Riley Smith (24’s Kyle Singer) interviewed on show, working with Kiefer

Riley Smith as Kyle Singer in 24 Season 3
Riley Smith as Kyle Singer in 24 Season 3

Actor Riley Smith who played Kyle Singer in the early episodes of 24‘s third season was just interviewed about his role and what it was like to work alongside Kiefer Sutherland.

You played Kyle Singer in season 3 of “24” who had a tough storyline but survived. What was your hardest scene to play?
Every scene of “24” for me came so easy and natural. The writing, directing and camera team is so flawless that it makes us as actors on the show look good. As far as my favorite scene, I would have to say when I was behind the glass in the hospital talking with my parents about dying. It was a very emotional scene. The director was actually crying when we got done. I had a lot of personal things with my parents that I could use for that dialogue and I just tapped into that and let it out. I loved every second of that opportunity and have been fortunate enough to have worked with Joel Surnow (the creator) 3 more times and call him a friend. I pray for another show like that everyday.

Kiefer Sutherland has an intense presence on screen, what was working with him like?
Kiefer is awesome and I was a huge fan growing up. I didn’t work with him a lot because he was always chasing me in the show. But I did hang with him on set a lot and heard some of the most amazing stories that I will re-tell forever. But not to the public ;)

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