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[..YouTube..] Maybe Tony isn’t on the government side nor on Starkwood side. When Jack called to that he needed him to get the biological weapons, Tony seemed embarassed. I think he wanted the weapons for his own terrorist group.
But on the other side he didn’t want to trap Jack. He cares about friends: you saw that when he tried to save Emerson’s life.

[..YouTube..] oh my god noooooooooooooooooooooooooo TONYYYYYY :(:(:(:(:(:(

[..YouTube..] get tonys ass wiped if he did tht..:(

[..YouTube..] I saw some guys saying Moss is on the season 8 cast …can somebody confirm this…

[..YouTube..] I just can’t understand what the hell happens with Tony. Maybe we’re forgetting something. Tony is on his own.

[..YouTube..] he is on imdb, but that doesn’t mean he is alive. on imdb people can write what they want…

[..YouTube..] tony is a traitor, he signaled the terrorist to stop when he was approaching tony and larry from the back, and the terrorist listened. he was talking with him afterwards, about what to do next. So, he’s clearly a traitor (at least from what we’ve seen so far)…

[..YouTube..] yes.. but this time, i think it’s serious…

[..YouTube..] At the very least, I’m hoping that Tony’s help up to now was genuine and that he’s only going back to being the bad guy (he admitted that he had been) now that the immediate crisis has been prevented. It won’t excuse what he’s done, but I would feel better knowing that Tony really does have limits to who he feels is the enemy.

[..YouTube..] I agree with you, probably Tony knew about the biological weapons and helped Jack so he wouldn’t get trapped. He cares a lot about friends. Although I cannot understand him much, I felt like he was being genuine this time around.

I deeply felt the loss of Larry, he was growing up on me already, forgiving Jack and Tony… I mean, he was showing that not asshole part of him and I was liking it.

[..YouTube..] nooooooooooooooooo
we need the episode right noooooow

what the hell happen with tonny???
larry raelly was a good guy…..
jack….you are the best…..

[..YouTube..] I nearly started crying when Tony killed Larry (not because I was a fan of Larry) what happened to Tony, I always loved him!

[..YouTube..] It seems as if he is permanently messed up because of Michelle’s death…

[..YouTube..] yeah, i think so to, he just don’t want to get captured

[..YouTube..] season 7 one of the best seasons,go 24 we want season 8!!!

[..YouTube..] @ahmedzup

Hmm, and tony also asked agent moss about kim bauer when he mentioned her. You can be on to something. Maybe Phillip can use her? If tony is working for him.

[..YouTube..] That doesn’t make sense at all… I mean why didn’t tony just let the rockets fly why go to all the trouble of blowing up the rockets if he just wanted the canisters. And if he was working for hodges in some way and the bad guys know tony is one of them why double cross him…

This doesn’t make sense.

[..YouTube..] Alright PokemonLuverr, I haven’t actually posted all week because I have been thinking. First off, Charles Logan is not dead, it is unknown whether he lived or died; however the writers kept him alive according to the 24 website. Second off, you guys are missing an important point that was brought back up during Hour 9 when Tony said he doesn’t want to kill innocent people. Its possible Larry Moss voids that statement and its all a hoax, however, I am baffled at this point with Tony’s spot

[..YouTube..] because he seems to be flip flopping role’s at the moment and making it unclear what he really is. I honestly feel Larry is dead guys I mean I keep saying this before but no one wants to listen, “A death is a death people.” Seriously, with all the shananigans with Tony being brought back already I am very certain the last thing the producers want to do is do it again. And as far as the higher threat, it is unrevealed yet what will happen. Just wait and see what happens.

[..YouTube..] Response to MarkyG62289: Charles Logan status on the show is unclear because he was taken off in an ambulance badly wounded and we never saw him again. He could have died or not, who knows!
The Tony situation is crazy! I’m confused about what side Tony’s on, however I still believe he’s good. If he was on the bad side, why didn’t he just let the missles fire instead of blowing them up. My theory for Tony killing Larry Moss was that he had no other choice because he was goin die anyways

[..YouTube..] So he killed off Larry to gain that black guys trust. Well that’s my assumption that i hope will happen. I’d prefer Tony as a good guy. Gosh!! this plot is almost too much to handle. Monday can’t come any sooner. 23 hours left until 24.

[..YouTube..] Whatever Tony is doing, I am sure he has a good reason in doing it. He would not go so evil as to let innocent people get hurt, he wouldn’t do that to Bill, Chloe, and Jack.

Now as for what’s in the promo about targeting the FBI, it doesn’t surprise me that Tony would go after the government. He still grieves for Michelle and blames the government. So while he may not be willing to let innocent civilians be put in harm’s way, he probably has no reservations against people from the government

[..YouTube..] Can you blame him for being messed up?

I mean, honestly after all the hell that he went through, all the losses he suffered, then dying, then coming back alive, then finding out that Charles Logan got off with just a slap on the wrist for orchestrating the murders of Palmer, Michelle, and attempted murder of Tony and Chloe…..

I’d be surprised if he didn’t end up damaged from all this……it’s enough to turn anyone’s head….

[..YouTube..] being on the cast doesn’t guarentee a character from dying….unless you’re Jack Bauer…..

after all, Bill Buchanan died and he was listed as a main cast member

[..YouTube..] Tony’s vendetta was against the government, never against innocent peopple, that’s probably why he went to Bill and Chloe to help stop the attack from Juma’s regime.

But now with that over and innocent lives safe….he probably went back to his fight against the corrupt government….

Tony isn’t necessarily evil, he still cares very much about Jack, Chloe, and the late Bill(RIP), but other than those three, he hasn’t got anyone else he can trust.

He still wants the government to pay.

[..YouTube..] yeah, that was exactly what I meant for writing it, tony is probably my favourite character

[..YouTube..] Carlos Bernard(Tony Almeida) confirmed in the tv squad interview that he is seeking revenge for michelles death…

Please read the interview from the following link:
latimesblogs.latimes***.com**/showtracker/2009/04/24-carlos-bernard-speaks-out-on-tonys-turn-for-the-worst**.**html[remove the stars** for the link]

I have uploaded an extended preview[a 5 min clip ]of tomorrows show.Watch it……

[..YouTube..] Indeed, I agree with you all the way. The only two theories I have is he has gone rogue or he is doing that again. If he was bad, he wouldn’t want to do what he said and kill innocents like he did to Emerson. And I get the Ryan Chappelle relapse where he needed to kill him in order to gain a further lead. Larry Moss had to take one for the team just like Chappelle did. He’s dead for good.

[..YouTube..] In the first couple of hours of 24, I think it was 10:00 AM, Renee confirmed that Charles Logan was still alive, and was living somewhere.

So there could always be the possibility of his return.

[..YouTube..] to clear it up Charles Logan is not dead he is indeed alive. If you recall to the first hour of Day 7 Renee Walker revealed to Jack Bauer that Logan is still alive, and continues to live under house arrest at his ranch.

[..YouTube..] i guess gwbreastroker beat me to it

[..YouTube..] my bad i must have not heard it actually when i stepped out of my room for a second

[..YouTube..] cant wait till tonight!!!!!!!!!!

[..YouTube..] hey who is going to put this up here tonight?

[..YouTube..] whens jack going to decide he wants to live?! i got to know what will make him want to

[..YouTube..] Does anyone besides me think that eversince Jack was exposed to that virus, 24 has lost its appeal a little bit? I mean, Jack’s the main antagonist, and he’s always in the thick of things.

[..YouTube..] Chase Edmund was from Season 3. I suggest you rent the earlier seasons on DVD (if you haven’t already,) so you can see what you missed.

[..YouTube..] where can i see a preview of episode 20 ?


[..YouTube..] Dont know how much he cares about Jack after seeing this episode. And so many new characters in the play now. Not confusing at all.

[..YouTube..] Even if tony has a good hiden reason, he killed Larry, he did’nt just let him died, he actually killed him, he put jack in danger knowing that he is sick and almost killed Renée too with this trap. I don’t know about you but i wonder what good can come out of this…Anyway he has to be punished and i don’t think Jack will ever forgive him

[..YouTube..] if there was anything I learned, it’s to never judge a character too quickly. I know what they showed between Jack and Tony in this episode was utterly heartbreaking, but we still don’t have all the facts yet, and I for one will not make a decision on Tony’s true loyalty until I know what’s really going on.

As for the new characters, they somehow don’t interest me very much. My favorite scene so far of this season was Chloe, Jack, Tony, and Bill escaping the FBI. Now THAT was truly amazing!

[..YouTube..] I agree, it’s wierd that he hasn’t played the usual major role in the last few episodes, but I’ve still being enjoying how the story has also focused on his personal problems and personal life instead of killing terrorists which gets a bit repetative! But now Larrys dead, there’s nobody else left to do work in the field except Jack and Renee, so hopefully old Jack will be back by the end of the next episode :P

[..YouTube..] I agree tony has crosed the line and jack will never forgive him,I used to like tnoy more then jack but now I hate tony he lost him self.

[..YouTube..] i fuckin hate the president bitch shes fuckin useless, hopefully they deport her n her stupid ass daughter

[..YouTube..] You mean hes the main protagonist lol

[..YouTube..] I heard it is something to do with kim having a daughter

[..YouTube..] Haha! Yeah, that’s what I meant to say! I guess I was typing too fast. LOL!

[..YouTube..] Tony killed larry, i really hoped larry would stay alive for the rest of the season. but i must say this is getting VERY! intresting.

[..YouTube..] that has happend before back in day 4 or 6 when he was forced to stay at CTU for a few epidsodes

[..YouTube..] haha rofl

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