24 Season 7 Episode 18 Promo (1:00AM – 2:00AM)

Promo for 24 Season 7 Episode 18 (1:00 AM – 2:00 AM). Jonas Hodges threatens to set off missiles while the FBI prepares to blow the fuel tanks on Starkwood’s base.

YouTube Link: 24 Season 7 Episode 18 Promo


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[..YouTube..] yup its kim. my preview #2 video proves it!

[..YouTube..] gcnguyen, if u think thats too much, kims in the preview #2 of this episode

[..YouTube..] is it monday yet?

[..YouTube..] then the virus will be released

[..YouTube..] :O ! I just saw it, OMG OMG I can’t wait to watch this episode! Shame I’m in Australia and we’re only up to Ep 11!!

[..YouTube..] correct its kim.. fox has released its preview on that.. 0:25 – is that moss firing a bullet or he got hit?

[..YouTube..] at 0:25, its just an FBI helicopter pilot, not moss.

i can’t wait for monday

[..YouTube..] aww that sucks…but if ur behind so many episodes, y r u watching these previews? do u want the season to be spoiled for u? o_O
ep 11 and ep 12 had a hour special..so u should be at ep. 13 soon.. =D

[..YouTube..] if your ready for 24 tonight and its epicness give me a thumbs up people!!!!!!!!

[..YouTube..] if tony dies again ill shoot myself! lol

[..YouTube..] thumbs up

[..YouTube..] LOL
I know.
How bad ass has it been that Tony is the one running around the last two episodes. I love it.

[..YouTube..] So now tony is a double double double agent
So the prediction on who’s gonna die is obvious: tony. Jacks going kick his ass!!!

[..YouTube..] Tony’s not going anywhere. Carlos Bernard is signed for season 8.

[..YouTube..] How do you know?

[..YouTube..] can someone upload it now!!!!

[..YouTube..] unless tony is double double double double agent lol…

[..YouTube..] This preview is right.
This episode did stop the FUCKING CLOCK!
Holy shit I can’t contain myself.


[..YouTube..] Silly me for trusting Wikipedia. Yesterday and last week, Carlos Bernard was confirmed to return next season along with Keifer Sutherland and Annie Wershing. I go there after your question and find Carlos’s name removed.

So, I don’t know for sure. If he does return, it would be kind of spoiling it to have him on the list of returnees.

I will be checking around though.

[..YouTube..] it’s cool to see someone else running
around beating up terrorists, but break time for jack is over tonys clocked out
btw that black guy looks familiar

[..YouTube..] One prediction i have about tony is that he played jack and the FBI the whole time by helping them to bring down dubaku, juma, and hodges to gain their trust and be the only villain running the show. he gained so much trust that no one would ever suspect that he helped the starkwood operative. it would be a pretty good plan

[..YouTube..] You people are going to be shocked by the ending of this season.
I saw it.. message me if you want me to spoil it for you.

[..YouTube..] I can’t wait!!!!!!

I can’t decide what i think about tony at the moment. It is hard to say who he is really working for.

[..YouTube..] any source?

[..YouTube..] bad people