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Leslie Hope as Teri Bauer

Leslie Hope interviewed about ’24’ DVD alternate ending

LOS ANGELES, California (AP) — The real-time Fox thriller “24” is getting a second life on DVD — and so is the TV show’s co-star, Leslie Hope. Hope’s character, the wife of star Kiefer Sutherland’s embattled counterterrorism agent, was killed off in the final moments of the season finale. The DVD release includes an alternate… View Article

Kiefer Sutherland 24 Season 1 Promo Pic pointing gun

FX Network to air ’24’ Marathon on September 1, 2002

HOLLYWOOD (Variety) – Insomniac fans of Fox’s “24,” rejoice: Sister cabler FX will air the Kiefer Sutherland actioner’s entire first season for 24 hours straight during Labor Day weekend. The “24” marathon will kick off with episode one at midnight on Saturday, Aug. 31, and run throughout Sunday, Sept. 1, culminating with the finale at… View Article

Network Affiliates Balk at Ad-Free ’24’ Premiere

Fans of the FOX action drama “24” may applaud the network’s decision to air the second season premiere commercial-free, but network affiliates are less than amused. Some stations have threatened to pre-empt the Tuesday, Oct. 29 debut if they are not compensated by FOX for the lost ad revenue, according to Electronic Media. “Any station… View Article

’24’ cast predicts another great day

PASADENA, Calif. — The clock is ticking on the next 24, and fans want to know: Can Fox pull it off again? Yes, say stars of the thriller that dramatized a day in the life of CIA counter-terrorist agent Jack Bauer in 24 episodes, each representing an hour of one day. Listen to the rave… View Article

Sarah Wynter

Sarah Wynter cast in 24 Season 2

Sarah Wynter has been tapped as the new female lead on Fox’s real-time drama “24,” which is returning for a second season in the fall. In the series from Imagine TV and 20th Century Fox, Wynter will play a rich young woman who finds herself caught up in Counter Terrorism Unit agent Jack Bauer’s (Kiefer… View Article

Leslie Hope as Teri Bauer in 24 Season 1

Media stereotypes upset stars of ’24’

Stars of the cult drama series 24 have attacked media executives such as Rupert Murdoch for perpetuating stereotypes about women and ethnic minorities. Leslie Hope, who plays the wife of the lead character in 24, made for the Murdoch-owned Fox network in the US and shown in Britain on BBC2, said she feared the second… View Article

Extra interview 24 Season 1

Extra goes in-depth on 24’s Sound

The real-time thrills of Fox’s “24” race by at a heart-stopping pace. To make every second count, no detail is overlooked, especially the sound. From frantic footfalls to a hail of bullets, “24” director and co-executive producer Stephen Hopkins believes sound design is critical to capturing the mood and building white-knuckle suspense. He says, “I’ve… View Article

Elisha Cuthbert was “in shock” over Teri’s death

Devoted fans of Fox’s turbo-charged spy drama “24” weren’t the only ones who had to pluck their jaws from the floor when Teri Bauer (Leslie Hope) was killed in the show’s final episode. (Yes, Bauer really is dead.) Elisha Cuthbert, the charming 19-year-old Canadian who played her daughter, couldn’t believe it either. “I was in… View Article

Sarah Clarke interviewed by TV Guide about evil Nina

The set of 24 was a chamber of secrets for Sarah Clarke, who had to keep quiet about her character’s hidden agenda – and her own romance with a costar. You thought you knew Nina Myers. She was, you thought, the crime-fighting heroine of FOX’s 24 – its magnolia of steel. Resourceful and tough, she… View Article

Elisha Cuthbert: 24 Season 1 finale under “tight secrecy”, several endings

Even Calgary-born Elisha Cuthbert doesn’t know what happens in tonight’s finale of her thriller, 24. “There are a couple alternate endings,” the 19-year-old actress says on the phone from Los Angeles. “It’s definitely being kept under tight, tight secrecy. They’re keeping the secrets to surprise and shock the audience.” The series’ creators already did that… View Article

’24’ fans speculate on final hour

Somebody’s going to die tonight on 24 — though Tristate fans of the Fox thriller don’t agree on who it will be. It could be Victor Drazen (Dennis Hopper), the Balkan war criminal who has plotted to kill CIA agent Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) and presidential candidate David Palmer (Dennis Haysbert). Or Nina Myers (Sara… View Article