TV Guide