NBC’s Superstore references Jack Bauer, CTU

Hit NBC comedy series “Superstore” just did something that not even the latest season of “24” did – mention Jack Bauer. Awkward.

In tonight’s episode “Spring Cleaning,” new Cloud 9 hire Bo sees assistant store manager Dina browsing security camera footage and compares her “real badass” multi-monitor setup to CTU headquarters. He then issues the ultimate compliment by comparing her to Jack Bauer. Watch the clip below.

Thanks to all for the heads up. We have a collection of many 24 and Jack Bauer references that you can watch here.


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Nicholas Galvante
April 21, 2017 at 4:02 am
FOX had a series called COOPER BARRETT… there’s a scene where the roommates were watching a 24 marathon juxtaposing with the plot of the episode… done quite well, i should have it.

Funnily enough, ‘Barrett’ was originally meant to be Jack’s last name.

Saw the episode last night. Superstore is one of the best comedies I’ve ever seen on NBC. Reminds me of like Community.

I’ve been watching taken on there’s it’s pretty cool hoping it gets a renewal. 24’s pretty much dead now anyhow.& blindspots pretty good also.

So apparently our culture still sees “Jack Bauer is 24.” No mention of Carter. You’ll never be able to divorce Jack and 24. Just saying

ATTENTION: I am in college and HAVE LIMITED RESOURCES ON WHAT I CAN DO FOR EDITING AND BIG ACTORS SINCE I AM IN COLLEGE AND DON’T HAVE THE MONEY. but We are in the process of completing a script of a spin-off of the hit FOX show ’24’ into a movie. I would like to see to see if the “24” fans would back me in this type of thing and possibly watch. Like I said, I’m in college and after reading what you fans want. I want to incorporate it into my movie and try to do the best I can.

PLOT: Main character is Josh Bauer (Nephew of Jack Bauer). Basically, he went into the Witness Protection program after Jack went on a rampage and changed his name and everything. Changed hair and look.

and the terrorists are looking to get jack, to give information for Russia (Jack will not be appearing, but will be mentioned) and are killing every member of the Bauer family to extract information from him. (as he is not talking) they kill Kim and do the same to the other members of his family and close ones, so while one day Josh is at college and about graduate while the terrorists from Russia are here to get him. he has to stop them (as the terrorists have taken the school hostage and set a perimeter) and when he does stop them, he picks up on a bigger threat to have a large scale attack on the “World Championship Stock Race Race”

I have big access to NASCAR so i can get all the behind-the-scenes deals, too.

Stopping an attack at a sporting event. Something never done in ’24’.

What do you think?


What little money you scrape together, you better save most of it for when FOX sues the pants off you for franchise infringement!! Dude, what are thinking? They’ll haul your ass into court.

We are not selling it. It’s free and it’s for a school project. We are using the music in the show. There is no CTU, Just the name Josh Bauer stopping a terrorist attack. There will be a clock, but it won’t have the same beeping noise like 24. It won’t even have the name 24 in the title of the show. So i reviewed everything and made sure it was okay, and I’m in the clear. Trust me, I know what you are saying, but I got it under control.

We are NOT using the music by Sean Callery *****

Dude that sucks I wont watch it and quite frankly i’ll flag your video for copyright of FOX

Lol you do that

This honestly sounds like a bad April fools joke… come up with a different idea not 24 related. Not a good idea to mess with an already established franchise. Unless it’s really just a fan fiction story & just write it for your own enjoyment & other people. Don’t try a cheap knockoff. There is no way this is a good idea & all

Mr Sutherland’s new music video is actually really great.

This was by far was much better than 24 Legacy.