Marc Ostrick

Marc Ostrick was the co-director of 24: Conspiracy. He was also responsible for many behind the scenes special features on the 24 DVD’s.

Marc Ostrick

Marc Ostrick looks back on 24: Conspiracy

Marc Ostrick has done a blog post looking back on his work for 24: Conspiracy. One of the things I quickly learned once I started producing and directing after NYU, is that finding work is a mixture of talent, tenacity and luck (and not specifically in that order). The other lesson is that good work… View Article

Interview with Marc Ostrick, co-director of 24: Conspiracy

24Natic has scored an exclusive interview with Marc Ostrick, co-director of 24: Conspiracy. So tell us a bit about your background. I’ve been producing and directing documentaries and short films for the last seven years. Ostrickproductions.com is a fun site for the whole family to enjoy. What was your involvement with extras on the 24… View Article

24: Conspiracy Covered in The Orange County Register

Tamara Chuang of The Orange County Register has an in-depth look at 24: Conspiracy. On the first day of shooting a spinoff of the popular “24” TV show, director Marc Ostrick kept a sense of secrecy on the set, telling the unknown actors very little about the final product. The scripts were just one or… View Article