24 References

A comprehensive collection of references made to the 24 series on other television shows and media. Also see our 24 parodies page for more.

Scrubs 24 reference

Scrubs references “lesbian President from 24”

On tonights episode of Scrubs “Our Dear Leaders” Lucy says “So Drew had abandoned us, and that was fine, because I was finding my feet as a leader. I was inspiring the group like my hero, the lesbian President from 24.” This is of course a reference to actress Cherry Jones (Allison Taylor), who is… View Article

30 Rock Jack Bauer reference

30 Rock Claims Jack Bauer Is Real

During tonights episode of NBC comedy series 30 Rock “Somebody to Love” Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin) claims he will be attending a party held by John McCain and Jack Bauer. When Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) replies that she doesn’t think he’s real, Jack assures her that McCain is very real. Funny! What makes this fun… View Article

House references 24 again

House References 24 (Again)

In the House episode “Whatever It Takes”, Dr. House is transported to the CIA in order to help a sick agent and claims the building “looks much better on 24“. That is until he sees a foxy lady and changes his mind. The writers of House are apparently big fans of 24, with this being… View Article

24 Reference on Entourage

Entourage references 24

During the episode of Entourage that aired tonight, “No Cannes Do”, the group gets stuck in LAX. Turtle becomes worried about a man in the airport and asks Johnny Drama if he’s ever seen 24. Of course 24 fans will probably know that Kevin Dillon guest-starred in a few episodes of 24 Season 2 as… View Article

The Loop 24 reference

The Loop gives shout-out to Jack Bauer, 24

FOX sitcom The Loop made a reference to both 24 and Jack Bauer in tonights episode titled “Yeah, Presents”. When the workers are discussing what to gift their boss, someone suggests a “walk-on part on the hit television show 24“. Check out our 24 references page for a lot more shoutouts and parodies.

The Simpsons 24 Minutes Full Episode

The Simpsons “24 Minutes” full episode

Here is the full episode of The Simpsons “24 Minutes” which is a parody of 24 featuring split-screens, previously on The Simpsons segment, and spoofs of all things 24 – it includes Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland), Chloe O’Brian (Mary Lynn Rajskub), and much more. The producers originally intended Louis Lombardi (Edgar Stiles) to appear and… View Article

Gilmore Girls 24 reference

Gilmore Girls suggest new torture method for Jack Bauer

During tonights episode of Gilmore Girls “It’s Just Like Riding a Bike”, Lorelai Gilmore suggests a new torture method for Jack Bauer: car shopping with their ex. Check out the humorous clip below. Nice to see so many other television shows referencing Jack Bauer!