Castle airs ’24’ inspired episode

Hit ABC series Castle aired a 24 style episode last night in which the characters were tasked with finding a dirty bomb set to go off in New York City that same day. Castle tells his teenage daughter to leave the city but warns her not to call her boyfriend as word may spread and cause mass panic. Sound familiar yet?

A ruthless Homeland Security Agent (played by guest star Adrian Pasdar) repeatedly screamed out classic Jack Bauer catchphrase “WHERE IS THE BOMB?!” while aggressively interrogating a terrorist suspect. And if the 24 homages weren’t already obvious, two characters mentioned were named “Evan Bauer” and “Jack Cochran” (a reference to Jack Bauer and 24 producers Evan Katz & Robert Cochran). Nice!

You can watch the full episode (if you’re in the US) embedded above courtesy of Hulu.


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When you think about it, Jack did not say that phrase very often. Sure, he said a couple of times to Syed Ali or Marie Warner in episodes 2.12 and 2.14. He said it to Abu Fayed in episode 6.17, besides that I don’t think he said it much.

But the very angry style during an “interrogation” and admittedly the “where is + [what/who he’s looking for]” or “what is the target”, yep, that’s Jack. That’s not cool if people remember 24 for that though, it’s much more than what they did on Castle.

Don’t forget the mention of “Jack Bauer” in the first of the two episodes, when one of the main characters says that the cop will “Jack Bauer him” (meaning he’l interrogate him toughly).
And I just felt off my chair by hearing (32min18) : “We’re running out of time”!