Andrea Thompson Cast in 24 Season 3

Andrea Thompson as Nicole Duncan in 24 Season 3
Andrea Thompson as Nicole Duncan in 24 Season 3

Andrea Thompson, who left “NYPD Blue” to pursue a career as a news anchor, will return to series drama this fall with a recurring role on FOX’s “24.”

Thompson will play Nicole Duncan, a a technical specialist brought in by CTU to help stop what FOX promises will be an “ominous terrorist threat.” Past CTU technical specialists, including those played by Sara Gilbert and Eric Balfour, have had only limited luck, either dying fast or vanishing without a trace at inopportune moments.

The Emmy-nominated “24” will return for season three with a commercial-free episode airing on Tuesday, Oct. 28. Thompson’s multi-episode arc will begin on Nov. 11.

After playing detective Jill Kirkendall on “NYPD Blue” from 1996 to 1999, Thompson left the show and went to work as an anchor at a local station in New Mexico. Soon she joined CNN as an anchor of its Headline News programming, a move that received decidedly mixed reviews. Just as suddenly as she left her ABC drama, Thompson ditched CNN in 2002.

Thompson’s other television credits include stints on “Falcon Crest,” “Babylon 5” and “JAG.”

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