Curtis Manning

Rogger Cross interviewed by BuddyTV

Can you tell us how you got the role of Curtis Manning on 24? Basically I got a phone call from my agency and they were like “Oh, have you heard of 24?” And I’m like, “Of course, I love the show.” And they were like, “Well, would you like to go in for a… View Article

Roger Cross as Curtis Manning in a 24 Season 5 Promotional Photo

Roger Cross interviewed by IGN TV

Are you enjoying your time in Vegas? I am enjoying my time in Vegas. Went to a great show last night, and went out to a few club spots. You know, tore it up a little bit, but it was good. Now obviously you have 24 Season Six coming, and I’m assuming you can’t say… View Article

Roger Cross and James Morrison on Extra

Roger Cross and James Morrison (Curtis Manning & Bill Buchanan) sit down with Extra to discuss the fifth season. A sneak peek of tonight’s episode 6 is shown. Cross teases a “crazy, crazy stunt” he did involving a helicopter and Morrison jokes that Buchanan has feelings for Chloe O’Brian. YouTube Link: Roger Cross and James… View Article

Jack Bauer 24 Season 4 Episode 15

24 Season 4 Episode 15 Press Release (9:00PM – 10:00PM)

JACK’S ATTEMPT TO INFILTRATE MARWAN’S CEL GOES BAD, CURTIS INTERROGATES BEHROOZ ON “24” MONDAY, MARCH 28, ON FOX When Jack’s attempt to infiltrate Marwan’s cel goes terribly wrong, CTU pools all their resources to find them. Meanwhile, Curtis interrogates Behrooz to find out what he knows about Marwan in the episode “Day 4: 9:00 PM-10:00… View Article