24 Season 7 Episode 19

Producer Michael Klick

Network 24 Blog: Managing the Mayhem

Interview by Geoff Aull: Michael Klick, the Producer of 24, is one of the original crew members going all the way back to Season 1. Having been here since the beginning, he’s come to know the show well. Now, he manages everything that happens here, from the miniscule to the massive. This season, Michael’s not… View Article

Hour 19 The Ambush

Hour 19: The Ambush – 24 Season 7 DVD Special Feature

Hour 19: The Ambush is a special feature found on the 24 Season 7 DVD which demonstrates how they filmed the massive explosion in episode 19 of the season. It includes interviews with Rodney Charters, Stan Blackwell, Scott Blackwell, Richard Rosser, Gabriel Casseus, Michael Klick, Guy Skinner, Hal Lary, Jay Herron, and Jeff Cadiente.

24 Season 7 Episode 19 Promo (2:00AM – 3:00AM)

Promo for 24 Season 7 episode 19. Allison Taylor orders Jonas Hodges to be taken to FBI for interrogation. Jack Bauer begins to figure out Tony is playing him. Robert Galvez is given the task of blowing up a building of FBI agents. YouTube Link: 24 Season 7 Episode 19 Promo

Jack Bauer and Renee Walker in 24 Season 7 Episode 19

24 Season 7 Episode 19 Press Release (2:00AM – 3:00AM)

JACK BAUER’S DAY TAKES A TURN FOR THE WORSE ON “24” MONDAY, APRIL 20, ON FOX As the nation remains vulnerable, Jack Bauer endures the worsening pathogen pain. The FBI deals with recent deadly developments while matters involving key players takes this day into a unexpected direction in the “Day 7: 2:00 AM-3:00 AM” episode… View Article

24 shuts down production for rewrites

Apparently Jack Bauer needs a little breather: After the completion of episode 18 on Sept. 15, production on Fox’s hit drama 24 will shut down until Oct. 9 while the writers reshape the upcoming season’s creative direction — specifically the transition leading to the end game. “We had a couple of scripts that we weren’t… View Article