Dr. House Attempts To Be Jack Bauer

This is a new promo for House, but I’m sure 24 fans will get a kick out of it.

YouTube Link: Dr House tries to be like Jack Bauer (HD)

Making this even cooler is the fact that the guy Gregory House is yelling at played a bad guy “Masters” in 24 Season 7 – he was shot by both Jack Bauer and Renee Walker on the boat in Season 7 episode 2.


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[..YouTube..] I need the drugs!!!!!!!

[..YouTube..] hehe i don’t watch House but this was hilarious!

[..YouTube..] jajajaja

[..YouTube..] return of the king

[..YouTube..] He speaks the truth

[..YouTube..] That was just brilliant! I’m a big House and Jack Bauer fan.

[..YouTube..] AHAHAHAHAHA YAY!!! My two favorite shows come together at long last. Thank you, House. You made my life.

[..YouTube..] @IndyJK9 ME TOO.

[..YouTube..] hahaha brilliant

[..YouTube..] auhaUHauhahuHUahuAHuahuA


[..YouTube..] What’s weird is Nick Chinlund played the Character Masters in 24 Season 7 Episode 2 and is shot by Jack Bauer!

[..YouTube..] Earlier in the series, in an episode with another 24 alum (Sky McCole Barthusiak who playes a diver on that episode of House and the kid Kim babysits from 24 season 2), they have to quarantine the hospital. Upon arriving at the hospital, House asks Cuddy if she called Jack Bauer.

[..YouTube..] hahaha

[..YouTube..] Funny thing is this other dude was an antagonist on 24

[..YouTube..] @cpjackson79 wait, what? Really? Would you happen to know what episode that is?

[..YouTube..] @koolkat104 Season 1, Episode 19. “Kids”. There’s a meningitis outbreak during the episode.

And. . . I just happened to watch the episode where House helps the CIA last night. There’s a 24 reference there too. That one’s from Season 4: “Whatever it Takes”

Plus I spelled Skye’s McCole Bartusiak’s name wrong.

[..YouTube..] LOL! That shit was funny. Can’t wait for more HOUSE and 24.

[..YouTube..] LOL!!! this promo made me wanna watch house again lol

[..YouTube..] House like Bauer? That’s just silly

[..YouTube..] this is funny! haha!

[..YouTube..] hahah xD

[..YouTube..] I NEED DA DRUGS!!!!


[..YouTube..] I’d rate this a 5, but there’s already 24 ratings…don’t want to mess up the obvious connection.

[..YouTube..] Beyond amazing.

[..YouTube..] LOL I remember more occasions where House referenced 24 I always get excited – they’re arguably my favorite shows ever. Hugh’s an excellent actor but he’s missing Keifer “dulcet tones” ;D.
Anicca5317 – House is the Jack Bauer of medicine if you will haha

[..YouTube..] you know that guy house is yelling at? he happened to be on 24 himself, funnily enough (look up nick chinlund). no wonder he looked so familiar to me

[..YouTube..] My two favorites Tv programs in one video!!

[..YouTube..] This is really fun to watch! 5 stars!

[..YouTube..] What season is this from?

[..YouTube..] I NEED THA DRUUUGZ!!!!

[..YouTube..] @gajewoad I thought the same too, but then I saw it at 68, so I decided to add another for my own twisted amusement ^_^ hehehe

[..YouTube..] which episode of season 6 ??

[..YouTube..] Hell no…House isn’t even close to Jack, no one is for that matter!

[..YouTube..] That was probably the best shout out I have ever seen.

[..YouTube..] the guy he is talking to is the guy handling the CIP device in the first part of the seventh season of 24

[..YouTube..] I NEED THE DRUGS!!!


it worked 4 jack bauer. lolololol

[..YouTube..] LMFAO! I LOVE THIS!

[..YouTube..] @gajewoad

I was gonna click Thumbs Up on your comment then. But there is actualy already 24 thumbs up! haha!

[..YouTube..] Anyone know the background music?

[..YouTube..] When I first saw this I thought, “To only be limited to one scream, Hugh pulls off a surprisingly good Jack Bauer!” That is the way he leans on the table, and stretches his face open.

[..YouTube..] It’s like the much awaited #24 #House crossover.

[..YouTube..] Is it just me or has this video just messed up so much?

[..YouTube..] @RightWinger82 so true : )

[..YouTube..] i need the drugs

[..YouTube..] I miss 24 :(

[..YouTube..] Back from the dead? What’s weird is that actor Nick Chinlund was shot by Jack Bauer in Season 7 Episode 2.

[..YouTube..] god 24 was so good

[..YouTube..] i’ll kill myself for more 24

[..YouTube..] Hahahaha awesome :D

[..YouTube..] House freakin’ rules lool!

[..YouTube..] @BooTheGhost52 same here house and 24 actually rule!!!

[..YouTube..] who doesnt want to be like jack bauer

[..YouTube..] @27485wbr terrorists

[..YouTube..] they should give House a gun…….


[..YouTube..] Yes it seems Dr. House is big fan of Jack Bauer !! He made a few reference to him during the seasons ! “Hmmm code Red ! Maybe we sould call Jack Bauer ?!!” LOL

[..YouTube..] 1 person doesn’t need the drugs

[..YouTube..] love jack bauer, hate house

[..YouTube..] I NEED THE DRUGS
hmm works for Jack Bauer

[..YouTube..] hahahahaha

[..YouTube..] Kinda ironic since the guy he is yelling at is killed by Jack Bauer in Day7

[..YouTube..] Jack Bauer shot the guy House was talking to in 24 Season 7 Episode 2. He doesn’t want to turn House into a Jack Bauer for obvious reasons.

[..YouTube..] Interesting that it’s graded differently in the final version – all blue and dark.