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Welcome to the new 24 Spoilers!

We are proud to launch the all new design of 24spoilers.com, a complete overhaul of our previous website. You’ll notice a modern design that should be easier to navigate while also loading faster. What’s new? You can now browse updates by season with our new 24 series page. Our 24 music section is a lot… View Article

Gideon's War by Howard Gordon review

Review: Gideon’s War, a novel from 24’s Howard Gordon

Normally 24 fans have a new season of the show to enjoy in January – unfortunately that’s not the case this year. But Howard Gordon, longtime executive producer and showrunner of 24, is hoping to fill that void with his novel debut Gideon’s War (previously known as “The Obelisk”). Gideon’s War tells the story of… View Article

24 Season 8 DVD, Blu-Ray, and Complete Series box set

24 Season 8 DVD/Blu-Ray and Complete Series Review

The picture quality is excellent on both the Blu-Ray and DVD and presentation is really nice as usual, with fancy animated menus playing brief scenes from the episodes on that disc. Unfortunately if you’re a first time viewer these fancy menu backgrounds may spoil certain key moments (such as Kayla’s kidnapping) for you before you… View Article